Friends…it’s wise to be very aware of what may be happening in a school near you with one of your kids. In this case parents are very upset…gee, I can’t imagine why…can you?

I read about this a few days back and wanted to share this with all of you today. See if it doesn’t frost your flakes too! – This is via TB:

Parents of students at a high school in Tennessee are speaking out against a survey students took without parents being told that involved questions asking if their families owned guns, among other potentially controversial topics.

ABC 24 reported that Arlington High School allowed students to take a survey that included questions about guns, abortion and religion, which some parents feel should not have been administered, at least not without their knowledge.

Here’s some of the perspective from parents and students regarding the survey:

April Heath used Facebook as her sounding board after she says her daughter was given the questionnaire at school. In her post, she says her daughter was asked her if her parents owned guns; it also asked for the student’s opinion on the legalization of marijuana, abortion and what her religion is.

Student Phillip Beasley said, “It’s not that big of a deal, it’s just you don’t need to get into other people’s business that’s not yours, you know?”

“To tell you the truth I can’t think of any good reason to do that,” added grandparent Sharon Starlings. “It doesn’t seem right.”

Parents in Arlington say the questionnaire was out of line.

“I would be not OK with that,” said parent Martina Ashmore.

In a statement, Shelby County Schools said the survey was driven by the AP psychology class students and teacher-approved for a project teaching them about the scientific method. Here’s more from the statement:

Topics reflect current issues that students are seeing and reading about in the news, as well as the related laws and policies that address them. To support their research, students were permitted to conduct the surveys in several classes. The surveys were permitted only under the condition that they are completely anonymous and optional, and students were informed prior to the survey being handed out that it was completely anonymous and optional. Teachers of multiple subjects seek opportunities to incorporate current issues in their curriculum, including those included in this survey. Teachers and administrators at Arlington High School supported this research project because they believe the best way to effectively educate students about the issues that concern them is allowing them to be engaged participants in conversations about them.

Watch ABC’s report:

What business is it of theirs regarding the main issues mentioned in the report, especially about guns, abortion, religion or the legalization of pot…hmmm?

You have to wonder how widespread this type of invasion of privacy is that’s going on across this land…using our kids to do so! What do you think their purpose is for this survey in the big picture of life? What’s their scheme..or do you think this is much ado about nothing?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Looks like another government database forming up. Anonymous? Really?


    Time for these liberal NEA run schools to keep their big prying noses out of what happens in the home

    • I fear will never get rid of the teachers unions Spur…heck, they’ve been the destroyer of public schools, along with the federal govt. taking over the states and their rights. – Commie unions don’t believe in privacy…unless it’s their own. – Hypocrisy runs deep.

  3. You just gotta wonder how anonymous it really was. Hitler Youth springs to mind for some odd reason….


    Hitler was also in favor of separating the kids from their parents and Stalin and Mao felt the same

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      Good point! This is what all Leftists / Communists want to do – namely, separate our children from us so they can indoctrinate them with their social-political poison. This has always been their practice. They recognize, and rightfully so, that if they can reach the young generation with their message, there will be less resistance to it in the future. This is why our kids these days are so open and accepting of homosexuality, trans-gender identity and all manner of weird and perverted beliefs. They’ve been indoctrinated since kindergarden and they’ve been duped into thinking that anyone who opposes such thinking is a ‘hateful bigot.’

      • Yep…and I’ve heard their on going agenda is to now make preschool mandatory as well. – Dear Leader stated as such a few days ago. This is all outrageous!

        Like Shrillary said long ago, her book and otherwise; ‘It Takes a Village!’ – Alinsky has to be proud.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    And the leftists wtitten Text Books in our schools blabbering all this poppycock that we stole the land from MEXICO. Or back when they were saying AMERICA was the worlds #1 Poluter when its CHINA the nation the liberal text books were holding up as a example of what america should follow

  6. Parents need to speak up and realize that the system is bullshit and their tax money is beng flushed down the toilet on this crap// Been telling people for years to be privacy concious at all times.

