Have you heard about Karen Lewis? She’s the president of the Chicago Teachers Union, this is another shining example of what the Chicago-Machine produces. As far as I’m concerned her and her ilk are a major problem when it comes to the destruction of our children’s education across this land…simple as that.

Check out what she had to say to her audience, listen to their responses. – This is via EAG:

CHICAGO – The Chicago Teachers Union is not just about looking out for its members’ interests. The union wants to fundamentally change America, too.

That shift occurred when the radical Karen Lewis was elected as its president two years ago. She’s best known for mocking U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s lisp and for taking on – and defeating – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the district’s first teachers’ strike in a generation.

CTU leaders have been on a victory lap of sorts since the September strike, with union activists seeing themselves as protectors of union power during a time of membership decline and education reform at the state and local level.

They’ve also taken on the role of social activities, fighting for causes like the Occupy movement and gay marriage, which have nothing to do with education.

Some union leaders have called for violence and other radical tactics to achieve social goals.

When Lewis appeared at the Illinois Labor History Society’s “Salute to Labor’s Historic Heroes from the History Makers of Today,” she didn’t disappoint the crowd. She threw gasoline onto the fire of class warfare, and even mentioned mob killings of wealthy Americans.

“… Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches away from them. Please understand that. However, we are in a moment where the wealth disparity in this country is very reminiscent of the robber baron ages. The labor leaders of that time, though, were ready to kill. They were. They were just – off with their heads. They were seriously talking about that.”

Some in the audience laughed and clapped at her remark.

“I don’t think we’re at that point,” Lewis laughingly replied, without specifying when “that point” might arrive. “And that’s scary to most people. But the key is they think nothing of killing us. They think nothing of putting our people in harm’s way. They think nothing of lethal working conditions.”

She then used schools without air conditioning as an example of “lethal working conditions.”

The true labor leaders of the “robber baron” age would probably roll over in their graves and remind Ms. Lewis that she and her colleagues have it quite good.

Big salaries with an average income in the $70,000 range. Generous benefits and pensions. Limited work days and nine-month work years. What are these people complaining about?

Lewis also used the occasion to mock “job creators.”

“Which side are you going to be on? So are we going to be on the side of justice? Are we going to be on the side of a living wage for every person? Or are we going to be on the side of people whose entire mentality is based on a lie. ‘Job creators.’ Really? Then why have we lost so many jobs?”

With such a cynical, un-American attitude coming from their union president, does anyone really expect Chicago teachers to introduce students to the many virtues of the free market system, or the nobility of taking a risk to become an entrepreneur and therefore a “job creator”?

As domestic terrorist-turned-professor Bill Ayers acknowledged, leftists have the power in our schools and classrooms, and they’re taking full advantage.

The Chicago Teachers Union is the tip of the spear in terms of “social justice unionism.” It’s a union led by far-left radical activists who are determined to alter American society through our schools and children. Advocating for the interests of teachers is simply a means toward a larger and nastier goal.

So much to say…so little time! – The Dept. of Education needs to be abolished, the unions need to take a long walk off a short pier! Don’t know about all of you…but I’ve more than had my fill of this communist propaganda!

Add your two-cents….Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. affenhauer says:

    I do, but it would get me banned…


    Unions are nothing but a bunch of hooligans and anarcists wanting to start a leftists revolution and overthrow of our republic and replacing it witha communists dictatorship like in CHINA,CUBA and VENUSZUALIA these teacher unions and epecialy the leftists NEA just want to brainwash the kids and the liberal beloved hero CHE was a coldblooded killer who got his just deserts in bolivia

  3. Looks like she took way more than her share and ate it.

    • Mike…Mooch wouldn’t like that when it comes to weight, she’s the expert dontcha know! –

      You can be sure Dear Leader gives Lewis an A-OK thumbs-up…it’s right up his ideology alley.

  4. WOW! This is what’s teaching America’s children. There is nothing in her speech that spoke about lifting one’s self up by their own bootstraps. Nothing about earning what you get. Nothing about working hard. I heard everything about TAKING from those who have done the above.

    • Right you are…

      All of her commie BS bothered me…but this was really over the top when she uses class warfare and threats of killing etc.

      “… Do not think for a minute that the wealthy are ever going to allow you to legislate their riches away from them. Please understand that. However, we are in a moment where the wealth disparity in this country is very reminiscent of the robber baron ages. The labor leaders of that time, though, were ready to kill. They were. They were just – off with their heads. They were seriously talking about that.”

      Some in the audience laughed and clapped at her remark.

