McRINO to the rescue! He’s gonna cram this down our throats every chance he gets via the Boob-Tube, so be prepared!

Once again we have the so-called ‘pathway to citizenship‘ coming our way very soon my friends. You’d better be saddled up and ready for a helluva ride! They can title whatever bill they present any which-way they want, but we all know it’s really a pathway to AMNESTY…simple as that!

Many of us gave our all fighting the good fight regarding this issue when this was tried before in the Senate with McAmnesty leading the way, along with the lyin’ of the senate Ted Kennedy. We defeated them back then, I’m worried we may not this time…I truly hope I’m wrong.

McRINO had some words for all of us today regarding this issue…he says we must accept this dontcha know, whether we like it or not! I could go on and on, but I won’t…I’m going to count on you to do that after you read or listen to the report. – This is via The Hill:

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said that the Republican Party has to accept a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants as part of an immigration-reform package.

McCain said on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday that a group of bipartisan senators would be announcing “principles” on immigration reform this week, which he said was similar to a plan unveiled during President George W. Bush’s second term that ultimately failed.

McCain said there’s one big reason that his party has to loosen its opposition to providing a path to citizenship.

“Look at the last election,” he said. “We are losing dramatically the Hispanic vote, which we think should be ours for a variety of reasons, and we’ve got to understand that.”

President Obama is making his own immigration push this week with a speech in Las Vegas. McCain, one of the president’s harshest critics in Congress, said he thinks Obama’s proposals will be “helpful” to the effort in the Senate.

He said there’s a “new appreciation on both sides of the aisle — including maybe importantly on the other side of the aisle” to pass immigration reform.

While McCain’s stance on immigration reform was at odds with much of his party during Bush’s second-term, there are signs that things have changed after the 2012 election.

Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said in a speech this week that he was confident a bipartisan immigration bill would pass in this Congress.

McCain said Sunday that something had to be done with the 11 million illegal immigrants “living in the shadows” in the United States.

“I think the time is right,” McCain said.

Now here’s something that totally hits the nail on the head to clueless-wonders like McRINO on the republican side of the aisle that are all for this BS…and, unfortunately, we will have plenty that are!

This is via The Other McCain:

Apparently, John McCain Doesn’t Think He’s Done Enough Yet to Destroy the GOP:

During Saturday’s panel on immigration at the National Review Summit, Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies made the point that a Republican-backed “comprehensiive” bill would not only fail to win Hispanic support for the GOP, but would actually hurt the party. If any such bill becomes law, Obama and the Democrats would take credit for its passage, while the people who oppose amnesty — especially blue-collar white voters — would blame Republicans.

Of course, the living antithesis of political wisdom, John McCain, insists Republicans must pass amnesty.

Then there’s this: ‘Immigration Reform Could Make Millions Suddenly Obamacare Eligible!’

Do you have a message for McAmnesty and friends…or not?

Do any of you think we need a McRINO/Rubio type of illegal immigration reform bill and agree with this?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Be ready for Dear Leader to be in our faces about this next week too…big time!

    • Rockets red glare says:

      Why is it that the number stays at 11 mill, for decades?
      Why do we even consider this number accurate
      Year after year? Does this mean a decade ago illegal
      Immigration ceased?

      We know these numbers are crap, and if I may I will share a brief conversation I had a few years back with a business associate and
      Former military dude.

      He told me to look at census and Government numbers and you
      Will see the rate of growth in the black community’s has grown.

      And he shared he had traveled all across the US, and all community’s he had been in, many had not one black person, but EVERY ONE has a mexican population, EVERY SINGLE ONE!!

      Personally I would put them at 50 mill plus, why else would
      An entire nation be forced to become bilingual, and be forced
      To press one for English.

      Interesting times we live in. Some have read my opinion about North
      And South and understand We would stand together as one.
      But the time has come, the shot heard is comming from New York state.

      Know now that this is no land devide, Know now that what happens in New York State will follow soon and realize we are not devided by geography, but strengthened by resolve.

      It is of utmost importance that we put our prejudice behind us
      And collectively give a great big middle finger to those who chose to
      Opress our God given rights!