  7. Cinnamon Girl says:

    As much as I dislike labels and especially throwing the word “communist” at everything, this is definitely a communist-tinged questionnaire. It smacks very much of being something you might see in China or the former USSR. Yet, here it is in our country.

    The main thing I’d be concerned about is whether this is part of the teacher’s lesson plan or whether he or she acted alone. Given today’s environment, I would bet on the former but also be willing to bet on the latter and that the teacher will not be reprimanded in any way.

    These questions are overly personal but amazingly political. But then again, indoctrination is the purpose of public schools. If anyone had any doubt whatsoever before, all they have to do is look at this and at the socialist-country-flag story from a few weeks ago. Those two incidences alone would prompt me to yank my kid right out since protesting anything leftist is like crying in the wilderness.

    • CG…

      Right you are. Every point you succinctly made above is right on the money!

      Btw…in case any of you missed the story CG mentioned in her post is here…just in case you may have missed it.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        Actually, the story I was referring to was this one:

        However, BT, I’m glad you reminded me of the other one. They’re both so egregious!

        • Thanks CG…that’s one I missed. Glad you have it here, egregious indeed! – Does it ever end?

          • Cinnamon Girl says:

            It doesn’t end and I fear it will not as long as people are forced, and they are by lack of monetary means and/or the time to invest in home schooling, to keep their children in public schools.

            The left has completely and utterly taken over all state learning institutions with the exception of some in Utah and other more conservative states.

            The left has succeeded in this by pushing their agendas of anti-bullying, which is for the most part simply victim mentality and which appeals to “minorities” including females, anti-racism, which needs no further explanation here, and in revisionist history.

            It has finally sunk in with me that the left does not care what is good or bad for our children nor for the rest of us. They only seek power. Their way is different from what our founders saw as wise and therefore, all they have to do is overturn that wisdom—-make it become unwise, wrong, evil, hurtful, racist, divisive, mean-spirited, and unjust—-and then the left can take over. And they have.

            I see the left in this country like a smiling, gentler Pol Pot. They’ve created their young Khmer Rouge. And they will turn this into another Cambodia but evvverrrr ssssoooo sssslllowwwwllyyyy……

          • Yeppers…right you are.

            Check this out. ~


            This is what’s happening in Big Sky Country…and elsewhere.

          • Cinnamon Girl says:

            Here is what I think about all of that.

            Young people, and I am referring to those who are under 25 especially, have no earthly idea what it means to be an entrepreneur. They have no idea what it means when government interferes so much that healthcare or other basic things that people should be taking care of themselves, become impossibly expensive or impossible altogether. They have no idea that millions of people before them had to work 40+ hour a week jobs to put themselves through school, often working 50, 60, or 70 hours a week or more while also trying to hold together the traditional American dream of marrying young, raising a family, and buying a house.

            I’m sorry if this offends anyone here but young people today are, in general, extremely spoiled, over-protected when it comes to real-life experiences, and woefully ignorant simply because of their ages and lack of that experience.

            So, they are ripe for corruption and that is exactly what groups like For wa rd Mo nt ana salivate over.

            While I’m also no fan of today’s Republicans, I find it absolutely amazing that the Blame Bush generation has been so utterly blind to anybody but conservatives. Sure, revisionist history has an awful lot to do with that since most college students were toddlers when Clinton was president, but the fact that they do not question authority, at least not their current authorities, is scary. They’ve swallowed the Kool-Aid in a way I’ve never seen before.

            To me, this must have more to do with the “Tyranny of Cool” than I previously realized because I don’t wish to throw all young people into one category and assume they’re all mindless robots. However, when not just where but how people fit into society becomes more important than basic education and sound morals it’s no wonder that so many, young and old, fall for pretty lies.

            I literally weep for this country and I don’t care if that makes me sound like an old fart. I’m only in my mid-forties and I’ve been sad about America for well over ten years.

          • CG,

            Spot on! The young kids (75%) know one thing… walk around all day in a daze while keeping their eyes riveted on their iphones.

