North Carolina seems to be ruffling many peoples feathers across this land and within the state as well! Illegal immigrants aren’t happy, which should go without saying…the ACLU is in an uproar, as usual. Some RINO lawmakers aren’t liking this and the list goes on. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see AG Holder and the DOJ stick their claws in this too…of course at Dear Leader’s behest!

Here’s what’s going on. – This is via YN:

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — A new North Carolina driver’s license set to be issued to some illegal immigrants has a bright pink stripe and the bold words “NO LAWFUL STATUS,” raising concerns about whether the design will brand those who show it.

The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles announced last week they would begin issuing the licenses March 25 following a lengthy legal review. The Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program grants valid federal work permits to qualified applicants brought to the U.S. as children without legal authorization.

Some Republican lawmakers in the state have balked at the idea, filing a bill Thursday to bar the DMV from granting the licenses until at least June.

Cinthia Marroquin, a 22-year-old Raleigh resident awaiting approval for a DACA permit, said the longer the license issue is delayed, the longer it will take for her to get a job and drive herself to work. Even if she is able to get one, she is worried about presenting a license declaring she has “NO LAWFUL STATUS” at a police roadblock or while writing a check at the grocery store.

“A lot of us are just scared,” said Marroquin, who came to the U.S. from Mexico when she was 15. “We just want to be able to get a job and drive to work. Having that license is just going to show everybody you’re here illegally, just buying a beer or writing a check. You don’t know how people might react.”

The American Civil Liberties Union of North Carolina also takes issue with the designation.

“North Carolina should not be making it harder for aspiring citizens to integrate and contribute to our communities by branding them with a second-class driver’s license,” said ACLU attorney Raul Pinto. “There is simply no reason for officials to stigmatize people who are in the U.S. legally with an unnecessary marker that could lead to harassment, confusion, and racial profiling.”

Almost from the moment President Barack Obama announced the program in June, states across the country grappled with how and whether to issue driver’s licenses to those granted legal presence.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has said it is up to officials in each state to make their own determination about what to do. Many states, such as Oregon and Georgia, have announced that they will grant driving privileges to those eligible.

In Arizona, where Republican Gov. Jan Brewer has pledged that DACA youths will not get driver’s licenses, the state’s DMV still lists federal work permits among the documents making people eligible for one.

The issue is especially politically charged in North Carolina, where current state law ordains a driver’s license will be issued to anyone who holds valid federal documentation of their “legal presence” in the United States.

The office of the state’s Democratic attorney general in an opinion last month said that under federal law, DACA participants have a “legal presence,” even if they do not have “lawful status.” Therefore, state law requires that DACA participants be granted licenses. Republican Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration agreed, announcing last week the DMV would begin issuing the licenses.

That has upset many conservatives in McCrory’s own party, including Rep. Mark Brody (R-Union). He is one of four freshmen legislators who introduced a bill Thursday to bar DMV from issuing licenses to DACA participants before June 15, potentially giving time to craft a permanent change to state law.

Brody said he believes strongly that the DACA program violated the U.S. Constitution because it was implemented without congressional approval. Obama said last year he was forced to take executive action by the decades-long failure of Congress to consider meaningful immigration reform.

“We need a time out,” said Brody, a construction contractor. “We don’t need to have the federal government dictating to us how we are supposed to issue licenses in this state. We do it, and that’s a privilege we have under our Constitution.”

Among the concerns raised by Brody and other bill sponsors is that illegal immigrants might use their new licenses to access social programs or register to vote, despite the bright pink markings. An extensive 2011 review of the state’s 6.4 million registered voters by the N.C. Board of Elections found 12 instances were a non-citizen successfully cast a ballot.

