One of the main reasons I’ve always liked Sen. Ron Johnson is because he minces no words and calls a spade a spade when he speaks…and he did so again over the week-end. This time he’s calling the leftists of this country exactly what they are! They can deny it all they want…but, the truth is the truth, whether they like it or not!

Here’s what took place. – This is via HuffnPuff:

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) made no effort to hide the fact that he believes the Democratic agenda is radical, comparing members of the party to Socialists and Marxists over the weekend.

Johnson lamented President Barack Obama’s reelection with fellow Republicans in a speech on Saturday night in Johnson Creek, Wis., calling it a “body blow to freedom.” He then described what “people who like freedom” — people such as himself — were up against.

“We are up against a strategy that is taking place by liberals, progressives, Democrats, whatever they call themselves nowadays, Socialists, Marxists,” Johnson continued, according to the Daily Jefferson County Union. “We are up against a strategy that has taken place for about a hundred years. Diabolically simple. It’s simply this: A big American government. The problem with that is far too many Americans have bought into that.”

Johnson also said that the left has taken control of much of society.

“They have taken over our universities rock solid,” Johnson said. “In particular, when you control the college of education, journalism, of law, and economics, you control our culture. You utterly and totally control our culture. Liberals have had control of our culture now for about 20 years. We are engaged in just a huge, important struggle. A battle of ideas.”

Johnson took office in 2010, after defeating Sen. Russ Feingold (D-Wis.). He recently attracted national attention for getting into a heated exchange with then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton over the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Did he hit the nail on the head or not? Did he omit anything you want to add to the mix as well?

Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Senator Ron Johnson has said exactly what we here already know. However, if he and many, many others on the Hill take up a habit of telling it like it is and if they do so for a long period of time AND put their money (and votes) where their mouths are, our country might have a chance of returning to a little bit of sanity.

    However, when Johnson spoke of our universities in particular when taking on the subject of society, he was addressing the bigger issue. He knows that changing the minds of the people took a long time and a lot of wicked work.

    In the case of our country today, a short time and a lot of good work is needed. What I wonder is if it’s possible to find enough citizens, senators, congressmen, journalists, professors, and billionaires who are quick and good enough to get it done. Therein lies the problem.

  2. Howdy CG…

    Once again you nailed it gal!

    Btw…speaking of university’s…I’m going to be posting about one of them as soon as I get a few things done around here. – They are the problem when it comes to heads full of mush when it comes to the younger generation. I don’t know how parents can pay for the kind of leftist BS that’s crammed down their throats. I know I sure as heck wouldn’t!

  3. angrywhitewoman says:

    “Liberals have had control of our culture now for about 20 years.”

    I would put it slightly differently. ‘TV (program makers) have had control of our culture for decades. And they have dumbed down our country so that ignorance is considered bliss.’

  4. theirin lies the problem……
    If the polititions are more interested in getting re elected and no so much about what is good for the country should they be considered
    true Americans or just plain ol traitors….? I say the later.


    Anything to push the leftists agenda and the dreams of KARL MARX,VLADIMIR LENNIN and JOE STALIN

    • Hey Spur…

      At least I’m happy as heck that Johnson calls the dems exactly what they are…without mincing one single word!