A shocking White Paper has leaked from the White House and DOJ that supports giving the government legal authority to kill American citizens if the “government” deems the American is linked to a terror organization or involved with an “associated force.” While AWD has no problem vaporizing Al Qaeda terrorists wherever they infect, giving Obama authority to kill American citizens he deems to be involved in an “associated force” makes me just a little bit more than a whole hell of a lot nervous!

Why would AWD be nervous? I’m not part of Al Qaeda or any other terrorist group. But who defines the meaning of the term “terrorist group” or “associated force?” The mainstream propaganda media? Chris Matthews? Al Sharpton? Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarret? I feel sicker already!

Certainly, “associated force” could describe a group of Boy Scouts or a group of Civitans to the wrong person (Obama). Leftists in the government have described the Tea Party movement and former military as “right-wing extremists, racists, terrorists” etc since the Tea Party movement began. What about all those who cling to their guns and religion in America? Could Obama and Holder deem those people as an associated force? I believe it’s not only possible but damn likely!

AWD has been known to support the Tea Party movement. Have even attended an event or two. This page makes it pretty clear the Big Sexy is no fan of Obama, Holder or the other associated Marxists trying their damnedest to destroy America through fiscal insanity and the shredding of the Constitution. Even so, why should I worry?

According to the leaked White Paper:

“The condition that an operational leader present an ‘imminent’ threat of violent attack against the United States does not require the United States to have clear evidence that a specific attack on U.S. persons and interests will take place in the immediate future, the memo states.

Instead, it says, an “informed, high-level” official of the U.S. government may determine that the targeted American has been “recently” involved in “activities” posing a threat of a violent attack and “there is no evidence suggesting that he has renounced or abandoned such activities.” The memo does not define “recently” or “activities.”

So Obama doesn’t have to even have evidence of an imminent threat of an attack before he can vaporize an American citizen foreign or abroad? Nor does he have to define the “activities” the American was involved in? This is pretty scary stuff! Are you prepared to live (or die) in an America where some government bureaucrat can decide whether you get the .45 caliber headache because you belong to an organization frowned upon by Big Brother? We know Obama has a jones for drone attacks. Should AWD start walking around with an umbrella? Worked for Road Runner. I only hope Obama’s aim with drones is the same as his skeet shooting!

I believe there is a word in the English language that describes what Obama and Holder are doing. It’s called tyranny. It’s the type of self-appointed authority to rule over American citizens. Or kill them if they don’t go along with what the government wants them to do. A revolution was fought over this.

It’s rather concerning that a US President who finds it repulsive to water board Muslim terrorists for information seeks authority to kill American citizens with no proof of them being involved in an imminent attack. The US citizen must have been involved in “activities” but those activities are not defined. Could a Tea Party rally be described as an activity? What about a NRA meeting? Are those groups associated forces? Whose to say? Answer: Barack Obama and Eric Holder. And that is why AWD is very concerned!

Remember, Obama and Holder are the ones who illegally shipped guns to Mexican drug cartels to gin up support for gun control. Gun control over Americans they still seek. Disarming the American public while granting themselves authority to kill Americans in an undefined “associated force” has nightmare written all over it. Can this craziness really be happening in America? It appears so!

Piers Morgan continues to ask gun owners if they should own a tank. My answer has always been “if we need to.” It appears it might be time to add drones to that shopping list!

You can read the entire White Paper here. Bombs away!

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  1. Great read, excellent points for all to chew on. ~

    Thought I’d throw this in the mix as well.

  2. It’s been said obama wanted to be like Lincoln.

  3. I wonder when GPS autonomously guided RC aircraft will be declared weapons of war by Mayor Bloomberg and banned by The Great Dictator Obama? After all, in 2003 New Zealand resident Bruce Simpson set out to prove “he could build a simple but effective cruise missile for under US$5,000.”

    On March 11, 1963 Jean-Marie Bastien-Thiry was the last person to be executed by firing squad in France.

    He was part of an assassination attempt on French President Charles de Gaulle on 22 August 1962.

    He was a “French Airforce lieutenant-colonel, military air weaponry engineer, (creator of the Nord SS.10/SS.11 missiles).”

  4. Let him try in the continental US! Blow Back would ensue. He just keeps stretching the rhetorical line waiting for his moment to act. He is playing Bully Boy, F*ck him and all his lackeys!
    This is what bullys do. What they are gonna get some day will be damned unpleasant.
    When I was in the service we had an argument with another barracks, military police barracks. There were about 10-15 guys on each side kinda talking sh*t to each other and one of the MP’s bent down to draw a line in the dirt for us not to cross. An Italian Dude named DeLucia quickly stomped his hand and wrist into the dirt and broke his wrist. Argument ended. As was customary in fights and such things with other compatriots in the service it was reported as a car hood slamming down on his hand. We were in the right this time and our HNIC went to talk with their HNIC and things we calm for quite some time. They got back at 5 of us months later but it was of our doing and we got caught outta line and spent New Years eve in the pokey being harassed by the MP’s. Someone ever tries to draw that line he will get stomped, rhetorically speaking of course. It’ll be damned unpleasant then, also!
    If Bush had done something like this he would have been impeached, justifiably so. This is blatant act of tyranny and certainly should not be tolerated by our Congressional Leaders and Congress as a whole, both parties. Its a bad day for America.

  5. You’ve more hope for the large herd of sheeple than I do. If Shtf and the tyrants start getting less than they desire they will simply look amazed and ask why everyone is sooo upset . Can’t they see that it was just a misunderstanding and the government has gotten the message and will do better now. Can’t we all just get along? And then the sheeple wiil nod their fuzzy little heads and bleat right along with the media . Then comes the slaughter of anyone who made the lists. Before someone starts chanting ‘Teaparty racist tinfoil head’ they better read a little history; this formula has been employed through history because it works.
    In my younger days I wondered why the French revolution was so bloody and unforgiving. Now I realize they knew what would happen if they didn’t completly remove all the elitist.