            Go to any working establishment and watch the kids… they can only work for approximately two minutes before checking their phones for messages.

  8. Here’s some kind of ‘indoctrination’ for some students.

  9. Right after Sandy hook happened and I saw the Liberal attempts to usurp my 2nd amendment rights with their gun control agenda, I told my 10 year old son if they ever ask if I have any guns to tell them “talk to my Dad”. And if they push it “Non of your business.” I also told him, if they ask anything that makes him uncomfortable to let me know. I have already read the administrator the riot act in the past and I have no problem going back and raising cain and getting the school board involved( principles hate that) and the local politicians that all are 2nd amendment supporters..


    Time to abolish the DEPT of BRAINWASHING and bring Back Home Schooling which the leftist NEA opposes

  11. America is going under faster than a submarine with screen doors. Getting late folks!!!

  12. This may happen soon in the great state of Texas. ~

  13. I know BT, I’m dreaming again… but would it not be great to see approximately 50% of parents pull their kids out of public schools tomorrow to home school; telling authorities they’ve had enough of the dumbing down of our kids along with the constant brainwashing the kids receive.

    • I’m with ya Paul…in fact, I wished that percentage would be higher than 50, heck…the leftist agenda via the unions/fed. govt. has it to where both parents have to work these days…so, that’s a problem. Then you have the welfare mooching, cradle to gravers who don’t give a flying fig about what their kids are taught etc. – Sad state of affairs this country is in.

      • I try to stay optimistic BT… but reality tells me it is time to stick a fork in America. America will not cease to exist, but in all honesty, things will not improve until we see another revolution in this country.

        • I try to stay optimistic too Paul, but lord knows it’s getting very hard to do these days. – As to a real revolution happening, it’s not going to happen in my lifetime…but it surely may on down the road. After all, somethings got to give!

          • It may come sooner than you think… wait until families have to cough up money or pay fines for Obummercare. You’ve heard the same figures as I… approximately $20,000.00 per year for a family of five or a $2,000.00 plus fine per year… and after paying the fine, most families will not be able to pay for private health care which is exactly what this puke of a president wants. No money going into private health care companies and they will go belly up… and then Obummercare corners the market.

            Screw this sorry ass piece of shit prez now occupying the White House.

          • Paul…that’s an excellent point. Never thought about that scenario, one does have to wonder if Dear Leader and ilk won’t have some type of ‘you’re excused’ card for those they decide to pass them out to. – What a sorry mess we’re all in…and we ain’t seen nothing yet!

  14. They have been having kids ratting out their parents since the beginning of that DARE crap. Typical commie tactic. Along with the “you can’t spank me, I’ll turn you in crowd.”

  15. Spurwing Plover says:

    During the reigein of KING WILLIAM the RAPISTS they started a program KIDS ASK all about GUN CONTROL and many kids programs and magazines and NICHALODIAN were pushing GUN CONTROL at the kids I mean HITLER,STALIN,MAO,CASTRO and KRUSCHEV would love it all

  16. YonLibertarianCO says:

    I took a survey like that in economics my senior year. It was your standard set of liberal-vs-conservative questions, and all we did was afterward tell the class and teacher how we scored overall (no handing in). Nobody minded, and I just remember most of us ended up being right-wingers (small-town). Nowadays, you know the papers are being collected and forwarded to Big Sister, who then can then distinguish future brainless sheep versus potential drone targets.

  17. It was reported years ago that similar things were being done in Morton Grove, Illinois, home of America’s first handgun ban. Not to be confused with Oak Park, IL, where the residents voted FOR a handgun BAN for their neighbors. Yes, the arrogance of the cosmopolitans made it’s presence known via an election.

    Perhaps what is needed is a analog of Derbs’ “The Talk” about the relationship between Children and The State:

    1) No matter what the teachers and administrators claim, treat EVERYTHING asserted by them as self-serving and designed to enhance the influence of the State.

    2) The American State, really the intersection of Government and MSM, considers the exercise of private arms ownership to be antithetical to their influence.