      Be resolute in your convictions, be strong and God bless us all!!

      • The reason the number stays that way is because they think…and depend on all of us being ‘Stuck on Stupid!

        We all know the real number is closer to the one you’ve mentioned. But, heck…the leftist always think if you repeat a lie often enough…everyone will believe it.

        …unfortunately, the low-information voters do.

        • Rockets red glare says:

          Stuck on stupid is no option.

          Reality is the problem.

          At what point will we say enough is enuff?

          What happened to allow YOU and I to pay for this crap?

          Mr Mcain should have been retired years ago.

          This “War hero” has done more damage to any effort of conservatives,
          To put it nicely, this career political hack that sold his soul
          Thru his uniform needs his ass handed to him via some Joe Blow who speaks non English. It will be such a relief when this man is gone.

          I will remember Mccain as a major cause of the problem, and an open contempt for the American people. What a blow hard disgrace.

          Mr Mccain, you did you’re time.
          Now go quietly into the night along with
          Your traitor buddy Kerry.

          Let me tell you folks something. These bastard sellouts are a disgrace to my two (2) grandfathers who served in WW2.

          My Uncles, neighbors and close friends who served in Nam want me to let you
          Know you can go f;,k yourselves.

          And let it be known, you bastards that keep selling us out
          Can go directly to hell!!

          Giant foam middle finger to you!!

          • Wow! – A Double-Doses of a big Amen and Hallelujah to your post…one of, if not the best, I’ve seen in a long, long time!

            TY…and we’re with ya!

  2. My only message is to join NumbersUSA. Here’s an article on how they essentially defeated amnesty in 2006/2007.

    “Back in 2007, when Bush pushed an immigration bill, Numbers USA supporters flooded congressional fax machines and phones with letters and calls. The New York Times credited the group with halting the bill. ‘And we only had 350,000 members then,’ Beck says proudly.”

    • TxAnn…

      Yeppers…one of the great sites fighting all of this for years and years now. – Thanks for posting that for others who may not know about it.

      Btw…long time, no see. Hope all is well with you and yours. ~

      • I haven’t posted in a while, but now that it’s Groundhog Day 2007 with amnesty, I’m ready to do battle again.

        Below is from Ann Coulter’s great article:

        “If Texas ever flips, Republicans will never win another presidential election. The two major political parties will be the Nancy Pelosi Democratic Party and the Chuck Schumer Democratic Party.”

  3. bigtimer
    Would be interesting to know what McCain has to gain by selling out his country, seems nobody likes him but he keeps getting elected, this is one that should have been KIA.

  4. bigtimer
    Another thought, we would not have lost the hispanic vote if they had not been allowed in this country to start with.

    • Howdy ga steve…

      What the ‘Other McCain’ posted in summary about all of this that I have in the blog post at the bottom sums it all up to a tee.

      McRINO and team are waiting for the Rubio Bill for this to ride on…so is Dear Leader and all. – The Other McCain is right…the msm will make sure to give the credit to the dems and Dear Leader if and when this passes…it sure won’t go to repubs of any sort. But, in the meantime they’ll use McAmnesty all they can via TV and McRINO will gladly oblige…no doubt about it!

  5. close the damn borders……….send all the illegals back………dammit

  6. Kris Kobach, Ted Poe, Peter King, and a few others to the rescue again.

    Rubio, McCain , Gutierrez, Any Bush and the Chamber of Commerce
    enemies of the state..

    Amnesty in every century
    Recalls an act that screws us forever more
    We’ll recall – as in to line we fall,
    the illegals invading America’s shore.

    Let’s remember California
    as we go to meet the foe
    Let’s remember California
    As we do the Alamo

    We will always remember
    When Americans were free
    Let’s remember California
    As we head to victory!!

    add any other words an sing to Remember Pearl Harbor.

    • I don’t think Ted Poe will be riding to our rescue. Looks like Boehner and Co. got to him.

      I’m praying we can count Ted Cruz on our side.

      • TxAnn, don’t count on Cruz. AWD spoke with Ted when he was just beginning to think of running. He’s a squish on immigration.


