Have any of you heard about the trials and tribulations of Army veteran Nate Haddad? If not…see what you think about what took place to get him in the mess he’s now embroiled in…and this man is not backing down! He may end up serving for seven years in prison for not taking the states deal…I kid you not!

I’ve had this saved for a few days and wanted to share this with you today to see what your opinions are regarding this issue. – This is via TB:

An Army veteran in New York is facing up to seven years in prison for possessing five empty 30-round ammunition magazines.

Nate Haddad told WGRZ-TV he was parked on a road last month waiting to meet someone interested in buying them off him when police approached. According to the station, the magazines were for an AR-15 rifle, the same type of weapon Haddad once carried in combat. Magazines over 10 rounds have been illegal in New York since 1994, unless they were manufactured before the law went into effect. Haddad says he thought his were legal, until he found out otherwise.

“I certainly did not think I was committing a felony crime by having these,” Haddad told WGRZ. “My understanding of what I had in my possession was that it was manufactured before 1994, but the arresting officers told me otherwise after I showed them the magazines that I had in my possession.”

Haddad — who retired from 12 years of active duty in 2010 after sustaining a shoulder injury — now faces five counts of criminal weapons possession, punishable by up to seven years in prison. An online fund for his defense started by his brother has raised more than $40,000.

He was offered a deal this week to plead guilty to five misdemeanor counts and avoid jail time, but declined — citing, for one, how it would impact his job at Fort Drum, where he still works as a civilian employee.

There’s another reason too: “Even if I took that deal I would still be branded as a criminal, and I don’t think I should be,” Haddad said.

Watch below:

So folks…do you think you’d do the same as he is, and stand on your principles…regardless of the time you may end up serving? Or do you think you’d do the opposite and take what the prosecutors offered?

One other question for y’all…do you think he will be found guilty or not?

Fire AwayInquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Whether you like Hannity or not…just heard him mention this man’s ordeal on his radio show. – I was very glad he did…the more that’s aware of this, the better!

  2. bigtimer,
    I’ve lost some good jobs for standing on principle, I would like to think if I was in this mans shoes I would do what he’s doing,

  3. I would stand my ground… especially if my military and civilian record were clean.

    • Hey gang… a little off topic but you will enjoy watching this thirteen year old young lady. Be sure to watch this video at full speed… this little gal is good.


      • Katelyn is awesome! 😉

        • Beyond awesome, its what every Girl Scout should be training to do, guys are getting so wimpy now days. They think they are so Macho if they don’t shave for a few days. This little Lady puts 90% of the shooters I know to shame. 10:1 she can shoot a long rifle as well. Hats Off To Her, made my day.

    • He has no option, you loose rights to own firearms when you are convicted of ANY weapons violation, FBI will not give you a clean record.

      • Thanks for that info…makes one wonder if he did as the prosecutors wanted him to do, if it would affect his job he has at Fort Drum too?

  4. …shall not infringe. Enough said?

  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?f.....-F_zfoDqI#!
    Elect this man as President he will veto any attempt to violate the 2nd.

  6. I fear many of us will get to make this kind of “choice” in the coming years. It’s too late for him, but take your money and guns and get the hell out of blue tyrant states. Run, crawl, hitchhike, whatever it takes.

    • Mr. G…

      There were many comments like what you expressed at the site I got this from. No way I have the time to read them all…but I sure got enough to know they see things the same way as you and others do too.

  7. Here’s a little more information, plus a link to where you, or anyone you think may be interested in helping this decorated vet out.


  8. This sounds like a set up. Someone calls and wants to buy the mags, and then the guy is waiting for the buyer and the cops show up? Also, manufacture dates and serial numbers are not commonly stamped on magazines, so he cannot prove when they were made, the cops know this and can say that they are not grandfathered. The cops look good for their politically correct supervisors, the vet is in a world of shit, and the progressive machine grinds one more patriot into dust.

    • Something doesn’t ring right with this. It seems awfully stupid to meet someone along side of a road with gun parts. Its easy to get robbed this way and it makes me feel he knew he had some illegal mags as I doubt that configuration was not the same today as it was 19 years ago if they even made that brand then. Cops showing up is a good sign he was set up, no witnesses. I buy and sell at gun shows only or at a personal friends house. Soon as someone knows I have guns I will get an unwanted unknown visitor.

    • Yep…I google searched for seeing if there was any info on him being set up too. Yet, found nothing that way.

      The link I have not far above says he was just randomly stopped, not that he met with someone etc etc…it would be nice to know the rest of the story. – Either way…it’s as you say, another patriot bites the dust. – Hope I’m wrong.

  9. Spurwing Plover says:

    The only ones who should spend time to prison are ANDREW CUOMO and MICHEAL BLOOMBERG for UNCONSTITUTIONAL ACTIONS.ABUSE of POWER and ARROGANCE

  10. Spurwing Plover says:

    Bloomberg BLUE BLOOD LIBERAL ELETIST He deserves to be run out of america.Bloomberg and Cuomo LIBERAL TORIES RUN THEM OUT OF AMERICA

  11. Remember, any “law” in contravention of the US Bill of Rights is ILLEGAL and is to be ignored. Unfortunately, there are way too many STUPID and low IQ people out there that become jurors. Yes, we must start people along the road to JURY NULLIFICATION especially in Gun Control People’s Republics. Blacks have been using Jury Nullification for decades to ensure that their criminal brethren roam the streets.

