Pickle Costume

Help! I'm in a pickle!

If you can, please take a few minutes to watch this video:

I don’t disagree with his point at all. However, therein lies the fundamental challenge.

For we’re not at war with idiots. Yes, your average libtard has his head so far up his a$$ his digestive track is essentially a three-dimensional Möbius strip (Möbius tube, hmm?).

But we’re not at war with the sheep; we’re at war with the shepherds. For reminders, I refer to this totally scientific graphic of mine:

Pie chart

Totally scientific.

A key to victory is to win over the cattle. But as the video above advises, this can’t be done if we initiate a use of force. So our only option is to sit and wait to be physically attacked, at which point we can respond with force.

But our enemies (the shepherds) are not idiots. They’re actually quite brilliant. They long ago figured out that they’d lose if they initiated physical confrontation…so they went about defeating us via circumventing the use of force.


Again, Resistance to Tyranny would prove instructive here. There are myriad ways for The Powers That Be to hem us in without resorting to physical violence. We’re all well aware of them—burdensome regulations, provoking “minorities” into lethal rage against us, lawsuits, anti-patriot propaganda pushed by the MSM, and on and on.

And as mentioned before, with both gun control legislation and “comprehensive immigration reform” being aggressively pushed by all wings of the Liberal Establishment (Hollywood, MSM, academia, both political parties, etc.), the walls are closing in on us patriots.

Id est, it’s a catch 22: We’ll lose if we initiate force [by losing the support of the sheeple]; but if we don’t initiate force, we’ll lose [by being effectively outmaneuvered by The Powers That Be].

Anyone have any ideas as to how to pry ourselves out of this pickle?

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  1. Somebody posted here the other day advocating the use of Molotov Cocktails. Not a regular. I gave him the ‘Swamp Music’ smack down. We can’t have that stuff here.

  2. Spurwing Plover says:

    End americas membership in this wretched UNITED NATIONS its never ever been about WORLD PEACE but WORLD GOVERMENT under SOCIALISM

  3. majorityofone says:

    Massive in your face civil disobedience until the other side either escalates or relents. If they escalate, God help us all. If they back off and rescind this travesty of a law, understand that you have won nothing. At best you’ve fought to a draw.

    Governments have been doing this to us for years with no consequences to themselves. There has to be consequences. If possible prosecute every legislator who voted for this law and the governor who signed it criminally for violating their oath of office. If that’s not possible, file civil suits against them for any and all possible reason, no matter how nit-picky or frivolous.

    • “Massive in your face civil disobedience”

      I’ll second that on a massive scale: in the mean time, organization, planning, execution.

    • PS: Charlie Daniels has said it best so far with regard to the democrat war on the Constitution(at least from what I’ve seen, and he was specifically referring to threats on our Second Amendment rights). Daniels said that these totalitarians(my word)are coming after us so “don’t just wait.”

  4. David in SC says:

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. (Ephesians 6:12 KJV)

    Prayer, steadfastness, and plenty of ammunition, but the most important weapon is behind our eyes and between our ears. And remember to wield your money, every last penny, like a weapon because without American dollars they are few and toothless.

  5. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Majority is right on the money here! Any non-violent way we can harm them is on the table. Michael is right on too, anybody preaching violence on this site must be ridiculed and ran off as fast as possible. They’re most likely government goons anyway.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      You and David are absolutely right. As I have heard it stated before, ‘Your mind is your primary weapon’. And, like Red has postulated, something has to be done to change the culture. Things have went down the toilet so fast, it’s hard to get younger people to believe what this country was actually like only 30 or so years ago. They just seem to assume that it was a wretched, racist, greedy, sexist, name-your-pejorative country that has only recently been ‘fixed’.

  6. David in SC says:

    The Tea Party Community is LIVE!


    frack facebook!

  7. majorityofone says:

    If one of these guy’s dog pisses on your car tire, file in Small Claims Court for the price of a car wash. Make that a full detailing.


    Replace the UN facility with a BIRD REFUGE with goose hunting allowed theres already too many reptiles there already

  9. David in SC says:

    We should establish our own Long March back to the core of this country. The vid is very correct, non-compliance, letting each other know they are not alone. Place our own operatives in positions where change can begin. I suspect the gov will stage a false flag event without waiting on a real act of violence. They have done it before and are too impatient to go about with normal processes.

    Veritas liberabit vos! Patientia Sanctimonia.

