Ever noticed that liberal comedians don’t come even close to being funny? Few things are as embarrassing as watching these talent-less morons do anything…everything…to be funny. Generally, libtard comedians are just profane and angry. Think pasty Bill Maher or greasy Janeane Garofalo. The other ilk is to be outlandish and completely moronic to be relevant. Think Robin Williams and Kathy Griffin. There are few things less appetizing than watching Robin Williams go through is out-of-control, rapid-fire brand of idiocy trying to say something funny. Actually, the only thing I can think of would be nude mud wrestling with land blob Michael Moore. Or watching the pathetic Kathy Griffin do anything!

AWD doesn’t watch network television so I missed this quality piece of entertainment last night:

I guess that explains how Griffin manages to keep her new year’s eve job year after year. Maybe she’s better at talking into the mike than being on microphone.

AWD remembers when comedians were funny. Even though George Carlin was most certainly a liberal, he was witty and funny. He made you laugh. Bill Cosby, same thing. Even through the plethora of F bombs, Eddie Murphy was funny. Now liberal comedians are just crass, mean, and/or disgusting.

Griffin pretending to give Anderson Cooper a hummer should be below the standards of the lowly CNN and guarantee Griffin’s termination. Or maybe CNN figures that with their pitiful viewership nobody saw it anyway. The only people watching was Griffin’s manager before committing suicide and Cooper’s gay hairdresser partner, Francois.

After the show ended, it’s rumored Cooper told Griffin “honey, you’re doing it all wrong. Let me give you some advanced techniques.” On top of that, Griffin is soooo ooo-ga-leee that medical doctors use her photo to help dudes on Viagra who have erections that last 8 hours or longer.

Don’t get the Big Sexy wrong. I’m certainly not a choirboy. I’m open to a lot of things. But there is little funny or creative with the gutter humor and crudeness we’re subjected to these days. Any idiot can make d*ck jokes or center their entire act on sex. Or call Sarah Palin the C word. Or make fun of white people 100% of the time if you’re a black comedian on BET. Pitiful. It takes talent to take everyday situations and make them funny.

So another new low for CNN. And more pathetic, embarrassing sh*t for libtarded comedians. Maybe after CNN cans her, Obama will give Kathy Griffin a bailout to create a shovel-ready life. Or Bubba Clintoon will give her an internship. He doesn’t mind skanks.

Watch this if you can. I actually feel sorry for this waste of space:

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  1. Not worth the time of day or night….period.

  2. dirtydog1776 says:

    Ever notice as our society becomes more secular and less Christian, the lower our standards become?

    Liberals live to love and embrace sexual deviants & degenerates, cop killers and criminals of all sorts, terrorists, dictators, liars…….in general, people who have had all morality and manners bred out of them.

    No wonder our country is sinking into a cesspool of a third world country.

    • John Maynard Keynes, founder of Keynesian economics, whose economic philosophy is destroying the world, was a total sexual deviant and pedophile.

  3. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Aside from Kathy Griffin’s skankiness and lack of talent, this picture reveals what many modern American women have failed to learn: makeup is supposed to mildly enhance your beauty, not completely turn your face into another person! Good Lord, if this is what your face looks like after removing makeup, something is seriously wrong!? Women often think that men won’t be interested in them unless they’re wearing gobs of makeup, concealer, foundation, mascara and the like. But many guys (myself included) like makeup to be used very sparingly, and we enjoy a woman’s natural beauty. Besides, what guy wants to wake up in the morning looking at someone almost unrecognizable because they removed their makeup before going to bed? Believe me, less is more!

    I understand that Kathy has also underwent the surgical knife more than a few times. If so, this also explains why things don’t quite look right about her. But it’s also lesson about plastic surgery – namely, it doesn’t always make things better and there are often surgical complications that make a bad situation even worse. Yes, I know there are exceptions, but I’m speaking in general terms.

    No one likes to get old per se. But there’s something quite dignified and beautiful in aging gracefully. The aging process does not always have to be an unattractive thing. I have seen many elderly women who were quite graceful in their old age, and who still possessed very attractive features because they took the time to care for themselves. Modesty in fashion and makeup is a very endearing thing.

