The latest fad of violent, black “urban yoots” is called The Knockout Game. This is just another story you’ll never hear on the mainstream propaganda media. Just like you won’t hear stories where law-abiding Americans successfully defended themselves with their legally-owned guns.

Knock-Out Game seems to be particularly popular with one segment of the American population. Black chirren. I know, I know, Mama. They’s goot boys. What these street terrorists do is pick a victim, usually an older white person walking alone, and try to knock them out with one punch. If the person remains conscious, the pack jumps in and continues the beating. It appears that the Knock Out Game is particularly popular in St. Louis.

Here’s just one example:

After getting set free, two of the thugs threatened the victim again:

He pulled out pepper spray on them the second time. Too bad he didn’t pull out a .45 and put a round or two in their sternums. The monsters who commit these crimes are sociopaths. Worthless. A danger to decent people. The court system is a revolving door that returns the criminals to the street to commit more crimes and ruin more lives.

I don’t know about you but it would be terrible for those urban yoots who beat up that man in St. Louis to all show up in the morgue. Too bad the victim’s name isn’t Paul Kersey.

Experience and common sense dictate that decent people take careful precaution when in close proximity to black youth. Sorry to paint all black youth with a broad brush. Not all are violent street thugs. Take it up with the street terrorists who, for good reason, give me concern when around black youth. Don’t feel so bad, I do the same with Muslims. Same reasons.

I carry everywhere I go. When I see one or more black youth in proximity (especially those who appear to be ghetto), I begin planning my what-if’s. I have taught my children to do the same. I don’t let ghetto types get near me. If they approach, I immediately let them know I am aware of their unwelcome presence and am not one to screw with. I don’t communicate with ghetto types and I don’t give money to people I don’t know. I refuse to be a victim.

Street terrorists play Knockout Game and have violent flash mobs where whites are randomly attacked because they believe they will suffer no ill consequences. They don’t believe the white people will defend themselves and they don’t believe the courts will convict them. What needs to happen is some street terrorist heads need to explode in a pink mist all over their homies. I guaran-damn-tee their amigos won’t be so interested in continuing the Knockout Game or flash mob.

One of AWD’s mottoes is “if you’re going to be a bear, be a grizzly.” Don’t start trouble but make damn sure you’re prepared if trouble starts! Watch out for groups of urban yoots. They rarely attack alone. Here’s why:

Don’t be a victim! Be prepared. Make sure your family and children are prepared to defend themselves!

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  1. Dude, excellent post. I live in Mississippi, where we have the highest ratio of “yoots” in the nation. Please notice that we don’t have much “knockout game” here. There is a reason for that. They are damn well aware that we all carry, legal or not, everywhere we go. If the rest of the country would learn that simple lesson, it would solve many problems.

  2. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Nothing like concealed carry in Texas. Besides QLB does 65lb dumbell curls with impunity and would like to try to tear off someone’s ear.

  3. This guy takes a different approach. Had to test them all to see what he needed:

    That little gem courtesy of

  4. Who could forget ‘Epic Beard Man’. I liked the first one better. Those fists were flying at super-sonic speed. They count on intimidation and whites not fighting back.

  5. Off thread folks; Sorry this needs to go out.
    SEAL Chris Kyle was shot dead today. Will get some links later.
    RIP Chris. God speed And comfort for your family in their loss.

  6. Cinnamon Girl says:

    The Knock-Out Game is truly one of the most disgusting things imaginable that goes almost completely unreported. Therefore, the only thing to do is to be ready. Mayberry America ain’t.


    A game stupider and more dangerous then BUNGEE JUMPING and popular amounst the blacks And dont expect this to make big headlines in your daily birdcage linner/parrots toilet and dont expect the talking heads to say anything about it either

  8. What about an online campaign?
    Spread the word [how long till facebook removes ?]
    that ‘we kill if attacked in KOG’.

  9. In the world of bail bonds and fugitive recovery, we see a growing number of YBC’s (young black criminals). Our welfare system has produced generations of these lifelong warts on our country. Less and less of them have any regard for life, including their own. We’re headed for real trouble.

  10. The communist media never reports black on white crime because its not KOSHER! Oh vey!

  11. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    The gangstas also call this “polar bear hunting.” I read somewhere where one guy who tried this new inner city sport caught a 357 mag slug from a snubbie and was in hell just in time to catch dinner. Most of this occurs in states and cities that are not gun friendly. Whiskey is right. This sort of stuff happens everyday yet the MSM get their panties in a wad because of Trayvon Martin.

