When I heard that Senator Rand Paul voted for the confirmation of Chuck Hagel becoming our next Defense Secretary yesterday, I was not only shocked…I was instantly angered, let alone very disappointed. Seems he’s had an excuse or two for his vote since then. As far as I’m concerned there’s no excuse that will pass the smell test for me. I’m forgetting about any possibility for him becoming our next president, something he’s been toying with for the near future. He’ll have to dream on when it comes to getting any vote from this neck of the woods…but that’s just me. Some of you might just feel differently…if so, state your case!

By the way, some of you may want to refresh your minds about good ol’ Chuck Hagel here.

Here’s a pretty good summary about this topic. – This is via TB:

The U.S. Senate voted 58-41 Tuesday to confirm former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel as America’s new defense secretary, but not without a little controversy.

Four Republican senators backed Hagels’ confirmation: Sens. Thad Cochran (Miss.), Mike Johanns (Neb.), Richard Shelby (Ala.), and Rand Paul (Ky.), as noted yesterday on TheBlaze.

Understandably, Sen. Paul’s vote took some by surprise. After all, didn’t the Kentucky senator vote against cloture before voting for Hagel’s confirmation (answer: Yes).

In an attempt to figure out this apparent contradiction, Fox News Channel’s Bill Hemmer on Wednesday asked the senator about his “aye” vote.

“You helped lead the charge publicly against Chuck Hagel. Yet he you voted to confirm him as Defense Secretary. He was sworn two hours ago at the Pentagon. Why the vote to favor him?” Hemmer asked.

“I filibustered him twice because I wanted more information, and I think when Republicans stick together we could get information. I was disappointed several on my side after they filibustered him immediately announced they wouldn’t continue the filibuster so we never got the information,” said Sen. Paul.

“I’m the same way on Brennan. I want more information on drone strikes in America. On final passage though I take the position that the president does have some leeway and some prerogative in who he appoints to political appointees.

“So I would like to get as much information as we can. I will stick with the party, if the party will stick together to try to get more information. In the end I voted for John Kerry also although I agree with almost nothing that John Kerry represents,” he added.

So there you have it. Sen. Paul voted against cloture because, according to him, he was angling to get more information on the former Nebraska senator. He also voted to confirm Hagel because the president has some “leeway” with his appointees.

Watch the Fox interview here [the senator’s Hagel explanation appears at the 02:50 mark:

Oh, by the way, as noted by BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray, Sen. Paul told reporters Tuesday he never got the information he was looking for on Hagel.

Here’s what was said:

WASHINGTON — Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said his support for a filibuster against Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel never meant that he would vote against Hagel’s confirmation.

“I voted no because I wanted more information and I think that part of what the Senate does is try to get information about the nominees,” Paul told reporters in the basement of the Capitol after Hagel’s confirmation Tuesday. “I’ve said all along that I give the president some prerogative in choosing his political appointees.”

“There are many things I disagree with Chuck Hagel on, there are many things I disagree with John Kerry on, there are very few things I agree with the president on, but the president gets to choose political appointees,” Paul said.

Asked if he ever got the information he wanted about Hagel, Paul said that he hadn’t.

So, when I read the information above yesterday, and now hear what he had to say this morning on Fox, I have to wonder just what is the truth…why did he really vote for Hagel? The apple doesn’t fall far the tree came to mind…still does. – What say you?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    More reasons why Obama needs to be IMPEACHED He is a CRINIMAL and should be treated as a CRINIMAL

  2. Wow, an actual American managed to sneak past the dual-loyalist lobby. Good for Chuck Hagel and good for Rand Paul! Rand is not half the man his dad is, but I am encouraged by the fact that he managed to find some testicular fortitude and support the guy who knows he works for the American people and not for Bibi and company.

  3. I certainly didn’t know Thad Cochran was a Jew hater, but we live and learn I suppose.

    • He’s been voting with dems more than normal since he announced he wasn’t running again for reelection. The guy has really disappointed me for quite a few years…he took the cake yesterday.

