Here’s another politically correct “white dad is an idiot in front of his smart-ass kids” commercial. This time, it’s from Oscar Meyer trying to sell bacon. As if you really have to sell bacon!

This commercial is just plain wrong on so many levels. First, it features the goofy white dad (who happens to look a lot like libtard Tom Hanks) speaking Ebonics like a ghetto-ite or a wee-gro (“wigger” is racist, I think). What would make any white person speak like that? I remember the reverse a few decades ago when the boxer Marvelous Marvin Hagler did deodorant commercials speaking proper English. How times have changed! And not for the better.

Secondly, the spoiled, video-addicted kids show no respect to the guy who bought the video game system and pays the electricity to run it under the roof that protects them from the snow. The dad only wanted to spend time with his kid and eat a piece of @#&* bacon! Yet, the disgust on that little brat’s face says it all! He’s embarrassed in front of his spoiled little bastid friends because of his dad! This really, really pisses AWD off!

Third, a man doesn’t talk ebonics for a piece of @#&* bacon! A man stomps into that room, grabs up that @#&* bacon, and eats the hell out of that @#&** bacon daring anyone to say ONE @#&* WORD! Anyone gives you guff, you rip open their guts and start chomping on their intestines! Then you say, “anybody else got something to say about my @#&* bacon? I didn’t think so!” From that day on, nobody….NOBODY will screw around with your @#&* bacon!!!

The dad needs to straighten his act up pronto. No white person should ever talk like that! Actually, no black person should either but that’s another argument. And no man should ask his kid if he can have the last piece of @#&* bacon! Tom Hank’s kid won’t ever respect him while he acts like a homey begging for a piece of @#&* bacon!

He needs to take the smart-ass little bastid home, smash up his video games, and make him put a new roof on the house. After painting it! Then, when he’s all through, Tom Hanks needs to ship his little bratty ass off to military school! Pac-Man on that, junior!

The white male carries a lot of weight in this country but is ridiculed without mercy by the PC leftards seeking to destroy him in the media. It’s a shame to see Oscar Meyer fall in with other stupid companies who try to sell their stuff by belittling fathers in PC commercials. Oscar Meyer? You’re a weenie! A PC weenie! And AWD won’t buy your products anymore! Especially your @#&* bacon!

A quick check of YouTube found another Oscar Meyer male-bashing commercial! Same Tom Hanks. Same still getting his butt kicked around by his family.

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  1. Shameful !!Really tired of white male bashing,

  2. bluffcreek1967 says:

    The commercial with the white dad talking ‘ghetto’ in an attempt to relate to his disinterested and contemptuous son really pissed me off! I hate to see white fathers humiliated by their wives and children, but it’s really hard to take when I see them talk like a feral gutter n****r: “Wasssup Homies?” Geez, I swear I feel like strangling that damn fool! NO white man, if he has any self-respect, should ever talk like a black thug or Mexican ‘cholo.’ NEVER!!

    I don’t allow my children to ever talk that way to me or my wife! Hell, I don’t even allow them to use black voice inflections! I refuse to allow Ebonics or ghetto talk a place in my home! I won’t dignify it or give it any sense of credibility!

    Notice also the son sitting next to the token back ‘friend.’ Is it me or what, but does every commercial and TV show have to include a black guy or back woman?! The way this family looks and lives, I doubt very much in real life the snotty kid would have any black friends!

    The problem with this dad is not merely his stupid ghetto talk, it’s him trying to be ‘cool’ and ‘friends’ with his son! Instead of being the parent, he wants to be ‘liked’ by his kids. This fool has clearly lost all authority in his home, including his dignity and self-respect.

    • It’s not you. I’m not sure which “fairness” group monitors commerical advertising (probably several), but there are legal requirements for gender and racial “quotas” for television. I’d look it up, but too lazy. Suffice it to say it’s not you, and that you will see the token(s) in each and every commercial- unless it’s a commercial on BET.