      “I don’t think we’re at that point,” Lewis laughingly replied, without specifying when “that point” might arrive. “And that’s scary to most people. But the key is they think nothing of killing us. They think nothing of putting our people in harm’s way. They think nothing of lethal working conditions.”

  5. WOW! This is what’s teaching America’s children. There is nothing in her speech that spoke about lifting one’s self up by their own bootstraps. Nothing about earning what you get. Nothing about working hard. I only heard her talk about TAKING from those who have done the above. People like her have no earthly idea how to fend for themselves. When the collapse finally happens, she and her kind will starve outside a closed and empty MackDonalt’s because they have no idea how to cook for themselves. These people would rather live in their own filth than use a broom or mop. Want proof; New Orleans.
    It is a crying shame that we have come to this point in American evolution. We WERE free once. There was a point where immigrants came here to better themselves and actually contribute. All we have now is a steady stream of takers coming across our borders and through our ports. There’s no incentive to succeed anymore.
    I’ve said it before, I look out for me and mine first, my neighbors second, friends and like minded folks next and the rest last. Some in the last group include family members and neighbors too. I have nothing but my own dignity and I’ll not sell that at any price.

    • Hear! Hear! – You put everything in a nutshell for me.

    • LonelyInBaltimore says:


      Baltimore — same fuggin’ way. A fuggin’ dirt-hole, where no one wants to clean up their own mess. I moved in here five months ago, with a coffee stain outside my apartment door……still there.

      The amount of trash, peeled oranges, cornbread wrappers, mattresses left in our parking lot is out of this freaking world.

      Any decent person would be appalled.

      Not trying to jack a thread, but I cannot stand this crap-hole.

  6. Does Sheila Jackson Lee know this …. ‘thing’ is using her (I use the term loosely) hairdresser?

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Why else dont the liberals and the left oppose HOME SCHOOLING they want the kids well brainwashed

  8. Have you guys read The Underground History of American Education?


    You can read it online in that link. I have it in paperback.

  9. I’d like to ask her why 40% of her members resident in Chicago send their children to private schools?

    • Excellent point Liam…we know what Dear Leader and ilk do! – Makes me wonder if she has any kids and where they went to school at.

      Btw…It’s always ‘Do as I Say…Not as I DO!’ when it comes to the hypocrisy from the leftists.

  10. Figures for Chicago and other major US cities at link below.


  11. It is past time for a Union of Taxpaying Citizens.
    Let’s hit them with their own scrofulous tactics, and in my opinion, a Union of Taxpayers could do just that.
    The money stolen from us pays these toads’ wages; it is time for the TAXPAYERS to STRIKE. It is time for the TAXPAYERS to demand that these slimy offal either do the job they are paid (by US) to do, or get off the taxpayer gravy-train.
    It is past time that WE start getting something worthwhile for our TAXES; or time to STOP PAYING for this nonsense.
    Go Galt, switch to barter, demand gold or silver in payment for goods and services; in short, do whatever it takes to strike back against the greed and corruption; do whatever it takes to pay no more taxes into the corruptocrats’ pockets.
    Every time I hear the words ‘make the rich pay their fair share’ I want to rip someone’s throat out with my teeth. Gee, they just raised taxes on the ‘rich 1%’ or ‘2%’ or ‘5%’ or whatever -which will almost raise enough revenue to fund the 0’s next round of family vacations. These people already pay many times more than their ‘fair share’; how about the looters start paying THEIR FAIR SHARE?
    How about the ‘fair share’ that our kids, grandkids and great grandkids will be paying on the debt these inhuman monsters have wracked up? What is fair about burdening the future, unborn generations with a tax bill for substandard goods and services -which they will never see the benifits of? How is THAT FAIR?
    How about some accountability for how money is wasted and spent by these overfed rats?
    Hell with it, let them all go burning into the sewer where they belong, and as quickly as possible; so the Rest of us can start rebuilding the REAL AMERICA again.

  12. heres somthin from a school with 1000+ illegals and a latino
    center that funds the illegals.
    it was an unrequested email to a student at SMC:

    SMC Students:

    For the last four years, Santa Monica College has chosen an annual campus-wide theme as part of its Global Citizenship initiative. This theme is incorporated into numerous classes, campus events, and extracurricular activities throughout the year.

    This year, the theme is Poverty and Wealth, Want and Waste. Now is your chance to help us select the Global Citizenship theme for 2013-14! You can do so by voting for your favorite proposed theme online. Just click on the following link to record your choice:


    SMC’s faculty and staff also are participating in the same poll, and their responses will be combined with students’ to determine the winning theme. Voting closes on Sunday, December 16, and the campus’s choice will be announced shortly thereafter.

