AWD saw this over at the excellent parody site Duh Progressive and asked Nick if I could post it at AWD. He graciously gave me permission to post his most interesting perspective. This piece is not a parody piece but one straight from Nick’s heart. Please make Duh Progressive a daily stop on Al Gore’s inter web net if you haven’t already done so.

Okay, I can’t do it. I give up! I can’t find the politically correct way of saying it. I cannot find the fluffy adjectives and velvet phrases. I have thought over and over of a way to state the following without sounding like some paranoid, racist, knuckle-dragging “Ruby Ridge” nutcase, yet find myself at a loss, for there are very few ways of saying it: this current “war on guns” is really a war on anything that smacks of “White, male, rugged ruralism”…and the more Christian the better.

This is what the Left is ultimately after; what it ultimately detests. It is its mortal enemy. And this is what this war on guns is all about, point-blank (no pun intended).

(wiping brow) …Shwoo! There. I said it. And no, my liberal friends, I have dated and loved/love people of every color of the rainbow, so don’t even think of accusing me of being some damned Randy Weaver nutcase —but that’s the point: in the wake of the Sandy Hook atrocity, the Left has construed this “conversation” about guns to such a degree that stating what it is really about leaves any honest, critically thinking person with no other choice but to sound like some nutty White supremacist type. And I hate it.

I hate admitting there is an undeclared cultural war from mainly urban-dwelling, over-educated, secular, conceited and oh-so “hip” liberal elites against their perceived polar opposites (the presumably less educated, rural-dwelling, conservative, more masculine, more pious, and predominately Caucasian areas —“fly-over country” as it’s called).

I hate admitting that the thick-black-framed glasses-wearing yuppie next to me in the Starbucks in downtown Washington is “at war” with the 50-year-old husband and father 30 miles to the south and west of us who owns guns, obeys the law, has distinct notions of “right and wrong,” comes home from work with muddy boots, dirty fingernails, attends church regularly, and speaks with a rural accent … and, oh, who will be the first to pull over to help you when he, in his gas-guzzling pickup truck, sees your little Prius fly off the road after you’ve been too busy texting your friends while driving. …I hate saying all of this (so I must be on to something).

When I envision this “50-year-old in the pickup” I think of my ex-girlfriend’s father, who I will simply call “Mr. H.” He was a hulking, strong silent type, an Irish-American who just wanted to be left alone; alone to teach his kids what he wished, who found nobility in hard work, who loved his wife, who wanted his kids home at a set time every night, including those he had adopted; a man who loved Christ yet did not exploit that love by throwing it in people’s faces haphazardly; a man who not only harbored no hated towards any race or religion, but indeed helped people of every race and religion, mainly through work at his church; a man who built his house with his own hands, literally, tended the acres on which it rested in rural Howard County, Maryland…and who OWNED GUNS (gasp)!

Now, thanks to the Left, I have discovered an unknown love for my ex’s father, “Mr. H.” But my new found love for him is born out of reflex (because the Left hates this man so, so much).

“Mr. H.” didn’t go to college. He couldn’t tell you the difference between a Sikh and a Muslim, nor Shia from Sunni. He couldn’t quote Lord Byron or Krishnamurti. He never tasted sushi (doesn’t know what he’s missing!). He never drank overpriced syrah; couldn’t tell you what a $5.00 caramel latte tasted like. He didn’t know the latest exploits of Hollywood celebrities.

No, Mr. H. did not know much by liberal standards. But he did know one thing: how to be one of the greatest human beings anyone could know, be they Black, White, liberal, conservative, Christian or non. …And now, now (?!), liberals want to use Sandy Hook to again attack and destroy this humble man in the name of some bullshit “war on guns?” No f—ing way!

“Mr. H.” is the type of man who built America, which by default leaves his “culture” inextricably entwined with this “gun culture” liberals are raging about. This war on guns is nothing more than a war on this man and all those of similar demographics. This may sound absurd, repugnant, prejudiced, paranoid, even a bit race-based, but it is not. This is the truth (my apologies for still living in the People’s Republic of Reality).

