Let’s just get one thing straight. AWD can’t stand that fat, RINO bastid Karl Rove. What AWD would do to get that roly poly in the squared circle for a Texas rope match! Hell, an Indian strap match…a cage match, I don’t care. No holds barred, baybah. It don’t matter to me. I just want that fat turd in the ring! I’ve been having the little filly walk around with pillows stuffed up her shirt holding a little gay whiteboard pretending to be Karl Rove while I practice putting her in an inverted suplex followed by a Tomahawk chop. Sometimes I put her out with a sleeper hold. Other times, it’s with an unsanctioned pile driver to the floor. I personally like having her tap out after suffering my patented figure four leg-lock. All the time pretending it’s that half-a-sissy Karl Rove in my clutches squealing like a pig.

What the hell is Fox News doing? I thought we had gotten rid of Karl (the architect of Republican disaster) Rove after his embarrassing performance on election night. Everything he said was wrong but he kept on running his pie-hole long after AWD’s STFU meter had red-lined. He hadn’t been on Fox so I figured he had gone back to his second shift job at Krispy Kreme making tasty treats for his RINO buddy and land blog Krispy Kreme Chris Christie.

Karl Rove is a loser. He’s a RINO bastid who never met a conservative he liked. I don’t know who all is to blame for George W’s horrible presidency but I know Rove’s hoof-prints are all over it. He and his RINO ilk are what’s wrong with the Republican Party. Rove and his beta-males oppose every conservative they see while backing their squishy RINO buddies at all costs. They have no balls and are appeasers to the leftists in the Dim Party. They tuck tail and run every time the propaganda media or Dims challenge them. Boo Hoo Boehner, Turtle-Head McConnell, Fredo Graham, Lizard-Man Juan McCain, Pencil-Neck Cantor, and Karl “Roly-Poly” Rove are all the same. Pathetic beyond words!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it now. I hardly watch Fox anymore. Why? God knows when Skeletor Colmes will pop up and scare the hell out of me! Alan Colmes is to beauty what Michael Moore is to fitness. And he is more stupid than he is ugly, which is difficult to accomplish. No-Neck Beckel is a real peach. He has the personality of a ten-day old turd and probably hasn’t been laid in a month of Sundays. Geraldo cornered the market on the term “douche bag.” Shepard Smith looks like a gay frog and acts worse. Shamu Green would have to try hard just to rise to the level of pitiful. Yet, Fox trots them out in every segment to insult us.

Why does Fox News feel the need to insult its conservative viewers with libtards too stupid and liberal for MSNBC? And why do they believe their conservative viewers (who are not watching in droves these days) want to listen to the house liberals and Roly Poly RINO Rove? If I want to listen to a stupid RINO, I’ll take in a Boo Hoo Boehner appeasement speech. There is nothing Rove has to offer unless you want to know where to eat a jelly donut or twelve.

While getting ready for work this morning, I saw Rove. Didn’t listen, just shot him the finger and changed the channel. Tonight on Hannity, Rove. Didn’t listen to anything he had to say. Just shot him the finger and changed the channel.

Somebody one day is going to out-fox Fox. They will realize that conservatives have spent a lifetime listening to the leftist slop that spews out of the mouths of libtards. We know what they’re going to say before they say it. What we want is news and opinions from conservatives we trust. I like Cavuto, Brit Hume, and Charles Krauthammer. Roly Poly Rove doesn’t even come close!

Rove cannot continue to duck AWD! One day our paths will cross in the squared circle. Afterwards, I guaran-damn-tee you Rove will be walking funny. And you’ll never see that gay little white board again!

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  1. Queen Animus says:

    I no longer consider myself a Conservative because I don’t think like these assholes do. They are weak and spineless pansies and I never want to be associated with their kind.

    • Howdy QA…long time no see.

      He’s no conservative…not by a long shot.

    • On the contrary Queen. You are a true conservative like the rest of us here. We are ALL fed up with the media selling us out for money. People like us cant think like Rove because we arent being paid to spew liberal shit in front of a camera. Fox has caved in to the PC crowd like the rest of them. This is why I dont bother to watch TV news because they all suck liberal ass. The media is so afraid of hurting some minorities feelings or hurting the feelings of some left wing turd that they always pussy foot around the real issues.

  2. AWD…you’ve known how I feel about Rove from years gone by now. I share your sentiments my friend. I seethe when I see that bastid, let alone listen to his RINO BS. He never quits…he never will until he’s pushing up daisies.

    Eff him and all of his ilk. – Sorry, that’s how I feel at the moment…especially after the marxist BS from the main marxist himself.

