Jamie Foxx’s anti-white words in the past few months have been making headlines in conservative blogs but nowhere else. Go figure! In describing his part in the movie “Django Unchained,” Foxx said on the pathetic Saturday Night Live,

“I play a slave. How black is that? I have to wear chains. How whack is that?

“I get free. I save my wife and I kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?”

Well, apparently it’s pretty great. Ex-LAPD cop Chris Dorner loves killing him some crackas. Also some Asians, too. Racism, you understand. Dorner’s a victim. At least, in his mind. Just like millions of other blacks in AmeriKKKa have been taught!

Foxx recently was awarded the Entertainer of the Year award at the NAACP Image Awards which is akin to winning the Chub’s Bait Shack “BassMaster of The Year.” The NAACP has fallen that low. I’m sorry to insult Chub’s Bait Shack. The only people who pay attention to the NAACP anymore are black racists and white liberals.

Black people are the most talented people in the world, huh? Maybe so, maybe not. It’s interesting Foxx asks “how can you sit in this room and listen to Gladys Knight sing and not say ‘goll-lee.” I do say “gollee” at the richness of Knight’s voice. AWD loves the music of Gladys Knight. Is Foxx aware that Gladys Knight is a converted Mormon, the whitest of white churches in the world? Probably not or he would have never mentioned her. He also credits Samuel Jackson, whose sole talent appears to be playing a black ghetto thug in every role whose lines mainly consist of “mutha-f***a.” But he also throws accolades to cracka-hating, has-been singer Harry Belafonte who has proven himself to be a racist, communist idiot in his later years. Belafonte fits in perfectly with the white-hating NAACP. Great company to keep, Foxx!

Certainly, some black people have great talent. But Foxx takes great license i stating that black people are the most talented in the world. One only need look at the race of the inventors that have advanced our standard of living over the past 100 years to see they are mostly crackas.

Conservatives are upset because a white person stating “white people are the most talented in the world” would be committing career death in the United States of the Politically Correct. Conservatives seek fairness. Jamie Foxx, the NAACP and their ilk would resoundingly criticize such a statement from a white person. So why is Foxx given so much leeway in making such an outlandish statement? Because we have come to not expect anything more from black people like Jamie Foxx.

The cracka-hating black crowd gets the freedom to make statements that would be widely condemned if they came from the mouth of a white person. Just like Muslims do not receive criticism for calling for the annihilation of Jews, killing of their women, exploding their children, etc. No one expects anything different. Blacks are not criticized for making statements like those regularly made by white-hating blacks because no one expects anything more of them.

What a sad statement for black people. They are spared the societal discipline applied to other races because no one expects them to measure up to those ideals. Unfortunately, most successful blacks are successful in America because they entertain white people. There are far too many successful blacks who are pro athletes, actors or musicians. Not scientists, doctors, or inventors of technology. They are successful because, one way or another, they are merely modern-day minstrels.

Would the NAACP even exist without the dollars from corporate America donated (extorted) because of political correctness and white guilt? Can one imagine a white US Congressman who believes Guam will capsize if a US naval base is built there? The entire Congressional Black Caucus is full of ignorant fools who were given their positions in Congress by gerrymandered districts that promised them a majority of black constituents to guarantee a lifetime in office. Who awarded those districts? White people. Why? White guilt. Were those gerrymandered seats in Congress earned because of intellectual prowess or leadership? No, they were given by whites to appease and try to further black people. The results have been disastrous. Affirmative Action and other set aside government programs were created for the same reason….most black people just cannot measure up to other races. Blacks fall behind in every measurement of achievement in America. Giving someone something they have not earned never results in positive results, for neither the giver nor the recipient.

