Mercy, mercy me! The good lord knows I despise many organizations we have in this nation that are slowly but surely destroying this country in more ways than one…and CAIR happens to be one of those at the top of my list..they set my hair on fire! They can take their sharia law and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine! Yet they do their very best to infiltrate their agenda in every nook and cranny they can, and that includes indoctrinating our children…which we all know are the most vulnerable!

See what you think friends…this is via Q13FN:

CONCRETE, Wash. — A local civil rights organization is asking the Department of Justice to conduct an investigation in to anti-Muslim comments allegedly made by a Skagit County Middle School teacher in the classroom.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) said it tried to work with the Concrete School District after getting a tip from a student, but said the response they got was “inadequate and unresponsive.”

In October 2012, the student who alerted CAIR said a science teacher was having a discussion about an anti-bullying program, but then suddenly changed topics. According to a letter CAIR sent to the district superintendent, the teacher stated that “just like Hitler” Arabs and Muslims train their children from birth to give their lives to Allah and are raised to be martyrs. The teacher also allegedly said that Arabs and Muslims are raised and taught to kill innocent people.

Parents who have kids in the district said that if this did happen, they are concerned about it.

“Teachers in general should be really careful. They’re there for an educational reason and they have an outline on what to teach and I think they should stick to that and keep their personal views to themselves,” Craig Wenrick said.

CAIR is concerned several state laws may have been violated, including one that prohibits discrimination in schools on the basis of religion. The organization is also concerned that, if the allegations are true, the teacher’s alleged comments could encourage bullying.

On Monday, Concrete School District Superintendent Barbara Hawkings released a statement that said:

“This allegation of unlawful or inappropriate discrimination based on religion is false. The allegation is based upon false information that is taken out of context. The teacher involved is an experienced and outstanding educator who treats every student with dignity and respect. She is a teacher students go to when they are having problems. The parent and/or student involved have never met with the teacher or school district to file a complaint or express a concern. We find this allegation to be irresponsible concerning an issue of great importance to our district and staff. We strive to treat every student with dignity and respect and do not discriminate against any individual because of his/her religious beliefs.”

The teacher who reportedly made the comments also released a statement and in it she explained that she was talking about extreme terrorist groups like Hamas and the Taliban. not Muslims in general. and that this student took what she was saying out of context.

CAIR is holding a news conference on the DOJ investigation request at 10 a.m. Tuesday.

Side-Note: The video report from the top of the link I provided is something you need to click the link for if you want to watch it, unforutantely the video goes non-stop on this site. – Instead, I found the video report above about about this topic as well.

Anyway friends…do you have anything you want to add to this report? What do you think about CAIR and their incremental creeping they are doing for sharia law across this land? Nothing like anti-American propaganda being forced on our children…eh?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I hope Cair and the rest of the muzzies know what’s gonna happen just as soon as our government collapses.

    I am Grumpus, and I approve this message.

  2. CAIR should be classed as a Terrorist Organization because that is what it is. Members should be treated just like any other anti American Terrorist Organization and Jailed for sedition and treason.

    • They should be…but they won’t! – Especially with this administration, heck…they’re embed with Dear Leader and ilk! AG Holder and DHS Janet Nap give their thumbs-up dontcha know!

  3. this teacher is called out for bashing Muslims, give me a break…..give me a baseball bat and I show them what bashing Muslims is all about……..

    It’s about time some teachers started telling the truth about the Muslims……

    This teacher should be commended and given a raise…….

    • Ditto Bluto! That’s exactly where my mind went when I read about all of this. Hells bells, she’s few and far between…we can’t have that now can we!?

    • Right on Bluto! Good for her ! Bet she gets fired! Sick of all the libtards ruining our country.

  4. Missouri has many problems…

    Director of Hamas-linked CAIR’s Missouri chapter wants Sharia punishments for those who publish “anti Islamic and anti Muslim content on the internet”

    Yet this unsavory gang of Hamas-linked thugs is still treated as a “civil rights” organization by the mainstream media and all too many government and law enforcement officials.

    The true nature of Hamas-linked CAIR is obvious. The Justice Department named CAIR an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case. CAIR operatives have repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas and Hizballah as terrorist groups. Several former CAIR officials have been convicted of various crimes related to jihad terror. CAIR’s cofounder and longtime Board chairman (Omar Ahmad), as well as its chief spokesman (Ibrahim Hooper), have made Islamic supremacist statements, and its California chapter distributed posters telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI.

    Hamas-linked CAIR masquerades as an organization loyal to American Constitutional principles. So will they reprimand and fire Faizan Syed for his call for the violation of the freedom of speech of those he hates? Don’t hold your breath.

  5. punish her when she starts lying ,until then leave her alone !

  6. That was the first thing to grind my gears too, Snake. “Civil Rights” organization. Ok, fine. Muhammad was a fat, gay, jewish camelf*cker. Now defend my right to say that, “civil rights” organization CAIR.

  7. Cair ,get the ef out of my country,you are not welcome here. Take Obama ,Jarrett ,Ellison,Brennen,Hi liar y and ,the rest of the traitors with you.