    In contrast, when middle aged women start to botox their lips, alter their face via surgery and whatever else they deem vital to halt the aging process, it often appears so unnatural and, yes, unattractive too! People laugh behind their backs because they know it ‘just doesn’t look right.’ In the end, many women ruin what little natural beauty they may have, their friends snicker behind them, and their plastic surgeons get all the money!

    • Cinnamon Girl says:

      That is very well said.

      I’d add that there are millions of young ladies, under the age of 40, even, who are continuously altering their bodies with breast jobs, Botox, fillers, unnecessary rhinoplasty, tanning, teeth bleaching, hair straightening, you name it, all because (and I’ve written about this before) young men demand it.

      However, there is no reason why people cannot simply protest these demands and be who they are. Someone who always tinkers with herself or himself usually has deep-seated fears and anxieties about their looks and/or their personality, or they, like Michael Jackson for example, are literally trying to turn into a different person because their pasts were so hurtful.

      If looks matter so much, it’s a messed up world. But, I would advise young ladies to take a close look at those Real Housewives television shows. There is nothing at all attractive about any of those duck-lipped, sinewy, overly-tanned leather-skinned, fried-haired women, who also possess mean, selfish, and haughty personalities. Kathy will never be classically pretty nor now, even cute, because she messed up her face and her attitude is beyond ugly.

  4. Always heard that beauty is only skin deep while ugly goes all the way to the bone, looks like the ugly rose to the top in that ole gal, don’t believe you could drink enough to make her look good.


    The comedians of today seem to think telling toilet jokes and bathroom talk is funny I can remember RED SKELTON saying something about these foul moth comedians one time

  6. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Just another example of Whorelyweirdos hypocracy and degeneracy. One of their best “accomplishments” has been the fine tuning of projection.

    Another example:

    Why any thinking American would pay any attention to these cretins is beyond me.


    THINKING Americans don’t.

  7. OldmanRick says:

    Yep CNN(communist news network) and Kathy Griffin deserve each other. They are both sleezy and useless.

  8. I wouldn’t expect anything else from that hag. America is not coming back, ever. It’s gone. I’m only participating in as much as I need money to keep a roof over my head, other than that,…

  9. Gay or not, Cooper should’ve punched her in her ugly Joker-looking mug! Griffin was basically assaulting him, and he was trying to hold the show together!

  10. It’s more cultural conditioning.
    The liberal media and the school sysytems are brainwashing and “normalizing” deviant behavior.
    We are expected to look at two men kissing as normal (sodomy is an expression of love you see). Butch hag lesbians are simply “assertive” and not the sexually confused monsters you know you’re looking at. The lowest scum gang bangers and sickening rappers like Lil Wayne are misunderstood problem ghetto blacks. Hey guess what? These clowns can’t get jobs because they’re behavior is totally crazy. Their look and speech is unexceptable and not even close to being a social norm.
    Every time I see “the negro in the White House” step off that helicopter and salute the soldier standing guard, my skin crawls.

    • My God Edtudo,your last sentence is my exact same feeling,I cannot pick up the remote fast enough to change the channel;that fake POS has not 1 iota of respect for our military,I too get outraged at that sight.

      • He’s put gays in the military and filled Homeland Security with lesbian activist. He is hard at work destroying America’s cultural values and social norms. He is flooding the country with illegal and legal immigrants to flip the demographics.

        Gay Marine’s Marriage Proposal at the White House Makes History (PHOTO)

        While President Obama surely had his hands full this weekend, his and First Lady Michelle Obama’s home, the White House, set the stage for a terrifically romantic, groundbreaking moment. Active duty Marine Corps Capt. Matthew Phelps got down on one knee and proposed to his partner Ben Schock! And of course he said yes! Awwww!

        The marriage proposal sent happy shockwaves all over social media, after a photo of the two getting engaged was shared by The American Military Partner Association (the nation’s premier resource and support network for the partners and spouses of LGBT servicemembers and veterans). And Phelps himself had a few joyous thoughts of his own he posted on Facebook …

        The Marine wrote on his Facebook page:

        Such a special night surrounded by wonderful people in an amazing place, and the best is still yet to come. Thanks for all the wonderful greetings and messages, and thanks to Barack Obama and Michelle Obama for lending us your home for the occasion!

