See update, below, regarding names not appearing next to published articles.


Oh, they can't wait for this day to finally come...

As some of you may have noticed by now, there have been some layout changes and some additions to the page. Notably, there is now a “FEMA Camp” section showing links to articles that anyone can post (though they must be Dude-approved, so keep your panties on). Here are the simple instructions to post articles of interest and your own commentary for the whole of Dudedom to see:

1. Go to the home page and scroll down to the middle of the page where you will find the “Add FEMA Camp Story”.

Figure 1

2. Enter your handle and email address (if you’re logged in, you won’t need to do this step).

Figure 2

3. Enter the title, URL, and a summary of the article you’re posting (e.g., your own opinion, an excerpt from the article, etc.).

Figure 3

4. Add some tags (key words relating to the article) to make enhance search engines finding your post, and also upload a cool picture to make your mark.

Figure 4

5. Click submit.

Figure 5

6. Wait for His Dudeness to approve your post. (If it gets rejected, take it up with him!)

Voila. Instant blogging success.

Questions, comments, complaints, criticisms, compliments? Leave them in the comments section below. We’ll make sure we readily ignore them.

Oh yeah, and no F or N words, nothing raunchy, etc.


Update 2012-02-05 14-45:

So there appears to be a bug in the FEMA Camp add-on in that it doesn’t show the author’s name if the post was published without being logged into Until an update is released that fixes this bug, in order to get your name to appear on your FEMA Camp post, you’ll need to sign into first. You can find the “Log in” link at the very bottom of the page (see figure A1, below). If you don’t have an account, you’ll find the link to create one on the login page.

Log in

Figure A1

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  1. wheres the pic from

  2. Nevermind, I figured it out. D’oh!

  3. Dudes and Dudettes, this is a great idea I stole from Big Fur Hat over at I Own The World. It gives you the opportunity to post articles and do your own blogging at AWD.

    Remember, this is a classy joint so no raunchy stuff. The traditional rules of no N or F words apply. But many of you are tremendous writers and this will give you the opportunity to share your thoughts with a lot of people who read AWD.

    If you have any questions, you can email me at Thanks!

    And thanks to Red for doing all the techie-weenie sh*t behind the scenes!!


    • AWD and BigTimer,

      Any word from Bluto?

      Do we need to raise bail?


      REV Wright

      • Good question. WTF happened to Bluts?

      • Red and Rev…

        Many of us had been asking that question…so AWD emailed him. He’s ok, his computer went down and the one he’s using won’t let him get on this site because it says it’s a ‘hate site’ or something like that. – Anyway, Bluto was here about a week back, he was using a college computer or such…and commented for the day. He says as soon as he repairs his computer he will be back. I hope he gets it done soon….we all miss him!


    Thats how HITLER,STALIN,MAO and CASTRO got rid of all disedence who oppose the NEW WORLD ORDER and BIG GOVERMENT all those who remain loyal to the FOUNDING FATHERS and the U.S.S CONSTITUTION must all be rounded up and sent to concentration camps and gulags just like what the UNITED NATIONS and CFR want it

  5. Posible FLASH TRAFFIC;I’ll be dropping by my local Wallyworld to check this out myself.

  6. Lian, thanks for the links. I don’t read either PH nor american conservative enough.

    How are you btw? if I remembercorrectly, there was some il health in the family.

    • I’m OK thanks Red. My Mum had a stroke in late 2011 but she’s made a really good recovery and my kids are doing fine at school etc so we’re all well God willing :)

      How’s Mrs Red and the little fella? Sorry I’ve not been in here much recently and didn’t send congratulations at the time. And are you over the damage from Sandy yet?

  7. Has anyone else been having trouble accessing SDPDL, or should I be paranoid about the PC police?

  8. Another way you can fight the powers that be.

    Good for Ruger.

  9. Bill wittle’s discourse on political correctness definitely belongs there….

  10. Or maybe there ccould be another new section that is no so much current news, but essential information. AWD university or something like that. Immigration gum balls is another classic that would fall under this category. Given that people learn so many things, especially in college, that aren’t true, this might be helpful. Let me give you an example: when I was 21 I truly believed that if everyone would become a vegetarian, all the problems of the world would end. (hunger, war, destruction of the rain forest, etc.). A general info section would be good for new people. Awd university, then required courses: 1. Pc 101 2. Global warming 101 3. Immigration 101 4. Fundamentals of a republic etc.

    Or not. Just a thought.

