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  1. This was an attempt to post form my phone. Didn’t work out so well. Lol

  2. Duck n Cover. I had no problem viewing it, must be fixed.

  3. Worked fine for me Red!

    Great video, thanks for sharing!


    God gave Moses the TEN COMONANDMENTS,God gave the FOUNDING FATHERS the U.S. CONSTITUTION and liberals reject them both unless their modified

  5. RedState
    Just got an e-mail about our Thursday night tea part meeting and the speaker will talk about oath keepers, his name is Bill Looman, He was visited by the S.S. and FBI a couple yr’s ago for having signs on his truck saying not hiring till obama’s gone, he was a speaker at the 2nd amendment rally at the Ga capitol, It will be an interesting meeting.

  6. Oathkeepers, maybe our last, best line of defense against the horde.