Picture yourself as a liberal. Then picture yourself out of touch with reality…but I repeat myself. Liberals love using the term “level the playing field.” In real-world applications, that term generally means “lowering the bar.” Libs want everything between the sexes to be equal, even if equality is not possible. Whatever a man can do, a woman can do…usually better, say libs and the lebanese in the National Organization of (Ugly) Women. However, there’s one small problem. God, the Supreme Legislator, made women physically weaker than men.

Liberals love to pretend that men and women are biologically the same. Certainly, there are many things women can do better than men. Growing a perfect set of big breasts is one, Michael Moore being the exception to the rule. But if a baseball is hummed across the plate at 95+ mph, it’s going to be a male arm that throws it.

Liberals also love to impart their opinions on topics of which they have little or no knowledge. The so-called “assault rifle” issue is an example. The only thing most liberals know about guns is how to ban them from law-abiding Americans. If you want to know about guns, ask a gun owner. If you want to know about destroying wealth, ask a liberal. Liberals sticking their noses into military issues is sure to cause unnecessary deaths trying to achieve the goals of a small group of unrealistic feminists who in reality despise the military.

Sure, there are some women who are stronger than some men (i.e. pencil-necked male commentators on MSNBC) but, even in the cases of liberal girly-men, most women will be weaker in nearly every physical comparison. And for all you LibTrolls who are offended by that, don’t get mad at AWD…take it up with God.

Furthering his four year efforts to destroy the US military, President Hopenchange and his fellow socialist wackos instituted a policy change saying that women can no longer be barred from fighting on the front lines of battle. Start buying stock in body bag companies. This will further deteriorate the battle effectiveness and morale of our soldiers because now their lives will be more at risk. Why? That young female soldier, whose heart and patriotism cannot be challenged, will not be as effective as a male counterpart.

There is only one way that women will be accepted on the front lines by their male fellow soldiers. If they can pass the same qualifications as currently required of male soldiers. But we know under this administration, rules and qualifications will be dumbed down to allow feminists another win against biology and reality. The military has already dumbed down test scores to allow more minorities into West Point, the Naval Academy, and The Air Force Academy. Better to unnecessarily lose lives of our bravest than offend the gatekeepers of political correctness!

AWD was never in the military but count numerous who were as close friends. None is in favor of women fighting on the front line. One doesn’t have to be a soldier or veteran to picture them self shot up and needing to be dragged to safety, only to have a female soldier too weak to do the task. Bullets and enemies don’t recognize political correctness. They take advantage of it.

The opening scene of the movie Saving Private Ryan was the most difficult 20 minutes of film I’ve ever seen. It portrayed the Normandy landing in WWII. I couldn’t help but wonder what I would have done in the same circumstances as those brave and scared men. I’m sure some men froze with fear when they were ordered to put themselves into a sure-death situation. But the majority followed orders and many lost their lives doing so. I asked this question to a Viet Nam Marine veteran friend who was a who was shot up and nearly died over there. “When you are given an order to place yourself in a situation where there’s great risk of death, why do you do it?” He replied, “Everything you are taught and trained in the military is YOU are not going to let your friends and brothers down. Even if it costs you your life. That is the code you live by.” Do female soldiers believe differently? I would find that hard to believe. Then why would women want to put their brothers in arms at risk because they cannot measure up physically?

If a male soldier must run X miles in X minutes to qualify for front-line fighting, then make the women do the same. X number of push ups in a minute, too. Whatever males must pass, make women pass the identical test or performance will suffer. Sure, AWD would love to be a Navy Seal. But since I run a three-month mile and wouldn’t jump out of a helicopter or plane with a gun to my head, the Seals probably wouldn’t welcome me into their small community of warriors. Why? My performance wouldn’t measure up to theirs and I would put lives at risk. Haters!

Affirmative Action in the workplace has been a disaster zone and creates nothing but friction between the beneficiaries and those who have actually qualified on merit. Affirmative Action in the workplace only costs money. Affirmative Action for the United States military will get people killed!