Trust me, folks, I was born and raised a liberal. I was a devout Leftist growing up. I live side-by-side with them today; they are my friends, my neighbors, and I know how they think. “Mr. H.” and all things pertaining to his “White Male Ruralism” are responsible for nothing positive in America, according to my former self/liberals. I was taught this. I was taught to feel guilty for it. I believed this. I lived this. I. Know. This. Shit.

To the Left, the “Mr. Hs.” of America are responsible only for the extermination of Native Americans. He is only responsible for slavery. He is only responsible for Jim Crow laws, the KKK and Black lynchings in the South. He is responsible for the state of Black America in our cities today. He denied women the right to vote, wants to control their bodies and dictate what they do with their “lady parts.” He is responsible for corporations pumping toxic waste into rivers and oceans and for that poor polar bear trapped on that shrinking iceberg. “Mr. H.” and his toothless, stump-jumping ilk are responsible for underage girls being sexually abused in (Christian) fundamentalist polygamist cults. Mr. H. wanted nuclear war and created AIDS to get rid of minorities and “them queers” in the 1980s. He is responsible for child labor during the Industrial Revolution. He shot steel and coal workers striking for better wages 100 years ago. He is responsible for Prohibition… (okay, I’ll give the libs that one). …Mr. H. wants to throw your granny off a cliff if she becomes too expensive for Medicare. …And of course, “Mr. H.” is ultimately responsible for that oh-so horrid Second Amendment and all the havoc it has reaped —Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, Oak Creek, Tuscan, now Sandy Hook; hence the linchpin in our argument here.

Indeed, to liberals “Mr. H.” and his Cro-Magnon brethren are responsible for every act of oppression, exploitation, extermination, and discrimination of one demographic of America upon another, ever. There can be no other “cult-prit” to the Leftist.

So who cares if stricter gun laws will not prevent further Sandy Hooks? Who cares if only law abiding citizens will be burdened by the likes of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the rest of the gun-grabbers (because you know who those “law abiding citizens” really are)? All that matters to the Left is being able to again destroy a little bit more of the lifestyle, the “culture of Mr. H.” that has become synonymous with that term “traditional America” they find so revolting.

This hypnotic thrust for more gun control is simply another excuse for the devoutly liberal, the devoutly smug, and the devoutly emotion-consumed elitist to again lash out at that so obscure yet somehow all-controlling “traditional America” that lurks so frighteningly outside their cities; that “traditional America” they view as equivalent to Nazi Germany. For respect and use of the Second Amendment is a keystone to that “traditional America” they so abhor —all things rural, masculine, and Caucasian (and the more Christian the better; a sick and sweet bonus).

I have used the word “guns” in this article scantly so far, because this is not about guns. This is about an attack on a culture. It’s not necessarily a “racial attack,” for many gun-haters are White. It’s not necessarily a “religious attack,” for many gun-haters are Christians. It’s not an “education attack,” either, for many gun-haters lack college degrees. Neither is this a “gender attack,” for many gun-haters are men. This is not even a “redneck attack,” for gun-haters live in those weird and dangerous “fly over” lands, too. What this is, however, is another and well–disguised attack on those who unfortunately fit all of the above descriptions. It is an attack upon all of whom and which the Left perceives has prevented America from being what they wish it to be (let your imaginations run on that) since its conception.

Also, and let’s be honest, I have inadvertently and unfortunately spoken to the likes of the filth and human debris of White supremacist websites and organizations (which I will not even bother to name). But this is not some Randy Weaver-ish tirade about “all them Jews and coloreds” that are out to get me. It’s really the White, 30-something yuppie in my local Starbucks that’s out to get me. This is about a culture, and a “culture” needn’t be restricted by race or creed.

Realize what this “war on guns” is really a war on, folks. To twist the famous phrase from the great political strategist, James Carville: “It’s the culture, stupid!” Too bad that culture sprang from predominantly European, male, rural, heterosexual Christians. Too bad. So sad. Maybe we should take a page from the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre and convert to Islam…

—Nick Taxia

Writer, Producer, Occassional Basket Case

P.S. Kind of ironic I wrote this while listening to “The Day the Niggaz Took Over” by Dr. Dre. …No, really, I’m not kidding. Anyone with better suggestions on what song I should’ve written this to, I’m all ears.