Jose Rico, a 23-year-old Raleigh resident from Mexico who has already been issued DACA work permit, said he plans to be in line at the DMV on March 25 to get a license, even if it’s pink. He will be extremely disappointed if state legislators pass a bill delaying or a denying his ability to do so.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with these people, why they’re so afraid of people like me,” said Rico, who has lived in the U.S. since he was 13. “It’s so frustrating. I passed a federal background check, done everything right by the book. I’m paying taxes. I mean, we’re just kids trying to go to school.”

By the way folks, there is another video report at the link to this story if you want to watch it as well.

So friends…would you like to see other states join with NC and follow suit or not?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. I can’t believe it, Brains showing somewhere in NC. There are other states that require different types of licenses because of age or other restrictions, what the hells wrong with having a license like that, they are here Illegally. Smart Move NC. Its time States started enforcing a States Rights. Each state has the right under the 10th to make and enforce its own laws.

    • Amen to that and the other states!

      • ACLU : American Clueless Lunatic Union
        IRS : the initials you never have to explain
        As for wanting to assimilate, that doesn’t seem to be happening anymore. You can live all your life in some immigrant enclave on places such as Buford Highway in Atlanta (Georgia Steve knows what I mean) without ever learning a word of English. The Demos will probably put a big star by the proper candidate on the ballot to help these folks “assimilate” in their new country.

  2. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Yay, NC!!!

    Just now, I was reading this article below and then I saw BT’s post here on AWD. I wasn’t sure where else to put this but since it’s about immigration I’ll put it here.

    If we do not rein in the problems with invaders here we are headed in this direction, like the UK:

    • Howdy CG….

      Will be checking out your link after I get done cooking etc…looking forward to it. ~

    • CG…

      That’s a heartbreaking story…and America had better wise up fast…but I fear she won’t.

      • Cinnamon Girl says:

        There has been an unreported mass exodus of native and traditional Brits out of the UK to the US for decades. It’s only slowed in the last few years due to our own economy but it has picked up again recently. Ex-pats used to be confined to being retired folks but younger ones are escaping now.

        My former in-laws are still there, one of which is of American birth; her husband and child are English. They endured the riots that happened last year and continue to endure the Muslim

        I had heard that Birmingham was heavily ethnic but the story I attached reported that the school is 75% multi-ethnic! Gosh.

        Anyway, the grand social experiment of expecting everyone to love and honor each other, all flowers, rainbows, and unicorns, when you throw them together, has failed the world over.

        Japan has it right. The real reason why their population is falling is not simply due to delayed child bearing. It’s because they disallow immigration to a very great extent and when pressed, they admit it is to preserve their country as-is.

        • CG…

          I’ve got to hit the sack pretty soon…but what you posted above says it all. Including your former relatives experiences in UK and such…and what you said about Japan and the summation or just what we should take a hint about here within as well.

          Sorry if this is jumbled gal…been a long day in my neck of the woods. Hope to catch ya somewhere tomorrow. 😉


    The Tarheel State is courting disaster if they grrant drivers licsens to illegal aliens and should be held totaly liable for any deaths traced to this idiotic nonsense

  4. Why give them a drivers license in the first place?

  5. Issue them all a drivers permit that allows for one trip south….
    adios muchachos!
    The supposed 11 million illegals here will swell to 40 million if we offer them any kind of legal status… they will manage to bring mom dad cousins and even gay lovers here as soon as we say ok…
    ship em all back….


    Giving drivers licsens to illegal aliens is like giving a box of matches and gallon of gasoline to a pyromaniac

  7. So Cinthia says the longer it takes to get the license the longer It will take her to get a job, Hell’s Bell’s I had one for46 yrs and I cant find a job, need to print a map on the back with the shortest route to Mexico.

  8. bluffcreek1967 says:

    This is a bad idea no matter how you look at it. I know because I’ve worked traffic enforcement as a cop, and I’ve seen firsthand how brazenly the illegals disregard our laws. Giving them a driver’s license is just one more incremental step to legitimizing them and giving them a real stake in our country.

