Seems Bernard Bey has issues with his childhood and his past memories of such. Yes, friends…he says he’s had a troubled childhood and he wants to make it right now by getting even with those that he claims caused him to be in a victom-hood state of mind…so he decides to sue!

Now dudes and dudettes…I’m quite sure there are millions across this land that have had a horrendous trials and tribulations though their childhoods. While most grow up fast, move on and adjust, they proceed to go on in life with pride attempting to achieve their goals while doing so. – But not Bernard Bey…check out what he did for his ‘Cry Me A River‘ scenario.

This is definitely one of the oddest lawsuits ever. 32-year-old Bernard Anderson Bey from Brooklyn, New York filed a lawsuit against his parents in which he is suing them for $200,000 for not loving him nor his siblings enough in order for them to become productive citizens in this country. He claims that he and his siblings were raised under extremely poor conditions and the lack of love given to them hindered them from being motivated and focused enough to strive to achieve great things.

His parents, Bernard and Vickie Manley live in a housing project in Brooklyn and have very little money, so if he was to be awarded with the $200k, they would have to mortgage their home to pay him properly. Bernard hopes to buy two Dominos pizza franchises with the money and support his family from there.

Bernard addressed various forms of neglect and abuse he claims he suffered in the lawsuit.

“Our whole family is really poor, and my father doesn’t care about the situation. I feel unloved and abandoned.”

He claimed that his father beat him as a child and would often call him a “bastard” and “motherf**ker”, and that he also did drugs right in front of him when he was a child. Both of his parents responded by dismissing his attempts to feed off of them, and his mother in particular feels as though he needs to own up to his responsibilities as an adult. His mother Vickie stated:

“I live in the projects. You want to sue me? What’s next, you coming to shoot up my door? He’s 32 years old. That speaks for itself. Welcome to America. Everyone in America has the same opportunity. Don’t blame the parents at this point. The choice is yours. You’re an adult.”

Bernard Manley, who is actually Bernard’s stepfather, not his biological father, only had this to say:

“He’s not related to me. He’s not my son.”

Apparently Bernard’s siblings recognize him as being crazy and a pathological liar, which will play a heavy role in the outcome of this case.

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  1. Is this any surprise this is a direct result of the entitlment culture. I am surprised we do not here more of this.

    • I’m not surprised we don’t hear more. Them msm doesn’t want news and connections like this to get out about the progressives well laid plans for their complete ‘nanny-state’ control. Heck, they’ve been clawing to reach their agenda for decades and they have made it to the pinnacle these days…and those ahead of us our yet to come! – Be prepared!

  2. Let’s see here. The parents live in the projects and if ole Berny wins they’ll have to mortgage their home to pay the award. I think even Fanny Mae might balk at bundling that sucker. Need to check with Barney Frank, he’s an expert on this type thing.

  3. Does this go in the ‘Yes’ column in the “Welfare to Work” report?

  4. How can the parents mortgage property that’s located in a housing project? Doesn’t the property belong to the federal government?

  5. Great story. Meh…

  6. While sounding extremely crazy, the guy actually has a plan. In a saner time, everyone would just laugh this off, but remember the woman who spilled hot coffee on herself, sued McDonalds, and won? Wonder how he came to settle on Domino’s pizza franchises?

    • I remember that gal well, along with the absurd lawsuit and settlement.

      Btw…I have no idea how he came to decide on Domino’s…but methinks he’s going to have to quit complaining and work for his goals himself!

  7. Perhaps he would settle out of court for a large pizza and a 40oz King Cobra.


    America has too many damn lawyers there needs to be a limit to the number of these vultures and sharks. AND LET US THE FIRST THINGS WE DO LET US KILL ALL THE LAWYERS, WILLIAM SHAKESPEAR

  9. How long until the BA degree graduates in history, english, early childhood studies, and the like starting suing for breach of contract and racketeering? $50000 in debt and working at the cinemax, tending bar, or camp counseling, if they have any job at all. To top it off if they were racist enough to have white parents then they can wait in line behind every other ethnic and cultural group to assure diversity and fairness. I don’t see a happy ending. I hope I’m wrong.


    Another product of the ME GENERATION ungrereatful little wretch

  11. One of these days somebody is going to get killed for trying to sue over crap like this. In that person’s mind, they’re going to be defending their property and their livelihoods from thieves. We’ve had this unpleasant situation in this country before (think Shay’s Rebellion). These plaintiffs and their lawyers would be the government, trying to steal what one has worked hard all their life for. And the defendant, again in their mind, will be acting in self-defense.

  12. And just to add: I just love when people in this country tout off about being “poor.” Give me a break! Most people in this country don’t know what poor is. This guy claims to be homeless? He’s dressed awfully nice for being “homeless.” He grew up poor, because he lived in the projects? Go visit a third-world country, where people can’t even get three meals a day, and have no homes, and where there IS NO government assistance. Then MAYBE you can talk about being poor. MAYBE…

  13. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Normally, I would just laugh off something like this. But in today’s climate, I’m afraid this dope might actually win his case! There’s definitely enough low-information votes who would sympathize with him. The judges are often no better. Oh well, I suppose these are the results when almost 3 generations of Americans are raised in politically-correct thought and educated in our public schools?

    • Your summation towards the end is one that I couldn’t agree with more! – I also do agree about the lib judges we have serving on plenty of courts across this land…it’s mind-bending at times!


    have you read the re-done LITTLE RED HEN and GRASSHOPPER and the ANT?


    A toll free phone numbers for lawyers 1-800-GREEDY,1-800,SCOUNDREL,1-800-REPTLIE,1-800-CROOK,1-800-SNAKE

  16. My mom once washed my mouth out with soap… can I sue??????????

    Hey BT… changed the weather forecast for southern KC area where I live… now expecting 12 to 16 inches on top of the 13 inches we got four days ago.

    What amount of snow have you received this winter???

    • Wow…you guys are really getting hammered with the global warming surprise!

      I don’t know altogether how much snow we’ve had this winter…just snowed the other day, but heck…we don’t have near the amount you do left on the ground at this time…and I’m hoping it stays that way until summer!

  17. Bet this guy can blame his parents for his troubles too!

    Shh…don’t tell the msm about him. ~

  18. is this true?
    obama will show at pimp rappers funeral?

  19. Pot Dealers Could Have To Pay 75% In Taxes!

    From CNN’s

    Marijuana dealers get slammed by taxes

    By Steve Hargreaves | February 25, 2013

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) – Thanks to a decades-old law targeting drug runners, entrepreneurs in the nascent medical marijuana industry face a unique burden: an effective federal income tax rate that can soar as high as 75%.

    The hefty levy is the result of a 1982 provision to the tax code, known as 280E, that stemmed from a successful attempt by a convicted drug trafficker to claim his yacht, weapons and bribes as businesses expenses, according to 280E Reform, a group working to overturn the statute.

    Enacted in the wake of that PR debacle, the rule bars those selling illegal substances from deducting related expenses on their federal income taxes.

    How horrible! Still, this suggests that marijuana really must affect one’s brain. If these dealers would just promise to plow a little of their profits back to the DNC this problem would be fixed over night.

    And if they didn’t, Obama would just issue an executive order, in the same of ‘social justice.’

  20. I feel for this guy, My dad was a real bastard to. He actually expected me to mow the grass and paint the house every year. Then he expected me to get a job and he insisted I save all My money. Really it wasn`t fair. I don`t know why but he`s eighty years old now and I still say, yes sir.

  21. What a goof. The only good rap is the one this idiot needs put to the side of his head.