  12. That’s why all these subhuman yoots seem to love basketball. The fundamentals of the game are simple: Jumping, shooting and stealing.

  13. Lock and load………..If it was whites against blacks the MSM would be reporting it 24/7……….typical black savages

  14. (Kudos: Irish Savant)

    How time flies! Seems like no time since we were last celebrating Black History Month (formerly known as February). I have decided to recognize Black Achievement by categorizing black contributions in the following areas:

    1. Math
    2. Physics
    3. Architecture
    4. Chemistry
    5. Quantum Mechanics
    6. Engineering
    7. Medicine and pharmacology
    8. Computer Technology



  15. I guess you can’t count crack cocaine as chemistry?

  16. Wayne LaPierre is on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I’d love to punch Wallace in the goddam face.

    • I saw that…same sentiments shared here too. ~

    • MichaelT, the line forms behind AWD. I hate that little smarmy POS.


      • I got an email from the NRA, I have renewed my membership, and it said that La Pierre would be on today so I watched. Every time he tried to make a point, Wallace would interrupt. These people will never understand that the NRA is not responsible for all the crime that plagues our country. They have more firearms safety programs than anyone.

        Chris Wallace simply ignored all of the points that La Pierre tried to make about gangs, drugs, and the out of control ‘urban yoots’ that cause mayhem in our cities. They will never be convinced of the realities of what we face. Even former representative Gifford’s husband was somewhat realistic about the issue. Wallace went the liberal route with the comments about gun owners being able to own anything they want. That simply is a stupid argument, we do not expect to own nukes, or heavy weapons. That being said, a .50 caliber mounted in the back of a Jeep would be fun. Hehe

        • I’m sure you’re all aware, but by way of reminder he’s the son of big lib Mike Wallace. Never remember old Mike doing any “gotcha” stuff on government corruption, just furthering the liberal agenda by demonizing businesspeople.

          I’ll spit on both of their graves if I ever get the chance.

    • Amen to that Michael!

    • Was that where Capt Mark Kelly (USN) (Gifford’s pilot husband)spouted off about his 25 years in the military and that he knew assault weapons and they were designed to kill many people in the shortest amount of time?

      A Captain in the Navy has been about as close to an “assault weapon” as the common civilian woman……and a Navy Pilot that bailed out into NASA even less.

      “Assault weapons” are found in the military but a civilian AR-15 ain’t no “assault weapon.”

      Captain Kelly please quit being stupid… make the rest of us look bad.

      • F… this guy. Another bleeding heart ninny!
        We need semi autos to defend ourselves from the massive welfare underclass thugz and the criminal illegal aliens now flooding the country.
        I’m sorry your wife is now a retard. How about a little concern about that mentally ill schitzo who got a gun and the mental health system that allowed him to waltz around free? (and the ACLU for having everyone handcuffed with “patient rights”)

  17. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Again, so much crime and mayhem at the hands of blacks! When are whites going to wake up and crawl out of their multicultural shell and see blacks how they truly are? Yes, I know that not all blacks are criminals. Some, in fact, are quite decent folks and I have no animosity toward them. Unfortunately, far, far too many of them are feral, uncivilized, resentful at the success of whites, self-entitled, uncouth and dumber than a bag of hammers!

    Here’s some practical advice the MSM won’t ever tell you:

    1. Stay away from large crowds or groups of blacks. Avoid the kind of places they congregate, and you should probably avoid most sport events too. If you do, carry concealed.

    2. Avoid black ghetto culture. Don’t allow it in your home, and don’t allow your children to become sympathetic to black culture in the form of their music, they mannerisms and way of speech. Make it normal in your home to ridicule blacks and their uncivilized ways.

    3. Don’t give to black causes or charities. The last thing they need is more handouts.

    4. Don’t go out of your way to befriend blacks. They will see it as weakness on your part and a form of white guilt.

    5. Don’t do business with black-owned and black-dominated companies.

    6. Don’t do or say things that give legitimacy to black culture, black ‘achievement,’ and for goodness sake stop practically worshipping all those black athletes in the NBA and NFL!

    7. Always conduct yourself as a dignified, proud and intelligent white man or woman. Whether it’s popular or not, the facts of history consistently demonstrates that Whites are the superior and most advanced of all human races. When whites lower themselves to the level of the black man’s ways and mannerisms, they disgrace themselves and shame our ancestors. This is hard for many to accept, but it’s true nonetheless.

    Anyways, these are just my opinions. I make no law about them. I hope you find some of them thoughtful and valuable.