    Please encourage your fellow students to vote as well. Any questions or issues with the poll should be directed to Geography professor Pete Morris (morris_pete@smc.edu, 310.434.8654), who chairs SMC’s Global Citizenship Committee.

  13. Here is an excellent cause for all of us who care about black people to support: teacher literacy. Every teacher, regardless of race, must pass the GED exam every year in a proctored setting. And I don’t care about the inevitable disparate impact: teaching is like medicine or aviation: either you’re qualified or you’re not. Notwithstanding the Civil Rights Act of 1965, Karen lewis is not allowed to fly a commercial airliner or perform surgery. Nor should she and her brainless parasitical thugs be allowed in a classroom until they can prove that they are qualified. If Chicago Public Schools were in the fast-food business, it would have been shut down by the Health Department years ago because 99% of its products are defective. But they’re all black, so who cares? Why bother educating them when instead we can provide good teaching jobs for the illiterate products of the Chicago school system. And they call us racists.

    • Boy, oh boy did you ever say a mouthful. I agree with all you said…the problem is, I fear they would just lower the standards/qualifications for any tests for the teachers of all stripes, just as they’ve done in many cases for students as well. – Unions and Dept. of Education needs to go…let the states take control.

      Just my two-cents.

  14. Please don’t be too hard on her she is starting a new career as an actor. I really enjoyed her scene in The Hobbit.


    • Lol…that’s really bad MuayTyson, then again…it gives many like me something to chuckle about. – For that I thank ya.

      • Dudes and dudettes, I was just looking over the past 15 or so posts at AWD. Dayum! There’s some good stuff out there! Thanks to all the contributors (especially me!) that make this page so great! Y’all are the best!


        • ‘Especially You’ is right…I knew long ago that you had a gift for writing and communication, you’ve proven that time and again. 😉

          Btw…AWD, do you have any idea what happened to Bluto? – He’s just disappeared, hope he’s okay health wise.

        • Y’all are the best!AWD.

          We know. 😉

  15. Is she related to Shamu???????????? What a fat blow hard. Typical Obongo follower. Had enough of the likes of her.

  16. Sorry Big, this is off topic, but I just picked this up at WZ. I expect everyone here will comply.


    My shoulder has recovered nicely after my last outing with Mr. Mossberg, so I will be at the range making a joyful noise.

    • That’s okay MichaelT…I’ve had that saved since early this morning from the Blaze too. – Good times, good news indeed!

    • Hey AWD and friends,

      Bigtimer What a terrific post! I like it so much that it is “Post of the Day” at teriobrien.com!

      As for a question for Ms. Lewis, part of me says it should be “Has America’s Number 1 Health and Fitness expert, Moochelle Obama, contacted you yet about a nutrition and exercise program to kick off the new year?”

      But on a more serious note, I would ask “Why do you believe that you are entitled to the fruits of another person’s labor? Didn’t we resolve that issue in the 1860’s, when we had such a system, which we called “slavery?”

      Thanks, Michael for the heads up on Gun Appreciation Day. As you know if you listen to The Teri O’Brien Show, we have a regular 2nd amendment update, so FOR SURE we will want to mention that on next Sunday’s show.

      I want to personally invite all of you to check out the show, and call in if you are listening live.

      • Hi there Teri O’Brien…a big thank you goes to you too.

        As soon as I catch up with things I’ll be checking out your site etc..much appreciated. 😉

        Btw…Got a great big kick about your summary of the ‘Question of the Day’ via your ‘Post of the Day’ at your site…had me laughing, but you also hit the nail on the head in numerous ways. – Hope others check it out too.

  17. chicago guy says:

    Shitcago government pisses on the taxpayers yet again with their sense of entitlement http://www.chicagotribune.com/.....7123.story

    • Oh great…just by reading what the link says already has me steamed. – I’ll have to wait until later to take a gander at it.

      Thank you for this information…much appreciated.

  18. yes I do have a message.

    F*** you, Commie Walrus-
    headed c***..


    I think someone should go to central park near the statue of CHE and feed laxitives to the birds so theyll leave a lasting reninder of this crinimals legacy that stupid liberals ignore

  20. Only the Big Sexy can save us from the Hungry Hungry Hippo

    Clearly this woman needs love

    Dude you’re up to bat, do it for the children

  21. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Message to Karen Lewis:


    (beep, beep, beep, beep)

  22. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I can look at her picture and tell she stinks

  23. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Who the hell are these crusty ass slobs they let preach to the sheeple? At least I wouldn’t go on camera without my trusty camo baseball hat.