    • RidinShotgun says:

      Hear, hear! This is what I don’t get; Rove totally blows it on election night and they still treat his word as gospel, go figure. I’ve never liked Rove, as he has always been WAYYYYYY too eager to roll out the red carpet for the illegals.
      Hey BT, I’ve been checking out the Eureka area – pros, cons? Talk to me!

      • RS…

        For retirement type of thing? Because jobs aren’t that plentiful in this state either depending on where you live or want to travel to for one.

        Anyway, I don’t know all that much about Eureka in the way that maybe you think I do…other than passing through now and then years ago. MTPatriot might…if ya see him here, he may be able to help you out more than I can.

        RS, hope I’m helping, but I feel I may not be.

    • Morning Bigtimer…I share your anger and pain. Im so fed up with all these gutless pukes its not even funny. The media sucks so much liberal ass anymore it makes me want to vomit. Our local TV stations and news papers have web sites and they are so f’ing PC that any time there is a story in the news about some scumbag black criminal committing a horrible crime..they wont even allow people to comment on it out of fear of the darkies whining and calling Jesse and Al. Thats the problem in this country…instead of the media hiding from the truth the blacks need to be held accountable for their horrid behavior and tendency toward raising nothing but young black male criminals.

  3. “What the hell is Fox doing?”

    Dude, I think the answer you’re searching for is MK Ultra

  4. Porky Pig is a charlatan and a shitheel. He got into an argument with Hannity once, ‘Sean, you’ve got the brain of a nitwit.’ ‘Sure Carl, you want it back?’ BadeeBadeeBadee That’s all folks!

    • …and Sean keeps kissing up to him. Time and again. I heard Sean’s radio show today because I detest TV today and he had Karl on…again. Sean brought up RINOs and Rove doesn’t like that word ‘RINOs’ dontcha know! Anyone surprised?

  5. I’m sure there are exceptions, but those Karl with a K’s are certainly special people.

  6. So Dude when did you stop beating your wife? Errrr…I mean Karl.


    I dont watch the news at all Its all controled by the left and by the satacons

  8. Winston Smith-ereens says:

    Why does Rove remind me of a roly-poly Heinrich Himmler minus the moustache?

  9. “Somebody one day is going to out-fox Fox.”

    I’m waiting for your tv show, AWD.

    • Dittos, PAMW. AWD needs to get that sexy mug on the air!

      • Red, I would but the fillies would only stare at my masculine sexitude and not listen to my words of wisdom. Oh, probably a lot of your poofter neighbors too.

        But AWD is going to start the AWD Big Sexy Radio Show again. I found a new system that looks pretty simple to use. Will have more on this soon!


    • I have been wanting to see that for a long time. I agree with AWD the so called conservative republican leadership is a joke.Fox news is starting to make me violently ill with all of the clowns they have on .

  10. Good morning fellow pissed off white dudes and dudettes. As far as Im concerned the media in general ..Fox included is the enemy. They spread the lefts agenda faster than aids in the ghetto. None of those lefty pricks can be trusted and they all would sell a conservative out in a NY minute. Its all about money in the media and since the left has this power grab agenda going on they will bribe and buy any turn coat prick they can to further their bullshit cause. This guys head on a pile of dogshit is very fitting. Because to me the left and anyone with a lefty opinion IS a pile of dogshit that breathes. Once again…AWD nailed it!

  11. By the way AWD…I think you insulted dog shit by putting Roves worthless head on it…LoL

  12. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Yeah, what Rich said. Save me a lot of time spent typing. Gotta get ready for work to feed the monkey anyway. Bite my ass Hussein.

  13. Good one, AWD. When I see Tubby McFatso, I usually scream something involving shoving that white board up his arse. And I never tune into Fox anymore after The Selection last November. Other than that, what everyone else here said!



  15. RINO

    Roves’ Idiotic Neocon Observations.

  16. Don’t think Rove is a RINO, just a typical establishment Republican.

  17. I swore off Fox News at about 10:30 pm on election night. Have not had it on for one minute since. Screw all of them.

  18. 79firebirdman says:

    I’m not a Karl Rove fan myself. He’s a RINO windbag whose time has passed. However, to be fair, I don’t think his election night analysis accounted for any amount of voter fraud, which according to all accounts I’ve read was rampant. My point being that conservatives stand zero chance of any electoral gains to speak of until vote fraud is addressed, yet this issue is not being discussed.

