Destroying the economy. Check. Flooding the country with illegal dependents. Check. Destroying the value of the dollar. Check. Piling on trillions in national debt. Check. Control of the media. Check. Fuel and food costs skyrocketing. Check. Millions on food stamps and welfare. Check. If the Democrat’s purpose is to weaken and destroy America, they’re doing a smash-up job.

There’s only one thing left prohibiting Dims from totally shredding the US Constitution and imposing the tyranny they so strongly desire. The Second Amendment. Liberals know they can never totally control the American people while citizens have the ability to shoot back. So instead of an outright declaration against gun ownership, liberals have unleashed their Democrat friends in the state legislatures to begin the process of whittling away at the Second Amendment. We’re seeing more and more bills passed by Dems in blue states. And even a few in red ones, too.

The People’s Republican of New York started the show with their bans on semi-auto “assault rifles” and bans on high-capacity magazines.

Missouri Dims followed with a bill that would make owners of “assault rifles” disable them or turn them in to law enforcement. It would also limit magazines for rifles and handguns to ten rounds or less.

Minnesota Democrats have submitted a bill that mirrors the lunacy submitted in Missouri. Gun owners would have 90 days to turn in their banned firearms or be criminals.

The Dims of Wisconsin, at present, are only seeking to ban private ownership of hollow point ammunition for the proletariat.

Colorado Democrats are seeking a ban on the evil high-capacity magazines which are seldom, if ever, used in the commission of crimes.

Several gun manufacturers are fighting back. LaRue and Olympic Arms are refusing to sell to law-enforcement in states that seek gun bans. Magpul has also threatened to pull out of Colorado if the legislature passes a ban on the very magazines they manufacture.

Know what AWD thinks? Screw those blue-state hellholes! My advice is for all patriots who support the Second Amendment to relocate to red states. Something tells me my beloved Lone Star state will be the new home for several of these refugee companies seeking protection from tyranny. And a whole hell of a lot of yankee patriots, too!

America is dividing before our eyes. It’s easy to see blue states are hell-bent on seizing more and more traditional American freedoms. American patriots are not prepared to allow that to happen. The Second Amendment was created to protect us from the tyranny of government. Without the right to bear arms, the rest of the Bill of Rights is toast.

There are basically two options for patriots living behind enemy lines in socialist blue states. Fight or flight. You alone will make that decision. However, with each passing day and more and more bills being submitted to seize the liberties of American citizens, it doesn’t look promising that this will all turn out well for the republic. But, like Texas honky-tonker Ray Wylie Hubbard says, “I don’t care if I ever go to Delaware, anyway.”

Again, the Founding Father’s wisdom in writing the Second Amendment. And Patrick Henry’s words are as important today as when they were first uttered:

“As for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

For you yankee patriots looking for a friendlier home, please listen to the wise words of Texan Lyle Lovett:

AWD is not originally from Texas, but as we say down here, I got to the Lone Star state just as fast as I could. A word to the wise if you do move to the South, my yankee friends. Don’t ever, ever tell us how much better it was up north. We won’t believe you and you won’t make friends. Don’t tell us how they do it up north. We don’t care. We’ll only tell you the same road that brought y’all down takes your yankee asses right back up. And don’t talk so @#&* loud in restaurants and in public. It’ll just piss off everyone around you. And don’t be obnoxious a-holes. In short, don’t be yankees. Learn the genteel ways of Southerners. You’ll be much better off. After all, it’s not your fault you were born up there.

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  1. American by birth,
    Southern by the grace of God.

  2. Well stated Dudeness. I’m a native of Texas and resident of MS, and I feel strongly that either state would be overjoyed to have any patriots or patriotic companies that want liberty and freedom of pursuit. We have our flaws and scars here, but they’re fading more every day. Magpul, are you listening?

    • Hey! Mr. Grumpus! I thought these things were just a myth. Apparently not. Built using the barrels off of the ZU/ZSU23 series of AA guns.


      Ivan sure makes some interesting toys.

      • That piece is nasty. Rotating bolt, rifled barrel, monster caliber, what’s not to love? Practical? Jury’s out on that. Big time fun? Without a doubt.