    • Points well made. I practice all the items you illustrate. I am not a sports fan, as I gave up on the NFL years ago. Never liked basketball anyway. I am not watching the Super Bowl today and never will. When I interact with people, I prefer to be among those of my kind, White People. It’s not always possible because I work with Latinos. I have to play the game.

    • I’m in LA, where brainwashed hordes of self-flagellating white liberals are everywhere. Whenever I find myself in conversation with some of them and talk turns to the poor downtrodden minorities and the horrible things white people have done to them, I make sure to say unapologetically, “I feel no white guilt.” I think it lets others know it’s OK to feel the same, which is important in places like LA where everyone is expected to tow the liberal line and blame white guys for everything. A lot of times, the conversation suddenly opens up, and people start talking about how they really feel. Even when that doesn’t happen, I’ve never had anyone turn feral and rant at me.

  18. negro fatigue says:

    Looking for ideas on what to say or do when approached by blacks short of pulling your gun to show them you mean business, that would be flashing your weapon here in Missouri.

    • Move to a DEFENSIVE position to face them……..





  20. KennakaKeeper says:

    Any one notice in the Transit bus fight video at the end of it the black woman who was taking the video stole the white guys bag.Team work at it’s finest in Ghetto Town.


    The facts that JOSPH STALIN and FIDEL CASTRO and the Communists commited CRIMES ON HUMANITY but WALTER DURANTY and HERB MATHEEWS and the NEW YORK TIMES covered up their crimes

  22. Claude W.C. Brownlee says:

    Yes, these youts would look just like Obonzo’s son if he had one. And just like Pappa, they’d be affirmative-action parasites.

    The problem with shooting these third-world savages, if you are White, is that the government strongly supports any civil lawsuits that the “families” of these animals might file.

    And, even worse, since our government is increasingly staffed by Leftist, affirmative-action parasites who have all the ethical and moral sensibilities of an enraged badger and the IQ of a hammer, a White is likely to be prosecuted regardless of the fact that they were defending themselves against a violent attack by a lively, vibrant diverse.

    The Left is so desperate for a White defendant who has offended against a diverse, that the Left even tried to turn a Black, Hispanic Indian into a White guy (Zimmerman.) The Left doesn’t generally mind running with a complete lie and fantasy, but this one was so embarrassing that the Left has moved on to look for a better lie. But that poor bastard is still in the clutches of an incompetent, arbitrary legal system that no longer has anything to do with civilized law.

    And the GOP leadership is just fine with all this. Won’t hear much out of those cowardly Nancy Boys.

  23. The Hessian says:

    I’m getting sick and tired of all their gode toofed bullshit antics.

  24. Oh…..

    concerning the EBM…..

    What kinda of a fool…….

    messes with a dude that wears……..

    a t-shirt that says……..

    “I AM A MOTHER@UCKER”???????????????

  25. Yeah, tell it to George Zimmerman who is being prosecuted simultaneously by FL and Holder for murder. You can protect yourself from the assailant, but not from Hate Crimes Strike Force of the DOJ.

  26. Get your concealed carry permit and go to the range. Use it if necessary.

  27. Got my carry permit this week. Find my big Glock and my big Smith and Wesson too large for my carry purposes. What works for you out there?

  28. Glock, S&W, Kel-Tec, Kahr, Sig, Walther, Colt, Beretta, Ruger all make small concealable guns in a variety of calibers with a large variety of concealment holsters.
    I highly recommend firing one before you buy it. Just use Google for website of various items I mentioned. Its a hot competitive field now so lots of new stuff coming out daily. Good luck

  29. Eek, everybody has a different style and grip. Put your hands on and practice draw or shoot a few if you can. I’m partial to the M&P40 shield for CC, but I live and work rural, so I normally tote a full-size. Also, depending on how you normally dress, something like a Glock 23 might be right for you. Try out a few first!

  30. I long for the day when some saggy pants wearing pieces of shit try that game with me. I spend plenty of time on the range and know my guns like the back of my hand. Home boy and his pals will wind up playing occupy the morgue freezer if they f**k with this white boy.

  31. This is the culture and mentality we’re supposed to cherish and except as “normal”.
    Police have to deal with this outrageous behavior everyday!

    Watch Mamma get tazed!

  32. Maudie N Mandeville says:

    Francis G. Slay is the forty-fifth mayor of St. Louis. Wikipedia

    Party: Democratic Party—Bwahahahahaha!