  11. Living in the REAL WORLD of course!!! :-)

    Don’t you know MichaelT that we could feed the world 3x over with the current food supply if we didn’t eat meat?!!! That will solve EVERYTHING!!! 😉

    Oh how that rubbish used to annoy mt mother and grandmother… The good old days! :-) :-) :-)

  12. …and macDonalds is cutting down the rain forest to make hamburgers…and Africa would be saved… And I was going to be a social worker too! (thank god I didn’t do that!!!)

    • BigLittleKid says:

      They just found horse meat in burgers in the UK. Not in mcdonald’s tho, in their version of Walmart. I forget the name.

  13. The idea I had of a republican was an illiterate person living in the south in a house with a dirt floor – that I’m not kidding about. I learned that in school, I finished in 1996. In 2009 I finished my MBA at night. Academics were basically the same – only then I found them annoying. (I didn’t believe them like I did in my early 20’s)

    • Rebecca,
      Mind if I ask where you were raised? The dirt floor comment is hilarious.

      • Born and raised in buffalo,ny – which is like the third word now. Very sad. “Higher” education – buffalo and Albany ny.

        • Ah, Buffalo. Got jumped by about twelve “youths” (guess which race!) whilst walking the streets alone there one night. Good times!

          Oh, how I do miss the winters though…

          • mike stoddard says:

            Thank your lucky stars that you were in Buffalo,here in Rochester the city “folks” have been shooting and stabbing people in the middle of the day.Seems like Rochester is a little furter ahead of Buffalo,at least for now.Keep your eyes open and your head down.Stay safe.

        • How is it like turd world? Latinos?

  14. Maybe an essential reading/awd university section is a bad idea…it might change the tone/flavor of this page and that would be a bad idea. On the other hand, if mr. Bill wrote the curriculum, it could work and would be a service to many.

  15. Just a thought…it might be a good time to move this to the top of the FEMA CAMP column, so if any others that want to post there can see how to do this. – It’s just a suggestion since it’s been here since the thirteenth. 😉

  16. It’s going to be awful when the camps are full & there are still more patriots fighting evil. There are more of us than there is of them.

  17. here’s a link for all to ponder. see how the rino’s help?!

  18. And here’s a letter chucky schumer sent me, all about he’s my best buddy!

    this is the crap we deal with..

    Thank you for writing to voice your opposition to the Assault Weapons Ban. Like you, I believe that the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Constitution’s Second Amendment. The recent Supreme Court decisions reinforced this fact, but I believed that this was the case prior to those decisions.

    While the right to bear arms is enshrined by the Second Amendment to the Constitution, I believe that we have a collective interest in keeping guns out of the hands of those who want to harm the innocent. I believe it is possible to strike a reasonable balance. I have long advocated for faster and more accurate background checks so legal purchasers can receive their guns quickly while ensuring criminals do not illegally purchase and possess firearms. In 2011, I proposed S. 436, the Fix Gun Checks Act to provide more funding to states to compile required background data for the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). This legislation builds on the National Rifle Association-supported NICS Improvements Amendment Act, passed by Congress in 2007. Ensuring that this information is comprehensive and up to date will protect law enforcement from criminals with illegally obtained weapons while speeding up the process for law abiding citizens.

    You may also be pleased to know that I have successfully fought to create new opportunities for gun owners to exercise their right to use guns. For example, in the 109th Congress, I secured federal money to expand the scarce hunting grounds in New York State by creating a financial incentive for private landowners to allow hunters access to their property.

    Thank you for contacting me about this important issue. Please do not hesitate to contact me in the future if I can ever be of assistance to you on this, or any other matter.


    Charles E. Schumer
    United States Senator

    Please do not respond to this email. To send another message please visit my website at . Thank you.


  20. Climate Change in 12 Minutes – The Skeptic’s Case – YouTube
    13 min · 21,728 views · Added Feb 20, 2013
    By Dr. David M.W. Evans “We check the main predictions of the climate models against the best and latest data. Fortunately the climate models got all their …

    Hi big – I’ve been around, but not commenting. Busy lately – I read everything here though. This is an excellent video – I can’t get it into camp FEMA though. Will you please consider posting? Thanks, boots.

    • Boots…

      Best thing I can suggest for you to do is put in on the ‘Transformation of America’ blog post thread. It fits right there. – Everyone should be able to post on the FEMA camp colum…Red has the instruction laid out in his blog post. – There are times I get short on time just like everyone else. 😉

  21. I witnessed an incredible moment at a girl’s basketball game earlier this week that I wanted to share with you all now that the story seems to have some legs. I’ve never witnessed anything so humbling and powerful at a sporting event. Even though it’s not political, I bet you’ll want to share this link with as many people as you can.


    Looky what Doomberg is going to leave New York City as his legacy other than being a Queer Nanny with money and power. He could use a necklace.

    And more Govt intervention directly into our lives. This is really intrusive to say the least.