  4. Rand Paul… apparently just another sorry ass politician.

  5. Fred and angrywhitewoman should pay attention to this link.


    I hope many of you read this…it’s a good one.

  6. Here’s another winner that was confirmed today. ~


    And Rand Paul was one of 26 that voted for his confirmation too.


    • Bigtimer, yes, I have a message for Rand Paul. Here it is:

      I don’t really trust you because you’re the son of a nut. Now you vote for a SecDef who is clearly not qualified for the job just because you believe the President should get his nominees approved? What if the President nominated William Ayers for SecDef? Rand, I think you’re a fraud. I shall think of you no more.


      • Ditto that AWD. I guess Paul now surmises because he needs to give the prez ‘leeway’ for his confirmation picks, they’re all supposed to be rubber-stamped by any that oppose him. If that’s how he thinks, then why even bother to have confirmation hearings, let alone votes via the senate?

        He’s really disgusted me…I’ve been totally amazed by his words and actions, what a big disappointment. Better to find this out about him now, rather than later.

      • AWD, slightly off topic, but makes me smile.http://www.youtube.com/watch?f.....R0o#at=820

        Magazine Capacity tests. 1911 comes out on top for rounds down range, timed. NY Reload is great

  7. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Is there something in the water that all these so-called ‘conservative’ Republicans are drinking? One by one, they are betraying the American people and allowing the Dear Empty Chair to have his way with our nation. If someone had written a novel about this very thing 10 years ago, it would have been rejected by every publisher because it would have been seen as too far out and unbelievable. Yet, this is reality before our very eyes in 2013!?

    Why any true conservative who wish to remain in the GOP is beyond me!

    • Howdy bluffcreek…

      I wonder if some of the real conservative congress-critters would love to have some different option myself…but, for the time being…I suppose they have to go under the republican banner, what else can they do?

      Btw…Every word you posted I agree with. I never thought I’d live to see the day the way things are now. It’s like one huge nightmare I want to wake up from!

    • Amazing what must be in the water at Capital Hill, $$$$$$$!!

  8. Speaking of republicans…check out what Eric Cantor has done.


    This is outrageous too…I’ve had my fill and then some!

    Please check it out friends. Cantor needs to go!

    Btw…inside this bill from the senate illegals given an automatic green/visa card type of thing. More than that too…check out the link inside the link above.

  9. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I agree with Rand completely. Let these clowns nominate all the rest of their ilk. Rock bottom is good solid ground and a great place to turn around. Let them FUBAR the whole show. It’s gonna happen anyway and I want to make sure they take all the blame.

  10. Get ready.

    Racists, Bloomberg Defeat White Liberal Woman

    From the Associated Press:

    Anti-gun Democrat shoo-in to replace Jackson Jr.

    By SOPHIA TAREEN | February 27, 2013

    CHICAGO (AP) — The newly-elected Democratic nominee to replace disgraced former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. vowed to become a leader in the fight for federal gun control and directly challenged the National Rifle Association in her victory speech.

    But it remains to be seen if Robin Kelly’s primary win Tuesday night in the Chicago-area district, aided by a $2 million ad campaign funded by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s super PAC, would fuel the national debate.

    This is a classic example of race even trumping gender. In reality, Ms. Kelly, who is a political nobody, was only nominated because she is black. And, otherwise, a white liberal Democrat woman would have won the nomination. The thought of which outraged the local black politicians.

    Kelly, a former state representative, emerged early as a voice for gun control in the truncated primary season after Jackson resigned in November. She gained huge momentum as Bloomberg’s super PAC poured money into anti-gun television ads in her favor that blasted one of her Democratic opponents, former U.S. Rep. Debbie Halvorson, for receiving a previous high rating from the NRA. Kelly supports an assault weapons ban, while Halvorson does not.

    “We were on the right side of the issue and our message resonated,” Kelly told The Associated Press shortly after her win.

    Again, this was an issue trumped up at the last minute to salvage this seat for a black politician. Ms. Kelly was on the right side of melanin content.