    3) As such, treat ALL statements and inquiries concerning private armament as government i.e. POLICE PROBES designed to assess your combat capabilities,

    4) The Government is NOT your friend, no matter how many cartoon characters they try to cloister their arguments with.

    5) Silence is the ONLY proper response the government machinations concerning private arms.

    Keep Your Mouth Shut!


    Ive heard about these same questionairs being at Doctors offices and especialy the GUNS question BIG BROTHER SUCKS

    • Spur…

      I’ve heard the same thing too. They won’t be getting any answers from me in that regard, it’s none of their business…and it has nothing to do with the reason I’m seeing a doctor etc.

      Freedom isn’t free anymore. ~

  19. if you send your children to the public institutions that they say are schools then you are giving “implied consent of guardianship” to that school system. If you do not like these rules take your children away from the “other parent” school system and teach them yourself. Its not difficult. Any lesson needed to teach children from pre-k-12 can be found online somewhere. NO EXCUSES

  20. My sterpes and I have had this discussion. I also have discussed the Constitution as well. We continue to discuss this topic.

    On the advice of my attorney, Dr Vinny Boom-botz, I registered my hand guns with the local authority’s. I am not happy about that fact. However an unregistered handgun is a misdemeanor in my neck of the woods, so privacy is a lost issue. If some ne’er do well comes to my domicile and they get capped with an unregistered weapon, I go to jail…now, I am legal and big brother sheriff knows I have handguns.

    My sterpes goes to public school, no choice. Again, frank and honest discussions are the key here. Knowing where the bounds and fences of privacy and their individual rights are important. I have discussed it with them time and time again, you have rights that are non-negotiable even at school.

    For what it is worth, you have to grow your children up strong in America…they should question authority, especially when the story doesn’t add up.

    Blistered, out!

    We had the assault weapon discussion and the regular weapon discussion.


    Texas teacher getting students to draw and create Communist Posters

    • Sounds great! Let’s have Obama, Bloomberg, Piers Morgan and Ron Emanual featured. Throw in the various anti-gun police chiefs and anti-gun governors like New York. What FUN the CHILDREN could have with “FORWARD with Gun Control! (Because the State told me so)”.

  22. Off thread

    Fellow Georgians– I have emailed Johnny Isakson and just got off the phone with his staff. I told him that he is betraying his constituents and America with his support of immigration reform and amnesty. (See yesterday’s news article about what he had to say.)

    I told his staff person that I would never vote for him again if he supports this. The key issue is that he stated that amnesty would pass because he is not getting the calls and complaints that he got the last time it came up. She was polite, but I sensed in her voice, that I did not make her happy.

    In my email, I told him that I am aware that he knows the damage that illegal immigration has done to my fellow citizens and I do not want him joining in support to satisfy his Chamber of Commerce friends.

    • Big

      I am nearing the end of my moral, mental strength. I honestly believe that we are close to lost, here in America. I see very little reason for the constant support of illegal immigrants other than the treasonous greed of employers and their boss group the C of C. For an appointed agent–Janet Napolitano- of the people , charged with responsibility of keeping illegals out and removing illegal entrants to our country , to stand before a group and seek solace, support and comfort for lawbreakers is the height of treason.

      I am ready to go to the mattresses.I am tired of people who either refuse to acknowledge the threat or actually deny it.

      It looks like old Tumbler waited us out and won.

      As to the “sovereign”. I will fight it unto the death if necessary.

      PS I have not received any support from the Georgia residents yet.

      • Ah yes….good ol’ Tumbler. You point is spot-on.

        I’m with ya misterb…we’ll fight to the end in whatever we can.

        Btw…hopefully you’ll get some support somewhere, I know the majority of us here support you and what you’re doing. 😉

  23. Why my State Trooper & I home school the young Trooper male child. Trust me…. they are going after Cops (starting w. retired) guns. They want to disarm anyone who is trained to shoot.

    • Trixee…

      Thanks so much for that information. – We all know the msm and the dems sure as heck try to portray that a different way when it comes to the cops and gun control. Especially with Dear Leader at the helm along with his buddies.