Dudes and dudettes…some of you may have read this news yesterday regarding a teacher in Texas requiring students to wear burqas for a class assignment about geography etc. If you don’t know about any of this news yet, you need to read the story in full right off the bat…it should set your hair on fire, to say the least!

Here’s the start of this story from Todd Starnes: A Texas lawmaker is launching an investigation after a teacher reportedly invited female students to dress up in Islamic garb and then told her classroom they should call Muslim terrorists – freedom fighters.

Read the rest of this report: ‘State Investigation Launched After Students Dress in Burqas

Now friends…I caught this story this morning about this issue at the American Thinker, see what you think:

Todd Starnes of Fox News radio reports that Texas State Sen. Dan Patrick, chairman of the senate education committee, is launching an investigation, after outraged parents provided photographic evidence that their Lumberton (Texas) High School children were required to don burqas (and other Muslim garb), as part of an ostensible “geography lesson” on Islam.

Moreover, students, as part of this unabashed Islamophilic indoctrination process at Lumberton High School, were told by their teacher, “we’re going to change the way we perceive Islam,” who then also proceeded to instruct them to compose an essay, according to the report, “based on a Washington Post story that blamed Egypt’s troubles on democracy – instead of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

Such involuntary Islamic dawa in school must be thoroughly investigated, condemned, and permanently disallowed.

I suggest as an adjunct “corrective,” that it also be required of the Lamberton High School teacher of this geography class, and recommended for the students, to read Mark Steyn’s caustic analysis of the murderous Muslim rioting in Nigeria during November, 2002, in advance of the Miss World beauty pageant (prompted by an article in the Lagos newspaper “This Day,” which suggested Islam’s prophet Muhammad would have been happy to marry one of the contestants). The teacher should be further required, and the students encouraged (with parental accompaniment, given the R-rated language) to watch this video of Steyn’s hilarious performance of “My Sharia Amour” (London, Ontario, November 1, 2010).

Below are samples of Steyn’s original 2002 lyrics, which he expanded and updated circa November of 2010.

As usual, there are highlighted links inside this report, as well as a bit more to read at the bottom if you’re interested.

According to the first report here, some of the students said they were told to read from the Koran as well. This supposedly is ‘diversity education!’ – The teacher also stated she didn’t necessarily agree with the lesson but she was required to do so.

What do you think about all of this? Personally, I cannot believe what’s going on in our schools across this land anymore…this is just one more example of why!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    Their no longer schools their indoctrination centers supported by the DEPT of BRAINWASHING(EDUCATION) and supported by the NEA and the ACLU isnt saying a thing about it except if it was having the kids wear CROSSES and ROSERIE BEADS the the ATHIESTS COMMUNISTS & LAWYERS UNDERGROUND would bring a suit over this all

  2. Every thing I need to know about Islam I learned on 911.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      You know Steve, in many ways you’re correct. The essence of Islam is terror, domination and submission of others to Islamic doctrine. At its very core, it is pure hatred and evil toward others under the guise of peace and brotherhood. But they can’t even get along with their own kind, and that’s why most Islamic countries are at war among themselves.

      When Bush spoke of Islam as the “religion of peace,” I felt like strangling him because of his damn ignorance and stupidity!

  3. Jack daniels says:

    When you kick God out of the public arena and schools, all you are left with is satan and his minions.

  4. More indoctrination by a stupid teacher. How pathetic is this!!!! Just another daily story of the inmates running the asylum in what was once a great nation.

  5. Spurwing Plover says:

    Satan created the UNITED NATIONS

  6. Im glad I dont have kids in this school. This kind of shit is inexcusable! What the f@@k is wrong with these libturd morons trying to force this diversity shit down the throats of our children? As Steve said..I learned all I ever wanted to know about Islam on 9/11…to me they are nothing but pieces of shit…lower than vermin. There may be some peaceful honest ones somewhere..but I have yet to meet one I would piss on if they were on fire. Unlike the leftist government..nobody can or will force me to like or trust low life scumbags who would kill 3000 Americans in cold blood over some stupid shit written in a book.

    • Exactly right…I agree with what ga steve, you and others have posted here as well. – It’s simply unbelievable to me after what happened on 911 that our schools are doing this…it’s simply beneath contempt, despicable!

  7. You all should check out CSCOPE…this gives guidance to what’s being taught in Texas schools etc.


  8. Time to clean house of liberal teachers who try to brain wash our youth… time to get rid of our piece of shit president also for saying Islam contributed in the building of America… Horse shit!!!

    • I share your sentiments…I’m totally disgusted today, in more ways than one. Maybe later I can get what I wanted posted here and there…too angry all the way around with sooo many things, of course this subject being one of them.

  9. They should take them on a field trip to witness something like this:


    • Right you are…then they can learn about real geography. First stop must be the Chop Chop Square indeed…see if those young ones get anything thru their heads.

  10. Mutaween

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    • And the feminazis in this country have remained mum about all of this. – Evidently, so has our school system…our msm goes without saying!

  11. bigtimer
    Off topic but the Rolling Stones get a gold star on this.


    Beware of the Masons as well

  13. Speaking of education…


    It’s the Chicago Way!

  14. Compare this teacher and his troubles to other examples that have been in the story itself, along with the thread, including the post above.


    Pathetic disgrace what’s happened to this man.

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