AWD has spent the last hour or so looking for a topic to cover and I finally just gave up! There’s so much sh*t out there, it’s hard to talk about just one subject. So I thought I’d just give my supa-sexy thoughts on a host of thangs going on in the world…besides Global Warming.

AWD had two hate-occurences happen to him this week. I was asked to be on an internet radio show and accepted. I usually check out who they are before but this time didn’t have time. Well, it turned out to be a White Nationalist group where they promptly hated me because my wife, the little filly, is Hispanic. Turns out I’m a race traitor. The host ended the interview telling me he hopes Obama kills me with a drone. The other was some hate mail from another Muslim cat who didn’t have full command of Ingles but called me one of the favorite names I’ve ever been called since starting this blog. He called me a “f***ing monster from dickland.” Sounds like a name of a band! I think I have some of their records!

The big blizzard that hit our yankee friends makes AWD glad once again he’s a Texican! Congress just put the finishing touches on a $500 bazillion dollar aid package for that damn hurricane that hit y’all. Now they can get to work on another $500 bazillion to dig your frozen yankee asses out of that blizzard! Then they can start working on another $500 bazillion to relieve you from the coming heat of summer. As much money as I’ve sent to bail you blue-state comm-a-nists out, I ought to be made an honorary citizen of one of your hellhole states. Not that I would ever visit.

That crazy LAPD ex-cop killing cops has the Mayor of LA scared he might try to crash the Grammy Awards. Hell, that would be the only way I would watch that BS! Or if Dale Watson was performing some real music. Predictably, the anti-white ghetto blacks are supporting Chris Dorner. If there is one thing ghetto blacks hate more than America….it’s crackas! What’s missing in all this from the propaganda media is Dorner is a big anti-gun advocate who hates the NRA and loves him some Piers Morgan. So he uses guns to kill people who he feels have done him wrong. Liberal logic (oxymoron alert)! But he has a great reason to kill crackas. He’s been a victim of racism. You know, slavery. This country was built upon the back of Chris Dorner. So now he can kill all the crackas he wants. That is, if the LAPD doesn’t beat him to it. They’ve already shot three people chasing Dorner, including two women and a surfer.

Iran celebrated Revolution Day today by….get this…chanting “Death to America!” Creativity has never been an Iranian strong suit. Don’t they chant “Death to America” every day over there? Can’t they come up with something else like “Tastes great, less filling” or “Luke, use the force?” That “Death to America” thing is sooooo 80’s. Hussein is apparently going to finally visit Israel. The Israelis are saying it’s to tell Israel not to bomb the bejeezus out of those camel-humpers in Iran. Israel knows they’re on their own and I hope Netanyahu tells Obama to sit on Reggie Love’s lap and rotate. If Bush or Obama had cojones, we’d have taken Iran out years ago. America definitely has some payback coming to Iran and those wacko mullahs. But Obama is content to let Iran get nukes. After all, they’re on his side. That’s why he’s nominated an anti-Israel Secretary of Defense in mentally retarded Chuck Hagel and CIA chief nominee Muslim John Brennan. Obama’s agenda isn’t a surprise. So Israel should treat Obama like the sh*t he has treated Israel over the years and do what they must to protect their country against the Muslim fanatic savages in Iran.

Nancy Pelosi is the embodiment of AWD’s 1st Theory of Libtard-dynamics which postulates: Liberals depend on stupid. Today, she said she stands with gun owners and the First Amendment. Brilliant!

When asked if she had ever actually read the Constitution, she said “I’m going to take the 10th!” When the interviewer corrected her by saying “you mean the 5th,” Pelosi replied “that’s three times the 5th!” Is there any question why America is screwed more than Barney Fwank at a Rainbow Pride parade? Pelosi also said over the weekend that America doesn’t have a spending problem. If McDonalds named a sandwich after Nancy Pelosi, it would be called the McStupid.

Badass Texan gun manufacturers LaRue Tactical announced they wouldn’t sell any of their fine, sexy guns to law-enforcement agencies if civilians in their state weren’t allowed to own the same weapons. Good on LaRue! If any of y’all are in the market for a quality tactical rifle, definitely consider LaRue! AWD is going to have to check those cats out the next time I’m down their way! Which will be next week! I think I’ll take them some AWD shirts! Good Texas boys!

Lindsey Graham must be up for re-election! He’s changed his tampon and is acting like a tough by saying he’ll hold up Obama’s nominations over Benghazi. PEOPLE OF SOUTH CAROLINA, RID AMERICA OF THAT HALF-A-SISSY GRAHAM! “Fredo” Graham is only acting the tough guy because he’s up for reelection in 2014. Remember Graham’s boss Juan McPain and his infamous “just build the dang wall” campaign commercial when he was up for reelection? Well, the stupid voters of Arizona bought it and now McPain isn’t trying to build a dang wall but is busy trying to pass another @#&* amnesty bill! People of South Carolina, don’t fall for Fredo Graham’s BS! Retire him so he can finally come out of the closet and move in with Barney Fwank!

