New Jersey Senator and whore monger Roberto Menendez is playing the race card because he has been caught red-penised cavorting with underage Dominican Republic prostitutes. Several Domincan hoo-ahs are coming forward saying they have had flippy-flopular relations with the DEMOCRAT from New Jersey. Of course, Menendez denies the allegations and accuses the alligators! None of this can be true…it must be a vast right-wing conspiracy to bring down the scion of virtue from New Jersey.

But Menendez is no regular scion of virtue. He’s a Hispanic scion of virtue and, thus, the allegations cannot be true. Those making the accusations MUST be racista!

At the black Mt. Shiloh Baptist Church during a Black History month sermon, Menendez said:

“I have felt the sting of discrimination. It has never been easy.”

Now we face anonymous, faceless, nameless individuals from right-wing sources seeking to destroy a lifetime of work.”

Can Roberto get an amen?! Yes, Senator Menendez has felt the sting! But not as bad as the sting underage prostitute have felt from the good Senator from New Jersey!

Menendez should have learned from Anthony “The Peter Tweeter” Weiner that when they’ve got you by the weiner, you’re done for! Senator Menendez playing of the race card proves he is as guilty as Sean Penn is stupid. It’s so predictable. The next step is for El Senador Menendez to change his first name to Roberto.

Furthering his guilt, Menendez cloaked himself in the words of noted fellow whore monger Martin Luther King saying:

“Dr. King said that ‘the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice. In the end, I believe that justice will overcome the forces of darkness.”

I believe when we go through this whole process that at the end of the day, that I will be in every respect looked to have acted appropriately.”

Acting appropriately having sex with underage chicas? What? Did you give them a bigger tip afterwards, Senador Roberto?

Menendez has on several occasions gone to bat for his preferred pimp, Dr. Saloman Melgen of Miami who had contracts with the government of the Dominican Republic where he looked to make millions. He needed muscle to guarantee his contracts and his good friend Senador Roberto Menendez was willing to use his position to “encourage” the Domincan Republic to honor said contracts. In return, Dr. Melgen flew Menendez to the DR to discuss the penal code with several underage prostitutes. It’s good to be a Senador en los Estados Unidos…even with all that racism from white gringos!

People, we are governed by politicians we would not allow to be near our children! Corruptocrats with the morals of drunk Mezcans. Ooops, that was racista! With Menendez dropping the race card, it’s a sure sign he is guilty as charged.

Of course, the good people of New Jersey will reelect Menendez ad infinitum so he can continue his trysts with more underage Latin prostitutes. But hey, he’s a loyal Democrat!

Watch for Menendez to hold a press conference with Al Sharpton soon where he wears a poncho and a sombrero to further claim he is a victim of racismo!

I’m so sick of being governed by these douche bags!

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  1. We shall overcome and all that crap. Bla, bla,bla. Discrimination? He’s a f***ing senator! I’m so goddammed tired of so called minorities whining and bitching about discrimination.

  2. By the way, I like the ‘whore monger’ label, it’s nice. I’m also particular to ‘whore master’.

  3. I read this sleeze got outed because he wouldn’t pay up for services rendered.

  4. Sounds very reasonable. Don’t know the author, or I would credit.

    Most importantly, what do you think is going to happen to our political rights once we lose our majority status, given the fact that the American public (including non-whites) has been bombarded for decades in the schools and the mainstream media with continuous information blaming whites for every single injustice??? Non-whites in positions of power don’t always see us whites as good/nice people and will treat us accordingly, as evidenced by anti-white statements by guys like Attorney General Eric Holder.

    It is the genetic nature of the non-white races to be ethnocentric and favor their own. Every race out there is out for its own kind, except for whites, who by their nature are individualistic and concerned with universal principles of fairness. Though white people are less inherently ethnocentric than other groups, what ethnocentrism we have is specifically targeted by our educational system, our media, and a system of severe penalties to be over-ridden so that even when we act in an ethnocentric way (as the millions who have left California) we will justify it in politically acceptable ways (e.g. for better schools, lower crime, etc.). Do you think that Arabs are concerned with issues of fairness with regard to Jews? Are the Chinese concerned with fairness with regard to Black Africans? Are Mexicans or Blacks concerned with fairness with regard to Whites?

  5. Rockets red glare says:

    Pretty simple answer to this problem;

    Get rid of the bullshit PC crap and call a spade a spade!
    (oops, is that racist?) F this crook and his Hipocracy!

    God will be the ultimate judge, but please allow me some input as to my take on justice in a non-pc perfect world, not the subversive one this Hipocracy preaching low life lives in, f-ing snake.

    1) Send an invitation to the family of the young girls he had sex with and invite father, mother and an elder uncle or brother on a luxury yaught for a 24 hr, all expense paid trip.

    2) fly this low life in with a burly three man team, with a translator.

    3) read the charges against the snake, and let the girls speak about the “specifics” this snake demanded, yes, tears and all.