Ask most white kids what they want to be when they grow up. They’ll say a computer programmer, scientist, engineer, etc. Ask black kids and the response commonly reported is a pro athlete, rapper or pimp. Too many blacks need government-engineered programs that place them at the front. Not because of any act of their own, but merely on the basis of pigment. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Did Martin Luther King dream of black kids in 2012 aspiring to be pimps when they grow up? Is this the best they can do? Would he be proud to know that far too many blacks embrace ignorance and hatred of white people instead of having a thirst for knowledge and achievement? Would he be pleased that blacks are employed by government jobs far beyond their percentage of population in jobs that are paid for by people (mostly white) in the private sector? That black males would commit over 50% of violent crimes and murders while making up 6% of the population? I cannot believe this is the dream of Martin Luther King! It is an American nightmare!

Are blacks content to know they receive such latitude from America because most believe them incapable of living up to the standards expected of white people? When is the last time the propaganda media reported the race of black flash mobs that attack innocents? Would it be reported if a group of white kids were involved in a flash mob that looted a store or attacked innocent passers-by in the street? Of course it would. That would be news! Black kids rampaging on a crime spree isn’t news. Its an everyday occurrence. Just like Muslims killing everything in sight. It’s not news. It’s reality.

Jamie Foxx will receive no scrutiny outside of the conservative world. Not because conservatives are racist. But because no one expects anything more of Jamie Foxx. White America generally subscribes to the dream of MLK’s color-blind society far greater than black people. We judge people by their actions and character. Too many blacks only see pigment, or lack thereof.

White liberals and black racists have perpetuated victim-hood status on black people for their own gain. Therefore, young blacks grow up believing they are immune from criticism for their bad and violent actions. They also are taught that white people owe them because slavery existed in America more than 150 years ago, even though white people fought a civil war to exterminate the practice. Why are they taught this? Because white liberals and black racists both benefit from perpetuating these hateful lies. White liberals need the votes and black racists need the money. The modern-day drivel from MSNBC is a perfect example of this.

AWD believes every race can achieve through work, sacrifice, education and making good life decisions. I judge people by their actions. Dr. Benjamin Carson would be welcome in my home while I would call the police on Chris Matthews. Carson worked hard, studied, and made quality life decisions and became a successful doctor. He is an intelligent, accomplished American..who happens to be black. Not suprising, Carson is hated by white liberals and black racists. Why? He disproves their lies.

Jamie Foxx is fortunate. He lives in America. He is an actor. He pretends to be other people. But, outside of entertainment which has made him wealthy, Foxx brings little value to anyone’s quality of life. He didn’t invent computers. Nor medicine. Nor did he help create energy, food, or any other products or services that better our way of life. What’s funny is Jamie Foxx still sees himself as a victim! And nothing could be further from the truth. He is among the most fortunate on the planet!

His movie Django Unchained is nothing more than a movie created by white liberals to perpetuate the lie that blacks are victims in America. And that message is the most dangerous for blacks and promises to keep them chained to the plantation of victim-hood by white liberals and black racists.

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  1. choke on a watermelon a hole

  2. Off Topic But,

    We’re the Battling Bastards of Benghazi,
    No fame, no glory, no paparazzi.

    Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
    Defending the country we loved so well,

    It wasn’t our job, but we answered the call,
    Fought to the consulate, n scaled th’ wall.

    We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
    Led them to safety, ‘n stood at th’ gate.

    Just the two of us, ‘n foe by th’ score,
    But we stood fast to bar th’ door.

    We called for reinforcement, but it was denied,
    So we fought, ‘n we fought, ‘n we fought, ‘n we died.

    We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
    ‘n Obama didn’t give a damn,

    Just two dead SEALS, who carried the load,
    No thanks to us, we were bumps in the road.

  3. AWD…

    You hit the nail on every head regarding this issue…one of the best.

  4. Brilliant Joy! You have as much talent in making a counter argument as Jaime Fox has in making a movie, “YA BIG ASS BITCH!” (Totally acceptable AWD, because it’s a Jaime Fox quote from Any Given Sunday)

  5. Arm and separate. Conservatives want fairness? Not sure what you mean there your Dudeness. I am 100% jaded on the black race. If my boss hired a black man, I would promptly quit my job. As I mentioned on another thread, I have chosen sides.

    • There is no fairness during these times. Screw compromise.

