I know you’ll find this hard to believe. AWD himself had to check the news report twice. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell you! An aspiring rapper and “goot boy” Kenny Clutch was killed during a shoot out that took place down Las Vegas Boulevard which has the aspiring rapper community in mourning!

Ever notice that every black male killed is an “aspiring rapper?” With the exception of Chris Dorner, it seems like every dead black male was an aspiring rapper. Maybe Dorner was an aspiring cop rapper! AWD doesn’t know the actuarial data on this but it appears being employed in the aspiring rapper industry carries the same risk of death as being a personal friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Unfortunately, a cab driver and his passenger were also killed when Clutch’s Maserati sports car slammed into it causing the cab to explode. No word if they were aspiring rappers.

According to Kenny’s attorney, he was a “goot boy” who never did nuffin’ wrong:

His attorney, Vicki Greco, said his death was shocking.

“Out of everyone I know in the rapping industry, there is no way I would have ever, ever expected to find that he was shot on the Las Vegas Strip in such an aggressive manner,” Greco said.

“He didn’t have a [criminal] record or a history. He was just a good kid trying to make it and be a good father.” Cherry had two children, she said.

Would Vicki Greco ever expect that Clutch would be shot in a less-aggressive manner? Actually, aspiring rapper Kenny Clutch (real name Kenny Cherry….which sounds like a porn name) (who didn’t have a criminal record or history) had several arrests:

The newspaper reported that Cherry had several arrests in Oakland and Berkeley, many for gun charges. He was convicted on a gun charge in 2007, stemming from an arrest in Berkeley, sources told the Tribune, although details on that conviction weren’t immediately available.

It’s too bad Clutch wasn’t practicing being a good father at 4:27 in the morning instead of being a dead aspiring rapper involved in a shootout down Las Vegas Boulevard that killed two innocent people. But the innocents were not goot boys. According to the NY Daily News, Clutch was a well-known pimp in Vegas…which probably accounts for the Maserati.

By posting this information regarding prior arrests and his career in pimpage, AWD is in now way saying that Kenny Clutch was not a goot boy who ever did somefin’ wrong. He was just a good father out driving his Maserati when he got caught up in a shooting that killed two innocent bystanders. It could happen to any aspiring rapper.

Further testimony of Clutch being a “goot boy” comes from his aunt Pat Sims in Oakland:

“I can tell you this … the world has lost a good man. I’m not saying he didn’t have his faults, but he was very kind, especially to older people. Whatever happened in Vegas, I don’t know about, but he was a very kind soul.”

ABC News reports:

“According to cops, a group of men in a black Range Rover fired on the Maserati as they drove down the boulevard following an argument near the valet area of Aria Hotel and Casino. The shooting occurred at 4:20 a.m.

“Clearly, the suspects in this shooting have no regard for the lives and safety of others,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Sheriff Doug Gillespie said at a news conference Thursday.”

Sheriff Gillespie quickly followed his statement with:

“However, I’m not saying that those with no regard for the lives and safety of others are not goot boys who never done nuffin’ wrong.”

Aspiring rapper Kenny Clutch was well on his way to becoming a rich, dead rap star when his untimely death occurred. He had several hits moving up the charts like:


Once again, we see the actions of a “goot boy” account for the deaths of two innocent people. If aspiring rappers want to kill each other, good hunting. It’s kind of like the Shia and Sunni Muslim savages fighting themselves. Just leave civilized people out of the crossfire!

Oh, and Kenny? See ya!

Here’s Kenny in action. Worthy of Brahms. Language warning.

And for all you redneck rubes who don’t understand the title of this post:

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  1. Man, what’s this world coming to? First Lil’ JoJo gets blown away, now Kenny Amadeus Clutch. Rat-a-tat-tat, three men in a hat.

    • Snake, with rhymes like that, you could be an aspiring rapper! I’m sure you’re a goot boy!


      • Thankya, thankyaverymuch.

        “Clearly, the suspects in this shooting have no regard for the lives and safety of others,” Las Vegas Metropolitan Sheriff Doug Gillespie said at a news conference Thursday.”

        No shit, Dick Tracy. The citizens of Las Vegas are likely swelling with pride, what with having such deep thinkers on the side of law n’ order. Not to mention being treated to such wonderful nightly entertainment.

        Shoot to thrill, play to kill
        I got my gun at the ready, gonna fire at will

  2. You would think at the rate of North American Ground Apes killing each other, they’d be extinct by now, except that this particular species has a prolific reproduction rate.

    • joe barely cares says:

      similar to that of cockroaches

    • May I answer that question with reason and logic?