        • Ivan made many millions of these things. Reportedly the only smg ever used to shoot down a jet – memories a little foggy, was either an F-86 or F-100 in the Korean War. And, like the man said, ‘For attack, the rifle, for defense, the pistol, for showing off and wasting ammunition, the submachine gun’. It’s all good fun.


          • I’ve wanted a PPsh for a very long time. Too bad we live in the wrong nation for that. Maybe when we win that election, we can convince everybody that the real 2nd Amendment is a good thing. My dad was involved in a Class 3/Title 7 outfit until I was about 16. It was great getting to shoot a few guns the way they were made to be shot. I think the H&K G3 was my favorite of what I got to try out. But seriously Snake, I REALLY want a PPsh.

          • You want a PapaShaw, do you? I used to own an HK91 – very well made firearm. Wish I still had it, but such is life. We’ve got to win that election. I want some undersecretaries. Perhaps you caught my announcement on the ‘It’s Got to be Global Warming’ thread.

          • To tell you the truth, I despise everything about Jihad Al. I was putting it off for last.

          • Damn. Here’s what we’re shooting for. They just got the names, date, and a few other minor details wrong:

            Shambhala is ruled over by Lord Maitreya. The Kalachakra prophesies that when the world declines into war and greed, and all is lost, the 25th Kalki king will emerge from Shambhala with a huge army to vanquish “Dark Forces” and usher in a worldwide Golden Age. Using calculations from the Kalachakra Tantra, scholars such as Alex Berzin put this date at 2424 AD.

            Manjushri Yashas (Tib. Rigdan Tagpa) is said to have been born in 159 BC and ruled over a kingdom of 300,510 followers of the Mlechha (Yavana or “western”) religion, some of whom worshiped the sun. He is said to have expelled all the heretics from his dominions but later, after hearing their petitions, allowed them to return. For their benefit, and the benefit of all living beings, he explained the Kalachakra teachings. In 59 BC he abdicated his throne to his son, Puṇdaŕika, and died soon afterwards, entering the Sambhoga-káya of Buddhahood.

            As with many concepts in the Kalachakra Tantra, the idea of Shambhala is said to have “outer”, “inner”, and “alternative” meanings. The outer meaning understands Shambhala to exist as a physical place, although only individuals with the appropriate karma can reach it and experience it as such. As the 14th Dalai Lama noted during the 1985 Kalachakra initiation in Bodhgaya, Shambhala is not an ordinary country:

            Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it is not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land, a pure land in the human realm. And unless one has the merit and the actual karmic association, one cannot actually arrive there.


            Which, of course, you are too young to remember. Too many of us pulled a Rip Van Winkle. That’s why this once fair nation is so screwed up. As a disclaimer, I am not an adherent to Buddhist philosophy, though I do respect them. I was just using the above as a metaphor for the type of change (sorry about using a word associated with Obutthole) we would be attempting to bring about. Sorry Mr. Grumpus, I am the King of Wild Tangents.

          • I wholeheardedly agree with you. What we imagine is so basic and common sense to us, but completely foreign to people that have never pushed aside their veil. A sickening level of brain rot has infected much of our country.

  3. Great point Lewis..er I mean ga steve.

  4. Damn, Reply didn’t work? No, just me.

  5. Add to the cautionarys, no black socks with Bermuda shorts. A dead give away your not from Dixie.

  6. This is not coincidence. I think this is being coordinated across the country.


    They are going to outright confiscation. I believe this intended to generate fear. Or it is intended to initiate civil unrest. I hope they are ready to prosecute all the cases of those who will not comply. There are not enough lawyers.

  7. Obama and his cadre of marxist will NOT allow us to divide up into red states and blue states on this issue without flexing federal muscle to make these laws nationwide.. democrats/marxist already loath the thought of states rights and witnessing a demographic shift in the population into a “solid” red vs blue would put them in panic mode…

    All conservatives should get the hell out of blue states ASAP before the fight starts if it’s at all possible! Let the demoncraps pay for their own utopia, destructive ideology and let them suffer the consequences for political correctness and cultural suicide.

    Imagine if ALL conservatives lived/moved in “red states” and let the libtards implode by themselves in their blue states.. we need to create such a huge “super majority” in red states that we can’t be bullied into being disarmed and other marxist desires and make the few remaining libtards so miserable they move..time to retreat to higher ground ( red states ) and make a stand folks..