        • Great, another Rubio. And now that DeMint’s gone….. It doesn’t look good for our side. Of course, I’m curious what the red state Dems up for re-election will do.

        • AWD, your quote is spot on. “States will act in their best interest and no longer allow themselves to suffer under the rules of idiots in DC like John McCain! It really is becoming easier and easier to see the dissolution of the United States in the next few years.”

          There’s a seething cauldron of resentment and disgust brewing in the people who are sick of this crap. Who would have even thought secession/dissolution was possible 10 years ago? I now see it as the only way to salvage a part of a once great country. Let the McCains/Rubios/blue state leftists support these illegal leeches and the legal parasites as well. I’m done.

          • TxAnn,

            I was done many months ago… let secession begin.

          • I’m with you!! This is a huge issue that touches on almost every other issue that is a problem in the USA today.

            I remind everyone of what a Jose Angel Gutierrez, professor in Univ. of Texas 6 years ago:
            “”It is not our fault that whites don’t make babies, and blacks are not growing in sufficient numbers, and there’s no other groups with such a goal to put their homeland back together again. We do. Those numbers will make it possible. I believe that in the next few years, we will see an irredentists movement, beyond assimilation, beyond integration, beyond separatism, to putting Mexico back together as one. That’s irridentism. One Mexico, one nation.”

            “We have an aging white America. . . . They are dying. . . . They are ******** in their pants with fear! I love it!” “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him”. And since 1970, he has professed, “Our devil has pale skin and blue eyes.”

        • AWD…another reason you rarely, if ever, see me talk about Cruz here. I’m not, nor ever was, all gung-ho for him. I’ve watched somethings on C-SPAN and various shows via the boob-tube with him on it, and I think he wants to go places too fast and furiously.

          In other words…I don’t care for him that much, anymore than I do Rubio. To me they’re two peas in a pod. But, heck…that’s just me.

          • Big, Ted is just getting started. I know some people who know him well and they swear he’s the real deal. He just underwhelmed me with his stance on immigration when I met with him. We’ll see. But I don’t expect anything but the worst from all Republicans these days.


          • Ditto that. – And thanks for the info.

      • re: Poe–what a disappointment. Saddens me since he was one of the best.

        Do you suppose men like him just get tired of the fight or are they seduced with promises?

        • I’ve always loved/admired Poe too, hope this isn’t true. But, then again…that’s another reason I stated in the blog post itself that “I fear we won’t win this time” type of thing. – ‘And that’s the way it is!’


    All those who support amnesty and the DREAM ACT are TRAITORS and that inclueds McCAIN,BIDEN,OBAMA and these terrorists above

  8. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Follow the money. Who is paying McLame to sell out his country?

    • Snake Oiler says:

      I’ll tell you who. His wife is in control of one of the largest Anheuser-Busch distributors in the U.S.. She wants to sell more beer to illegals and the hordes that they will be allowed to bring over once they become citizens. It’s a crackpot theory, but the only one available off the top of my head.

      • Lol Snake…

        Well, Pop-A-Top again! I think ya got something there my friend….a hearty ‘Cheers’ to ya, that’s something to think about.

      • It ain’t so crackpot. He was trying to get Cardinals Stadium built in an area where they would of had the beer franchise, didn’t work. A Talk radio host got a copy of an email he had sent to the head of the FAA asking for a waiver for the location, it was in a flight path for major aircraft. He is slimy to say the least. He is also “Closet” pro gun control. He was subject to a recall because of it, then 9-11 happened and recall fell apart.


    And what about all those drivers licsens for Illegal Aliens Time to hold those supporters laible for any deaths cuased by drunken hispanics


    Tell him what ya think, like he cares anymore!

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  12. First off… anyone thinking there is only eleven million illegals residing in this country is a fool. Give them amnesty and you will add another two (2,000,000,000,000) trillion to our debt by the time they bring in family members and take welfare benefits…… Wait!!! I have one hell of an absolutely great idea. Lets take away social security payments to our senior citizens who really have no right to live anyway due to their drag on the economy, and we’ll give amnesty and full welfare benefits to all these stinking illegals who have broken our laws.

