You're right. They won't.

Dianne Feinstein, for all her ills, is at least (at times) honest. Unlike nearly every other libtard in power, she says what she means and means what she says. Seriously, for how evil Democrats are, I’ll take it.

And what did she say regarding her latest gun ban proposal?

The purpose is to dry up the supply of these weapons over time.
– Senator Dianne Feinstein, January 24, 2013 (via World News Australia)

Got it? They’re not going to come for our guns.

I repeat: For all you patriots with itchy trigger fingers waiting for the revolution to kick off when they come to confiscate your weapons, you’ll die waiting. They are not going to come for our guns.

They’re smarter than that. They know they’ll foment violent revolution with a gun confiscation program. So they’ll just do what they’ve done since, well, a long time: bide their time. Wait it out a generation or two. In that time, there will be no more gun owners; they’ll all have died off. No revolution instigated, yet totalitarian goal achieved.

In particular, tyranny must be stopped while the means to stop it are still available to the population. To wait until a government removes the means of resistance is in effect to surrender to that tyranny.
– Dr. Joseph P. Martino, Resistance to Tyranny

In other words, we’re fools if we think they’re going to walk into our hornets’ nest. They’re not. And absent that, we’ll do nothing. Yet for us to do nothing in the short term is in effect to surrender in the long term.

Parting quote:

In other words, the freemen of America realized where the policies of King George would inevitably lead, and they denied where it would lead by forging the Declaration of Independence leading to the American Revolution and the establishment of the union of the several states.
You have been warned. Freedom is not free, but slavery exacts a far greater price. If the need arises, do not hesitate to take up arms in defense of freedom, even against your own government.
– Dr. Joseph P. Martino, Resistance to Tyranny

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  1. We just nebe s
    arter than they are (how hard can that be…lol). We need to organize, boycott advertisers, train the trainers, and practice to hit where we are aiming. Never rise to their bait, fight them at our time and pace, and in the manner of our choosing. We are by nature trusting and nice people so we need to adjust. Plus we have way prettier women. There are still a few of us who know the power of that fact.

  2. DiFi is NUTS! What she did today will go nowheresville, including the senate dems. – She’s such a waste of time…I truly despise this hypocrite.

  3. She is a power driven jackass,that sadly is allowed to practice her special brand of treason like far too many others, Ignoring htis bitch will do no good so I say shove this Gun Crap of hers right back down her damn liberal throat once and for all//// Enough of this …We allowed the lazy, non producers to elect a wannabe king and court., get off our ass and do the right thing..Take that power back and give it to the right people.3

  4. Here’s the response I got from my Senator.

    January 24, 2013

    Dear Michael T

    Thank you for contacting me regarding gun control. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

    The incomprehensible act of violence carried out at Sandy Hook Elementary School has left our nation with a profound sense of sorrow and questions about why these tragedies are occurring with increasing frequency. For answers, we must start by assessing our gun laws, how we treat mental illness in this country and the cultural desensitization towards violence. Meaningful action is clearly needed to protect our communities and to move forward. I believe that every idea should be on the table and will carefully consider any reasonable legislation that is crafted to help prevent future tragedies.

    As Congress begins to consider related legislation, it is important to recognize that these debates often evoke strong responses because we are attempting to reconcile an individual’s constitutional rights with society’s interest in maintaining public safety and combating crime. The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution secures the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear arms. I also believe that the Constitution gives us the right to own firearms for the protection of self, family, and property, and for sporting purposes such as hunting and target shooting. For generations, many New Mexicans have exercised this right in a responsible way, and they should be able to continue to do so. However, I also recognize that our communities have an obligation to protect citizens from senseless gun violence.

    As a former federal prosecutor and Attorney General of New Mexico, my first-hand experiences with the numerous crimes committed with firearms led me to believe that these crimes are among the most heinous, and should be prosecuted as forcefully as possible. During my time in Congress, I have introduced legislation to appoint an additional Assistant U.S. Attorney for each jurisdiction to be focused solely on prosecuting gun crimes.

    President Obama has announced a White House task force led by Vice President Biden that will make recommendations on gun related violence. I look forward to seeing these proposals. I am hopeful that working together we will achieve sensible solutions. Please be assured that I will keep your thoughts in mind as Congress looks for ways to address this issue and prevent this type of violence.

    Thank you again for sharing your thoughts with me. Please feel free to contact me with your concerns regarding any federal issue by visiting my website at For more information, you may also visit my Facebook page at and receive up to the minute updates through my Twitter page at

    Very truly yours,
    Tom Udall
    United States Senator

    Bla, bla, bla…

    I guess i forgot to mention that Hizzonor is a Democrat.

    • Coming from the likes of Udall, or any Udall, you really didn’t expect anything different did ya? 😉

      Glad you shared that with us though…I mean it. We’ve all got to fight the good fight in whatever way we can.

    • Michael, what a crock of generic, mindless BS! Typical crap from a demonRAT/commie.

  5. I’m not going to relax just yet.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Hands off our guns King Obama the Fink and UN Pig Wigs and COFFEE CUP ANNAN as well

  7. Cinnamon Girl says:

    MichaelT is right, it’s no time to relax just yet. While I’ve often shown examples here of incrementalism and it’s an absolute fact it’s been occurring here in our good ol’ US of A, I don’t put anything past our government anymore.