Women soldiers have been serving honorably in the military for years in positions that do not require the same physical strength as men. I honor them for doing so. But I really honor the young female Marine I saw interviewed after the new policy was released who said she found herself unable to keep up with her male counterparts after a few days of combat in Iraq. She said her concentration began to wane and her legs were wobbly causing her to trip more often. She was honest and brave to admit her performance was sub-par compared to men. She will now become a target of hatred from libtards.

One thing AWD does know is real combat is not a movie. Bullets, enemies and reality do not accept political correctness. Liberals, including our PC General Officers, would be wise to realize political correctness on the battlefield will only result in more flag-draped coffins.

Will America ever regain the ability to utilize common sense?

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  1. WTF Chitter Chatter Let the ladies qualify without all the Analyzing being done by folks (of which 90% have not served anything but themselves) If they qualify great if not they tried. Media and bloggers are wasting too much time on this the decision is made so be it.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      The problem is that a good many of the women won’t qualify, and thus the standards will be lowered in order to pass them. By doing so, the quality of the soldiers on the battlefield will be reduced and weakened. We will be fighting our wars with even less qualified and able soldiers – and that’s not a good thing!

      By the way, if our enemy really wanted women off the battlefield, they would capture them as prisoners of war and film them undergoing some of the most excruciating pain and torture – some really sick and evil pain-inducing stuff too! – and then send it off to the media and the families of the women soldiers! Before long, congress would be petitioned by every family member of those tortured female soldiers demanding all women be removed from the front lines. This is how the liberal-government types would repeal their pretty little social experiment! Don’t think it won’t happen? Watch and see!

      On the other hand, the enemy on the battlefield might want there to be women present so they can show how weak the American soldiers are and claim an easy victory against us? Either way, it won’t work out well for our military! Oh what a weave we entangle ourselves when we bend to insane liberal policies!

      • RidinShotgun says:

        Believe that shit! I saw that when I was in the service – especially in airborne school! During the first week we spent days in the pits working on our landings, the instructors screaming “Feet and knees together, hold what you got!” and if there was any space between them (and there was.) you had to do it again.

        Myself and a Marine who was next to me in our “stick” had to do it over and over and over. By the time we had it nailed, we were both sore and filthy, but we never complained. The females in our stick though – as you can imagine – they were another story. To make things look good, the instructors made them repeat the exercise at least twice. I took careful notice and saw that said females were making the same mistake, but I kept my mouth shut.
        The gunny and I were sharing a brewski that weekend and the subject came up, quothe he: “It’s not my house, so normally I’d keep my mouth shut, but how in the (Expletive deleted) can they pass those females while you and I both know they screwed the pooch on those landings?”
        It was a rhetorical question of course and before I could answer him, our instructor sat down next to us and said in a hushed, but serious voice, “Gentleman I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation, for the sake of your careers, drop it right now before the wrong person overhears you.” That was it.
        Fast forward to eight months later when I got to my unit and the Sergeant-Major was asking me how many did they fail out of the course (He was an instructor there when Christ was a mess cook.) and I told him around ten percent. He almost choked on his coffee and growled, “What the (Expletive deleted) are they doing to my army! Back in my day if at least 25% of the class wasn’t failed, they didn’t think you were doing your job!”
        I told him about the incident the Gunny and I went through and he just gave us the big one-handed wave, saying, “It’s all for show anyway. The second a crisis comes up, they pull all of their jump status. Don’t be too hard on the instructors, they have to do that because the chairborne rangers (politicians) say they have to pass a certain amount, otherwise their careers are in jeopardy.”
        This friends was back in ’89, God only knows how things are now. I suppose this will all change once we get into a pissing contest with the Chinese and some of the torture footage of our female front-line troops shows up on youtube.
        Yes folks I’m somewhat old-fashioned and chauvanistic when it comes to this subject, war is about killing people and breaking things, these are things that men were born to do, so let us do it. You can tend to our wounds when we come home, because that what women do – their nurturers. End of story.

  2. Liberals have been politicizing our military for a long time. Case in point: Colin Powell. Can you imagine him in a war room with MacArthur or Bull Halsey or George Patton?? Hell no.