Here’s McPain. I officially hate him.

It appears, according to a new book, that General David Petraeus was betrayed by CIA officers and his own bodyguards because they didn’t like the way he was running the CIA. The book, which soon will be released, tells of all the dirty sh*t Obama and John Brennan were involved in in Libya. The propaganda media will never admit the book exists.

Speaking of the great Dale Watson, here’s a chart-topper that AWD’s had running through his head for the past few days. I was down in Austin last week and heard it on the honky-tonk station and it reminded me how much I like this tune! It’s called “I Lie When I Drink.”

I’m heading back down to Austin this week with the filly on bidness and thought I’d drag her along for Valentines. I’ve been doing a bit of Robert Plant hunting down there since I learned he lives in Austin. I know what neighborhood he lives in. I know his local hang out. It’s just a matter of time before his path crosses mine and he gets a big ol’ industrial-strength hug from the Big Sexy and I show him the photos I took of him and Led Zep on May 31, 1977 like this:

I’m sure we’ll become the best of buds! Might run into Dale too! But I’ve hugged him and even sung on stage with him, too!

Well, that’s about it. There’s a lot more out there but those are a few things that caught my eye. Weigh in on any of these topics or add your own. I’m going to watch a movie and get ready for another week in the mines. Have a good night, y’all.


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  1. I saw a Ford F-150 with an Obama bumper sticker on the tailgate. I don’t know what to make of that. If I see it again, I might tell the guy, ‘hey, someone put an Obama sticker on your tailgate’.

    We have this Mezcan dude at our shop who listens to classic country on the radio sometimes. He’s originally from Juarez. Hank Jr. was singing ‘Family Tradition’ one of my favorites from him. So I sang along for a verse. It felt liberating. I can remember when hearing that music at work was as natural as can be.

    I miss those days.

  2. Leave it to Ivan…

    The two groups largely disagree on what should be done but they do agree on one point: The people in power neither care about their issues, nor is the current government capable of addressing their concerns; that may not yet be revolutionary talk but it’s getting close to revolutionary thinking. As Obama soon goes to his inauguration, a multi-million dollar event with everything one would expect to need for a rap album release party, he doesn’t go with a majority of the people. American voter turn out has been abysmal for years and Americans go to polls far less than other first world countries. Knowing he lacks the support of a majority of the country, enjoying only the support of those not so disappointed with the system that they bother, and that two growing movements identify Federal Government as the problem; maybe we can see why Obama might be concerned with guns. With revolution in the air the most logical thing for an increasingly dictatorial leader to do is to dispense with laws designed to allow for revolution when the government fails to do its job.

    As further evidence I’ll again point out; the Obama administration has no real problem with assault weapons. Obama himself is surrounded by them every day at public appearances, and every soldier sent abroad is armed with them. Further his administration arms rebels in attacks on governments it doesn’t like. Finally a recent program from the administration involved selling assault weapons to drug dealers on the border of Mexico and the United States (resulting already in numerous casualties in America, and in Mexico) in was can only be described as an inept attempt to track drug dealers. (Maybe they should try giving away Improved Explosives to terrorists next?). Certainly the administration doesn’t worry about whether assault weapons proliferate they are worried about who has access to them, and knows where they live.

  3. It really cooks my noodle when I see the vehicles with the veteran car tag and the obongo sticker. I realize they’re tough, but why vote to make things even more difficult? Sigh.

    • A lot of them were just cooks, orderly room clerks or some other paper pusher. Don’t mean they are tough, it was easy to skate in the service. Dumber than mud clods made it through basic and then cooled heels. I have found most Combat Vets talk little about it and advertise it less. Marines are a bit different, their basic training alone makes them tough.

  4. Dang AWD, you saw Zep in ’77?? I bet your face stayed melted for a week

    • Jon, I sure enough did! Was in 9th grade. Tickets were $9! Have the photos to prove I was there. My quest is to show them to Robert Plant when I run into him in Austin!


  5. I saw a Veterans for Obama sticker the other day. Took all of my self restraint NOT to run the person off the road. Any guess as to the variety of individual, you got it right, a soccer mom!

    Blistered, out!


    Saw a bumper sticker on a car last year in a WALMART parking lot it showed OBAMA and it said DOSE THIS ASS MAKE MY CAR LOOK BIG?

  7. We need the ex L.A. cop that just went Django story covered.

    “Support Growing For Former L.A. Officer Accused Of Killing Spree”

  8. AWD
    Thanks for bringing up the’just build that dang fence’ ad that mcrino mccain ran here in AZ..
    I still get pizzed when I think of it..and when I do I send off a terse note to him asking just what has he done about that wall…?
    He’ll never respond since he never had any intention of doing anything in the first place…
    He began as an American hero and he’ll go out as and American traitor.