    • That is an excellent idea. It might also pay to make the environment unpleasant enough to encourage blue state sympathizers to pack up and move in among their like-minded miscreants (Austin, TX comes to mind, for some odd reason). I believe, if left to natural forces, California would quickly and utterly collapse under the gravity of their own leftist, irresponsible, pie-in-the-sky policies. The resulting civil unrest would likely thin the herd of many undesirable elements. Alas, it’s likely not to be, as Barack Hugochavez Obutthole – friend of the downtrodden, will prop up the People’s Republic of Mexifornia with mountains of moolah extorted from the working class citizens of all the other states.

  8. YonLibertarianCO says:

    Interesting point AWD, about relocating to red states. As a resident I’ll tell you that CO does fluctuate, and I’ll predict that the Dims are going to get shellacked for this. In fact I think they’re going to get annihilated nationwide for this assault on the 2nd amendment – too bad that’s nearly 2 years down the road. Call me an optimist, but it could be that this is what’s needed for Americans to wake the hell up.

    That said, being in a *consistently* red state is tempting. And if CO continues succumbing to the plague of liberals from CA, I will have no qualms moving my wife and daughter to a state with brains.

    • Yon L.

      As you know, Missouri fluctuates back and forth between blue and red also. Sure wish Akin would have dropped out of the race early so we could have washed our hands of stinking Claire McCasskill. I’m sure McCasskill is knee deep in trying to take our guns away.

      Wonder what the government will do when individuals like myself tell them I will not hand over my guns… how many people are they willing to KILL???

      • Your dealing with Leftists, they have historically killed as many as needed for a big margin. Ayers was not kidding, he like Obama are not American Patriots, they belong in the Traitors category and sooner or later will have to be dealt with as such.

  9. What can gun rights folks do? The enemy controls the MSM and the government at ALL levels, including the Judiciary. Yes, the Blue States are chock full of 85-IQ Blacks and slightly higher IQ illegal aliens being told what to do by very, VERY SMART Cosmopolitan “Armchair Communists” like George Soros, Bloomberg, Feinsten, Emanaual , et al. They have a direct propaganda link into the brains of the Public Radio listener; for the last few months they have been obsessed with GUN CONTROL. Listen to public radio and you’ll see what I mean. The Chicago Tribune’s “HOY!” birdcage liner has shrilly emitted intense amounts of anti-gun editorials since Sandy Hook in Espanol.

    But, I believe this New York Times article indicates that arming people MIGHT lead to changes… (Read it!)


    Party Identity in a Gun Cabinet

    “If they identify as Democratic voters, the chances are only about one in four, or 25 percent, that they have a gun in their home. But the chances are more than twice that, almost 60 percent, if they are Republicans.”

    An embryonic program (“Project Daisy”) needs to be developed whose sole aim is to utilize social media as well as anything you can think of to attract NEW gun owners. A program to welcome and to corrupt those whom operant conditioning by the parents, females, leftists and MSM have left confused as to the history and utility of private, unregistered firearms. A program to handhold newbies and create activists like Project Appleseed (RWVA.org).

    Haven’t a CLUE how one would develop this, but I am SURE readers can inject their ideas how this could be accomplished. Every single NEW gun owner and activist created is a political milestone because the ENEMY has been quite effective in their propaganda campaign to dissuade gun ownership among the … let’s say the less astute adult population.

  10. George J Zeiter says:

    I have enough of this bull crap.

  11. Paul B, I think Weatherman Bill said they need to kill about 25 million of us. There’s one small caveat though, they must disarm us first.

  12. I’m a blue stater unfortunately but I won’t come to a red state for the simple reason that if, “worst case scenario/dream come true” there were a civil war, red state vs. blue state my allegiance would be with the red states but I just so happened to be living in a blue state, making guerrilla warfare and infiltration of the blue army that much easier. Ultimately since I agree with AWD to give me liberty or give me death, if the red states are winning then I could contribute more by having fought behind enemy lines reaching “liberty” for myself and other like minded folks easier, if the blue states are winning well then I’ve been dealt the hand of “death”, so be it.