    Colin Powell would be like: “well I don’t think we should ATTACK the Axis powers. Let’s send in a civilian peace keeping group to win over the hearts and minds of these misunderstood peoples.”

  3. dirtydog1776 says:

    Allowing women to fight in combat will see our enemies adding rape to the weapons they use against us. Feminists will be the first to demand that the military give in to enemy demands when women are raped or threatened with it.

    Not a good idea, but it is in line with the politically correct agenda of King Obama the First.


    Liberals just want to use our military as their whipping boys all the time they whine like sniveling little brats when we spend on national defense we get idiot groups like FOOD NOT BOMBS behaving so stupidly and the usial hollyweird whinners and media reptiles screaming bloody muder we dont take care of the needy more often while they themselves still live in their little boxes with their boring office jobs and like controlled robots just march back and forth to their jobs every morning and evening

  5. Don’t I remember one of your Texas brothers saying he “can put my boots in the oven, but that don’t make em bisquits.” This Marxist dogma of saying everything you ever believed is wrong will not and of course historically can not work. Anyone that thinks this little doofus in office or his sawed off mentor Bill the coward Ayer are smarter than Marx,Lenin, or Stalin is seriously deluded.

    We are to believe that the difference in sexes is purely a social construct but the desire to puff on your best buddy’s hydraulics is a genetic certainty. Orwell was warning us not writing a how to manual.

    • “We are to believe that the difference in sexes is purely a social construct but the desire to puff on your best buddy’s hydraulics is a genetic certainty.” – Wes

      You Sir, are a wordsmith of the highest order

  6. I have zero military experience. But I have experience at being a man, and where I come from, this ain’t right. Stupid is as stupid does, Obama.

  7. Cinnamon Girl says:

    AWD, I agree with you. The cold hard fact is that women are not physically the same as men.

    Now, that said, there may be some women out there who can pass the same rigorous physical tests and I am all for their inclusion on the battlefield IF they can do so and IF said tests are not made easier to allow for any weaknesses.

    As far as the threat of rape goes, that’s valid and isn’t something I’ve thought of before. That alone may be enough to make a good argument against women in combat given the fact (yes, it’s a fact) that Muslim men, especially, are known for using this tactic to intimidate and assault women all over the world. These women are their own or they’re the natives of the countries they invade via “immigration”. Imagine what they’d try to do to an American female soldier unless by some miracle she could fight off the group of them.

    • BigLittleKid says:

      “As far as the threat of rape goes, that’s valid and isn’t something I’ve thought of before …”

      Female American soldiers are already being raped – by their own “comrades in arms”, in other words by their fellow (male) American soldiers. Look it up. Check out the statitics. Yes, it’s a fact.

      ‘As Representative Jane Harman puts it, “a female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.”‘,00.html

      If a woman can pass the physical tests, and expresses a wish to be “on the front line”, I say “why not”?


    Obamas not interested in men, especially fighters, he is in it for us to loose, Period.


    Liberals want america to be just like SWEEDEN with their idiotic animal rights laws and liberal philosephies

  10. They are welcome as long as they pass the same fitness qualifications now set for men. I think we all know what is coming down the pike… fitness standards will be lowered for the men so women will have the ability pass, and in the long run we end up with a fighting force that is substandard to the Marine who serves today.

  11. I find it VERY interesting that when I attempted to get in the military… I scored a 98% on my ASVAB (meaning I could pretty much have any MOS I wanted). I was running a 5k EVERY day. I had (and still have) no criminal record. My medical history was nearly PERFECT. But since it was only NEARLY perfect… I was turned away.

    Gee, I wonder if my only nearly perfect medical history would have been okay if I was a woman? Or gay? Or a minority? Or some jailbird in need of “reform”?

    What a bass-ackward civilization we live in…

  12. Women today in the Military are fighter pilots, fly tankers cargo planes, we had one called The Angel Of Death piloting an AC-130 gunship who would talk sultry and sweet to the Taliban on a low pass right before she opened up with the gattling guns.
    One Green Beret said she was a ‘lookerl’ and gave his group Woodies when she did this. Several Wart Hog pilots have been women as have Helo pilots.

  13. This one is pretty definitive…

    The Case Against Women in Combat