This is another one for the books! What the heck are people in this society going to come up with next? Seems sue-happy people will find anything and everything to sue for…and many major companies continue to bow to their whims instead of fighting back…so, I guess reports like this will be never-ending!

Read about this and see what you think. – This is via FN:

A San Diego family is suing Disneyland, alleging that an employee in a rabbit costume at the popular amusement park is racist. reports that Jason Black Jr., 6, was on a trip with his family to the Anaheim park in August when he approached his favorite character, the White Rabbit.

“I went to hug him but he turned his back,” Jason told the station. “It’s made me feel sad because I wanted to really hug him.”

His older brother, Elijah, said he tried to hold the character’s hand, but the employee kept pushing his hand away, according to the report.

The Black family filed a lawsuit against Disneyland, claiming that the children were discriminated against by the person portraying the rabbit because they are black.

The boys’ father, Jason LeRoy Black Sr., initially thought the park had implemented a new policy preventing the characters from touching children.

He told his family observed the rabbit hugging, kissing and taking pictures with two white kids who approached the rabbit moments later.

After filing a complaint, the family was offered VIP passes, which they reportedly declined.

Dan Gilleon, the family’s attorney, said the Black family is asking Disney to issue a public apology and fire the employee who portrays the White Rabbit.

“They’re not trying to get something they don’t deserve,” Gilleon told the station. “In fact, all they’ve asked for is a little bit of recognition that this should not have happened.”

Disney recently asked the family to sign a confidential waiver in exchange for $500, according to

The station contacted Disney for comment and the company emailed a statement, which reads, “We cannot comment on something that we are not aware of — and that we carefully review all guest claims.”

Anything you want to add to this mix? If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. not2latenow says:

    Damn, sure hope they didn’t serve watermelon at the snack bar too. That’d really put em down for the count.

    • Lol…hey, at this point in life, that wouldn’t surprise me either.

      Btw…where the heck ya been? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you here. Hope all has been okay with you and yours. ~

      • not2latenow says:

        Hi Big
        Thanks for the kind words. I read the posts and comments every day but last November liked to done me in. Hard to find any levity after that. Keep up the great work. I really enjoy.

        • Well, thank you too for the kind words, they do matter.

          Btw…you know you’re not alone in regards to last Nov…not in the least. – Still glad for your comments here, you know you’re in good company. 😉

      • Yes, welcome back, as eagle-eyed bigtimer says, and whatever became of Goldwater64 ? I haven’t seen him lately on the site. Heck, I actually voted for Goldwater in ’64 in Atlanta – glad to be out of there, now one of those vibrant urban areas, as the great sarcastically calls them… On the white rabbit flap (what’s next?), Paul Harvey used to call these laughable litigants the “suers.” Not much they won’t sue on. I miss Paul. Look for Disney to pull a George Bush I and grovel. You see where that strategy got George.

        • MM…I also miss DtL too. Unless he’s here and changed his handle name. I know he said he was going to stay off here right before the election, it may be election results did him in.

          Renee is another poster I haven’t seen in quite awhile….there are others too, like blue-eyed devil etc.

  2. Tar Baby called Uncle Remus a honky cracker

    • Any guess as to how those parasites voted in November if they voted at all ? I sort of doubt they are flat-taxers, support voter ID, colorblind justice, the opportunity society or believe in the efficacy of the Laffer curve.

      • MM…I don’t know if you were replying to me or what about your post above. But, regarding this family and how they voted…I have no idea.. but I could give it a good guess. – It wasn’t the ‘R’ side of the aisle.

  3. Disney needs to ,but won;t..tell that attorney to go f*&k himself with a blunt object…

  4. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Uhh…………..? Not sure I can add anything to that.

    Oh yeah, I went down to New Orleans weekend before last. There was a restaraunt actually title “Chicken and Watermelon.” Very nice.

    • Mr Grumpus,
      In Jackson Miss there is a beauty shop called Nappy Head Beauty Salon.

      • Mr. Grumpus says:

        Now that you mention it Steve, I have seen such a place. I think it was also in New Orleans, and called Nappy Headz. But it may have been in Jackson, I only live about 2 hours away, and the memories get hazy on me.

        • Mr Grumpus. It was just west of Jackson before you got on the Natchez Trace Park Way, One thing that impressed me about Miss was the beautiful women, I’m talking about simple dressed common everyday women,


    Good grief if it wasnt SONG OF THE SOUTH now its ALAICE in WONDERLAND offends these whinning little pussies and they cant sue LEWIS CARROL becuase HE,S DEAD JIM I wonder what will be next on these liberal idiots hit list? MR BLUEBIRDS GOING TO CRAP ON THEIR LAWYERS HEAD

  6. You Guys are missing the point, why the hell is there a White Rabbit at the theme park to begin with, white rabbits are racist, it’s in their DNA

    If it was a Hispanic in that white rabbit suit then I would believe in the White Hispanic theory.

