We all know the message Boehner sent the senate this morning was directed towards Dingy Harry, as well as Dear Leader in a roundabout way! You’d have to be brain-dead not to know this…then again, Whisperin’ Reid very well may be brain-dead! After-all, he bows and does as Prez Transparency tells him to do…and I leave it up to you and how you think Dear Leader’s brain works with his cunning ways, of course with msm compliance hard at work for their messiah 24/7!

Here’s what was said from Boehner today…you can read two reports in full here and here:

Speaker John A. Boehner said in no uncertain terms Tuesday morning that he expected the Senate to pass some sort of alternative to the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts set to go into effect on Friday before the House would take any more action.

Speaking at a news conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters and referring to the two alternative measures that House Republicans passed in the previous Congress, Mr. Boehner said, “We should not have to move a third bill before the Senate gets off their ass and begins to do something.”

In reply, Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, the majority leader, said: “I think he should understand who is sitting on his posterior. We’re working to pass something. The speaker’s doing nothing to try to pass anything.”

On Wednesday, the Senate is supposed to vote on two competing alternative budget packages — one from the Democrats, one from the Republicans — though neither is expected to pass.

Mr. Boehner again said that he would not give in to the administration’s demand that a deficit reduction package contain additional revenue in addition to the spending cuts, and he said repeatedly that it was time for President Obama and the Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, to act.

“The president has been traveling all over the country, today going down to Newport News in order to use our military men and women as a prop in yet another campaign rally to support his tax hikes,” he said. “It’s time to focus on the real problem here in Washington, and that is spending.”

Mr. Boehner added: “The president’s been going all over the country, holding rallies, instead of sitting down with Senate leaders to try to force an agreement over there in order to move a bill.”

Do you think Boehner accidently grew a pair…or do you think he’s always been this way behind the scenes and has finally had his fill and said as such? – I don’t know about all of you…but I have a feeling he will apologize in no time for calling a spade a spade…msm pressure and such!

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. America First says:

    Well I guess it’s something though I would much prefer if Senator Lindsay Graham remain seated lest something wind up in his…nevermind.

  2. of course obumbles will do nothing…that would give the appearance of leadership, with leadership comes responsability, something O avoids at all costs. he will let the sequester happen knowing full well that he, as chief executive, gets to decide what gets cut and by how much.
    but rather than making the reduction in BUDGET INCREASES(NOT budget cuts)as painless as possable, he will cut programs that will inflict the maximun pain on the largest number of people possable….and duck responsability…”those nasty republicans forsed me to make these cuts..they refused to negotiate higher taxes on the evil rich..it’s their fault, not mine”

    we need to trumpet the fact that obumbles gets to call the cuts, and it is his choice, and his fault, if there is pain, everywhere we can and as often as we can, from now till he leaves office.

  3. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Truth is, Speaker Boehner should have been shouting this kind of thing from the rooftops many moons ago. He should constantly be putting the pressure on Obama, Harry Reid and others for their flagrant incompetency. It seems to me that elect Republicans only get angry and vocal when a crisis has reached it’s peak?

    If I were in Boehner’s position, I would already know that the MSM is going to oppose and twist my words, so why not just say things openly and in plain speech? Boehner’s got to learn to stop all the niceties and starting playing mean and dirty! Tell the truth about Obama and his intention to destroy America, and publicly warn the American people that the Democrats in office are complicit in his every move. He needs to start leading instead of merely reacting to what the ’empty chair’ and his evil cohorts do.

    Although Boehner will be hated by the MSM and all liberals, he will be loved and embraced by all true Americans.

  4. Have you all seen what Dear Leader and Crew have done before sequester takes place on Friday?


  5. BT,

    We learn quickly in life who our true friends are. My drive still needs shoveling and I’ve not heard a word from you… we got hammered.

    Anyway, I’m with you BT… Boehner will select his pink necktie in a few days; the tears will roll down his face as he caves once again or accepts promises of spending cuts down the road.

    While I’m complaining about Rep. with no backbone… Christie endorses ObummerCare and Rand Paul endorses Hagel. If either decides to run for prez… they’ll have to kiss my rear to get my vote.