  8. Spurwing Plover says:

    I see GEICO has canciled some companies insurence polacy becuase they make gun parts EVEN MORE REASON TO STOMP ON THAT CRAPPY LITTLE LIZARD

  9. Mr. Grumpus says:

    They’re not gonna try to TAKE your guns at all. There is a much, much easier way. Print money as fast as the printers will run, inflate the dollar until it is absolutely worthless, wait a short while until the people are starving, then tell them to bring in their guns to get fed. Problem solved, easy peasy.

  10. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Spur, GEICO stands for Government Employees Insurance Corporation, or something very similar to that. No surprise there.

  11. Fast and Furious has more meaning now.

  12. They want to disarm us so we can be over run by criminals to justify them putting more Gestapo types like the TSA on the streets. It’ll be like NYC pay the Cop or pay the local thug.

  13. Incremental disarmament. It’s easier to drop the lobster in the pot before you turn on the heat. This has been going on since 1935(?). Always under the guise of decreasing criminal activity. First licensing, then registration, and now the banning of sale. A slippery slope that is getting steeper and steeper as time goes on.

    • Actually it became more active here with the advent of the Federal Reserve before WW1. Sneaky take overs of free people by thieves and tyrants has been around since people began grouping together millenia ago. Nothing really new happening today just slightly different toys used to enslave.

  14. David in SC says:

    During the revolution in what was the USSR, they registered all the gun owners first and then a year or so later they called in all the retired military and police officers to come re-register their guns, they had to bring them with them too. As they came in they sent them all in bus loads to the gulag where they were systematically killed. I don’t thin they’ll go door to door either but they may start calling small groups. And people will begin to “disappear”. This is a tactic to scare the rest of the citizenry. The current govn’t knows know bounds and the media runs interference for them so we may my even know it has begun.remember the story about the frog slow boiling?

  15. Good post Red. Just my got copy of Resistance to Tyranny, can’t wait to start reading it.

  16. Check this out ~ this guy was with DiFi today.

    • That man is no more a Christian than Mohammed is. He desecrated the National Cathedral when he allowed a Muslim to preach in it. See post below. Our entire Govt has sold out to Muslims. We are shipping them our 1st line weapons they can use against Israel and even us. Before “O” is finished he will be shipping them Nukes, I wouldn’t put it past him.

  17. This is an important read as they are coming at us on all sides and fronts and it can be hard to follow.

  18. In Chicago, gun registration has basically been used to disable LEGAL firearms ownership. The INTENTIONALLY onerous provisions in terms of cost and time mean that almost EVERY firearm in Chicago is UNREGISTERED and that includes those of COPS. Never let any scumbag politician tell you that gun registration is about controlling crime; it’s about making YOUR guns contraband to be paraded in front of the anti-gunner’s news media to prove their war on guns is working to remove those “crime guns.”

    Illinois is badly in need of of a state preemption law when it comes to firearms legislation. The criminal gun controller ex-Gov. George Ryan prevented a preemption bill from becoming law. Yes, we need a NEW Illinois State Constititution.

  19. Red Stater NYC:

    Thank you for your fine synopsis. I couldn’t agree with you more.

    The Left’s “long-march” strategy of gradually seizing control through steady incremental gains has been working quite well to destroy our other institutions, so why wouldn’t they employ it on gun control?

    If they get another justice on the SCOTUS and regain control of the House, expect them to press that advantage significantly. Regardless, they will keep chipping away until the future debate won’t be whether the government can control guns, but which guns it can’t control.

  20. The police in Marietta Ga held a Gun Safety Seminar today, a crowd of 150 is a big show up for the 3 seminars they hold each yr, over 700 came today, Don’t believe obama was expecting this response and its happening all over the country.

  21. Whatever you say, Joe…

    Biden on self-defense: Get yourself a shotgun

  22. pointy end out says:

    WHY has everyone forgotten about a FIRST STRIKE scenario? Lets catch them off guard (ALL of them !)and dispatch some justice while “Watering the tree of Liberty” !

  23. Balderdash!

    The second amendment is NOT up for debate, it is a right, not a privilege!

    Pointy end out! You can go some place else, insighting aggression against an elected official is illegal, kapeash?!?

    Blistered, out!

  24. It will, all be incremental, just like it has been for the past 50+ yrs. It has increased/ speeded up since 9/11 and even faster since Obama’s first election. And will speed up even more now. As in exponentially.

  25. That’s one of the many problems with being the good guys Pointy. The other side is allowed to threaten violence endlessly with no repurcussions, but we can only speak from a defensive standpoint, and still better be very careful about that.

    • ThomasJefferson had this problem in spades when he ran for president. The incumbent Adams was pretty much an elitist and would readily use the charge of sedition against any who dared to criticize any thing about his administration. Jefferson had to watch every word he or his supporters uttered or he would have been slapped into prison as fast as Adams could snap his fingers.

  26. But our elected officials are allowed to use economic violence against Gun Makers.
    In the 30’s he would be Capone, now he is Mayor. No difference between the two, in fact “His Honor” is far more a thug than Capone could ever be. He has “The Chicago Way” on his side. Its called fascism. He is Mayor for as long as he wants and does as he pleases with little real opposition. Its no different in NY or NYC, they are all alike and all failed cities run by thugs in office.


    They are going for them. If state lawmakers play it right there will be NO gun grabs. Forget California and New York, they no longer are really part of the USA, they have allowed their leaders to assume roles suited for Monarchs and the people have become serfs. Compared to the whole of the pollution very few people in these states understand they are under a soft Dictatorship right now, most just don’t give a sh*t.