      If you have only 10 people on Earth, all are of reproductive age, one is a man and nine are women, every 9 months you can add 9 new people to the population. Reverse the situation, 9 men and one woman, and all you can get is one new person every 9 months.

      The reason black violence has not resulted in black self-genocide is because almost all the violence is man-on-man. Women of reproductive age seem to be genetically hard coded to avoid violence as much as possible…there might be a really good reason for that.

  3. Lol…so now I know the rest of the story about this brouhaha I saw all over the boob-tube yesterday morning. Of course no details were provided at the time.

    The Big Sexy came shining through with what we need to know! 😉

  4. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Damn, and I heard Moochelle was planning for him to perform at the White House soon too! Oh well, I guess she’ll have to find another ‘Obama’s son’!

    Good riddance!

  5. Day-yam, another one bites the dust.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    Those thugs need a new kind of party to attend a NECK-TIE PARTY along with a horse and lienth of rope and good tree with stout branches

  7. Kenny Crotch, never heard of him. Goot boy, is that German?

    And now, for something completely different;


  8. Snake-
    Ouch bro! If you cut me do I not bleed?

    I can confirm that I was not in any of the vehicles or at the valet! I know nothing about pimping in Vegas!

    Blistered, out!

  9. Gee, whatever shall we do without this aspiring rapper’s cultural contribution to society? Oh, wait, he left society with two contributions to take care of… That we know of.

  10. They’re stacking these raptards like cordwood in the Infernal Regions
    “Hell ain’t half full yet” Keep em comin!

  11. Oh damn!

    To no longer be seranaded by the dulcet tones of Kenny the clutch is well, just mind shattering!!

    Any bets the people driving the dark SUV were a collection of Norwegian Salvation Army ladies making pick-ups at various clothing drop off points up and down the strip?

  12. You know what’s disgusting? The fact that no newspaper gives more than a couple of words to the fact that two INNOCENT VICTIMS were killed! A driver and a passenger in a taxi.

    When I watched his “music video” I wanted to vomit.

    I think everybody in Oakland puts “Aspiring Rapper” on their 1040EZs when they fill them out to collect their Earned Income Tax Credit.

    • That’s what bothered me the most too. We haven’t heard one word that I know of about who the innocent people were that were basically murdered in this mess. – I guess they’re just irrelevant.

      • Got an ID on the cab driver from a UK website, sad story indeed…

        Cab driver Michael Boldon and his passenger died when the taxi burst into flames. Family members said Boldon had recently moved to Las Vegas to take care of his ailing mother.

        • Sad indeed Snake…thanks so much. – Guess the poor passenger is irrelevant too. – I despise our msm.

        • Collateral damage to the scum on the left. These people have been steadily infecting the rest of society for decades now. The hip hop culture of drugs, abuse of women, the corrupting of our youth. The worship of money, and what a well to do friend of mine said once, ‘conspicuous consumption’. It’s sad because this cancer has spread to all areas of the country.

          • Also, they all seem to fancy themselves as Wild West gunslingers. Slingers is about right. Someone might be able to rake in a few coins by providing aftermarket sights that mount on both sides of the slide on automatics. Revolvers would be more problematic, but these yayhoos seem to rarely use them.


            Blast! Too late!

  13. When I first heard about this,not knowing all details, I thought this might be the “Sandy Hook” AWD warned us about. Good thing all the shooters were black !

  14. Damn!!! bet if Obama had a son, he would be just like Kenny.

  15. ridin round my F150 wit my 265, and if they catch me I’ll call my notary, to set this cracka free…woo!

  16. Dude, he had a 200K car?


  17. I feel guilty I have to admit, everytime I hear about oneo f these clowns “going south”, it makes my day.

    Sudden Impact – “Go Ahead Make My Day.”


  18. Shanaynay LaQueefa says:

    He din do nuffins it was rayciss i tells ya.

  19. I am devastated by the loss of this fine upstanding citizen. The world is clearly worse off without him in it.
    I’m also bothered that some posters here do not appear to be genuine in their expressions of sorrow and mourning.

  20. An innocent cab driver and his passenger were killed as a result of this dead negros bullshit. Thats two people not involved in this at all. Yet they are dead. F*** that piece of shit ni**er rapper.

  21. 79firebirdman says:

    There went 3 1/2 minutes of my life I can’t get back. I HATE RAP. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it. There went another “goot boy” that’s gone and won’t be missed. Why don’t liberals ever howl about the rampant racism and sexism in rap music?

    • I didn’t even watch it. I hate rap too.

