Look at that photo good and hard. Look at it! It was taken during Obama’s Sad State of the Union address. Does anyone with intelligence (this excludes RINOs and libtards) really believe Obama’s agenda will be stopped if the wussypants Republicans retake the Senate in 2014? The correct answer is not no, but hell no. Not a chance in hell. Not with the gaggle of corruptocrats who have their ass permanently cemented to their seats! Nor would the country have been saved if Romney had won and the wussypants Republicans had taken the Senate. There is one simple reason for this. Today’s average Republican in Congress is a Democrat. And today’s average Democrat in Congress is a communist. And neither political party really gives a damn about America. One is hell-bent on destroying the country and the other is hell-bent on helping them.

There are a mere handful of true conservatives in Washington. Superstud Ted Cruz is one. Look at his face in that photo and contrast that with the giddy little schoolgirl face of John McCain and his good friend and gigantic a**hole Chuck Schumer. Lindsey “Fredo” Graham appears to be looking at Schumer’s crotch, hence his big shit-eating grin. They all make me sick.

You can count on three things in this life. Death, taxes, and the wussypants Republicans will screw you over every chance they get. Every damn time!

I have hated wussypants Republicans for a long, long time. I’ve voted for them because they were barely the lesser of two evils. Barely. But I will not make that mistake again. This country is going to collapse, no matter if a Dim or wussypants Republican is running it. Because NO ONE is willing to stand up to do what is necessary to turn the sinking ship of America around. Maybe a few, like Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul, and a few House members are willing to do the right thing, but they are too outnumbered by the modern-day royalty content to live like kings while steering America directly into the iceberg of destruction.

How any Republican could cheer one syllable oozing from the mouth of Hussein Hopenchange is beyond me. I truly hate them.

Open Post time where you can share your love of all things wussypants Republican. Did I mention how bad I hate those corrupt, weak sumbitches?

Music That Doesn’t Suck tonight is from Pink Floyd. AWD’s been listening lately to a lot of Dark Side of the Moon after not doing so for a few years. Once again I marvel at such a work. I’ve really been enjoying Brain Damage/Eclipse that ends the album. Since I’m bitching about how bad I hate Republicans (did I mention that?), Brain Damage seems appropriate for the occasion. Enjoy:

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  1. They have to have a Brain to damage first. Those have been in short supply for some time in Congress. Get along my ass I wanta cut their heart out and eat it.

    • Our LITERALLY “brain damaged” Sen. Mark Kirk (Rino-IL) is cooperating with Sen. Schumer, et al. to push for an “assault weapon” ban.

      More than anything, Illinois needs a BAN on FELONS voting to knock out Chicago’s criminal political power in Illinois!

  2. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Absolutely! I caught Mitch McConnell making some b.s. remarks on some nightly news show my mom watches (with that guy, Brian Wilson, Brian Williams? I don’t know), and I went ballistic. AWD, your photo takes the cake!!!

    And the Floyd chilled me out, which I badly needed. Thanks, man.

  3. Wrong. That’s the perfect reason to quit. The only reason to quit. A man has an idea. The idea attracts others, like-minded. The idea expands. The idea becomes an institution. What was the idea? That’s what’s been bothering me, boys. I tell ya: when I used to think of the idea itself, it put a big ol’ smile on my face. Greed is for amateurs. Disorder. Chaos. Anarchy. Now that’s fun!

  4. i loathe bathhouse barry so much i could never watch that lying sob run his mouth. at least ted cruz looked unhappy. btw, when are all these scumballs in congress going to fulfill their oath to US Constitution and start bitching that barry is not a Article 2 natural born citizen? both parents must be american citizens, read minor v happersett. I bet there was not more than 5 people listening to jackass in person last night who would be worthy to wipe the Founders asses…they wouldve been blwing King George back then if they had been alive..spineless jerkoffs

  5. lindsey graham is gay like barry. at least lindsey does call him out on his benghazi lies

    • Sen. Grahamnesty needs to sound good with an election nearing to avoid a primary challenge from an actual conservative in S.C., perhaps the governor, so he’s all over the cameras lately, saying all the right things. I don’t like RINOs either but they all voted correctly on the hideous Husseinocare socialized medicine. Every Democrat of course sold us out, including those who claimed to be “conservative” Demos – what a joke. One Demo with backbone could have saved us and our medical system. Dumbed-down America voted for death panels in November. Check ACUratings.org : There are NO conservative Demos in Congress. You can check every vote, every member. Forget the media hype.

