Latin America

Not enough land for the lot of em, apparently.

That, my dear, was Ellis Dam exploding. Right now, your beloved Metropolis of Kindred Spirits is being flooded with the Great Brown Goo. The entire city will soon collapse under its weight. Mere anarchy will be released upon the world. There will be no choice but to release Leviathan, who will rule them all with its iron fists. And I…I shall rule Leviathan!
– Mr. X, Tres Moderne

So “gun control” is being pushed down our throats, while “immigration reform” is next on the docket.

Passage of either of these, in any form, will be the official death knell of the United States.

Let’s not forget one of the chief lessons of Obamacare’s passage: It doesn’t matter one iota what the popular will is, only what the Left’s will is.

And the Left’s will is to destroy America.

They will do it in three ways: dispirit the people, disarm the people, dilute the people. (“The people,” of course, being whites.)

They think they’ve got #1 covered, and now they’re looking to wrap up numbers 2 and 3 lickety-split.

As the long-lost Hillbilly Jack once said (and I paraphrase from rickety memory), “If there were ever any justice, there wouldn’t be enough trees in Washington from which to hang all these traitors.”


Sic semper tyrannis.

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  1. Aztlan. I’m learning Spanish a little bit at a time. I’ll be an honorary Mexican in no time.


    The entire plans of the sinister UNITED NATIONS as well as the CFR,TRI-LADERAL COUNCIL.BUILDERBURGS,CPUSA,IANSA,ACORN,SEIU, and the mexican and american dictators to create the NORTH AMERICAN(SOVIET)UNION why else do they want to disarm us all and open the borders to illegal aliens what else it the DREAM ACT all about

    • Was Hugo Chavez the one to thank that the NAA was not brought in?
      He refused to sign on, otherwise Bush would have brought it in.

  3. Hang em on the WH fence.

  4. And it starts. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    • Surely there is a Lawyer that wants to get his name all over this a sue the the ink off the front page.

      Hopefully a link can be established between the crime and the article

  5. Snake Oiler says:

    Rusty Shackleford
    January 13, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    I have a friend out west who I’ve known for years. He’s significantly younger than me and was raised with a significant amount of nanny-statism. We are both car fans/enthusiasts and every time I tell him that cars have suffered because of government-control, he disagrees. He cites the advent of airbags and the use of plastics and “blended” fuels, etc.

    I have never been able to break him of this so we now just agree to disagree.

    My uptake is that we imitate Europe with a 20 year time lag. We watch as they screw things up, laugh at it, then repeat it with our own US style and make it ten times as bad.

    I think it’s a DNA problem. I’ve still wondered how we, the United States, managed to break free of our European diseases and problems and remain free with so many governmental boneheads who praise the euro-mess as the way to do things.

    Perhaps it’s that we also have so many with African DNA now who enhance all the tribal features on how to backtrack to sticks-and-spears thinking. Get rid of guns…and when that’s done, get rid of knives and then rocks and sticks.

    Behavior is the problem and to properly achieve good behavior, a child needs to be taught how to achieve self-esteem by working hard, achieving, competing to win while at the same time, learning how to help others to achieve and be successful.

    The zero-sum game of the socialists is a losing proposition. It always has been but it keeps rearing its ugly head because the socialists are inherently LAZY. The real problem is HUMAN LAZINESS and it is a feature of socialism. The leaders from the top to the bottom want it all without any effort.

    Therefore, I submit that people like Reid and Pelosi are NOT tireless people who work hard but instead, lazy-asses who simply stay awake for a long period of time forcing others to do their bidding.

    And that is quite remarkable. Hitler was one of the laziest a**holes on the planet. By that I mean that he wanted others to act the way that he would not. But by using rationalizations, the way that Reid, Pelosi, Frank, Holder and others do, they would tell others that what they’re doing is wrong while doing it themselves. That, of course, is hypocrisy. Would Dingy Harry or San-Fran Nan spend a day, an hour a minute cleaning their own toilets? No.

    It’s an easy answer but they would spend hours lecturing you on why you must clean your own toilets rather than have a hispanic or black or asian doing it.

    Whenever I hear anyone telling me how to live my own life or telling me how to spend my own money, my first response to them is , “I will when you will.”

    They, socialists, are intellectually lazy. It’s easy for them to tell you how to do things and very, very difficult for them to understand why they are wrong. Coffee bar intellectuals. Teacher’s lounge geniuses. Break-room geniuses.

    Couldn’t build anything. Can’t do math. Can’t understand why they are wrong.


    Take all those AZTLAND rebel scum and hang them all

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