    You reap what you sow, St. Louis. Look for Mayor Slayor to increase the really really good rhetoric about all the ‘stuff’ he’s going to do. Bwahahahahaha

  33. Thanks for This New Idea Mate, I Just Posted added other information on this

  34. What you have on the video is the young black man physically assaulting the elderly white man forcing the elderly man to whoop his young butt and defend himself. Don’t mess with an old person, you don’t know what they have done in their life.

  35. Czar of Defenestration says:

    *I* am Paul Kersey…one *damned* angry architect.

  36. I’m sorry you guys don’t have your slaves to beat up on everytime you’re in a bad mood. In my estimation this is an appropriate social backlash to the lynching, raping, and murder of African Americans for 200 years. I time in which there was no punishment or justice for those who commited the crime. Someone earlier suggested “coon-hunting”? At least you guys aren’t hiding how you really feel.

  37. When on the street never run your mouth, always walk away if you can. If you are trapped, fight like it is life and death. Begin training to defend yourself now! Be aware everywhere, this in only going to get worse.

  38. I feel sorry for the fool that tries to play the knockout game with me…best have a will prepared in advance, cause you’ll be meeting all those dead relatives…FAIR WARNING

  39. Lol white people are so easily scared

  40. N***** got what he deserved, he’s lucky the old man wasn’t carrying a hand gun. Some of the most hateful people are blacks and liberals and most blacks are liberals. They seem to forget that it was the Democrat party that gave them the KKK and Jim Crow laws. They’re still sucking up to their massah when they vote for anyone in the Democrat party.

  41. I guess you all can just kill all the black people and America would be a better place huh? Or maybe we could get some sad, Privileged white kid to do a massacre and then it would be ok.

    • Susie, I’m not sure if you read my article but I’m not advocating the death of anyone except anyone who is attacking innocents with lethal force. Yes, fists and feet are lethal force. Since you brought the typical “privileged white kid” moral equivalency into this, let me ask you one thing….do you defend and support the black kids attacking white people in so-called Knockout Games? I’d like an answer. By the way, haven’t heard of any white kids playing knockout game yet.


    • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

      Not ALL of them… but I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over the mouthy, sheboon welfare queens and their useless, thug spawn.

  42. AngryBlackGirl says:

    This post is just sad. Us coons and niggas are destroying this great country that our ancestors built. We are soooo lazy and ignorant but we sure do thank you nice, kind, christian white folks for showing us the error of our ways. Lord, I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have white people like angry white dude and his friends in our lives. I’m sorry Lord that their sons wear baggy clothes and love hip hop music and I’m really sorry that their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters are getting lip injections and ass shots to look more like black women so they can attempt to steal their men. I promise, I’m really sorry about that. *insert hug here*

    • AngryBlackGirl, why do you hate white people?


    • Keep Honkin I'm Reloading says:

      Country your ancestors built? LMAO!! like those pyramids too huh?

      Every question in your moronic, revisionist history laden post can be summed up thus…

      “Since the dawn of history the negro has owned the continent of Africa – rich beyond the dream of poet’s fancy, crunching acres of diamonds beneath his bare black feet.
      Yet he never picked one up from the dust until a white man showed to him its glittering light.
      His land swarmed with powerful and docile animals, yet he never dreamed a harness, cart, or sled. A hunter by necessity, he never made an axe, spear, or arrowhead worth preserving beyond the moment of its use.

      He lived as an ox, content to graze for an hour. In a land of stone and timber he never sawed a foot of lumber, carved a block, or built a house save of broken sticks and mud.
      With league on league of ocean strand and miles of inland seas, for four thousand years he watched their surface ripple under the wind, heard the thunder of the surf on his beach, the howl of the storm over his head, gazed on the dim blue horizon calling him to worlds that lie beyond, and yet he never dreamed a sail.”—


  44. African American says:

    It’s really crazy how whites forget what they do so quickly but try to put blacks on a stand to hang every time a youth acts out or a crime happens…. So quick to say racist slurs and want to commit crimes to everyone of color due to a incident but were you proclaiming the same thoughts when a young white man shot up a movie theatre, or when a young white boy shot up a elementary school and killed so many precious children! Or where you even ready to jump with your guns at the thoughts of how white people enslaved blacks for centuries killing us and beating us then having the audacity to say land of the free! The point is you make yourselves look so ignorant when you get so rowdy at 1 persons actions and target a entire race! 1 persons actions doesn’t dictate everybodies actions. So stop the hatred that you have in your heart and be more sensebal in your actions and what you say!

    Signed: Married, Educated, Beautiful, Law Abiding African American Woman raising 2 Outstanding African American Young Boys! I’m an example of everything you say African Americans are not!