        Love it! Talk about an amazing place to pop the question. And not only is the White House a place so rich with its own history, but Matthew and Ben managed to add another layer to its history by getting engaged there. Hopefully, that photo of them is one that will burn its way into our brains, kinda like the one of the sailor kissing the woman in Times Square after Word War II. Because it’s an illustration of momentous progress we should be tremendously proud of — and perpetually working to create.


    She is just proof how brain-dead liberals are

  12. Dang! For a moment I thought that was a picture of a Klingon.

  13. Red Skelton said you don’t have to be dirty to be funny. God bless him. Kathy Griffin is a low life pig. Why in God’s name is this worthless slug even on TV??? how low can the entertainment media go?? Time for all good people to take back America.

  14. Sci-Fi Fugly is how i would describe Kathy. Like F.Murry Abraham Character in Star Trek DS9.

  15. god guts and guns says:

    She looks like the a typical lib woman. Ugly beyond words and not a funny bone in her body. How does trash like this make it in comedy. I know she looks like a clown without makeup but good lord that is one ugly beatch!!!

  16. You Don’t have to be pretty,,,IF you can “suck-start” a Harley!

  17. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Kathy’s face looks so bad without makeup because she’s had more facial work than Carrot Top. Natural is the way to go, meaning no surgery unless it’s necessary because of a malformation or a severe accident. To think that she is only in her early 50s and looks like this already is scary. She’s the next Joan Rivers.

    Speaking of Joan, I remember when she was funny. And I miss Sam Kinison and Richard Jeni and John Belushi. And Richard Pryor, and yes, definitely George “Let’s Just Cut Through All The Sh_t” Carlin. My cousin once co-owned The Punch Line in Atlanta so believe me, I’ve seen a lot of great comedians.

    The world needs to laugh at all its insanity and inanity. Today’s so-called comedians do nothing at all but ridicule who is cool to ridicule, such as rednecks, white people, religious people, and anyone conservative. It’s easy, it’s politically correct, and it serves the Alinsky set.

    Recently I went to see the Wayans Brothers and while Marlon was especially funny, he also took the opportunity to tell us how terrible whites, conservatives, southerners, and anyone who doesn’t support Obama are. I booed him. It’s ironic that because of my connections I partied with him later but I still busted his chops. He took it well. That’s easy to do when you’re paid to say whatever you want.

    Griffin gets paid. She smartly cornered the gay male market so I don’t know why she felt compelled to be so crassly overboard with this act with Cooper. Like so many comedians, though, I suppose it’s because she’s really just a very sad person who will do almost anything for attention even when she already has it.

  18. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Hell, she looks like she stinks.

  19. johnny Utah says:

    I never liked Robin Williams in anything, he always seemed to act like a retard (is that still ok to say). I always thought I was the only one who felt that way, others think he is great.

  20. I never could stand Robin Williams, Kathy Griffin is disgusting.

  21. Ya know, that is one fugly woman.

  22. I bet she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch – wow- looks like she has been a hood Ornament on a Kenworth.. You would have to be gay to let that skank gobble your schwantes !

  23. Just sent a nasty email to CNN telling them what I thought of that slut. I told them I will never watch CNN again. I hope millions do the same

  24. PAmadwoman says:

    nude mud wrestling with michael moore and omg I just ate dinner….

  25. I wouldn’t pour a quart of stale cat piss on Griffin if she was on fire. My 2013 wish for her is that she trips, falls, breaks her neck and doesn’t die.

  26. What an effing pig. What a pathetic effing pig.

  27. I’d still do her. But she’d DEFINITELY would have to make it worth my while, i.e. bring beer and Chinese food with her. And she absotively, posolutely cannot talk. About ANYTHING.

  28. I’ve seen her in a bathing suit. YUCK.
    Prudes and puritans annoy me, but how is some horny ugly skank who supports Obama ‘hip’?

  29. I really don’t give a damn about Bush and he’s someone I won’t put my honor on the line for. It’s certainly an easy peasy move to diss him in Hollywood though.

  30. Barbara O'D says:

    Dog meat. Disgusting piece of crap.

  31. Citizen Jane says:

    WOW- At first glance, I thought the photo of her in the blue tee-shirt was a fugly dude. At second glance, I realized I was right.

  32. I initially thought the picture with her wearing the blue t-shirt was of that Carrot Top guy (who also used to be a comedian).

  33. Ugh… not enough viagra in the world to make your soldier salute that