Here is the latest design by Big Fur Hat of I Own The World being sold at Anthem Studios for a mere $15! While wearing this shirt, think of the welfare moochers you can piss off in the grocery store line with their motorcade of carts full of food you can only dream of buying. If you only had a pocketful of EBT cards, you producing, tax-paying bastid!

Here is the perfect right-wing extremist, greedy, 1%er shirt to show the moochers who you are and how you hate every cent stolen from your paycheck to support their lazy, worthless lifestyles:

You can own this beauty for a mere $15 dollars cash American at Anthem Studios. Here’s the link.

So show your greedy intolerance for supporting moochers! Somebody’s got to do it. We’re just the guys!

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  1. No can do, to many Moochers living off me. Need Mooch Spray.


    Working americans who are forced to support lazy punks who spend their whole day on the couch clicking their remotes HOLY LITTLE RED HEN BATMAN

  3. The moocher class that has been on the welfare take since birth are nothing but mushrooms. I am not talking about really sick people, or retired people, or anyone who has a good excuse to need help. I am talking about the professional class of moochers…;people who know how to play the game in order to stay unemployed and on the dole for 30 and 40 years at a time when they are perfectly healthy. We have tons of those and the obama regime makes it easy to add more and more. These people are “ware-housed’ in projects. They are like piles of crap stashed in their own stacks and their only duty in life is to vote democratic. Democrats tell them they are nothing and can’t do anything cause the ‘man’ is ‘keeping them down’. They pile them into vans every election time, and bus them to the polls so they can vote a few times a piece. After they are through with them, they bring them back to their crime ridden hovels until the next time.

  4. Great t-shirt. PERFECT b-day gift for my brother.

  5. …and as we embark on Black History Month, formerly known as February, I found that the Irish Savant’s thoughts on the subject were very amusing….


    • RedStaterNYC says:

      The comments on that post are priceless!

      • Snake Oiler says:

        They’re tremendous! Check this one out:

        Anonymous said…

        You sure are racist. What about these great black men :-
        John Yogi Bear invented Television BLACK
        Timmm Burning Tree invented the internet. BLACK
        Gummo Macaroni invented radio. BLACK
        Travon Edison loads of shit. BLACK
        Aleeeeeeeeexzander Trayvon Belllll
        invented the telephone. BLACK.
        In fact all you crackers done is invent peanut butter!

  6. West Coast Dude says:

    This whole welfare thing is just ridiculous. If you want to give your money away to others, then that’s your choice. But don’t make me give up my hard earned money to those who don’t want to work or can’t afford their living means.

    • West Coast Dude,

      Apparently you and I enjoy work… or I’ll speak for myself saying I enjoy the rewards of work. By your post, you apparently realize the benefits of work… instead of receiving crumbs from the government and having no pride, you get out of bed every morning and make a living.

      Got news for all… I think it is only going to get worse as the lazy realize they can vote into power whoever delivers the most freebees.

      • Yes, and as one fellow noted, ‘With overbreeding has come downbreeding. Our planet has become swamped with morons and psychotics which guarantees the collapse of civilizations worldwide.’

  7. I purchased one and am eagerly awaiting delivery. when it gets here i will post a photo. i know that there are too many armchair patriots out there that talk a game but can’t or won’t take a stand publicly.
    Better use your 1st A rights before you need to use your 2nd A rights people.

  8. All someone has to do is look at every solidly democrat city in America and see how f’ed up they are. Democrats run everything into the ground with their constant kowtowing to blacks & illegal Hispanics. The result is places like Chicago, Detroit, L.A. NYC. Look at the crime, the extremely high taxes and the very large black & Hispanic populations. Enough said.

    • LOL Yeah, meanwhile we have stupid RINO Republicans ( Jhindal and others ) trying to figure out how they can appeal to minorities/blacks… there is no such thing as the party for adults (the GOP) appealing to the parasite class… the game is over you morons! The Peter Pan Party or childrens party AKA Democrats have figured the game out… take YOUR money and buy votes to stay in power. What is the GOP going to do? Offer the moochers more stuff than the Dems? THAT is the reality folks… its over! Just waiting for the coming collapse… get ready

  9. how many of you are sick and tired of the MSM and all politicians referring to the count of illegal immigrants being 11 million!!!!!!!!! It is more like 30 million and growing!!! What a crock of shit……no end in sight………this blows!!!

    • I have a feeling that they grossly misrepresent the real numbers of the black population too…. we are like the proverbial frogs in the pot of water slowly being boiled while we dont notice..

  10. Winston Smithereens says:

    The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever. Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us to ‘Please Do Not Feed the Animals’. Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

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