  24. Jayzus-if you look at her in person do you turn to stone???


    Need anymore reasons for Home or Private schooling?

  26. Teacher Bob says:

    Please, please, don’t throw us all under the bus because of whatever nutjob has managed to land as employment in Chi-town. I would say, at least here in Washington state, that 80-85% of teachers would rather not have a union at all. Unfortunately, it comes with the job. I wouldn’t mind the union so much if all they did was advocate for teacher’s salary, benefits, etc. But they always cloak their real agenda with being “for the kids.” Show me the evidence.
    As a science teacher, I take great pains to equip my kids with a working “bullshit” alarm. I ask them to use scientific methods to dissect all kind of claims. It isn’t just for “science stuff” you know. Anyway, keep up the good work secure in the knowledge that most teachers are actually on your side!

    • Hey there Teacher Bob…I’m certainly not throwing all teachers under the bus whatsoever, it’s the unions that need to go via my viewfinder in life. – Plus, so does the federal Dept. of Education…it should be up to the states as far as I’m concerned.

      Btw…my Aunt was a teacher for decades in Ca., a counselor and a superintendent…she couldn’t take anymore years ago because of the reasons mentioned above and retired. – Very sad what our govt. and the leftist/commie union big- wigs have wrought to the children of this nation for decades now…it’s only getting worse too!

      Very glad for your input…much appreciated. 😉

  27. Cinnamon Girl says:

    You know, it’s a very, very good thing I never had children because I’d probably be like the proverbial Mother Bear with her Cubs—-willing and ready to rip a head off with my teeth at any hint of a threat. America is wayyy to scary a place to raise children in today.

    That said, I’m still going to ask some questions of Ms. Lewis.

    1. Why are you and your ilk so angry? Is it just part and parcel for you to act this way because it gets you what you want?

    2. Is there ever going to be such as thing as “enough” for you? It sounds to me like you are well compensated and you certainly have enough power, so what more do you want? Why are you so bent on bringing down the so-called wealthy? Or is that simply a code word for white?

    3. Your comments seem to advocate the use of lethal violence. How does this jibe with your claim that working conditions are lethal? Is it the death of the wealthy that you want, while ensuring your and your kind are breezily indoctrinating our children in air-conditioned classrooms?

    4. And finally, what is your IQ?

    • CG…

      Your last question has me snickering…wanna bet the answer to that can be found on the digits of one hand?

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Well, I suppose that question could be misconstrued by some as sounding a bit elitist—-but seriously. With someone who thinks that way it’s hard to believe there’s much intellect there. She and her ilk seem incapable of grasping logic and reason or at least they’ve thrown those abilities aside in favor of leftist rhetoric. I’m getting a bit sick and tired of people’s emotions running our country!

        • Heck, the question wasn’t elitist to me. This pathetic blow-hard gets her talking points from others…you can count on that. She wouldn’t have the two-brain cells she may have left to rub together on her own if she tried. – I can’t help it…that’s how I feel about those like her…no matter the color or stripe.

          I’ve really had it with the commie bastids within our country…they’re getting away with too…thanks to nitwit critters that are allowed to vote…numerous times at that too!

          • Cinnamon Girl says:

            My s.o. and I were watching a program about the demise of the Old Kingdom in Egypt and about the fact that so far, no one knows why it suddenly and abruptly ended. I half-jokingly mused thusly: “Well, first their slaves were rightly freed. But then, they provided the former slaves with their every want and need. Then, they imported everyone from everywhere. Then, they let them vote without first requiring them to be citizens or to work. These people then voted for every goodie and the leaders acquiesced, enjoying their official positions. Then, the fields were depleted, the cattle couldn’t be bred fast enough, all the gold was mined away, and all the water was drawn out of the Nile. The end”.

            Sound familiar?

          • CG…

            Nail on head…familiar indeed! (unfortunately)… 😉

  28. You can always tell the Union types, in any industry. Loud, only thinking in platitudes and slogans, always referring to themselves as “we” (even when there’s just one present), “us vs. them” mentality… You can just hear the groupthink mentality in these people’s speech patterns.

  29. One disgusting pig of a woman? Walking pile of shit that talks

  30. RidinShotgun says:

    Simple solution from the turn of the last century; A new rope & an old tree.

  31. Here’s two reports that fit right in with the school systems etc…


    …and this ~


  32. Saw your stuff about white population drops.

    Maybe if you men stopped marrying Asian women and all the Mexicans you can find, for the subservience, maybe the race could come back. I hear complaints from white men about white women marrying black.

    That’s not half as bad as the first problem, I’ll tell you.