    • 79 Firebirdman, amen!….Repubs will NEVER win elections again until illegal voting is stopped!
      I’m not going to hold my breath ’till that happens either,…we are no longer a free represented republic, but a demonCracy where two wolves and one sheep are voting on what’s for dinner.

      The only way to cure this shit once and for all, is to have a full blown revolution.



  20. Cinnamon Girl says:

    When you think about it, the internet is our way of speaking out on the true issues, discussing what’s important, sounding off when we’re violated, and UNITING.

    Traditional outlets that purport to give us “news”, that are supposed to give us information on the things I mentioned above, are dead and gone. They’re nothing more than propaganda machines full of triteness, lies, and twisted tales.

    It’s been about three years or more since I’ve watched a minute of television news. It’s been longer than that since I’ve read a newspaper for anything other than a book or film review or a concert announcement.

    Perhaps that makes me ignorant to some degree but perhaps not. The internet may not be the best place to learn about the day’s events that shape and move us. It’s hard to tell truth from lies sometimes. But the good news is that for intelligent people it’s not difficult to dissimilate basic bullshit from what our guts tell us.

    Thank you, AWD, for always having the sense and the chutzpah to call out the liars and spin doctors. While you always give your opinion (that’s what a blog is really for), you and the other writers here contribute much to what we must do, and that is to be outraged and to move to change things.

  21. We figure Karl Rove made over $45 mm out of the Romney campaign: http://www.vdare.com/posts/mor.....e-got-rich

    Elections now are about enriching GOP consultants.

  22. I’ve come to the conclusion that our politicians and all of the media (including Fox News) are nothing short of parasites who would not make it in the private sector. Take our lazy president (racist comment) who they say rarely arrives in the oval office before 9:30 AM… then consider the lazy worthless media who never checked out Manti Te’o hoax until they had egg on their face.

    Guess my dad was a fool when he tried to instill hard work ethics and honesty into my character.

  23. Cooter Brown says:

    AWD is right on with his comments but let’s look at this way . I call it the where’s Waldo approach.

    When Bay rock Husain Obama was nominated to run as President with having only one parent that was a citizen of the united States which disqualified him to hold the office per the Constitutional guidelines where were the Republicans?
    When Bay Rock Husain Obama hid all his past college and passport information from public view where were the Republicans?
    When Republican Sen. Norm Coleman was having his election stolen by Al Franken and out right voter fraud going on where were the Republicans?
    When Sarah Palin was being maligned by the news media and the Democratic party with the help of SNL where were the Republicans?
    When Allen West had his office stolen with mass voter fraud where over 120% cast votes in his district where were the Republicans?
    When Mitt Romney had his character maligned by dingy Harry Reed where were the Republicans?
    When not one vote was counted in the Chicago area for Mitt Romney where were the Republicans?
    When the Constitution is put aside every day in the halls of Congress where are the Republicans?
    When the Democrats don’t want voter ID registration but want all who own guns to go down to the local Police Department and register with a photo ID where are the Republicans?

    Do you see why all this is happening to us? It’s because the Republicans and Democrats are one in the same once they go to Washington. Seeing John Boner yuking it up with Husain Obama at the N***ERATION dinner the other day made me want to puke. But then I realized they are all the same. Go to Washington get rich and screw the public. So now with The KING back in office and getting ready to take our guns with a stroke of a pin I ask WHERE ARE THE GOD DAM REPUBLICANS! And Carl Rove is one of the leaders of the pack. As in pack of scum suckers and shucksters.

    Now stand down Waldo you are in the clear on this one…

    • Amen Cooter! You said it all!…..They are ALL a cowardly, worthless bunch of M’#@$%&***&^s!
      Revolution baby, revolution!

      • I’ve been saying it for years: THERE’S NO DIFFERENCE! They’re just two sides of the same tarnished coin. Great to see more and more folks waking up to that.

        When the Democrats don’t want voter ID registration but want all who own guns to go down to the local Police Department and register with a photo ID…

        Very good point, indeed, and one that should be added to our rhetorical arsenal.

  24. Bloodless Coup says:



  25. And, double down for the RINO Bush family he worked for! No more Bushes!

  26. Fox is -sadly- pretty simple to explain, it is called ‘false opposition’ or ‘controlled opposition’.

    “The way to wield supreme power in any situation is not to stamp out any opposition. This would only create pressure that would eventually explode. What is needed is to allow for an opposition you can control and if this opposition believes it is independent it is even better for it will attack the ruling power and lead the people to believe that the power is tolerating descent.”

    This is why we have the Occutards -an attempt to siphon off TEA Party power and funnel it into a dead end.