    • MichaelT, I believe most white Americans will welcome a person who is responsible, law-abiding and productive no matter what the skin color. Some won’t. I just have a hard time writing off every black American when I know so many who are good, responsible people. But I understand when white people are fed up with the tremendously poor actions of the legions of ghetto blacks. As am I.


  6. To add to this, my wife and I just discussed Dr. Carson, I stated, as I beleive, that despite Dr. Carson’s courage to speak truth to power, he was/is a recipient if affirmative action. No doubt well educated but someone had to lose for him to win. Would a movie had been made about him if he was white? Would be be giving a speech at the National Prayer Breakfast if he was white. Does anyone think he didn’t vote for obama? He is a construct, gifted, yes I think so, but raised up because of skin color and put before us as an example. Bless him and the ones he’s helped but make no mistake, someone lost so he could succeed. And there in lies our conundrum, who are the real successes of our society? The ones we never hear about. And jaime fox, well, I think you pretty much covered it.

  7. He is a professional assh*le. He will fade like all of them,not a very good actor just riding the Black wave for a bit till “O” leaves. More attention paid to them the more money they get. Dry em up. Ignore them.

  8. Cinnamon Girl says:

    While I believe AWD makes a good point in saying blacks, Muslims, and the like who act badly get a pass because nothing more is expected of them, I also think that the biggest and most pressing reason they get a pass is because of political correctness which is now not only de rigueur, but also:

    “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire.

    Disclaimer: it cannot, apparently, be determined whether or not Voltaire actually said or wrote this but it makes a lot of sense in today’s society.

    This may sound sort of paranoid or even silly depending on the way you look at it, but I also believe that people, especially the left, are not only interested in garnering votes and favor from the violent and degenerate, but they’re also secretly or not so secretly afraid of them. In order to placate them, the media, Hollywood, and Washington feign adulation. They then receive something in the trade, which are votes, street “cred”, and the lack of rioting or not-so-random murder.

    This sort of thinking has to stop and soon. We are not free if we cannot speak our minds, all of us. We are not free if we can be charged with hate speech. While I am with AWD in the belief that everyone can succeed simply by applying ourselves, all of us need to cease this apologist attitude.

    Last year I was watching a couple of black comedians give a stand up routine. As is so popular these days, they launched into a full-on O love fest and a rant against Republicans (read: conservative whites). While I was admittedly entertained by other parts of their act, I booed this and did so unabashedly. I received sharp looks from surrounding parties, but so what? I was there to laugh, guffaw, and chuckle, not to be preached to about how evil I am based upon my skin color and political thinking.

    Sadly, if some idiot on the street were to act up and I were to boo or hiss I’d likely be attacked because they believe they can simply go on the offensive in every which way. It’s this thinking, as well, that has to cease.

  9. Rockets red ......... says:

    ga Steve.

    Most excellent post and comment.

    AWD, know that you will be decried “racist”.

    For speaking the plain truth to simpletons like myself.
    Takes BALLS cheif! You gotem!

    Ga Steve, good work! Your post speaks for the men who have the
    Balls and honor to stand and kick ass for you, me, all of us.

    The left glorify this black thug ex LA cop, and what AWD eluded to in his
    Post, the cop is obviously a racist affirmative action wannabe that pushed his mental, now physical limits. A racist looser.

    Let me share what I feel is important to me, if I may.

    I listened to Chris Kyles wife speak at his funeral service
    Today. Honestly, I had tears in my eyes, and do now writing this.

    It is really odd to me the morality between Chris and the Racist thug
    In california as portrayed on what we hear, I don’t watch TV.

    I have a love for our country and our true patriots like Chris.

    If I had 1/100th of the balls Chris had, I would consider myself a REAL
    Patriot. My biggest regret in life is not having served.

    Stand together folks, we’re in for a rocky ride!

    Thank you AWD for you’re honesty.

    God Bless Chris and his family, A true American Hero!!

  10. Love me some serious writing… kudos!

  11. Jamie Foxx’s anti-white words in the past few months have been making headlines in conservative blogs but nowhere else.

