Once again we have what should have been major news that’s slip-slidin’ away! Of course the mainstream media all but ensured this would remain silent too, after-all…we all know they carry the water for their messiah! From research I’ve done, this news out of Delaware took place last April!

If it wasn’t for Al Gore’s Superhighway many of us may not have been aware of this story to this very day…I know this was news to me until yesterday. If it hadn’t been for MTPatriot, I still would have been clueless about this power grab…see if you would have been too.

The apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the Biden family, they’re good little foot-soldiers doing the bidding for Dear Leader. – Here’s the report, this is via LiveLeak:

A news report has been quietly making its way around the alternative media, under the radar screen, concerning a Delaware legal decision to strip county sheriffs of their arrest powers in the state.

The mainstream media has not reported the story, but the son of Vice President Joe Biden, who serves as Attorney General for the state of Delaware, has issued a mandate to county commissioners informing them that sheriffs in the state’s three counties no longer have arrest powers.

When the information reached this reporter late yesterday evening, further investigation revealed that there is a nationwide effort to strip local sheriffs of most of their enumerated powers that are mandated in the state constitutions of the various states. Such a move would have the net effect of abolishing local sheriffs departments and strengthening the power of federal law enforcement agencies.

And this is not the first time such an effort has been launched.

In the 1970s an initiative was launched by county supervisors in California to eliminate the office of sheriff, but one supervisor instead was able to persuade two state legislators to get a question placed on the California ballot as to whether or not the office of the sheriff should be an elected office. The measure passed overwhelmingly, and the mandate for elected sheriffs was placed in the state constitution.

And in 1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt was set to eliminate all of the 48 states in order to implement nine regional governments that would operate as extensions of the federal government. All local law enforcement would be eliminated. The plan failed, but the fact that it was attempted points to an ever present, insidious stealth plan on the part of some within the federal government to take away the right of the people and the states to elect their own local law enforcement and to vastly strengthen the hand of the numerous federal law enforcement agencies that currently operate throughout America.

Proponents of such unconstitutional measures desire to forge a world government of sorts under the control of the United Nations. Various methods are used to expedite this plan, including the infamous ‘Agenda 21’ that has raised the alarm among some citizens.

The key to the success of the implementation of such plans is enforcement. How would the federal government insure compliance among the states and their citizens?

Dozens of federal agencies have their own law enforcement divisions, and those divisions are growing quickly under the Obama Administration. Homeland Security is purchasing 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets. The IRS will need roughly 16,500 new employees to implement ObamaCare. The White House has just sent $500 million to the IRS to enforce the new healthcare law. The EPA’s recent penchant for using heavy handed tactics outside the authority given to it by Congress has placed businesses under the gun and stymied economic recovery. Citizens complain that the agency regularly violates private property rights.

And then there are such agencies as the FBI, ATF, DEA, ICE, and others that are under suspicion for widespread corruption in the Fast and Furious scandal, a fact that has not hampered Congressional Democrats from calling for massive new funding and expanded powers for these agencies.

The move to weaken and dismantle sheriffs offices around the country is viewed by Constitutional watchdogs as an ominous signal in a broader attempt to usurp the rights of citizens on the local level in lieu of an expanded nationalized police force under the control of a federal bureaucracy.

Are any of you worried this may be coming to your neck of the woods anytime soon…or has it already?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I read in the local rag a few days ago that my state, MS, is hurrying up a bill to nullify any new federal laws. The article said it was by far the toughest of these type laws. I sincerely hope our state pols take this seriously.

    • Other states are following suit in one way or the other. Evidently, not Delaware…color me shocked!

      Wanna bet much of what is going on now and in the past regarding this issue reaches SCOTUS? – Leave it to O to have everything going there. We are so fracked…why are people so stupid in this nation? Still unbelievable this marxist and crew were put back in power by a nation of dummies.

  2. The Sheriffs of the nation are the ones enforcing immigration laws.

    • Right you are, that is taking place in some states.

      But, what’s going to happen to them if their authority is stripped away from them to have the power to do that, along with not going along with Dear Leader’s gun control orders that are sure too take place down road?

  3. Here’s a pretty good read. ~


  4. Mr. Grumpus says:

    Not sure about all the what-ifs BT. I think it said something about poular referendum, but I’ll put my hands on the paper tomorrow and give you the run-down.

  5. Thanks BT for highlighting this, I have to admit this old con job is new to me,

    • Thanks Waspish. Me as well. If it hadn’t been for MTPatriot I wouldn’t have known a thing about this. – Con job is right, but it’s a worrisome one…if ya know what I mean.