  10. Money talks bull s–t walks, we need a detailed list of businesses and products to buy and not to but according to the way we are treated, we can also do a lot if and when we sit on a jury, we can hang a jury if the defendant is a like thinking patriot regardless what the judges instructions are to you, you are allowed to vote your conscience when on a jury, If you happen to be on a grand jury you can vote not to pass a true bill and case dismissed, most people think that to be indited by a grand jury is meant you are already guilty, it only means there is enough yes votes to continue the investigation by a jury of your peers, kill it at the grand jury level and the judges will get the message that an unjust law is on the books,

  11. I have some ideas.

  12. Our local tea party will be at the Ga capital for a 2nd amendment demonstration on the 8th of feb, we have been warned to watch for people that claim to be tea party people that have been sent to cast a bad light on us and to shout them down and remove them.

    • Steve whats the time on that? Are you going?

    • Guy you need real security for the event- preferably off duty LEO who can arrest and detain without being attacked by the feds. It would be great to have a chance to question the undercover agent provacatoeurs (?) who instigate stuff such as WTC attacks by gestapo in Seattle. At the very least several very large people with intense legal oversite as to citizen’s arrest procedures.
      Good luck with the ralley.

    • Hey ga steve,

      Please let us know how the rally goes and especially how many attend… thanks!!!

  13. We were at a potential awakening of the “sheeple” in the 1990s, when self-organizing militia cells were popping up everywhere in the US and the NRA was openly calling the BATF “jackbooted thugs.” Timouthy McVeigh then decided to blow up the Federal building in Oklahoma City in an attempt to possibly kill the ATF agents he thought were there. That ended what SHOULD have been a successful effort to make patriotic voices something that could not be ignored.

    Let’s hope that nothing like that happens so that everyone can continue building their combat material stores to unheard of levels. Wal-Mart is currently limiting ammo purchases to three boxes a day, according to today’s Red Eye newspaper. Continue purchasing munitions and building your marksmanship skills. Contact your Congresscritters via gunowners.org and numbersusa.com.

    Remember, every large capacity magazine and assault rifle sold NOW is a poke in the eye of the gun controllers.

    • It comes down to just saying NO and sticking with it and support others who do. Buy large caliber long guns with wooden stocks and take magazines. They don’t look dangerous. Ruger has a .308 nato out with a 10 round mag, its their new Scout Gun. It will also take 5 and 3 round mags for hunting rules. Its a bolt action that can be slicked up greatly. It comes with iron sites and is set up for the forward scope. Its a true rendition of what Jeff Cooper thought what one needed as an all round rifle. It’s noticeably cheaper than Coopers gun and does the same thing. Ruger is 100% American and I have never had a bad gun from them and they truly stand by their guns. Whisper 300 is another good gun. It will shot a 300 grain bullet just subsonic and with a silencer its loudest noise is the bolt opening and closing. It will also shoot a bullet at high speed except the silencer doesn’t work to stop the supersonic crack but it makes it hard to tell where round comes from. Had one next to me at a range and was amazed how quiet it was, and powerful.

    • Joe, thanks for bringing up Tim McVeigh. I’m of the opinion that that jackass did more to ruin the patriot cause than anything any liberal could have ever done. It also underscores the point made in the video above (and one articulated repeatedly by Dr. Joseph P. Martino in his book that I keep referencing) that attacking uninvolved civilians is a great way to lose popular support and thus the war. While one may agree with McVeigh’s anti-Leviathan sentiments, no one in their right mind ought to be thinking his actions were in any way justifiable.

      If there’s a silver lining in McVeigh’s egregious act of terrorism, it may be that understandably enraged patriots may have learned a lesson…which may explain why we haven’t seen any acts of violence whatsoever by patriots this time around.

  14. Good post Red this ones going on my FB PAGE. Hope you don’t mind.


    Looks like a Veggie Tales reject

  16. How to get out of the pickle…

    We have to start at the beginning.

    And for most of the Masses (Sheeple) the “beginning” starts in First Grade,

    We need conservative thinking school boards, teachers, and cirriculums

  17. The problem is that the cattle have been educated to where they are no longer ignorant, neutral 3rd parties. Yes, they are idiots, but they all follow with the hardline libs…gay rights, racism, global warming, and other buzzwords have replaced fighting for freedom. Good feelings and PC have replaced millenia of European philosophy. Unfortunately the conservatives waited too long. They allowed the complete liberal takeover of the education and media systems in the 1960’s and never rectified the problem (via force or peace….although peace would’ve been an impossible solution).

