Disappointed, really disappointed. In one word, this was the answer I gave to summarize what I thought of President Barack Obama to my debate professor. I couldn’t bear to watch live TV of Hillary Clinton spewing “her side” of the story recalling the tragic events and responses given in reference to the four dead Americans in Benghazi.

Then to rub salt in the wound, I find that the Obama administration wants to completely reshape our military, particularly our Marine Corps, into the vision of their politically correct Utopia.

The free pass that was given to the Obama administration on their response to Benghazi has stunned me. I am still amazed that no one has called out Clinton, Panetta or Obama with their pathetic response, or lack thereof, when the tragedy occurred. Really, we need time to observe events on the ground before we commit forces? I do not know of one enemy in North Africa or a Muslim country that would invoke fear into an amphibious Marine Corps Infantry Battalion. And to see Hillary Clinton shedding crocodile tears as a result of seeing those flag draped coffins! Our men in uniform see those every day over there.

Then giving the response to the American people that the terrorist attack was because of a video! Have you even seen the Muhammad video in question? It had the worst production value ever and is boring as shit to boot! We have video games being sold over in Pakistan with Americans shooting Al-Qeada (Black Ops). Muslims respond by simply pulling it off the shelves. No rioting or Americans killed there, Madam Clinton.

Our commanders see flag draped coffins every day over there, too. This is a result of the Obama administration’s weak defense policy. But Hillary Clinton is no stranger to all this bloodshed. Remember when she was First Lady and all those flag draped coffins came home from the USS Cole, Khobar Towers, the Federal Building in Oklahoma, Embassies in Tanzania, Kenya, Somalia, and our first World Trade Center Attack? Not to mention the other American deaths that I am sure have gone unreported. But now you come to tears, Mrs Clinton?

And how about the Secretary of Defense saying combat is now at safe enough levels to allow women to carry packs next to Devil Dogs? They already do in forward commanders “FET” or Female Engagement Teams. You’ve seen the same film clips that all media outlets show on TV with the coverage of female troops in action. Yeah, there are females already in the field. More forward than you are and making much more of a sacrifice. But we can now allow them the MOS of 03? A meat eater? The ones that decimate any enemy that they are faced against!

Our Marine Corps is the deadliest branch of the service as a result of our training and the sheer demand placed on the mind and body for the sole purpose of destroying whatever enemy we face. But these are just minor details! Putting women alongside male Marines is what this country really needs, right? We need not worry, right? The young troops in the field will find a way to make it work, right? In pushing females into combat roles, I hope all of our politically correct “leaders” are willing to shed tears when their flag draped coffins come home. Because, unless a female soldier can pass the same testing and training as her male counterparts, lives will be lost. At least give our Commanders time for the ink to dry on their policy letters regarding homosexuality before throwing another curve at them. They have a war to fight as much as you would like for them to focus on your next social experiment.

Here’s my message for President Obama and Leon Panetta in regards to placing women on the front lines of combat. I know a lot of men that can’t keep up and become a Marine, let alone an infantry man. One thing is for sure, gentlemen; I know a lot of female Marines that have a better chance of surviving in the dirt than the two of you pencil necks.

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  1. AMERICAN INFIDEL #1…where the heck ya been? You don’t know how much I’ve missed you and your input here. I think of you often when it comes to subjects such as we’re talking about here and wonder what you would have said or thought.

    Anyway, glad to see ya back…and as you must know by my own posts here about both subjects you speak of…I concur.

    Sure hope to see you post more often. As you can tell…I’ve truly missed you and your excellent writing.

  2. American Infidel #1 says:

    Thank you, the appreciation is felt. And now back to math.

  3. Hillary Dillary dock
    An intern sucked Bills rock
    And then you dumb Nazi
    You screwed up Benghazi
    Hillary Dillary Dock

    Hillary Dillary Dock
    You useless Dem dork
    You went to New York
    Where they elected a jennet
    Into the US Senate
    Hillary Dillary Dock

    (A jennet is a female donkey)


    We have a screw up goverment that sells weapons to terrorists nations and terrorists while wanting to disarm us all

  5. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Hmm, this is a little bit off topic but I decided to Google (maybe that was my first mistake—-someone, please, tell me of a different, safer, more complete search engine and I will use it)”parallels between today’s America and Orwell’s ‘1984’” and I got what I believe to be heavily censored information.

    In other words, I got what Google wanted me to find. The only thing I saw that didn’t deny we are basically living “1984” was some unfortunate anti-Semite piece, and I have no patience for anti-Semites. I believe Google let that one through to show that anyone believing the New World Order isn’t a good thing is nothing but a hater bent on becoming the new Hitler.

    One of the things I’ve feared the most is censorship. Now, I fear that in the interest of censorship, today’s factions will hunt us down and shame us into compliance. At least, that will be step one. After that, who knows?

    I just honestly wanted to read some reasonable information and I’m kept from doing so, and so ironically, my fears are not unfounded.

  6. another mike says:

    You are so right Cinnamon Girl…You are so right.

  7. May as well throw this in the mix…for the heckuva it.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      Those are Clark Kent spectacles. She runs into a nearby phone booth (no, I mean she literally runs into a phone booth. Do you really think she can see out of those goggles?) and emerges as SuperBag!

  8. 2002-Us Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan-10 killed

    2004-US Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan–2 killed/9 injured

    2004- Gunmen attack US Consulate in Saudi Arabia-8 Killed

    2006-US Embassy attacked in Syria-1 killed

    2008-Rioters Set Fire to US Embassy in Serbia

    2008-Bombing at US Embassy in Yemen-10 Killed

    2012-US Embassy attack in Libya-4 killed.

    Where were the senate hearings for these attacks?

  9. Just another effort by the puke left to destroy our military they soooooo despise.

  10. So true…so true!

    Msm slobbering all over Shrillary etc.