    • Yep…just heard about Paul, stick a fork in ’em, he’s done! – Christie always was as far as I’m concerned.

      Btw…I did reply to you yesterday about your weather and ours etc…haven’t heard from since then. (Although the site had problems here the majority of the day.)

      • Got your reply yesterday, but thought you might feel sorry for me (remember, I’m slightly retarded) and drive down to shovel my drive.

        Btw… we now have so much snow on the ground that my little dog is like a turtle on a fence post when I let her out to go pee.

        • Speaking of dogs and winter time…as you know I have two dogs, my little Jack Russell/Rat Terrier is a real blast in the winter time when he has to go out and do his duty…legs about only 5 or 6 inches high off the ground. Needless to say, he doesn’t go far…and I clean up a lot. 😉

  6. BT,

    Would seem that some in our own party are growing a backbone these days… pushing back against Boehner.


    • Paul…

      I heard about that this morning. Another reason I just love Sen. Johnson…he’s one of the best thru my viewfinder!

      • Hopefully Boehner will feel the pressure and stand firm… we definitely need to start trimming this debt down… plus I love to see Obummer whine when he doesn’t get his way.

        Still amazed at the brain dead who walk amongst us believing Obummer’s policies are right for the country.

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    Liberals want higher taxes on everyone from cradle to grave and want taxes on everything from softdrinks to 30-06 rifles to fill their money bins

  8. Here’s another genius at work! – And the ‘if the shoe fits’ applies to him!


  9. Here’s a real piece of work! – Take a minute and read about this.


    If he’s a conservative….you fill in the blanks.

  10. Boehner will find it in his heart to compromise, he always has so why should this time be different.

  11. Say it isn’t so Joe… I’m sure President Obummer wouldn’t lie in order to further his agenda.


    • I’m shocked! Shocked I tell ya! – Heck, Dear Leader has been doing this via twitter for a long time on various subjects…including this one. Very glad you posted this Paul…this is one of the latest I haven’t seen.

    ~ Biden’s teleprompter

    Joe“that old, obscure white guy standing next to that young, infinitely more charismatic (and clean) black guy”Biden is best known for being the Vice Presidential pick of President Barack “Pronounces Words Correctly” Obama. Obama, aside from being the first openly black president of the United States, is the only reason anyone will ever remember the name: Biden. His wife and children, prior to the 2008 Presidential Election, had frequently mistaken Biden for various pieces of household furniture and would often bring him to the local antique shop and have him appraised. This would later prove particularly embarrassing during an unfortunate appearance on the PBS program Antiques Roadshow.

    Pretty rough, but if you have to know….


  13. Rand Paul votes in favor of Chuck Hagel.


    Is that it for Rand?

  14. The messiah of welfare will play this out for all its worth so he can keep the free rides coming to his welfare voter base. Ever since 08 its been painfully obvious that the only people hes worried about are Muslims, minorities and stupid left leaning white liberals who dont know any better.

  15. One thing that almost NEVER discussed by the MSM is how The Great and Powerful Obama’s monsterous deficit spending is supported by the Federal Reserve’s policy of near-ZERO interest rates. In normal times we should be getting around 5% for the time value money in an FDIC bank account. But the Fed has instead given the time value of our money to Obama to spend as he chooses through his deficit spending.

    Not only is inflation the tax you didn’t vote for, so is the interest that you don’t get on your savings account. It’s funny hearing Blacks complain about making nothing in their bank, but can’t relate it to their vote for Obama… government money if FREE money!

    That fool Mitt Romney not once EVER mentioned this in his campaign.

  16. Absurd!


    What’s the point? – As if we can’t see thru this BS of Dear Leader’s sleazy, never-ending tactics.

  17. Dr. Ben Carson for President
    Herman Caine for Vice President
    Alan West for Defense Secretary

    I love these guys, but according to many liberal morons all of us here on AWD are racist?

  18. Here’s one to add to the mix. ~


  19. Oh, wow, crybaby Boner gettin’ tough, I’m sure the ‘rats in the Senate are shakin’.