    • I am not even sure that qualified as Rap.

      If it was, it was the gayest Rap I’ve ever heard.

      Just because you have auto-tune and synth, doesn’t make you a Rapper

      He signed his own death warrant recording a rap tune as shitty as that one, no wonder someone shot him. After listening to it, I wanted to shoot someone too. And ya’ll know I don’t even own a gun.

      Now his lawyer wants to cash in on record sales because his death makes his shitty song a commodity. That is why the tragedy in this story is about the loss of the Pimp Poet and not the innocent bystanders.

  22. Awwww this news breaks my wittle heart…..The world lost another aspiring rapper…..next!

  23. yawn… one less democrat in the world… next!

  24. All the Liberals are probably sad since they just lost the future President of the United States.

  25. I gotta tell ya, no matter how sad this news is about kenny.. I’m sure this neat piece of news is even more shitty..

    now before you leave this link, Please read the comments about it.. I was tearing up sumthin terrible….snark off

    • ‘Say man! There’s a peanut in my smack!’

      ‘And corn.’

      ‘If Obama had a son he would look just like this thug, and have all kinds of stuff in his ass.’

      ‘I’m guessing the cavity search looked like one of those magicians pulling the never ending string of handkerchiefs from his hat. How can anyone even turn their ass into a clown car full of smack and not walk funny?’

      Man, that’s some killer stuff!

    • According to the story, the cops smelled marijuana when they pulled him over, but apparently didn’t find any. Based on what came out of his ass, if they had waited a minute or two longer, he might have shit them a few blunts.

  26. I sure would like to look at these Obama voters’ 1040s to see if “they bees payin their fair share” of taxes.

    26 and 27 year olds with 150 thousand dollar sports cars and expensive Range Rover SUVs with “da 20s”.

    Typical Obama thugs.

    And typical “no questions axed” by the MSM.

  27. New generic term for urban youth: “aspiring rap singer”.

  28. Was he an honor student? Ever notice that all blacks are honor students and all of them respect the law and those around them. It is amazing how many innocents are killed for no reason (for the liberals, I am not serious).

    • Honor student? Sure he was, man!

      ‘Yes, your honor’
      ‘No, your honor’
      ‘No contest, your honor’

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      You didn’t know they gave out degrees for pimping, drug dealing and drive by shootings. Of course he was an honor student.

  29. Suspect in deadly Las Vegas Strip shooting ‘holed up like a little rat,’ former cop says

    former Las Vegas Metro lieutenant told Fox5Vegas.com that time is running out for the man police say opened fire last week on The Strip that resulted in a deadly collision.

    “The longer it goes, the higher the reward goes, the less people he’s going to be able to trust and the more paranoid he’s going to become,” Randy Sutton, the former lieutenant, told the station. “The pressure is on now. So he is holed up like a little rat, if you will.”

    Police named Ammar Harris, a 26-year-old ex-convict, as the prime suspect in the shooting that killed three people in a fiery crash.

    Investigators say Harris was driving a black Range Rover SUV when he fired shots into a Maserati before dawn last Thursday, killing an aspiring rapper and causing a crash that killed two people when the Maserati slammed into a taxi that exploded in a fireball at the heart of the Strip.


  30. Any guesses who Ammar Harris supported in the 2012 Presidential election?

    Just “axin”………..

  31. I just don’t understand how heartless a person could be. Show some respect to the family and person who passed. Kenny is actually my good friend’s brother whom she loved dearly. It’s sad because if this was your loved one you wouldn’t appreciate this kind of disrespect. I have absolutely no idea what is wrong with our generation. When has it been okay to take such a traumatic event for a family and turn it in to something comical.I’m a young lady (21) and I understand that the dry and raw humor thing is “in” but there just had to be some type of limit. This is just sad and unacceptable.

    • REV Wright says:

      “It’s sad because if this was your loved one you wouldn’t appreciate this kind of disrespect.”

      Amber, I have NO respect for black Obama rappers.

      They are sub human parasites.

      Glad to clarify.


  32. LOL omg this article is sooooo freekin funny ” the aspiring rapper community mourns” lol makes me laugh every time. Hell it’s a shame he had to die he was such a good rapper that he was on the verge of blowing up and being the next Tupac. NOT lol it’s funny cuz in his music video he brags about paying 120,000 gs for his car which come to find out in a different article his dad actually financed lol so yea he payed 120 for it alright…..$120 every month to his dad to help with the $2,000 a month car payment LOL LOL wut a loser typical negro comes off as a big spender when he is actually broke and depends on daddy for his car hahahahahgahahaha