    • Oh great…another nitwit from the Chicago-Machine to join others in the House on the dem side. – I read some about the repub guy who won the primary yesterday somewhere, he most likely has no chance in that district. Bloomie will help ensure that.

    • Not a chance in hell of Halvorson winning winning the Black vote in Chicago; there just aren’t enough white voters south of Chicago to make up for the 85 IQ voters. Never saw or heard any Halvorson broadcast commercials, nor anything aimed at Republicans for a crossover vote. CBS news was gloating over Halvorson’s lost on the evening news. Personally, I would have taken advantage of Bloomberg’s attack ads and purchased ads on Black radio stations pointing out effective personal defense is the RESPONSIBILITY of the family and that she backs this up via her support of the Second amendment.

      • Joe…are you in Illinois? Just curious if that’s the state where you reside.

        • Born in the People’s Republic of Chicago…

          • Oh my gosh…my heart goes out to you my friend. I can’t even imagine living there. My mom’s side of the family hails from Illinois from way back when…met my great aunt and great-grandmother there when I was about seven. Stayed in their home in Springfield about a month. I really liked it all…so different from the high desert where I hailed from in my native Ca. – Sorry if I went on to long with my gibberish.

            Anyway…at least you’re like an eye in the sky for us when it comes to Chicagoland! 😉

            Btw…Congressman Joe Walsh was one of my favorite congressmen, he losing last time broke my heart! – He’s one of the best as far as I’m concerned.

          • Hey Joe! I used to live in Hanover Park, which is part of the Chicago Metro Area (as I’m sure you know). I was a kid back then, and I used to love going to the city and seeing and doing all the cool things there were to see and do there. I used to dream about going back some day.

            Guess that isn’t such a good idea now… :-( And unfortunately, I have to go through O’Hare airport in July. I’m taking a trip to Rome that month, but I have connecting flights there both to and from Rome. I just… hope I don’t have to deal with any crap while I’m there. Again, I used to think Chicago was cool. But not so much anymore.

    • I guess this would be Michael MaoZedong Bloomberg, friend of the jailbirds…

      But seriously, Bloomie’s gone too far this time. The mayor of one city trying to influence the election of a representative in another city? Is that even legal? If it isn’t, perhaps it should be.

      • Yes, but it might be closer to Michael Mao ZeDingDong Bloomberg – patron of racist crackpots. He’s a tinpot tyrant and an egomaniac, who, in comparison, makes Donald Trump look like Mother Teresa. If there was a Mount Rushmore for scumbag mayors (a good location might be a Jersey landfill), Bloomberg, Emanuel, Villaraigosa and Hickenlooper – or is that Lickenpooper? – would be right there. Replete with smell to match. Ray Nagin might make the grade, depending on whether or not he can stay out of the big house.

        • Shh Snake…you might slip and let the msm know about Nagin’s troubles, we wouldn’t want them reporting the truth about that…now would we?

          • Tweedledee Ray Nagin might – might – get about the same treatment as Tweedledum Kwame Kilpatrick, the former Detroit supremo. Don’t hear much about him these days, either.

          • That’s right, we don’t hear much about him, or ‘Cold Cash’ Jefferson either. We never will…we’re all supposed to pretend that nothing took place when it comes to the left side of life.

          • I had almost forgotten about that thieving old bastard. Look at this:

            WASHINGTON – A new report by the Congressional Research Service reiterates previous legal findings — that Congress can’t deny pension benefits to former members for criminal conduct covered by a 2007 law if the illegal acts occurred before the law’s enactment. That means former Rep. William Jefferson, D-New Orleans, now serving a record 13-year prison sentence, will continue to collect his pension — estimated at $40,000-$50,000 a year.


            ex post facto

          • Yep…spot-on! Sickening isn’t it? Where’s the outrage from the public about this BS, past and so forth. – Oh, I forgot…the majority of the masses don’t know about it…or just don’t care. Either way…we all pay for this one way or another. Despicable!

  11. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Let him spend his money. It’s not infinite.