    Go figure!

    Easier than pie. Tribe owns 97% ? of media and is virulently anti White.
    Simpler than pie.


    And while this wank appears on that phonie DEMAND A PLAN Foxx himself uses GUN in one part of his movie typical liberal eletists supporting a dictator another DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO leftists

  13. There is something I would like to say about the movie Django Unchained. At first, I didnt really want to go see it, because I thought it would be just like AWD said. But my wife wanted to see it, so…

    Well, color me surprised, I liked it! The evil racist characters were actually the most funny and I was laughing aloud with them. The movie is supposed to be very simple in its message, but I found a lot of subtetly in some of the characters, as if Tarantino was including some alternate message only a few people will get, a message that is quite different than the one Jamie Foxx was advertising at Saturday Night Live. The good guys may not be that good if you analyze their actions carefully, and you might find out that maybe the “evil white guy”, the owner of Candyland, is the way he is because someone who is actually black (Samuel L. Jackson character) has been encouraging his sadistic delusions since he was a child and doesnt know better. The whole “revenge” theme and how Django massacres everyone at the end, the way he does it, celebrating the cold blooded murders in “black gangster” style, can be seen as criticism to the “black power” mindset. He even betrays and murders people that trusted him, and I dont really think the movie asks us to see that in a positive light. Django might be the “hero” of the movie, but I found him quite lacking of moral values and is far from being a role model, even if some people will see him like that. And that is the scary message that maybe Tarantino is trying to tell us. That maybe we are rooting for a guy that is actually almost as despicable as the people oppresing him.

    • Thanks for your balanced review, I still will not go see the movie because I am not going to support Jamie Fox, but I was curious because it’s a Tarantino movie.

      If the the rise of Flash Mobs and Mob beatings is any indication of how Whites are being judged and executed through mob violence, I have to suspect that many who see this movie will not be able to discern the message through objectivity and rational thought.

      Becoming as despicable as what you hate, is a very small sacrifice in Liberal Ideology as Chris Dorner exemplifies.

      According to his manifesto LAPD is racist and always has been and we are left with the impression it’s the White Mans fault for the abhorrent conditions in L.A. And Dorner is a freedom fighter against Racism kinda like Che Guevara the poster boy for the Left.

      Yet the people he first names and attacks are Asian, and the original investigation that got him fired was a Female Police Officer they called Chupacabra (hmm curious Hispanic reference) who took delight in rough cuffing.

      So it’s Blacks, Asians, and Women (Possibly Hispanic), at the nexus of this disaster, but Blame it on the White Racist LAPD, it’s easier that way.

      • RidinShotgun says:

        Ummm, there’s only one big problem with that analysis; we here can read the review and think, “Ok, haven’t seen the movie but maybe I have something more to look into now if I do.”
        The mouth-breathing, ghetto set simply will NEVER come away with that analysis.

  14. I have “negro fatigue”. (I noticed my spell checker underlined negro – is this a pc option on Micro Soft Word?)

    • Celebrate Homogeneity says:

      No, it’s not Microsoft being politically correct. The proper spelling – in English – is Negro. In the languages that use the word “negro” as the word to describe a condition or color it is generally pronounced “NEH-groh” or “NAY-groh”, the lower case is correct unless it is the initial word in the sentence.

      In English, the word is used to describe a race, and generally, these are spelled with a capital initial letter, whether Negro or otherwise. It would be Negro, Asian, or White when referring to a racial group. If, however, one wants negro in lower case, just right-click, select “add to dictionary”, and the problem is solved.


    BOYCOTT DeJANGO UNCHAINED and especialy when its released on DVD

  16. Django…….


    Cause and effect?

  17. Sergio Corbucci and Franco Nero made the Django movie back in 1966. How did a Italian “Spaghetti Western” get remade with a black American slave as Django? Nothing new or original comes from stupid people, who look over the shoulder of a smart person doing creative work.