    Guess puke McShame hasn’t calculated the cost of giving illegals a free ride.

    • Paul…

      Exactly right. – And as far as McAmnesty goes…he could give a rats rear less. I despise that POS, I have for so long now I’ve lost track.

      • BT,

        Use a little self control here girl… POS is very strong words coming from you. Guess McShame is just not your cup of tea.

    • take social security payments and downsize the military to fund this marxist utopia that keeps the dems/rinos in power..

      McLame doesnt calculate the cost because it will cost HIM nothing.. he will still have his 7 houses..

  13. check this…from O O site:

    And I recently saw another one — another anti-White commercial from State Farm insurance.

    Here it is:

    In the past, I shared a State Farm commercial that is even more anti-White than that one.

  14. In your homeland?? OK then get the hell;ve been invaded and friggin lost…Now screw!!

  15. Biggie,

    I am so tired of the fight. One thing that I think of from time to time is Tumbler, before Wrath Brunette joined the site and mucked it all up. He would say that he was opposed to illegal immigration but that if we looked into their sad brown eyes and saw that all they wanted was a better life, etc., etc.

    Here it is some 7 years later and it is starting all over.

    • misterb…

      Me too. Past tired. I remember well all you speak of my friend and partner in fighting illegal immigration and the other life we lived elsewhere via a blog site we knew well…and, like you say…here we are seven years later and we’ve got to fight the good fight again. I don’t know misterb, things are looking much different these days compared to those. – Know what I mean?

      …Hope I’m wrong.

      • biggie

        another issue is the bipartisan committee is comprised of ALL pro amnesty people. They can shimmy and thy can dance, but their dance moves are to pass amnesty. The jobs will never be recovered for Americans.

  16. Sigh. We don’t ever get to talk about happy things. I guess that’s why its not called Happy White Dude’s site. *facepalm*

    • Mr. Grumpus, when AWD writes something funny or not serious, I get criticized for not being more serious! Everybody’s a critic! 😉


      • No AWD, we’re all just angry and fed up; and none of us feel like laughing about the fate for America when the politicians in Washington get done deliberately pushing this nation off any cliff they can find.

      • Hell AWD… be who you are and do whatever it is that makes you happy. I do however enjoy your serious writing.

  17. May the fleas of a thousand mexicans infest his armpits.

  18. You have a great site Dude, it’s amazing we have any fun at all with nothing but crap news coming down the chute every day.


    Someone needs to tell these wanks that their own SANTA ANA signed the land over ina treaty But these goons know that the political hacks are loyal to the sinister CFR,UN and TRILADERAL COMMISION,ORDER of SKULL & BONES,BUILDERBURGS, and GEORGE SOROS and the rest of the leftists crinimals

  20. It is time to declare a separation. Time to throw off the long train of abuses and usurpations. Time to rise and fight tyranny. Time to put down the pen and take up arms in defence of liberty. Time to send a message once and for all to the political elite, “may history forget you we’re our countrymen. I declare this government to be illegal, unconstitutional, and without the consent of the governed. The next American revolution begins NOW!!


    This is all part of the planned NORTH AMERICAN(SOVIET)UNION to erase our borders with mexico and canada and make us into one nation a new SOVIET UNION under the UNITED NATIONS control why else do they want to disarm us all and pass the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY and KING OBAMA the FINK vow to use EXCUTIVE ORDERS to do it

  22. And now a Fox poll comes up with almost the same number as the AP poll. “66% favor a path to citizenship for illegals” .

    I guess we are the 33%.

    • Lies and propaganda.. I dont trust polls. Funny, I hear of polls all the time but have never paricipated in one in the 46 years on this planet… anyone can “fabricate” polls in order to manipulate public opinion.

      99% of women want to make me a sandwich and bring me a beer..
      LOL see, I can “conduct” polls of my own too

      • Vince-
        I went back and took a look. It was 1008 people. They were all probably sitting in the IRT in NYC.

        As discussed many time s here on AWD- polls are highly questionable.