    • master of sinanju says:

      Just remember this my friend, : No man ever became a hero by dying for his country,but by making some other poor s.o.b. die for his. Gen G.S. Patton. What is the way of the warrior? The way of the warrior is death. Miyamoto Mushashi

  13. Good post (as usual) AWD. However… not ALL Yankees are bad. Is not one of our own (RedStaterNYC), technically, Yankee-born? And he’s one of our best guys on here. Of course if I’m wrong on any points, Red, then by all means feel free to correct me. And myself… Well I was born in Missouri (and yes, I too am disappointed by their statewide push for gun control). And though I live in OK, and have for almost 24 years, due to my father being military I spent about half of my formative years up north. And the other half down south. So I’m half-Yankee, half-Johnny Reb 😉 Of course, I’m realizing more and more that most of the smart ones… come from DOWN SOUTH. And some from out West *points at self* 😀 But seriously, there are some people in the North that are cool. Like RedStaterNYC…

    • Dude, it wasnt personal against ALL Yankees.. I was born a Yankee myself ( Pittsburgh area ) Heck have you ever heard of a good ole southern boy named Vince? My wife is from Texas so I declare I’m adopted..

      I would argue that when “Yankee” is used as a pejorative it has to do with a snobbish mindset of the so-called enlightened superiority ( liberalism ) that many damn Yankees like to flaunt when on vacation down here or when perpetuating MSM driven stereotypes about the south..

      • Vince – you’re sort of a washed-out yankee, since Pennsylvania is barely above the Mason-Dixon line. Western PA is great – eastern, not so much. Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the SE corner of New York are where the hard core yankees are domiciled.

        “a Yankee is someone from the North who comes to the South for a visit and then goes back. A damn Yankee is someone from the North who comes to the South and stays there.”

    • ABisaBA, oh, you know ol’ AWD likes to pick with our yankee friends! I’d rather have a bunch of conservative friends up north move to Texas than have those freakazoid, leftist hippies we have down in Austin!


    • There is no state wide push to ban guns in Mo. There are few left wing nuts that are trying to introduce a bill that will never get passed the super majority of Republican state legislators.They have pretty much stopped anything that the lib’s have tried to do so far.

  14. Leftists are investing in and going after Texas. They realize that once Texas goes Blue they own the country. Same MO, schools of higher learning, left leaning Churches, city Mayors, county administrators, on and on. I hope Perry stays right there, Texas is going to need him, Washington doesn’t. The battle is going to be in the states, Governors, house legislatures, other high elected officials. I cannot remember the article and will post it if I can find it, Texas is in their crosshairs from now on. They have NY, Calif. Florida. They have been trying in Az but not seriously yet. Brewer has stopped them cold many times. Palin has a house here, I’m hoping she hangs around.
    We need her to rally troops here against the left.

    • Micheal- you are so right about that… its the reason I suggested earlier that ALL conservatives should move to red states to keep them that way. I am serious about this.. by creating an overwhelming majority in these states we can prevent the marxist from forcing thier agenda on us… I wish I were a billionare so I could finance the relocations of conservatives to red states… make the libtards so uncomfortable that they run away crying to thier blue utopias

      The current strategy of the marxist left really worries me… all they have to do is shift the demographics in the large cities of Texas enough to turn the whole state blue because the rural areas will be irrelivant politically.. their agenda is really sinister if you think about it. Time for the great state of Texas ( and others ) to part ways with and split from the union of liberal socialist that this country is becoming..

  15. I’m stuck up here {IL} elderly parents and jobs. Would love to come to TEXAS, one of the only states w/ balls. When I was a kid I always said I would have fought for the SOUTH and I still would.Democraps have ruined this Nation and I beleive it’s time to take it back.


    We need a Conservative revolution in america to run these demacraps OUT OF AMERICA and LYNCH THE TRECHEROUS JACKASS

  17. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    You do realize that the real reason for the disarmament of the US is to give the power of the riot to the minority element here. We need to see a good one here and LA would be a great place to start. Let the rest of American see what happens when a devolving society gets carte blanche to do what it wants.


    All those demacrats who support gun confiscation need to leave america and NEVER COME BACK AGAIN their all traitors and BARACK OBAMA,HILLARY(ATTILA the HEN)CLINTON and MICHEAL BLOOMBERG are the worst of these tory traitors

  19. RidinShotgun says:

    Found these yesterday when this post first went up, but for some reason was unable to post them. Both are well worth a read.