    And if it was a Pedophile in the white rabbit suit, that had an innate proclivity for white children, wouldn’t it be harassment for Disney to make him hug Black children, something said Pedophile may find sexually offensive.

    Here is a Pro Tip for Disney, tell Jason LeRoy Black Sr. that you are sorry his children did not have a good time visiting the theme park. And they are invited back to spend the entire day with the White Rabbit as their personal Theme Park Ambassador, everything is free on the house.

    Then put an African American employee in the White Rabbit suit, and make him kiss their ass all day.

    • Roaring with laughter here…your point is well taken, plus your solution should do the ‘Trix’…oops, I meant ‘Trick!’

      Btw…did Mr. Mittens approve of you solution too? 😉

  7. Disney has been known in the past to have harbored racist rabbits, Goofy does not care for people of color also. Although the ducks seem to get along {DAFFY&DONALD}.Unless their gay? Horrible situtation in the land of oz.

  8. All this makes me want to go visit The Wren’s Nest in West End Atlanta, home of Joel Chandler Harris, opened in 1881 ( Somehow I never got around to going there. I used to go to that area as a kid, would never go after dark today.

    • MM from Ga
      Better mark that off your list of things to do, I went in that area in the broad daylight a couple yr’s ago to a business, 8am and the street was full of drunks druggies, got to my destination and an armed guard opened a gate to let me park, went to the front entrance and had to ring a buzzer and another guard peeked out and let me into a small vestibule while he checked my I.D. and he was behind bullet proof glass. ATL ain’t what it used to be. Remember 10-14 street in the 60’s?

      • Yes, I grew up not far from the East Lake Golf Course. The whole area went down rapidly. The “ghetto burger” joint on Memorial Drive is a block from my old high school, now closed. It was okay then, working class white and zero crime. Thanks for the info. I sort of figured the West End area was bad and it’s worse. Yes, I remember 10-14th street, hippieville then. Thanks for the info, ga steve. I think I will pass on the Wren’s Nest. I enjoy being alive.

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    Looks like the FOX and the CAT from PINNOCIO have trained to become LAWYERS so has the BIG BAD WOLF

  10. Dr Poontang says:

    Ohhh boo hoo! They’re just mad at the rabbit for the same reasons they are mad at aspirin…its white, it works and you have to pick cotton to get to it.

  11. Dave in Texas says:

    What a crock! Tryin’ to win the lotto.

  12. I was born a savage. All children are born savages. We are civilized by moral instruction, and that is a long, slow, process. Among my earliest examples of literary moral instruction was a thin red book titled Little Black Sambo.

    So I was taken aback one Sunday by a box in the New York Times Book Review; it was titled “Rehabilitating Little Black Sambo.” Why, I wondered, did my guy Sambo need rehabilitation?

    Defending Sambo

    In truth, Sambo and his parents are paragons of virtue. Sambo has parents who are loving, skilled, attentive and industrious. Mumbo can cook and sew and Jumbo has a job. Sambo is smart enough to bargain his way out of life-threatening situations again and again. The story ends happily with everyone sitting down to a lovingly prepared home-cooked dinner.

    The overwhelming majority of black children in America enjoyed the emotional security of an intact two-parent home all the way from Emancipation, through the Great Depression, and right up to the dawn of the liberal Welfare State. Once black women were guaranteed a steady income for as long as they didn’t work and they didn’t marry, the two-parent black family was doomed. In today’s America, where seven of every ten black children are born to unmarried women, Sambo’s story feels like a quaint anachronism – a tale from some lost paradise.

    • Precisely….and don’t forget the rate of abortions that the black race abort as well. With the thumbs-up to do so with the likes of Sharpton and crew.

  13. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    As the BLACK (ahem) family sees the Disney character WHITE Rabbit……

    • A picture worth a thousand words. – Spot-On!

      The work you do speaks volumes, hoping you make some money off of the talent you have, and thankfully share with all of us. ~

      • Rides A Pale Horse says:

        Nary a sou since 2007. (snif) But that’s ok. If it brings a smile to someones face or makes them think then I’ve done my job.

        (sure……sure……just keep tellin’ yerself that)



    back when Disney was still making their SILLY STMPHONIES they made a verion of WHO KILLED COCK ROBIN they used a CROW to reprisent a black man type


    I now see their after DONALD DUCK I mean this PC nonsense is never ending I mean GOOFY was right when he said THERES SOMETHING WRONG HERE

    • Spur
      The family suing Peter rabbit is named Black and the family suing Donald Duck is named White, and they got the same lawyer, Yes Goofy’s right on this one.