        • LOL yeah.. 1008 in NY city is a reliable sample of how the entire “Country” feels on the matter.. >sarcasm< even FNC is guilty of this crap.. hell they even had Romeny winning the election at one point and we know how that turned out. I think much stricter requirements must be followed on order to publish a poll because very few sheeple do what you did and bother to read the condition under which it was conducted…and they know this

  23. Here’s a must read for some…it’s pretty telling in my opinion. Also has the names of senators working together and signing on to the bill…etc.

  24. Here’s Michelle Malkin about this issue.

    • BT-

      Read both links. Here is where I sit on some issues. The difference between the policies and stances on a few key issues will break America. SWe can either be broken or willingly separate into entities that suit the residents of the red vs blue states. Supporting illegal immigrants, letting them take American jobs, providing great wealth to Mideast and other countries is a price that a sound economic country cannot sustain.

      I do believe in borders and tribalism as sound and safe positions for a society. I am now, especially after reading of the damnable reopening of amnesty, a complete secesssionist. Amnesty for what will be found to be, not 12 million, but closer to 30 million invaders is the breaking point for me.

      I take my stand today and it is for secession. Each concession of let’s do this or let’s do that allows the inroads of the global interests to grow each day.

      The same thought process from DC that says it will take 10 years to get oil if we start drilling and thus stopped the effort, leaves us today , 10 years away from the goal of energy self sufficiency. Had the drilling been started , we would , today be knee deep in cheap energy.Had the promises of the ’86 amnesty n=been kept, we would not be knee deep in an illegal alien invasion and an enormous amount of American citizens wither out of work or supporting those immigrants.

      I pray a person or group of persons rise up and moves to a peaceful separation of the red and blue states. I do not wish to live in a nation dominated by the liberal policies that lead to socialism and then to Marxism.

      • misterb…

        We’re fracked this time regarding illegal immigration…I’m just past disgusted. Seven years have sure made a difference this time around…I just feel this nation is sunk in so many ways, and O has four more years to-boot.

        The RINOs make me puke.

    • Hate to say it but an all out war is coming.. the democrats/marxist/RINO’s that infest our government will do ANYTHING to keep power..even if it means bankrupting this country to buy votes

      Ironically white liberal sheeple and thier leaders are so short sighted.. when there are more illegals and blacks voting democrat than liberal whites what makes the current group of white cultural traitors in DC think they will still be in power? They will be booted to the curb by thier brown and black pets without even a thank you for handing the keys to the kingdom over to them. A proverbial case of man feeds dog and then dog bites man..

      20 years from now there will be no more white liberal leaders in DC and very few locally because thier pets will have replaced them all. White liberals are the greatest enemy to this country and even to themselves.. there has to be some name for the self destructive syndrome that they suffer from.. cranium anus interface maybe?

    • misterb…

      Thanks for that link! – Says it all…doesn’t it?

  25. From ALIPAC:

    “These secret meetings are completely inappropriate and harmful to our system of open government,” said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. “These lawmakers have conspired behind closed doors because they know that illegal immigration and any path to citizenship for illegal immigrants is a form of amnesty and is opposed by most Americans because it will harm American workers, students, taxpayers, and voters!”

    Senator John McCain is playing a lead roll in the agreement announcement despite the fact he openly promised Arizona voters that he would no longer pursue citizenship for illegal aliens if they would reelect him against a strong primary challenge from retired Congressman JD Hayworth in 2010.”

  26. Figures…told ya this would happen…so did ‘The Other John McCain’ in the blog post itself.

    Anyone surprised?

  27. Hey- Since the news today has been so great, I thought I would add this. The Boy Scouts are considering dropping their gay ban.I believe they said a decision soon.

  28. Here’s some more from McRINO today. ~

    • Is this man DELUSIONAL or what??? With this amnesty their chances of being in the majority are even less than minimal. Are all these lawn mowers and dishwashers going to vote Republican to keep down the tax rate on their capital gains? Not to mention what will happen when they lose half of their base! I hate to say it but I wish this liar’s parachute hadn’t opened when he bailed out over Hanoi.

