For the life of me I can’t understand Cal Thomas and his attitude about Dr. Benjamin Carson and his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast the other day. He says he’s been attending these since 1971 and he’s never seen politics being inserted like it was from Carson and his speech, he thinks this isn’t the place for it. Well, maybe so….but excuse me if I disagree with his opinion, because I know full well politics has been inserted at the National Prayer Breakfast for a very long time…Dear Leader being one of those who has done just that himself! – So, you have to wonder…just what planet is Thomas living on?

Here’s the story. – This is via DC:

On Fox News Channel’s “Happening Now” on Monday, in a discussion with liberal talker Alan Colmes, syndicated conservative columnist Cal Thomas spoke out against Ben Carson’s prayer breakfast speech, where he advocated implementing conservative policies on tax policy and health care.

Host Jon Scott asked Colmes and Thomas whether CNN “State of the Union” host Candy Crowley was right to question Carson’s speech on her Sunday program.

“Candy [Crowley] was correct,” Thomas said. “Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Alan. I’ve been attending this prayer breakfast since 1971. The purpose of it, and it’s been going on for 61 years since the Eisenhower administration, is to bring people of different backgrounds, political and even religious together in the spirit of Jesus of Nazareth and bridge partisan and political divides.”

“The first half of this speech, Ben Carson, which he talked about his upbringing in Detroit, how he had overcome so many things was a role model not only for African-Americans, but for every American,” Thomas continued. “It was a wonderful story. I’ve heard him tell it before. But then he drifted off into politics, which frankly shocked a lot of people who were organizers of this event. And for the representatives of 160 nations who were there and for the many Democrats who were there not only on the dais and audience I think it came as a great shock. I had never heard the breakfast used like that for political ends before. So, I think Candy was right in asking the question.”

Thomas conceded it was inappropriate for Carson to speak out on those issues at that forum.

“Well, I think it was inappropriate. I agree with his remarks. I wouldn’t disagree with a single thing he said. It just wasn’t the right venue for doing it and in my view didn’t live up to the purpose of the breakfast.”


Colmes agreed with Thomas. But shortly thereafter on his radio show, Dennis Miller and his guest, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama,” shot back at Thomas, questioning his role as spokesman for conservatives:

MILLER: Do you find it maddening when guys like Cal Thomas step in — you’d think they could take a day off from it and say just, “It made sense, as somebody who is befuddled as most of us are spoke his mind.”
COULTER: Yes, many of our spokesmen get —
COULTER: — extremely frustrating. I always thought we ought to be able to vote on them at home. No, I’m sorry — this person is not speaking for conservatives right now.
MILLER: Have it turn up under their picture as they speak.
COULTER: Right, although you usually find those on MSNBC and CNN, not so much on Fox. I really do encourage people to watch [the Carson] video. There is nothing offensive about it. He is so funny and charming. And you know, just by the way at one point he was describing the bald eagle and why it’s called the bald eagle. It’s not because it looks bald. And said you know, this is the symbol of our nation and note that it has a right wing and a left wing.
MILLER: And by the way — ornithological hair plugs will be covered under Obamacare. So there won’t be any bald eagles. They’ll be comb-over eagles in the future.

Here are a couple stories I’m going to throw in the mix too. – Some of you may enjoy what was said by both parties. Videos included in both reports. ~

Here’s Allen West: ‘Allen West’s Candid Remarks on Dr. Carson: He Broke the Unwritten Rule That Black Men Can’t Criticize Obama

And here’s some from Ben Carson – Dr. Carson on His Political Views: If There Was aLogic Party I Would Be a Member of That

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I don’t know where everyone is today, but here’s one more link.

    …and that he did! – Btw…this was a great interview, hope you check it out.

    • BT,

      My question… where was everybody last night. I posted, then had some things to get done around the house… came back about two hours later and my name still showed up on the recent comment column. Hell, I thought everyone died and went to heaven and I got left behind.

      On Carson… I thought his remarks were right on target and not off base at all considering he is a doctor and realizes how Obummercare will affect all of us. Lets face it… one does not clash with Puke and Chief without getting scolded.