    The official 1987 Django Strikes Again sequal has the white hero combating evil Germans making slaves out of the local people using their war/slave ship as a base. It takes place back in a late 1800’s south America. The crime boss has a lot of white, brown, and black slaves to use, with white, brown, and black slave drivers! Slavery was a world wide problem that did everybody wrong.

    Even the Italian movie industry played fair back then, even though Django’s machine gun looks real fake. A very low budget in the first one is why. These original movies are just as nasty as the new one, if not more so, just less unreal and racist.

  18. The black community is the canary in the coal mine of American Society. Our country is in a rapid moral decline and that includes white people. I used to love going to football and basketball games but nowadays you can’t go without some white guy spilling his 17th beer on you while yelling obscenities and looking your wife up and down like she’s a piece of meat.

    Our nation achieved great prosperity because of our Christian values and now we are in the debauchery/moral decline part of the cycle.

    Liberalism is just one of the many aspects of the humanism that is destroying our society. Some of the other aspects are Atheism, Moral Relativism and Marxism. When I hear Conservatives deride Christians and call them “Bible Thumpers” it makes me cringe. Where do you think the idea of self-sufficiency and honest labor come from? II Thessalonians chapter 3. Look it up and read the whole chapter. It’ll take 2 minutes and you’ll understand where the term “protestant work ethic” comes from.

  19. http://latimesblogs.latimes.co.....-hurt.html

    Liberal Hero gonna go down soon, good riddance to POS

  20. Why are all the WORST people in the world seen as fit to be soldiers and policemen? While the kids that stayed out of trouble, got good grades, never did drugs or went out drinking every Friday night, get passed over if they want to be soldiers or cops? Except for the obvious in Dorner’s case.

  21. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Good lord, I don’t just have Jamie Foxx fatigue, I have Negro fatigue!

  22. dirtydog1776 says:

    If blacks, who make up 14% of the population, are so smart, why do they constitute only 2-3% of scientists, medical, technological and professionals jobs? Could be that we have spend billions on education in inner cities without any tangible results.

    The tragedy of it all is that when ObamaCare takes effect, all those black people who want free medical care will have to be treated by white doctors. (Unless they have the sense to quit, a la John Galt.)

    But, while they are waiting, they can sing, dance, tell racist jokes and receive their welfare check and free ObamaPhone.

  23. Spurwing Plover says:

    JAME FOXX and CHRIS ROCK in a leaky rowboat without life kackets surrounded by sharks. DONT YOU ONLY WISH?

  24. It had to happen sometime. Semi-professional thugs and criminals…


    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      As always Snake you’re dead on. Money says he wasn’t majoring in criminal justice.

      • Thanks, QLB. That’s the way I would bet. Right now you probably couldn’t force a toothpick up Saban’s a-hole with a pile driver. Ahhh…he’ll get over it.

        • Quartier LeBlanc says:

          Hell with the money he’s making, it’s probably an afterthought. There’s plenty more when he came from. He’s running a gladiator school, nothing more and nothing less.

  25. The best way to hurt Jamie is to not walk across the street to piss on him if he were on fire. I don’t like him, I don’t watch him and I wouldn’t be caught dead seeing one of his movies. He might not miss my $8.90 but he sure as hell would miss a million of them. He’s box office poison to me and he’s nothing without white fans – not enough blacks to keep him afloat. Not unless they’ve changed the food stamp rules. Simply put if you don’t see him you don’t see him.

  26. Wouldn’t give him the seat off my nut sack. Screw ths racist SOB nad his proud black bullshit, Friggin idiot isn;t worth the time it would take to step over his dead ass,,



  28. I dont watch movies starring racist black bigots like this jack off. He can stuff his black pride where the sun doesnt shine. I wouldnt piss on him or the entire ghetto black population of America if it were on fire. I dont judge people by their skin color, I judge them by their actions. Scum like this is the same ilk and mentality as some KKK hood wearing sack of shit. A racist to me is a piece of shit no matter what their heritage may be. If only the left leaning libtard morons would finally recognize that whites arent the only ones with racial hatred issues.