  3. One day when I was 16ish, I got crazy and thought I was bigger and tougher than my dad. It turns out I was only bigger. I think that was the greatest lesson I received while living under my parents’ roof.

  4. All definitions of Genocide are being met. This among so many other things in White nations is an attempt to destroy our peope and our culture. It is to marginalize us and make us believe we are fools.

  5. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Actually, I did find this commercial rather offensive. It’s just another in a long line of them.

    Since AWD gave a proper synopsis, I’ve nothing to add except that I knewwww he would write a post about it, which is good. Someone needs to speak out about these ads!

  6. gawd what crap.
    boycott oscar meyer.

  7. You are so right about these commercials portraying the white man as an idiot and the black man as the intelligent one. My friends see it too. Gotta check out the latest FedEx commercials. Same thing. Don’t buy their products and write letters to them. That’s the best thing to do and discuss it with others. Try to wake the zombies up with discussion. Lastly, the liberals don’t include other “minorities” in their commercials which makes them so hypocritical and vile.


    Just proof how twisted its become with companies run by aged hippies and feminazis

  9. Screw Oscar Mayer, if I want some Bacon I’ll strip it right off the pig with my bare hands.

    • Waspish, funny you should say that. AWD is hunting hogs this Saturday with my new night vision scope on my AR. BACON, INDEED,


      • Damn you! If I’m not still sick, which I am, I guess I’ll have to settle for shooting paper. Seems like a waste of good 30-30 ammo though.

      • Some men need a gun for Hawg Huntin’ and I’m OK with that, but there is great fun in wraslin a Tusker.

        Good luck on the hunt,

        Just out of curiosity are ya’ll using dogs? Or sniping them in the wallow?

  10. Dude…you should thank them…they give you opportunities to grow your blog and reinforce the banner under your title.

  11. Gonna hunt hogs also right here in East Texas.

  12. I really want to go hog hunting. But thanks AWD for again standing up for the most unappreciated. I will add Oscar Meyer to my list of no buys.


    The good old days of OCSAR MEYER and the OSCAR MEYER WEINER MARCH with them kids

  14. YES!!! many have said this president knows his way around a wiener.


    I understand the OSCAR MAYER WEENERMOBLE realy gets those stupid wanks from PETA upset

  16. I wouldn’t eat that cutting room floor rat turd infested mystery meat crap if they paid me to.

  17. I’d love to boycott any company that advertises on TV. However, if I did that I would probably starve to death. I don’t exactly live in a rural area. So I’m not near any good farming or hunting country… That being said, God I hate television. Actually, it isn’t so much that there’s so much garbage on TV. It’s that people WORSHIP it. And center their lives around it. It’s sickening.

  18. LOL those arent white males.. they are white liberal bitches.. no self respecting “white male” would allow himself to be portrayed in that way… I wouldnt sellout for some cash to look like an incompetent boob or a queer in front of my kids.. no way buddy

    as far as the POTUS eating mystery meat.. wish he would eat ten per day… wonder if he is thinking about his gay lover while eating that?

  19. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Thanks for the dad-blasted info, Angry. Email of complaint sent to Oscar. Let the boycott begin!


    Im realy missing those great old TV ads of the past.THE NAME IS KNOW AS FIRESTONE,WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD

  21. My dad warned me YEARS ago at how commercials and TV tried often to make white men look like morons.

    The white guy is too stupid to know where the cold medicine is…

    He’s too much of a moron to be respected by his kids…

    He just doesn’t know his way around the house and can’t find anything at all…

    Years of programming have caused people to look down on white men. I note that RARELY – if EVER – is the black male portrayed as the white male is portrayed.

    Yet, we are to believe that none of this programming has any effect on the minds of others.


  22. I use commercials like this as lessons for my kids.
    This is how you do not act. EVER.
    Same goes for bratty kids running free at the supermarket.

  23. Right on! I thought the same thing. Not as bad as the dad ‘teaching’ his kid to throw a baseball in that car commercial.