  12. This actually breaks my heart. I actually thought about voting for Rand Paul, if he ran for President. But I can’t now. Not after this. Not after signing the ACLJ petition to have Hagel’s nomination blocked. I thought MAYBE… just MAYBE… Rand Paul was for real. But nope, he’s just like all the rest: No backbone. No moral compass. No convictions. Just goes along to get along… Now who do we vote for?

    • Ditto that ABBA…

      As to who we’re going to vote for in ’16…only time will tell at this point. But, I do hope we get a strong conservative of some kind!

    • I’ll tell you who to vote for – President Grumpus and V.P. Snake. Seen here on the campaign trail, working hard for votes in East St. Louis – or was it Newark? Our campaign slogan ‘We Speak Your Language’. Especially in those neighborhoods.


      • Oh yeah…how soon we forgot! – Where’s Mr. Grumpus anyway…he should be speaking out for the two of you as well. 😉

        • The other day, I believe he said he had worked up a big appetite for a pickled egg, kippered herring, and sauerkraut sandwich on pumpernickel bread. With horseradish mustard. Haven’t heard from him for a bit. Back up and at ’em, Mr. G.! Time and tide wait for no man.

          • Aha! That’s why I only saw him for a brief second earlier this afternoon…he had to make a run for it again! 😉

  13. Speaking of repubs…what kind of BS is this?


    • The kind of BS that allowed Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro, and all the like to come to power. None of these guys took it by force. The republic government leaders GAVE it to them. They and their constituents fell hook, line, and sinker for all their promises to end their suffering – no matter the costs. And they gave them absolute power, thinking that they would do just that. And they never got it back.

      • It’s outrageous…pure insanity! – Like I’ve blog posted about before, I’m keeping my eye out for the Constitution Party and such. – Enough already!

  14. Ya, I have a message for Rand Paul…but I read the AWD commenting rules

  15. I was really, REALLY hoping that somebody else was gonna step up to handle this business of running for your El Presidente, but it’s not looking promising at this point. After all, I’m a very busy man. What, with all the work, drinking, ultra-violent video games, gun and ammo collecting, did I mention drinking? It’s a hard life being grumpy.

  16. I’m seriously disgusted with Paul, Cochran, and Sessions right at this moment. Just because it looks like the other team is gonna win, doesn’t mean that you should help them win. What the hell!?

  17. Unless I was just having a bad dream, I read that Sessions confirmed this turdweasel also. Maybe I’m wrong? I’m okay with that, I’ve been wrong at least once in my life.

    • No way….he didn’t. The four that did are listed in the blog post itself. You might be thinking of Shelby.

    • Shelby – yes, Sessions – nay. Votes, I believe, went the same way on Lew.


      • Great link Snake…that’s another reason I love Sessions. He made one of the best speeches ever after he led the fight to defeat the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty bill back in ’05 or whenever that was. Many of us fought that fight…Sessions was and is one of the best to me.

        I’ve disagreed with him a time or two…but that’s been rare. And when I did disagree it was a major issue to me back then, I can’t recall them now…but I think it was a vote on the confirmation of Holder as AG. I could be wrong…but it I’m right, it really surprised me, especially after the grilling he gave Holder on the Second Amendment and guns rights etc….which lasted for two days, and Holder never answered the questions in whole, he side-stepped everything in that regard. Hell, we all know that’s how he still works too…blood on his hands to-boot!

  18. Ahh yes, you’re right of course BT. So many waves of bad news, I guess that even the obvious truth is leaving me. I really just flew off the handle when I learned that anybody from MS would confirm the hapless jew hater. Its been a bad day.

  19. As far as I’m concerned this is more BS from Paul.


  20. When have I ever spewed any BS on this site???

    Btw… great link BT… my conclusion is that Rand Paul’s backbone is a tad weak. Got to love Beck… he fights for the American way of life and liberty.

    • I agree about Beck. I’ve had a few major disagreements with him over things, but who among us all agree on every single thing…especially when it comes to pols and politics etc?