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  1. Fortunately, I fit 100% of this stereotype minus the rap!

    Must be in good company!

    Blistered, out!

    • Blistered, I hope you’re doing ok. I must say getting to meet you was one of the very few highlights I’ve ever had visiting DC!


  2. inagadadavida says:

    “The thick-black-framed glasses-wearing yuppie”

    You have no frikkin idea what I’ve been into!!!! Great article, Dude, even if it’s a repost.

  3. Good article. Doesn’t have your style Dude, but it’s good stuff. I kept thinking of my Dad when he talked about Mr. H. I bookmarked his site and will check in after I have looked at, I always go there first.

  4. Randy Weaver was not ans is not a nutcase AWD…what the hell is wrong with you?

    • Randy was a bit out of the mainstream and was easy pickins for a Govt outta control, still is. His wife is proof the Govt will kill you if they think they can do it, get away with it. Weaver had a magnificent lawyer doing Pro Bono work for him or he might have just been disappeared. Waco proved just how decadent and depraved our Govt has become, it has not changed one bit, just a Wolf guarding the Sheep only the Sheep are not all lying down and are armed and know what the Wolf is up to. I should substitute Wolf with Hyena which is a more appropriate description of the predator our Govt seems to have morphed into. Hyenas have no morals.

  5. Its always been the Culture. Its been going on a long time and just twists and turns in every direction. They think they are so close because of the slight chance they may Get The Guns! If your reading R to T you will see the guns are the Golden Key to total control. As of now they are going after ammo with super big buys and driving the price sky high when ya can get some. That your Congress critters are not standing up and yelling about this, as they fund it, should be revealing.

    • Proposed 2013 budget for Homeland security is over twice that of Military . You may be right about a buy up of munitions by the gestapo until they can outlaw it. …and we are literally paying for the weapons that will be turned on us.

  6. You should have written this to Jamey Johnson or Waylon Jennings and if you mention that turtle without a shell by name again I swear I’m going to question your veracity. My goodness man..did you bump your head? Wear your ear plugs at the range next time. You are starting to worry me.


    When it comes to guns and the horrible incedent at SANDY HOOK(which i beleive Obama let it happen)the media dose all this emotiotional gobbiedly gook

  8. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Please take ten minutes to watch this. It’s amazing.

    A fifty year old cartoon from Harding University predicting what is happening now. Eerie.

  9. Dave in Texas says:

    I know this a bit off subject but I thought everyone might like this, I know I did.

    Semper Fi!

  10. In other words, the New York Times article about “Party Identity, Predicted With a Look Inside a Gun Cabinet,” A1, 12/19/12, ( http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.n.....-is-sharp/ ) is entirely correct. Gunless Democrats are the center of the gun controllers base.

    The gun controller’s ownership of Universities, MSM, TV and Hollywood means they command a “Mighty Wurlitzer of Propaganda”; the current media campaign of Mayor Bloomberg’s cosmopolitan minions (“Independence USA” Super-PAC) against pro-gunners in Chicago shows their deep resources to use that apparatus.

    That is why we need a means to sow dissent in their midst, to build gun owners ONE-BY-ONE in their Blue States. We need to grab the bored housewives, the student engineers, the sick-of-being-victims whites and Asian city dwellers as well as the “something’s wrong with this gun control that I shouldn’t feel guilty about” types. There’s always SOMEONE that thinks the Cops are “full-of-s***” when it comes to domestic disarmament. Plenty of lost people in the Blue States they I say CAN be corrupted into gun ownership and maybe even activists!

  11. Big Sexy-
    The professional sense is mutual. Hate the Capitol, only other food thing is a brew pub in china town!

    Blistered, out!

  12. I don’t think that there is a war on individualistic white guys. I think that people dislike mass murder; especially of children.

    • Orly?

      Hollywood glorifies mass murder with movies like DeeJango
      (I don’t like silent “D”s)

      Chris Dorner is a Mass Murderer and has Folk Hero status

      And Children die in abortion clinics everyday at the hands of biological parents not prepared for the responsibilities of their actions or lack of planning.

