AWD has a secret to share. I’m a cracka. Because I adhere to proven conservative values like fiscal and personal responsibility, I’m a crazy cracka on the right. And I’m also a racist. At least, according to one of the arbiters of political correctness at MSNBC, Karen Finney (scientific name: karennious hugeasseous libtardinus) .

Here’s Finney illustrating that the rules of political correctness that are forced on the right do not apply to the elite leftists in America:

Go back and look at the last second of that video after Finney finishes speaking. She is so proud of herself! That look! It’s priceless. After that “crazy cracka” remark, she is convinced she’ll now get her own show on MSNBC with the other cast of crazies like Tingles, Sharpton and Ed Schultz.

AWD won’t go into the usual “what if a white person had said the same about a black person?” sh*t. I mean I could say, “those leftards need to buy the votes of Mezcans with welfare and food stamps because they ain’t making enough Negroes to pander to these days. And crackas are getting fed up with Hussein Hopenchange’s anti-cracka administration.” Or I could say, “I can’t tell if Karen Finney is a Mezcan or a Negro or a combination since she’s straightened out her hair to look like a crazy cracka on the right but she’s got an ass like a big ol’ bufforilla.” But I won’t say those things. It’s too easy.

I’m glad Finney had the guts (or stupidity) to call crackas “crackas.” Names have never really ever bothered me. Not even from Mezcan/Negro, chubby, lebanese looking fillies on MSNBC. I hope that description doesn’t bother Karen Finney. I would worry a lot about that.

Finney proves AWD’s words on the poison of political correctness in America. PC is a weapon we on the right give to the left to silence us. PC rules are enforced only for conservatives or crackas, never for those on the left. A network that will not even cover the plague of black street crime and violence, much less the color of the perps, will allow mouth-breathers like Karen Finney to demonize those who oppose the left’s statist agenda. That Al Sharpton has a show on MSNBC tells you everything you need to know about that “news” network.

Rise up, crazy crackas (aka conservatives)! Cast off the chains of political correctness that bind the truth. The chains that force you to pretend what is is not. Pretending has never served anyone. Except actors, and they’re mostly leftist morons who don’t warrant discussion.

I suppose I could send Finney an email with the word “irony” attached but it would do no good. Liberals don’t care about fair play. They don’t care about discussion or debate. They care about furthering their agenda, by any means necessary. Liberals play upon the decency of most crackas and ridicule them for the values by which they live. Liberals will embrace every deviant sexual freakazoid in America but ridicule the traditional American family. They will ridicule American patriotism when no other country would allow their lunacy. They seek to disarm the peaceful, law-abiding American people because of the actions of the violent thugs who agree and were created by their failed leftist ideology. But, as Finney once again proves, all liberals have is name-calling and ridicule.

Here is more hard-hitting news from Finney and her fellow communist, cracka-hatin’ libtards on MSNBC:

Brilliant! Julia, a cartoon character of the Obama campaign, will be dead under Romney/Ryan. Finney appears to be a ugly, bitter woman. But then, she’s a liberal. I repeat myself.

It’s simply mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it don’t matter. Leftists talk a lot but never say anything. Do you really care what an MSNBC tool calls you? Let them flap their leftist lips to themselves. Nobody with any intelligence watches them anyway. Screw them! They simply don’t matter.

Congratulations to Karen Finney! She’s exposed the lunacy of the left once again to all who can see. Condolences to Karen Finney. She is Angry White Dude’s Libtard of the Week! And she’s a loser.

AWD the cracka

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  1. Someone needs to tell her that shiny clingy fabrics are not her friend.

  2. MSNBC should only be viewed if you are constipated. Works better than any enema. Everyone on that network is a suppository.

  3. Picture perfect…tells ya all you need to know about leftist-loons and what they think class is.

  4. Karen is our friend. The only way to raise the ethnic consciousness of the brain-dead taxpayer class is to have race-hustlers like Karen call them out as racist crackas, or to have Trayvon jump them.

  5. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Yep, AWD is right, it looks like had a big O when she said that last sentence.

  6. An SNL skit back in the day had Julian Bond explaining to Garrett Morris why light-skinned blacks are more intelligent than dark-skinned blacks. Everybody laughed, albeit uncomfortably.

    It remains the elephant in the room that so many prominent “blacks” are, well, not very black – which, ironically, makes Al Sharpton the token black who eagerly reinforces the point with his every appearance.

    I know Caucasians with more Negroid features than Ms. Finney! But none with a badonkadonk even half that big!


    A liberal who sends a $500 check to GREENPEACE to SAVE THE POLAR BEARS and supports PLANNED PARENTHOOD your AVRAGE LIBERAL

  8. Mall Security Guard Forced to Tase Mother After She Attacks Him While Toddlers…

  9. Chubby Chicks Gone Wild!

    MSNBC is Co-owned by Comcast and GE

    Brian L. Roberts is owner and CEO of Comcast

    Jeffrey R. Immelt is CEO of GE (the closet thing GE has to an owner)

    Just in case we don’t know what Crazy Crackas look like, I though I would provide some images of the TWO PEOPLE chubby Girl works for.


    Immelt Before and After:

    Now that FRO is one crazy hairdo

    And those is some Crazy Crackas

    Keep “Workin’ Fo the Man” KAREN FINNEY


  10. Yeah, whatever you fugly bitch.. kiss my cracka ass!

    The sooner the war starts the better… I hate white liberal traitors and thier sassy ghetto pets like her

  11. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Better back it up. Better back it up. Better back it up. Better back it up.

    I’m not sure I can post links with my mobile device, but there’s a related video that’s much more gruesome. Check youtube for: bus driver uppercut. Wow.

  12. That was a Freudian slip coming from her hunger pangs..LOL

  13. West Coast Dude says:

    Wow, this girl is a retard. She states “Those crazy crakers on the right, like if they start with their VERY HATEFUL LANGUAGE….” You’ve got to be kidding me – she is such a hypocrite. She uses her own “hateful” language to criticize whites by calling them “crakers”, but then she goes on to mention that they are going to start using “very hateful language”. Please, who’s using the hateful language now Finney?? Let’s not be a hypocrite and tell others to not do what you are doing Finney.

  14. maybe post her
    home address

    Oh, those ‘gun owners in westchester ny’….most of the addresses the
    newspaper printed are wrong [old].

  15. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Lets see, I can get into trouble calling her a N!$$&% but she can call me a cracker with impunity? Nothing like a liberal hypocrite.

  16. She reminds me a lot of one of my old elementary school teachers. Mrs. Rhinehart. Her backside was half the size of the blackboard. She would never walk up and down the aisles of the classroom for fear of mashing heads on to desks like play doh. She was a hag as well.

  17. Pull that hair up in a tight bun, and file her under “black man’s dream”

  18. Spanx have broken down, purple is not slimming!

    Step off and don’t call me a cracker!

    Blistered, out!

  19. Biff, no one really cares what you believe. In these here parts, you are called banned. See ya!


  20. Why are all the Liberal Left woman butt ugly, fat as cows,have really bg mouths and disgsuting in general? Something in the water?