    Largely the calls for civility are what has destroyed us. In the good ole days of strong America, liberal twerps were not tolerated. Strange pedophile liberals were barred from real jobs by male employers who had common sense. Media types would’ve been run out of town if they said something socialist…even in the 1930’s they had to keep their communist/fascist admirations amongst themselves. Now such things are blatantly clear. Social experimentation…which will be clarified as universal suffrage…has destroyed us. If landowners were the only people allowed to vote, you could count out about 90 percent of the idiots when it came to elections…and about 75 percent of libs. I will also say that the female right to vote destroyed us (see Clinton’s popularity in the face of his clear disrespect of women). Once again, PC and good feelings have replaced sanity.

    At this point we are too late. The founders all suspected that the country would not last…Jefferson was clearly not an advocated of unrestricted democracy and warned that civic virtue was a necessity of maintaining it. Unfortunately, the powers to be didn’t foresee this and decided to grant suffrage to everybody. This brand of complete democracy has simply proven to be a failure. Selfishness ends up being elected into power, at which point it simply ensures its own future by promising increased goodies to the masses. Meanwhile, the men who used to be the voters are branded as evil and racist…you know, for losing 360,000 men in a fight to end slavery, for legislating civil rights laws and allowing women to vote, and for fighting for the rights of the downtrodden in countless aid missions around the world. Nothin but racism….somehow.

    You want to fix the problem…well it certainly won’t happen without force. Luckily the “sheeple” in this nation are too busy watching celebrity news, screwing eachother to an extent where “Idiocracy” seems like a true prophecy, or sitting in their basements and blogging. Go after the libs and they won’t soon by signing up to fight…but then what after? You couldn’t allow these idiots to vote in the New America (even if you did succeed)…so effectively the democracy would be destroyed anyway. My only consolation is that in 3 or 4 centuries, based on the current global rate of demographic and religious changes, America will be an Islamic state (and Europe and half of Asia and Africa). The good thing about Islamists is they will never tolerate liberals, what with their in your face denouncement of religion and completely disgusting lack of social values. And, needless to say, they will not tolerate left wing mobs, bloggers, or media types. We, of course, will be dead at this point, and our offspring will probable be useless idiots anyway. I hope there is an afterlife just so I can see this bloodbath. Let me be the first to say Allah Akbar, purely out of spite of course.

    • “If landowners were the only people allowed to vote, you could count out about 90 percent of the idiots when it came to elections…and about 75 percent of libs. I will also say that the female right to vote destroyed us…” Mic Doodle

      Really? You can’t be serious, you must be a troll.

      • I don’t smell troll, just extreme frustration. While I don’t agree that women’s suffrage screwed us (though I’m open to arguments to the contrary), certainly expanding the vote to every jacktard out there has not helped the patriot cause. Especially as we import more and more jacktards.

      • No Troll here. Just someone who looks at the difference between when democracy worked in this country and when it didnt. Original constitutional law dictated landowning male suffrage and things worked in this country. I know actually depriving people of suffrage is such a PC subject that you are practically hung when you bring it up, but just look at the voting records of females in this nation. While we all personally know some conservative women, it’s clear from polling and election results that well over half simply vote out of concern for their ability to fornicate with everything that moves without any consequences (aka unfettered abortion). “Uhhh Mr Romney hates women”- Barack Obama. “yeah he’s right! Obama is….what did my professor call that word….oh yeah! Chauvanist!” – The modern American female. I’m not saying they are malevolent in any way, just that their mothering instincts have propelled the destruction of society, especially with welfare and the justice system. I also think it’s important just to take a look at exactly why they didn’t have the vote until 1919. Surely there is some wisdom in the minds of those who established this nation.

        • Points taken. My apologies to you. Maybe I’m not smart enough to get your point. It’s possible.

          • Anyone elese like the concept of;” If you produce more than you consume (-pay a positive tax- ) then you get a say in how that production is used .ie. you get to vote”?

  18. Once you’re a pickle, you can’t be a cucumber again.


    Kind of like when those PETA idiots hold some stupid demonstration dressed as COWS,PIG,CHICKENS,HORSES,FISH,EARS OF CORN,STALKS OF CELARY and CARROTS(someone call Bugs Bunny)This ofit looks rediclous which most liberals are