      • I don’t know Paul…it’s been dead as heck today. Can’t say I recall it being this bad in a very long time. – Either it’s me, or the ad that seems to be bugging so many that have complained…or the the lay-out changes to the site…your guess is good as mine my friend.

  2. bigtimer
    So just what would have been the appropriate venue to say the things he said I wonder. Cal Thomas suffers from a bad case of PC disease like so many so call conservatives that want desperately to be taken seriously that will cross the isle for their own benefit, Prayer and politics do go together, What we have in Washington and the Media is fake when it comes to religion, after a few more yr’s of obama and some starvation and hopelessness there might be a real prayer breakfast take place in this country.

    • Politically correct is right. I’ve had my fill of the likes of Thomas and plenty of others that show their true colors these days. – They are the problem for our side of the aisle, it’s bad enough fighting the left…but RINOs like him can take a hike! – I’m short on patience these days, and it’s people like him that get me that way.

  3. Just shaking my head in disbelief at Cal Thomas’ remarks. I swear we’re living in an alternate universe….

    • It’s unbelievable isn’t it Vix? How much more can we take of this BS from those supposedly on our side of the aisle?


    Liberals oppose any kind of relegion becuase they have been raised on a steady diet of liberalism,secular humanism and darwinism

  5. I saw DR.CARSON speak on that program , he was excellent. There should be a new party called “THE SPOCK” party. Logic has lost it’s way in America today.

  6. Winston Smithereens says:

    Cal Thomas. A proud and lovin’ it member of the Kneel Before Zod Club.

  7. Cal Thomas is exactly what Dr. Carson was talking about, being politically correct about the truth of where are country is. The liberals and Obama not liking anything coming from someone of color who doesn’t claim to be a victim irks them. He used bible references throughout the speech, nobody should have a problem with what he spoke of. Tea Party Infidel

  8. I’m including Cal Thomas in Levin’s link when it comes to gutless republicans. ~

  9. Anyone think this guy has a chance to win in this blue state?

  10. I loved the doc’s speech. His personal parables were all funny (although the lighthouse was my favorite). He had the courage to speak his mind in front of the Failure & Chief and many of us applaud it. He made a mockery out of Odumbass and I loved it. The self-crowned King got a nice healthy dish of pwned.

    • Right you are…and it’s too danged bad we don’t have more on the right side of the aisle that could take it to Dear Leader as Carson did. ~

  11. To be fair, Cal did not disagree with anything that was said. Just the venue of where it was said. Personally, I had no problem with it but others do. Whatever. Does not take a thing away from me or what I got out of Carson’s speech.

  12. god guts and guns says:

    Obama is a Marxist. They dont believe in god.
    He should have had an Allah prayer meeting….all the dumbarats should of brought their prayer rugs with them. A goddless man that claims to be a christian. If the GOP continues with its Rhino traitors then I see absolutely no way we dont have a revolution. Personally I’m looking forward to it. We the people need to take out the trash, and the sooner the better. The GOP needs to visit a spine salesman at any cost.

  13. Maybe Cal is “literally” correct. But the current political environment increasingly resembles the Bizarro World from the Superman comics. Conservatives act like cowards – so afraid of being labeled Racist – they concede defeat before the first blow is thrown. The French have nuttin’ on the current Republican “leadership”. Carson provided an example for every conservative – behave like Democrats! Democrats have no respect for tradition in any form – save the entrenched bureaucracies that enable their remaining in office. From the essence of human Life, to the size of soda pops available for sale, Democrats will use any opportunity to advance their goals. If no opportunity exists – they force one. Rudeness, vile, insulting behaviors, criticism du jour and ad nauseum – attacking everything sacred to Conservatives/the average US citizen is all in a days work. It is past time for conservatives to fight fire with fire… and something more – they must form a message so cohesive and ubiquitous the US Media cannot ignore their message. C. Plante correctly asserts the power to ignore is the media’s greatest power. To regain control will require radical changes in conservative behaviors. They must never sleep on their ambitions/goals – just like Democrats. Unless, and until, conservatives fight like the lives of their children depend upon their succeeding will this coreolis of destruction end.

    • Well said!

      Btw…Chris Plante is right, he’s also my favorite talking head on the radio, Fox segments now and then too. – One of the best!