  8. Stupid Squareheads…

    Muslim Violence: Firemen in Sweden interview on how they cope with a hostile Muslim population that sets fires, then attacks them


    Here is an interview with some firemen in Sweden talking about how they cope with a hostile Muslim population that sets fires, then attacks them when they come to put them out and save anyone who may be in danger from them. This of course is now familiar as it is classic ‘Al Queda Handbook’ stuff on how to make a no go zone. However it is nice to see cracks in the political correctness that has prevented European agents of the state from reporting the facts, although this video does not name Islam specifically, one can easily infer it from the interviews and pictures of the ‘natives’ of the area in Question. (hat tip Kasper)

  9. CAIR,a”civil rights” organization ? Just like islamic civilization,an oxymoron.

  10. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Under the banner of ‘anti-bullying,’ all sorts of truths, including the ones said by this science teacher, are now prohibited. Before long, no one’s going to be able to say anything. All of our conversations in the classroom will be limited to incoherent mumblings and grunts! This is how crazy all of this will soon get if it’s not already.

    This is an example of how our public schools are NOT places to obtain a well-rounded education. Our children are only taught WHAT to think, but not HOW to think! The very thought process of evaluating and thinking logically through any argument is absolutely foreign to these children.

    Moreover, why would an academic environment be a place where different or even ‘controversial’ ideas are banished or considered ‘harmful’ unless it’s really a place to be indoctrinated (which is the nature of public education)? Why not have different positions on a given subject be heard and evaluated by the students without crying to the ACLU or CAIR over ‘discrimination’?

    As for CAIR, they are an evil, deceptive organization that uses American laws against concerned citizens over the rising threat of Islam. Their ultimate goal is to help destroy America and the West from within.

    • BC…

      Thanks so much for that link…and the last lines in that piece summed it up to a tee, didn’t it?

    • They are well-organized and very well-funded – they also have a plan. Isn’t PC wonderful? Like I saw on another site, another day….’Tolerance is death. You deserve what you tolerate’. Too soon old, too late smart.


    Phooie on CAIR they need to remember theres is a FREE SPEECH in the constitution and as for that blabber mouth student they need to be sent to detention for a month

  12. Speaking of public education…check this one out. ~

    It never ends! It’s obvious the the three ‘R’s are no longer needed!

    • It might make one wonder what the real point of this ‘activity’ was. And wasn’t there something else that might have had a little more practical value for 4th graders?

  13. charliewalksonwater says:

    She called muslims mass murderers! I keel you! Off with her head!! ()

  14. Good, sound advice about Muslims (foreign) in general. Arabs (foreign) in general, ditto.

    Once, my uncle told me not to interview a local cleric while doing a book report in High School. He was very well traveled, spent time in Islamic countries, Vietnam Vet and had experienced a lot. I asked for an explanation…it went something like, you are a blonde haired, blue eyed kid…if they talk to you, it will only be to get you into their building and then they either beat you or kill you. Pretty straight forward…and I proceeded to explore Brittanica for my references.

    In my experience, this is good advice that has been learned from real life…CAIR can kiss my hiny!

    Blistered, out!


    And remember one of the lasta acts of treason BILL CLINTON did before he left office was to sign the ICC

  16. majorityofone says:

    This story bugs me on several levels. According to wikipedia, Concrete Wash. had a population of 705 in the 2010 Census. CAIR is a local civil rights organization in a town with 705 people. Something doesn’t smell right.

    I think teachers should try to stick to their subject matter and hers was apparently science. I have no problem with things wandering off track somewhat in response to student’s questions but it seems she went off prompter on her own. That said, it sounds like what the students got was fact and not indoctrination, so I guess it’s better than teaching that the consensus on global warming is settled and we’re all going to be toasted marshmellows which seems to be what passes for science in many schools. I don’t think she has done anything wrong but maybe she could stay a little closer to the subject she’s teaching.

    My Favorite Fish Foods
    Eric Holder
    Harry Reid
    Nancy Pelosi

  17. America First says:

    While I could not care less about the followers of the pedophile prophet feeling all butt-hurt I am a little concerned that an anti-bullying (progressive cause du jour in their eternal struggle for the pussification of America) discussion was taking place in a science class rather than actual learning about science or God forbid actual hands on experiments and lab time.

  18. I would tell CAIR to kiss my ass but I don’t want my ass getting dirty.

  19. bargis tryhol says:

    SatireWorld always has a message for CAIR and the rest of the dipshits that want to force their brand of third-world B-S upon our country….



  21. Have believed since 9/11/01 that the only good muslim is a dead muslim. Have seen nothing to change those beliefs since.

  22. I’ll call your “jihad” and raise you one “CRUSADE” Get the hell out of our country and take the Democrats with you.

  23. Let em go back to their Arab bullshit in their native country,,other than that they need to STFU

  24. I’m gonna throw this in the mix too. ~

  25. You just know that CAIR’s smiling big time about this as well. ~

  26. BT

    from yr link:

    A large group of angry protesters (Students for Palestine) has scuffled with people attending a Melbourne speech by controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders. But his speech received enthusaistic standing ovations.

    There were verbal exchanges on Monday evening as about 200 protesters wrestled with those trying to access the venue at Somerton, in the city’s north. The demonstrators took guests’ tickets and pushed them to the ground. ”What are you doing? This is a democratic society. We’re allowed to go in there,” one guest told the protesters.

    Mounted police then moved in, forming a line to try to stop the scuffles. ”We do not want this to be an issue of confrontation and we ask you to accept the rights of all the other members of the community,” one policeman said