    4) Escort the Ladies to the opposite end of the vessel and let each family have one (1) minute to express their opposition to the snakes behaviour, semi restrained to prevent him from hurting himself by jumping overboard, of course.

    5) Fly him straight to the nearest airport, mexico, pin ten (10) one hundred dollar bills in a crisp new dress shirt front pocket, handcuff him and dump him off just outside say, Mexico city.

    Now this is all hypothetical, and what I feel is below biblical, but would justice not be served?

    Just sayin……….

  6. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Roberto Menendez, the little underage girl chaser, tells us he’s “felt the sting of discrimination. It has never been easy.” Nonsense! This man hasn’t experienced any “discrimination” in this white, guilt-ridden nation of diversity pukes. He’s risen to the prominent position of a U.S. Senator and that doesn’t happen when racial opposition and discrimination lurks around every corner.

    He rose to the position he has probably because of Affirmative Action, he’s half-way intelligent and articulate, hard work, making the right connections, and charm and finesse (read: bullshitting people) – but it wasn’t because he had to fight off all the ‘racists’ (read: white people) who stood in his way.

    I hope this fat little pedophile Senator gets the boot and ends up ‘sharing special time’ with an affectionate, 300 pound black man!

  7. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/top.....ent-obama/

    Kinda explains Romneys loss and why we also have Bobbie Menendez still occupying a seat in Congress. The media is in the tank for any deviant person especially Progs. Birds of a feather! Not to leave out Repos I’m sure there is some weenie waving going on there also, i.e. Vitter. Its all a sh*thouse of cards and needs to be burned to the ground. Kinda reminds me of the Preverts of the Vatican also, another place that needs to be burned down.

  8. Rockets red glare says:

    Sorry Buckcreek, the proper term for this F-ing snake is paedophile.
    His hard work involves fraud and pedling his influence for lining his pockets and screwing young girls.

    Unfortunately no politition will see the real time the Feds save for
    Your 30 round mag.

    Justice could be served if our justice system was not corrupt.

    Had these aligations been made against the average person, they would be in jail trying to prove innocence.

    What a creepy time we live in. Watch, or better yet Listen to what comes out of their mouths, is it not perfectly clear now that what both sides say, that they are lying? Want to follow some prescripted lies, follow the true national disgrace john kerry, backed by a lack of spine mccain, the true face of a RINO!

    What a complex set of morales we live with. I despise 99.5% of our polititions, I’m convinced they are all power hungry and evil. Look at their records and scandals. What a sad time we live in when all this is comming to fruition and we cannot do a damn thing about it. SAD!!!

    • Rockets red glare says:

      Sorry, bluffcreek 1967. I was posting to you’re post, thanks sir.

      • bluffcreek1967 says:

        No problem, Rockets. The only thing is that I checked the dictionary and I had the word “pedophile” spelled correctly. Webster’s New World Dictionary didn’t even have the way you spelled it (“paedophile”). Did I miss something?

  9. What a piece of shit! He has been discriminated all the way to the White House? I am sick of these Democrats using all types of excuses for their failures. Corruption is in the Hispanic blood that descended from the criminals that sailed with Christopher Columbus.

  10. Republica Bananera says:

    Comrade he is a wise and noble hispanic who contributes so much to the wonderful tapestry of diversity in the rainbow utopia.

  11. Guillermo Del Toro says:

    First of all wtf is up with this doucher, you know hes agaisnt the ropes if he’s resorting to the race card. What an asshole.

    2nd if you are going to get a prostitute at least pay them the agreed amount. This was the same reason for the Colombian fiasco. Stupid politicians, never learn.

  12. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Recently I asked some people who I suspected to be liberals, and who brought the subject up, why Republicans or conservatives are held to such a higher standard when it comes to their personal lives. They said it was because Reps and cons preach their moral beliefs and act as if they are morally superior, so they deserve more scrutiny even when what they are accused of is merely hearsay.

    I found that interesting so I said to them that while I heard them stating there is a double-standard with regard to personal lives, isn’t it the same when a Rep or con speaks out about a lib’s use of fossil fuels, or their use of paper products, or their lack of racial diversity amongst their friends, or their use of electronic gadgets made by slave labor, etc.

    This was met with fervent shakes of the head and denials.

    Of course. Do as they say, not as they do. These same people compare the Second Amendment with gay rights causes, and in the same breath, say we shouldn’t have guns but we should have gay marriage. And while they are free to dally around (or not) and do or say anything damn thing they wish, we Reps or cons must adhere to the farthest-right ideals whether we agree with them or not.

    And certainly, any white person cannot claim adversity, prejudice, or discrimination has been used against them. Why, that’s preposterous.


    Cuaught his hands in the cookie jar

  14. Not only is this dirtbag a pedophile but hes a typical race baiting turd like Jesse or Al. Every time without fail when these minorities get caught committing crimes.. automatically its a racists fault they got caught breaking the law…this race card shit is so old and overplayed already…get this piece of shit out of office and deport him to whatever god forsaken shithole he came from. Even if he was born here..deport the f##ker anyway!

  15. Has to be Bushs’ fault.