  6. if you want to see a real patriot look up ann barnhardt. she calls barry a “drug addled, sodomite, marxist imbecile” and every member of congress is a moral degenerate because they are not screaming about the sob in white house being ineligible

  7. Politicians are not born they are excreted

  8. I hate wussypants Republicans more than I hate:
    Spam (the edible kind)
    Rain on my day off
    Nan Pel’s Lips
    Snakes (oh wait, those Are wussypants Republicans)
    The smell of someone else’s poop

    Hate them sumbitwits!

    • Juan Williams claimed San Fran Nan was nice-looking. Maybe he meant fifty years ago. Of course Juan is an overpaid idiot, a worthless Fox quota hire with nothing much to say. I hit the channel changer when he hits the screen.

  9. So disgusted with them I can’t even comment. BTW have a listen to Pink Floyd’s Animals, kind of an undiscovered gem.

  10. They are traitors and should be tried for treason along with thier openly marxist drinking buddies in congress… ANYONE who seeks to subvert or abolish the constitution in order to advance thier agenda or ideology is a traitor to this country by definition… hang em all


  11. Conservatives must survive the wild party, if not us, then who will clean up and put the house back in order.

    See you on the Dark Side of the Moon!

  12. The Constitution Party’s platform:

    . Recognizes the US Constitution as the supreme law of the land
    . Protects the right to life for all US citizens, including the unborn
    . Upholds the First Amendment by enforcing obscenity laws
    . Would abolish the IRS, the flat-rate tax, national sales tax, and value-added tax proposals and replace them with a tariff-based tax system supplemented by excise taxes
    . Favors the abolishment of the Department of Energy and the immediate adoption of free-market policies to achieve energy independence
    .Calls for the immediate withdrawal from the UN and NATO
    .Advocates English as the official national language
    …Would ban amnesty for illegal immigrants
    . Calls for an end to all undeclared wars and foreign entanglements
    .Protects the integrity of the Second Amendment to ensure that government does not usurp the liberty of its citizens and violate people’s rights
    . Binds government with the chains of the Constitution and limit government powers to those assigned by the consent of the governed

  13. Czar of Defenestration says:

    Death to the GOP.
    They do not *want* to change (see Bill Whittle’s wonderful video, “what it would be like to have a candidate who really believes in conservatism”).
    Long live the Tea/Conservative Party.

  14. KennakaKeeper says:

    To paraphrase something I read ….
    Does anyone else suspect that the two major parties have actually and secretly merged into one – the Consolidated Republican And Progressive party – better known by the acronym of CRAP?

  15. Vote Grumpus/Snake Oiler in 2016!
    American Freedom/Real 2nd Amendment

  16. http://freebeacon.com/report-h.....by-israel/

    Lot of them have been in the bed with the enemy for a long time. Another Israel hating RINO.

  17. I hate them with every fiber of my being. With a white hot intensity that is, oddly, chilling.

  18. They all suck. We can’t know whats in their hearts and minds. All we can see are results of their actions. F*** politics, I’m through. Politicians are all the same. It’s all just theater. Rubio takes a drink of water and the MSM goes into meltdown over it. American politics is nothing more than a reality show. There are no statesmen, there are no elected officials looking out for the common man. They are making millions off of working people, and living in mansions.

    But, I’ll be goddammed if I let any one of them come and take what is rightfully mine, what I have bought and paid for with my own hard earned money. You want my guns, my freedom, my anything, not one of them is man enough to come and take what is mine.

    Bunch of panty waist cowards.