      So I disagree with your statement, most people could care less about murder, until it happens to them.

      And then they wished they had a gun.

      The gun debate is to keep Americans divided on a hot button issue, and everyone should be asking why? Who does it serve to keep us divided?

      • Or that the murderer was disarmed (not just guns), too.

        Imagine having the power to keep your own guns but eliminate the guns of your enemies. That would be an amazing power in a war, right? “We can just use a pen to make it happen.”

        That kind of flawed thinking ignores the fact that overall, I’d rather have everyone able to own weapons simply because I can’t stop criminals from owning them, anyways. Not to mention that it’s not just felons that you have to worry about. But hey, a reasonable view like that which takes into account human nature is not acceptable to the same people that think history and psychology and economics are ‘self-humanism’ or whatever term the Soviets invented. We can’t have the plebes thinking they’re able to make decisions or take actions on their own, eh? Yeah, I agree with you that the loonies are trying to take over the asylum. They forget who they work for – this isn’t a monarchy or Cromwell’s England!

        • “Or that the murderer was disarmed (not just guns), too” – Joe

          Good point, on the same day of the Sandy Hook massacre some nutjob in China was hacking up 20 some children.

          Our whacko’s go out in a blaze of glory, or get their 15 minutes of fame, or sometimes both as the Media whips it into a frenzy.

          The nutso in China will get Shamed in Public, Euthanized in a rolling Execution Vehicle , Buried and a bill for the execution sent to his survivors. And then promptly forgotten.

          Wanna bet Lanza is still media entertainment in America long after Min Yongjun is stricken from Chinese History.

          But some people care so much about the Children,

          Here is a catchy little tune Libs can dance to while they care bout them children.

  13. Unfortunately, the liberals have declared war on this type of man since the mid sixties when MLK and all the radical black muslim turds were mouthing off to LBJ about civil rights. While I agree with blacks having the same rights as any other ethnic group I DO NOT agree with shit like affirmative action where it fosters reverse discrimination against those of us on the pale side. Its bullshit! Its the double standard that LBJ started when he kowtowed to the blacks and proclaimed in his own words..I’ll have those ni##ers voting democratic for the next 200 years. This is what created welfare, affirmative action and all the other anti white racist shit the feds could dream up to appease the whining blacks. Now us pale faces get the short end of the stick from our own government because everything we say or do is racist in their feeble minds. I am SO fed up with that f’ing race card shit that it makes me want to vomit every time one of those pukes like Jesse or Al opens their yap.


    A few years ago there was a incedent in NORTH CAROLINA where some punk and a freind tied up a elderly couple and ransacked their home the man got lose and intercepted the punks as they were making off with ill,gotten loot the old man had a gun when one punk went for a gun the old coot shot him dead and their local news rag held a big sob story in their paper parading the dead crooks parents around and saying their son was NOT A CROOK what a load of Bull kaka However the readers didnt buy this bleedingheart poppycock crap

  15. “Randy Weaver nut case”

    “Knuckle Dragging Ruby Ridge nut case”

    Ruby Ridge was a matter of an informant probably falsely telling the Feds that Randy Weaver sawed a shotgun 0.25 inch too short and then failing to pay a $5 transfer tax on that newly-created sawed-off shotgun. The penalty for all that is the blood of your wife, children and dogs.

    • Uhhh no. Re read the events. A dispute with neighbor led to the neighbor reporting that Weaver had made threats against the president.
      The Feds investigated and found it was bogus. The area FBI agent told the people to drop it and leave him alone because he had not done anything wrong. He apparently was the only fed involved with any integrity. He was ‘retired’ shortly afterward.

  16. Gun control is absolutely about sticking it to the white male conservative voter. Consider the logic. Since most gun violence is perpetrated by non-whites in gangs (related to drugs in inner cities and on the border), who do not obtain their guns legally, how can a solution to this problem be to make gun laws stricter for typical law abiding owners (i.e., lower/middle class white males)?