  29. I meant to be able to keep commenting today but got too busy. I just think everyone is acting like this is the end of the world. It is not. We are a nation of immigrants. More should be welcome. They are seeking freedom for themselves or their families, why do you deserve freedom, yet they don’t? Because you were born here?

    Freedom, for these immigrants, is arguably a harder fought struggle than any reader here has likely endured. Imagine being the citizen of a country with a tyrannical government, with your neighboring country being a beacon of freedom. What would you do for you and your family?

    In case it wasn’t clear, which it wasn’t, based on the lack of response, but you are all acting like this is the end of the world, and so my last comment was in mockery of some of the things I have read on this site. You people are so quick to label people traitors, and mooches, but you people act like nazis most the time.

    • The laws of this country should matter…period. Or don’t you know that. Illegal immigrants are just that…ILLEGAL!

      …and obeying the laws of this country and thinking that’s what’s supposed to happen makes us NAZI’s how?

      • The laws should and do matter, however you fail to understand that the laws you support so fervently, are muddled, confused, archaic, and unfair. Do you know how expensive it is and how long it takes for these immigrants to navigate the current legal path to citizenship? The laws need to be changed so that people do not have to die in their wait to become a citizen of the only free country in the world.

        When you argue this issue you argue it from a point of view of law, and fail to see the true human impact for those on the other side of this issue. I would remind you that Obama care is law, and you rail against that, abortion is legal and you rail against that, gay rights are becoming accepted by most, an you harp about that. So dont give me that crap of it being a law that they broke, this country is about civil disobedience in many forms against unjust laws, this is yet another example.

        I refer to you as nazis because you see only policy where the is suffering, and you ignore suffering to focus on perceived tyranny.

        • Screw you and the horse you rode in on. – You are the enemy within I fight against. Always will.

          You will lose in the long run.

        • Ok, so what do you do…invite all 6 billion in the world to come here? Will you be satisfied with another billion people? Let them fix their own countries. They ain’t coming here for the freedom, they come for the money. And as for this we are immigrants horseshit,it ain’t so. The historic majority of the United States as a political entity has been the pioneers and descendants of European immigrants..that’s right..European immigrants, who melded into a new European nationality. The incredibly successful society we built is a result of that ethnic makeup. Change the majority population to Third Worlders and you end up with the Third World. Of course you’ll call it racist..Nazi..blah blah blah..You know what..I could give a shit..I’m fed up with the ongoing displacement of the European American population just so you can have what Theodore Roosevelt called a polyglot boarding house for the world.

          • Good luck getting a response from Cast-Away at this point…seems he/she is just lurking somewhere deciding what to say or not say at this stage of the game. – At least his/hers True Colors came shining thru this evening. …at least it did for me.

          • Bigtimer, I went to sleep, not that it matters, but I was hella tired. He/she? It is she for future reference. My true colors? Well I never claimed to be lock step with y’all , and I have said several times in the past that I don’t agree with everything you say. I never tried to hide my “true colors”.

          • Jedediah-

            I honestly believe the Chamber of Commerce would like to have the rest of the world move here.

            The god of profit has replaced the prophets. Profits are the religion of the CofC. Nationalism, patriotism are secondary, if at all, in their lives.

            We are blessed with some of the greatest natural resource of this planet, but there is not enough profit in that for the elite.

            Pat Buchanan has a column out today, “America’s Role in a Darkening Age”. It, somehow, left me with the feeling it had no real conclusion, but it is worth the read.

            We are heading to a country that will be the new Tower of Babel with white Europeans, at the end, pushed out of their own land because of the failure of it elected Congress.

    • …and Cast-Away…you might want to check this out.

      So, does that make that judge a Nazi…or anyone, or anything else about this all?

    • Well , I thought I was loosening up an then I read this profound statement” We are a nation of immigrants.”. How fbomb original. No were not . We may have been. We are not. Had you said we are a nation of a**h**es, I might agree. We are that because we are letting our country turn in to a third world country..

  30. Damn fools, all of them! Secure the borders, THEN maybe discuss what to do with the foreign invaders!

  31. Check this out ~

    The media is sickening!

  32. Just remember that “Legal” means nothing, and “Illegal” means nothing. It’s whoever is in charge that counts.