    It’s time to poison the minds of the juror pool… http://fija.org/


  12. I’m going to throw this in the mix here. ~



    Repeal the BRADY LAW screw James Brady

  14. This is so much bullshit. How can those liberal pukes up there in NY lock up a military vet for trying to sell his own property which he legally owned in the first place? F@@k a magazine ban and F##k NY! Leftist stupidity at its finest. Make an otherwise honest man serve prison time because of some stupid leftist bullshit law. Meanwhile, the knuckledragging apes who roam the streets up there carry whatever manner of illegal weapons they choose and the system feels “sorry” for them and releases them when they get caught…..anyone with any brains…get the hell out of that leftist shithole while you can.

  15. Winston Smithereens says:

    The system will nail him, not so much as to martyr him as that would backfire, but nail him they will. Bank. On. It. Afterall, it was a set up, a sting, pure and simple and his attorney will find that trail dead……….. They (the totalitarians) just have to exercise the state statute, which, is the law and go for minimum sentencing which they will.

    • I think you’re totally correct…that’s why I asked others in the post itself it they thought they would do the same as he did. – If you’re set up…and it seems he must have been, and you have no proof of that being a fact, it could very well be that you goose is cooked!

      I truly hope him fighting the good fight will prevail…but, I fear it won’t.

  16. Xenofascism

    Global elitists tend to see themselves as a separate breed of human being, a superior class with superior faculties, born to rule over the rest of us. In their writings they often espouse the teachings of The Republic by Plato and the concept of the philosopher kings. They believe that some men and women are endowed with a genetic predisposition to leadership and that the average person does not have the intelligence to determine his own destiny. They see the rest of humanity as a blank canvas and themselves as the artists. We are to be molded, and our social dichotomies are to be manipulated.

    In reality, they are no smarter than the rest of us. Rather, they inherit positions of wealth and influence, and they automatically assume this makes them superior. Their ability to mold society is derived entirely from their extensive capital and their complete lack of morality. If they were not in the top .1 percent of the world’s rich, they would be treated like common criminals for their behavior. But sadly, in our day and age, money often buys undue respect. Imagine a group of John Wayne Gacys or Charles Mansons, except with 80 percent of the world’s wealth at their disposal and the means to purchase good publicity and legal immunity. That is essentially what we are dealing with.

    Zero Conscience

    Elitists believe that conscience is a hindrance to success, instead of a worthwhile virtue. They knowingly and deliberately abandon their moral compass because they see it as an unnatural restriction, an obstacle that makes getting what they want more difficult. Conscience, however, never quite disappears in anyone. In order to reconcile their wretched mindset with that distant nagging sensation of guilt, they claim that their actions are “for the greater good of the greater number.” They desperately want to believe that they are serving the future of mankind and that we should appreciate their guiding hand, even though the things they do seem far more hateful than helpful. They would call this “tough love.”

    They further attempt to avoid the fact of their own dysfunction by trying to elicit criminality in others. If they can convince the masses that morality is relative and that right and wrong are subject to interpretation, if they can convince us to ignore our own inner voices which are inborn, then their monstrosity could be considered normal — even preferable. In a world of moral relativists, the man with a conscience becomes the criminal, the outcast; and the elites become the heroes they always wanted to believe themselves to be.


    • Wow oh wow…that last paragraph sums it all to a tee, and then some! – Priceless…that’s exactly where we’re headed to, and Haddad is another one to use for their agenda fulfillment!

      • Speaking of dysfunction, I have another interesting factoid for you…

        Every healthy culture, every culture that is not in an end-stage downward death spiral of moral confusion and decadence, accommodates and idealizes only the most healthful inborn inclinations of its normal members and it marginalizes the dead-end behaviors of those few who are inclined toward useless or destructive deviance. The future of any culture is assured by the fulsome accommodation of its normal members. Accommodating upstart subcultures that are hostile to the values of the core culture is a self-destructive behavior that no robust culture exhibits. The accommodation of homosexuality and homosexual counter-cultural perspectives by President Barack Obama and his political party is evidence that America is circling the drain pipe. When the president of the United States of America declares that sterile one-sex wedlock must be elevated to co-equal status with time-honored, fertile, and society-sustaining heterosexual marriage, the stink of decadence is in the air. One of every six of Mr. Obama’s big-bucks bundlers is a homosexual; homosexuals are six times more abundant among Mr. Obama’s financiers than in the general population; Mr. Obama is beholding to homosexuals for his continued hold on the presidency; Mr. Obama is bought and paid for by the homosexual radicals.


  17. Sad for him that it is in NEW YORK, need I say more?
    I think he sould get a warning but we know otherwise. The thing is, he is just a constitutional patriot who is at the tip of a list – you know that list of military, ex military, and retirees that love the country we believe we were brought up in.
    You do know… If your reading this your on that same list. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN.
    He will go to jail, he will become a ward if the state and come out mad as hell which will put him on the terrorist watch list. And the thousands iof others will watch him get screwed and do nothing – just like those who did nothing in that movie theater – that is “until it’s their turn!

  18. Jackson Chen says:

    They wanna disarm you so their brothers can rob, kill, rape, and scare those who r not their brothers.

    • JC…

      Thanks for your points of view on this issue as well as the Marching for Harry Stone story as well. – Good posts all.