    The high profile tragedies, which are typically carried out by suicidal white male wackos, are great photo ops for self-hating liberals to beat the pulpit for more gun control. But while indeed tragic, in fact the deaths in these incidents are statistically insignificant compared to the broader figures on gun deaths (of which 50% are in fact self-inflicted suicides; and which pale in comparison to the number of road deaths each year).

    I don’t see any liberals stumping to ban suicide or cars. But I do hear liberals trying to suggest the 2nd Amendment is there only to protect hunters, and why do hunters (again, typically white males) need assault rifles? False premise in order to criticize white males and arrive at a false remedy. Again, how do limits on hunters and other typically law abiding gun owners solve the real problem of drug/gang related gun crimes among minorities? And how do the words “well regulated militia” somehow translate into “to secure the rights of hunters”?

    As the article properly points out, the real theme of gun control is dislike for anything white and male, since the reigning theme in the popular culture is hate for America and its racist, greedy ways, and the old white men that made it that way (“sticking to their guns and religion”). While always part of the American culture at some level, this meme has now gained ascendancy and is eating through the soul of the nation, and is being exported globally among willing consumers looking for excuses why their cultures/economies are not as successful. CNN and their kind should be brought up on charges of sedition, as their liberal mouthpieces are more lethal than any assault rifle. But instead we will see more and more initiatives aimed at containing conservative white males.

    • Really?
      I thought I saw a common thread between the war on drugs (especially MJ and opium), private gun ownership restrictions, antidog laws, antimantrapping laws, segregation, anti-immigrate laws, chain gangs/prison plantations, etc. They seem to originally have been aimed at you-know-who. But of course the voters supported this junk that suppressed us as much as it did ‘them’, because some politicians suckered us into this.
      Yeah, now it seems that it’s pretty much any honest man that is being attacked in droves and the crooks are getting political and media protection that even (just) money can’t buy. Defending yourself against teenagers with an attitude that they can take what they want makes you into a horrible person but hey if you get caught embezzling money and destroying a company (and the jobs that go with it), well that’s OK, you’re just doing what everyone else in your line of work does and just got caught. It’s not bribery, it’s a ‘contribution’. It’s not murder or a questionable claim of self-defense, it’s “He’s coming right for us!” or “that chihuahua looked dangerous!”. 😉


    RUBY RIDGE Randy weavers son and wife Murdred by Goverment agentsThe BRANCH DAVDIANS the Davidians Mudred by GOVERMENT AGENTS and that was many kids And Barack Obama supports ABORTION while appearing with kids for more gun control laws But always remember that Hitler,Stalin and Mao also liked to do big time propeganda photos with kids

  18. …and one last observation. If liberals gave it any thought, they would recognize the Rwanda genocide as a debilitating example of the false premises underlying some of the Left’s most sacred cows:

    1) 800,000 people were killed in 90 days- most of them by machete. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, and will use whatever’s at hand if motivated enough.

    2) The participants in this war were all black, exhibiting profound levels of xenophobia/tribalism/racism. Racism comes in all colors, and is in fact very pronounced in the Left’s adopted homeland (e.g., Mama Africa) and among its most favored race (black). Blacks are not just victims, but prolific victimizers.

    3) The local media was a major instigator, helping inflame the people to murder. The media, rather than being the noble 4th estate and protector of progressive Truth, can be complicit in the nefarious brainwashing and demise of whole nations.

    • Yeah, no s**t. If you’re in the majority in an area, it suddenly turns from simple bigotry to actual genocide or oppression. Anyone who thinks their race is immune is full of it and possibly of the sort of mentality that infamous ‘useful idiot’ had when rejecting Ayn Rand’s manuscripts. Claimed that she didn’t know what she was talking about and thought that the Soviets wouldn’t throw him under a bus in a minute if he was in the USSR.

  19. Let’s pose a question:
    Person #1; Finds a wallet containing $1000 and looks in it to find the owner’s name so it can be returned intact.

    Person #2; Finds a wallet containing $10 and puts the $10 in his pocket and throws the wallet in a dumpster.

    Question: Of the two, which would be more likely to live in a southern state, be white, and can be trusted with a concealed firearm?