  19. Aiders/abettors to democrats, both despicable.

  20. let justice roll says:

    The only way to put an end to all these slime balls is to join your local Tea Party and enlist all of your friends to do the same. Short of an armed revolution,which may come anyway, the way to beat these S.O.B.s is to vote them out of office. The Republican Party has lost the trust of most conservatives in this country. They are the whipping post for Obama and his gang. They don’t have the heart to go to war with Obama and they no longer stand for the defense of the Constitution.

    • Tea Party is now irrelevant, it was coopted by the GOP establishment. That’s why we’re on the verge of surrendering to illegal alien amnesty and a new permanent antiwhite socialist government. Any party that puts pro-foreigner Marco Rubio up to give its response should die.

  21. Republican Apologizes For Saying Obama Lied

    From the Politico:

    State of the Union 2013: Bill Shuster apologizes for saying Obama lied

    By ADAM SNIDER and KATHRYN A. WOLFE | February 13, 2013

    House Transportation Chairman Bill Shuster apologized Wednesday for calling President Barack Obama a liar after the State of the Union speech.

    Shuster (R-Pa.), speaking to POLITICO from Statuary Hall minutes after the speech, said the president “is lying” when he claimed that businesses want to invest in countries with high-speed rail.

    “I think he’s lying about CEOs — they want to invest in a country that has high-speed rail? Really? Tell me what CEO said that, that cares about high-speed rail,” Shuster said when asked for his thoughts on the speech. “Manufacturers want to invest in a country that has roads that are built, they want the infrastructure to be right for the transportation system, but to say one of the reasons they’re going to invest in America and manufacturing plants is because of high-speed rail is crazy.”

    But less than 10 hours later, Shuster had dramatically changed his tone.

    “This type of incendiary rhetoric is not my style,” Shuster said at a Chamber of Commerce infrastructure summit after apologizing for his remarks. “I do not think the president is a liar.”

    Later, when asked what he thought of the “fix it first” portion of the speech, Shuster threw his hands up and said, “I started off saying what I shouldn’t have said.”

    “It’s a retread,” he continued. “There wasn’t much there, and I’ll leave it at that.”

    Maybe this is a small thing. But it is telling. — Especially after all of the outrageous things Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and the Obama administration have said about Republicans over the last five years, and especially during the last campaign. Which none of them ever apologized for.

    But a Republican can’t even point out an obvious lie from Obama without being taken to the woodshed. — This is the power the news media has over our politics. They have effectively muzzled any and all criticism of Obama.

    You can’t even point out when he states an obvious lie. There are no more Joe Wilsons.


  22. Johnny McAmnesty is & always been an insult to Arizonians like myself. True Az folks are kinda like Texans. I mean we are all about the west, OK Corral, Barry Goldwater, Sheriff Joe Arpaio & more. The evil Cali people came over the border & tried to sissyfy us. think Megan McAmnesty. The excited smiles sicken me. I want my state back. This filly has been stuck in a idiotic blue state since the I Do thing to Mr State Trooper who is now done. Amen..headed back to
    guns.horses. real dudes.

  23. Sablegsd… we are gsd folks too.

  24. headed back with the Mister….

  25. All politicians suck ass…but the worst are the RINO’s who pretend to be conservatives..and then kiss Obama’s ass in their next breath.

  26. Head Rino is one Grover Norquist. Don’t let this guy slide by! He is everything that is wrong with the GOP and VERY cozy with Karl ‘Turdblossom’ Rove.


  27. Fed Up Texan says:

    The RINO scum deserve to be gone. We need to find som actual Americans and primary every one of the rotten bastards.

    Howerer, since that will not happen, I am already making plans to flee the country in about a year. Why is that, you say. Well, I am nearing the magic age at which the lousy turd in the government housing says I no longer am eligible for medical treatment…seventy eight. The liar in chief says that is too old for medicare and doctors to see me and write a prescription for an infection. What a low life piece of…excrement.

  28. ryan is an ASS RINO along with the fossil mcconnell or however you spell its name, theyre all for the monkey. they should all be speed bumps.