  6. Spurwing Plover says:

    FDR used to refer to JOSPHE STALIN as UNCLE JOE yet Stalin was a worse mass murderer then HITLER and both of them were LIBERALS

  7. like to see ANYBODY tell JOE ARPAIO he has no power………HA…he will tell them to F…………K themselves……with a smile

  8. This is just part of the overall scheme to wrest control of local Govts from the people. http://www.apollo.edu

    Check into this group a bit in depth. All of the people on the Board of Directors are close associates of SOROS. They cross all lines of politics and advance the Agenda.
    Their University of Phoenix made millions from Gpvt backed student loans, using commission based student councilors. http://www.azcentral.com/busin.....ck_check=1
    Soros is funding The Sec. Of State Project to capture these elected positions which oversee all Voting Rules in each state. They control ballot boxes in all states and in many states the Sec of State is next in line to Governor.
    Soros funds The Open Borders Society which has been trying to erase the US/Mexican border. Tie all this together and you see they are coming from all sides/directions at once to overwhelm us. This is well coordinated and funded and has a chance of succeeding. They have not forgot how FDR almost pulled the rug from under us, they are trying again.
    Look at all the issues we face every day, its not by chance but by design. Each one gets advanced some every day. The broker they can keep people, the more they can dole out to
    poor people from working peoples money. Everyones struggling to make it and few pay attention to the cause of the mess while trying to pick up info from soundbite news programs carefully scripted for Prog purposes.

    • Thanks michael, great links and info you have here for all of us.

      As an aside, I’ve known about this…unfortunately millions and millions don’t…and many that do know don’t care. Many that do are part of it…and many that do on the repub side of the aisle remains mum about it. – I’ve had my fill to the hilt about all of this…and nary a word from the msm, or our side of the aisle.

  9. This is the first I’ve ever heard of this. Can’t take anymore. Too much stress.

    • You’re not alone…I’m about burnt out too. – It’s never-ending with the O-Team.

    • Better get used to it, its their MO. Its worked in every country they have tried it in and if it takes them longer here they will wait it out. Demos in Congress were in the streets trowing Molly Cocktails in the 1960’s, now they are in power and rich enough
      to do anything they please, on our dime. “O” funds that Nazi collaborator Soros, Soros funds all types of Fascist oriented ThinkTanks that work against our country daily with new schemes to enslave us or eliminate the bright among us they consider true threats, i.e. Breitbart, Kyle, who knows how many others. Breitbart alive and running his groups was the MOST dire threat to their agenda they have had in their lifetime. I know many think I’m nuts but say what you will he had the left steppin and fetching better than any ten other people. He knew them and how to get to them. He was like Reagan, a once in your lifetime gift not to be repeated. Keep pushing back, they left are like bad weeds, ya gotta get the roots out any way possible.

  10. AWD:

    keep the info flowing:

    Proponents of such unconstitutional measures desire to forge a world government of sorts under the control of the United Nations. Various methods are used to expedite this plan, including the infamous β€˜Agenda 21β€² that has raised the alarm among some citizens.


    Obamas hypocracy going around the nation calling for strict GUN CONTROL was surrounded by his armed goon squad

  12. Know the REAL facts behind Operation Fast & Furious


  13. http://www.redstate.com/mikeha.....obamacare/
    They are on a roll, call your Senators, better: email and call, flood their email in boxes and stop up their phone lines.

    • Thanks for that info michael. I always new there would be more in that bill than has been yapped about on television etc.

      I’ve also heard in some blue states they are now requiring legal gun owners to buy ‘violence insurance’….I kid you not. I don’t have time at the moment to look for a link, but I’m sure there are plenty of them.

    • michael and all…

      I just saw this link ~


      • Screw that, make it a crime to furnish gun free zones and require owners of such zones to pay those that get hurt by guns on their property. Several business in Az.dropped their no gun signs after there was a move to allow lawsuits against the owners of these businesses unless they furnished armed security to protect customers against any violence on their property.

  14. Look at what the Blacks have done to gun owners in Cook County, Illinois:

    “Firearms owners in suburban Cook County will face fines up to $2,000 if they don’t report to police when their guns are lost, stolen or sold under an ordinance commissioners approved today.”

    A FINE for selling your gun if you don’t tell the government!

    “The County Board approved the new rules by a voice vote with no opposition.”

    This is what happen when the 85-IQ people control politics; rest assured the Blacks will vote ALL the SCUM back in office.

    • Wow, just wow. – This madness across this land is going rampant. Totalitarianism is now vogue in this country with Dear Leader and Crew leading the way.

      What mess the USA has become…never thought I’d see the day things are like they are. ~

      • We ALL need to get involved NOW. I am finally making a daily catalog of the outrages I read, and am calling my congress idiots EVERYDAY and screaming about it.

        Just contacted an anti-NDAA group to help them out.


  15. Here’s some more…this time Colorado. ~


  16. WhiteFalcon1 says:

    IF they succeed, that leaves ‘We the People’ to enforce the laws of our respective counties…they’d be better sticking with the sheriffs, I think!