    After re reading this I noticed the phrase ‘ we got the message and will do better’ any one wanna’ guess who said it before the 2010 election?

  6. …and then there’s this. – Hypocrisy much?

  7. Obama is a wanna be dictator.

  8. Dude, every single American is on his DKL. Welcome to the party, pal.

    Just be prepared, watch the skies, and see if you can find a few of those plutonium-tipped armor-piercing incendiary Stinger missiles they sell with absolutely no background check at every gun show in America. You know, the ones right between the hand grenades and the mustard gas.

    (And, as sure as I’ve written it, some libtard out there is going to take the snark of the preceeding paragraph seriously. Sorry for any infamy that may result.)

  9. Its all very simple folks. If American citizens suddenly start getting whacked by mysterious missiles out of nowhere..then politicians will suddenly start disappearing out of nowhere. Sounds like a fair trade to me.

  10. General Quarters says:

    Barrack the first will keep pushing to incite. Our backs are already against the wall. I say start with the media French revoluton style.


    Hitler,stalin,ida ahmin,fidel castro,mao si tung,pol pot,ho chi mihn,barack obama little diffrences between tyrants,despots,dictators and WAR CRINIMAS. SHAME ON THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE COMMITY

  12. The worst part of the white paper, IMHO, is that a senior official, ie from the executive branch, without any court finding secret or otherwise, can direct the trigger pull. An unelected, pencil necked official.

    This is Dr Stranglove all over again with a scosh of Orwell!

    Blistered, out!

  13. Alex jones
    DOJ: Drones Can Now Target Americans!;index=5

  14. If you watch the clip of JJ on the young Turks show it was 1/3/2013 I think,you could probably take the drone down with a “assault weapon”
    If you want a good laugh google that clip.

    They have also been calling Motorcycle Clubs terrorist groups for years. Will they be targetting clubhouses now,Sturges SD or Daytona Bike week?

    • It’s REALLY hard to hit a flying drone with ANY kind of firearm based on the Big Sky Little Bullet theory. I remember seeing a video with people shooting machineguns with tracers against an RC aircraft in the desert; it’s very, VERY HARD. That’s why in World War 2 the US developed proximity fuses for anti-aircraft guns that contained miniature electron tubes in the shells that exploded near the aircraft.

      But that was then. Americans should be able to NOW develop pulsejet powered RC aircraft and arm them with direct contact or solid-state RF proximity fuses to engage drones. Video cameras? Cheap. Infrared data link or WiFi spread spectrum guidance? Why not? Autotracking in clear weather? As good as the software as you could design. The New Age of possibilities is here.

  15. Question: do all of us of the same mind set beleive our own military would obey orders from that loon? I’d like to know, my son has a lot of military buds that say shooting at our own people would be like shooting at their own families and friends.Any opinions on this subject, I would truly like to know what other people are thinking.”Up the IRA” if you know what I mean.

    • All voluntary force means they are paid to fight. Just like Blackwater.

      [Milton] “Friedman’s repudiation of such mercenary concerns are illustrated in a famous confrontation with General William Westmoreland:

      “In the course of his [General Westmoreland’s] testimony, he made the statement that he did not want to command an army of mercenaries. I [Milton Friedman] stopped him and said, ‘General, would you rather command an army of slaves?’ He drew himself up and said, ‘I don’t like to hear our patriotic draftees referred to as slaves.’ I replied, ‘I don’t like to hear our patriotic volunteers referred to as mercenaries.’ But I went on to say, ‘If they are mercenaries, then I, sir, am a mercenary professor, and you, sir, are a mercenary general; we are served by mercenary physicians, we use a mercenary lawyer, and we get our meat from a mercenary butcher.’ That was the last that we heard from the general about mercenaries.”

    • As you move up the chain of command the concentration of careerists increases, i.e. protecting their own asses becomes more important than doing the right thing.

      Under such an order from Dear Leader, I think some commanders would obey and some wouldn’t. I have no way of knowing that mix. But I’ll bet the administration has a pretty good idea.

  16. “informed, high-level” official of the U.S. government…”

    That would be POTUS in my opinion. When they got Aw-Lawki or however you spell it, they were not concerned with collateral damage, as his sixteen year old son was also vaporized. This pResident already has sweeping powers. NDAA, Patriot Act, NSA, TSA, DHS, the list goes on. And these are just the agencies we know about.

    The language is as vague as it is in NDAA. This is done on purpose. They are demonizing Republicans and Conservatives, this is all just prep for the time actually carry out one of these attacks.

    This CAN happen here, will it is another question. But given all the evidence of the last four years, I would say that it is in the realm of possibilities.

  17. Spurwing Plover says:


  18. Well AWD, when I stop posting you will know Obummer (piece os shit president I might add) did me in… after all, I’m past military and took my oath to defend the Constitution seriously, pro tea party, and I have no use for our government under this sack of shit president who thumbs his nose at our Constitution.

  19. Manchurian, proxy government. We are being set up. This is not funny anymore. Oh, and Rick Santorum is on Greta right now, and he is full of shit.

  20. YonLibertarianCO says:

    This is beyond sickening. IMPEACH his arrogant arse already!!!

    • Impeaching him does nothing.. he is just the ‘Face Man’ of a large group. He most definitly is not a Mastermind. He ain’t that bright.
      He can follow a script and talk shi$. The problem is the people who will not think, they just emote.
      If you want to know what a person will do then look at what they have done in the past. Look at who his friends are and who is the enemy off.
      Those criteria should have had this bastard locked up for criminal acts years ago and he has not changed.