    I’ve written about this too: “My Experience with Mexicans While Working Traffic,”

    We are seeing dramatic changes in our country, and this is just one more example of it. I’m not against Mexicans. I have nothing personal against them. Many of them are very decent folks. But, in fairness, one has to come to reality and recognize that whenever they populate an area, there’s a huge increase in crime, gang murders and run-down neighborhoods. They have a tendency to turn our towns into their version of Tijuana. Think of all those once nice, white, clean and relatively crime-free areas in Southern California that have now turned into congested, overpopulated and crime-ridden third-world cities. And this was all because Americans were asleep and wanted cheap labor, not realizing that we would eventually become aliens in our own land! Folks, our country has lost its mind and the rule-of-law has been tossed out the window!

  9. The SOBS shouldn;tbe granted a licence .period..illegal is illegal!!!

    • Take names and Kick Ass!!!!! There needs to be a list on the net for EVERY MFing Congress Critter that votes for illegals and make sure they never get another vote again. Vote them out be it Rubio or Schumer, McRino or whoever. They get in these cozy little committees of 4,6, 8, 10 whatever and Do Not Do What Their Constituents want and then spend the rest of the time prior to election apologizing or making excuses for their shitty little behind the door meetings. They should not be allowed to do closed door meetings except for the very few National Security meetings. All these meetings should be transparent and viewable by the general public who elected them to represent We The People, not Mexicans, not Mexico, not any illegal or illegal act. When they can’t figure out how to enforce the laws of this country they are not fit and qualified to be in their respective positions. They want our guns even though we haven’t broken any laws but refuse to arrest prosecute or deport illegals. Joe Stalin must be smiling now as our own Reps turn against us and try to disarm over 1/2 of the entire United States with one hand while the other waves illegals thru the none existent border fence which will never be built and into the land of handouts which you and I have fought for bled for payed into a corrupt SS and Medicare system only to see them given away for cheap votes. We are paying our hard earned money for our own demise and our Government wants more. It ain’t gonna stop till we stop our Government. It is completely and totally out of control.

  10. Speaking of NC…take a look at this! – Soros and his claws, hard at work!

    • Its not just NC. Soros group is in every state. They are in the process of taking over the USA and people just don’t want to see it. Its benign in some states and highly active in others. They are working on capturing ALL of the Sec. of States positions as they oversee voting laws/regulations and their and how they are put in place. They are working to reduce the power of local Sheriffs and give it to the Feds. “O” gets to appoint very Federal Attorney for each of the 57 states. Do you think the Repos have a plan to hit back at Progressives. Don’t hold your breath. They just want their treats when the cage gets rocked and they get patted on the head. They will just bend over and won’t even get a Reach Around.

      • No, I don’t think the repubs have a plan to fight Soros in the way we’re speaking of…hell, they haven’t for over 15 years or more. I know about his plans too…he was busy as heck in Calif and other states as well last election regarding Sec. of State etc. Look what he did in Minnesota for Franken etc etc etc…until the repubs wake up and learn to fight fire with fire…they will continue to lose. No one to blame for that than themselves!

        Btw…anyone with a brain that works, knows Soros should have been behind prison bars a few decades back…not gonna happen. He’s got his offspring ready to take over when he bites the dust. – Despicable!

  11. So, if you are in the Unite States unlawfully, it is illegal to say “no lawful status”? NC is even spending taxpayer dollars do help illegals get a driver’s license and it’s still not enough. This country is definitely losing it’s mind.

  12. FuriousFatMan says:

    “brand those that show it”

    you were branded the day you hopped the border, criminal.

    ffs, can we please just rise up and have a “deport a Mexican” day already.

    seriously. if we do it now, we’ll be able to out number them 5 to 1, if we wait 20 more years, it’ll be 2:1. if we wait 40 years, it will be 1:2.

    wanna do it now while the odds are in our favor?


  13. Im sorry but I dont support NC giving these taco benders a license at all! The only thing they should be given is a good swift kick in their ass on their way back across the border.