  20. Speaking of blue states and guns…


    Talk about PC going too far. In my opinion this guy shouldn’t have been suspended, even though he agreed to this. – Oh well.

  21. master of sinanju says:

    People, brothers,sisters, I fear greatly for our nation, and I despise any and all who would wish to bring our great nation down. Part of me is glad my father is gone,( U.S.Navy vet.) I had only seen my father cry twice in my life, (he didn’t know I saw him, crying for his generation was considered a weakness). When his mother died (my Nana) and during the height of the vietnam war protests, when the f##king hippies and punks were burning HIS FLAG on the nightly news, my father shed tears of white hot RAGE when he witnessed it.Knowing what little I can remember of my father, with all that is happening now, I know he would if God forbid it comes to it, he would once again defend her.He used to tell us there is NO GREATER COUNTRY THAN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!! Any and all pride,honor duty and courage was instilled in me by God and my pop.He would be proud of me even though I never joined the armed forces, I too wear a uniform, and keep my community safe.And will continue to do so whether in or out of said uniform.God Bless, protect, and keep us, one and all.

    • mos…

      Just a hint for ya…if you don’t use the ‘F’ word in full, your posts wouldn’t be held up. – Use effing or friggin or symbols to replace the full word. Know what I mean? AWD doesn’t allow the F or N words here.

      Btw…kudos to your great post.

      • master of sinanju says:

        Thanks, sorry You know the old saying swears like a sailor? Well I say, I swear like the son a sailor man! Again, my apologies.

        • No apologies needed. Just wanted you to know why you don’t see your post appear until someone edits it and gets ya on the board. 😉

          I truly enjoy your posts. ~

    • RidinShotgun says:

      Chiun would be proud! Remo, out!

      • Remo Williams: You know, Chiun, you’re a real pain in the ass.
        Chiun: That is because it is the fastest way to your brain.

        Remo Williams: How old are you, Chiun. I mean really, you must be pretty old, right?
        Chiun: For an apricot, yes. For a head of lettuce, even more so. For a mountain, I have not even begun. For a man, just right.

  22. Effing Ninjas

  23. Here’s a 10-million dollar comment from Rusty Shackleford:


    It’s pretty tremendous.

    Oh, the laws of unintended consequences. Those pesky criminals make the government look bad. What a shame.

  24. It is time for secession.

  25. I love living in the south. Florida isnt perfect but at least it is a very gun friendly state. And as long as it continues to be I’ll stay here. I was born and raised in Shitcago. What a hellhole it became after 60 years of democrat shit policies and democrat scumbag corruption. Its like a breath of fresh air living in a gun friendly state. I have my CCW after taking the class at a gun show and I go to the range as often as possible. Ive been shooting for many years and love every aspect of the hobby. I reload my own ammo and my beloved Spikes Tactical AR15 with its Eotech XPS will go with me to my grave. I strongly believe in the right to bear arms and to me it goes even beyond that precious piece of paper known as the constitution. To me, the right to self preservation outweighs ALL law! All creatures who live on this Earth will fight to the death to survive…its natural instinct born in all living beings. F##k ANY person or politician who believes that they somehow have a right to take away my right to fight for my very own survival in the event a criminal wants to do me harm. How f’ing arrogant are these left leaning assholes that they actually think they have a right to decide if you live or die? Nobody on this planet is responsible for your own protection but you! And the best way to do so in todays world is with some good firearms and plenty of practice. No cop will save your ass when you dial 911. By then its much too late, your already dead. I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy and he wont fit in my pocket.

  26. Cinnamon Girl says:

    And then there’s this:


    The top story is about CO’s passing of some very strict gun control legislation. One is for banning concealed weapons on college campuses. Way to go, CO. That’s an open invitation for a nutjob to take out some of your students. Good going.

    • A shame CO apparently is a mecca for liberal mental cases. Oh well, look for the next massacre to happen in CO after they pass this absurd bill. F’ing clueless idiots…..post big signs all over declaring it a gun free zone so the criminals can go right to the place where they have thousands of defenseless victims.

  27. Y’all might want to check this video out.

  28. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Here’s the latest. Beretta USA says it will leave Maryland if the idiot governor passes more gun control laws.