Lord of the Flies

Yes, it's a mixed metaphor. Deal.

Tea Party Community—the new Facebook alternative—has come under relentless attack ever since it started getting some mainstream press about a week or so ago. By relentless attack, I mean trolls swarming all over the site, doing everything from being the obnoxious little pricks that they are, to trying to instigate acts of terrorism under the banner of the Tea Party (e.g., something like this). They’ve also DDOSed the site at least once.

Let me pose a question, because I genuinely don’t know the answer: How many times have left-wing sites been brought down by right-wing “activists”, or infiltrated by hundreds or thousands of conservatives bent on doing nothing but causing as much grief and criminal activity as possible amongst the left-wing community?

Anyone? Anyone?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and answer my question with a guess: never. Never have a group of conservatives done anything remotely similar to what happens to every and any conservative community at the hands of liberals/leftists.

If true, the reasons for this abound. For starters, conservatives are generally kind, peaceable, honest, tolerant, and responsible. Liberals, in general, are just the opposite—snotty, belligerent, duplicitous, rabidly intolerant, and completely irresponsible. Additionally, conservatives generally feel the need to spend their time productively—typically, by working a job of some sort—while liberals, smugly suckling off the government teat and all too happy to live in squalor, have all the free time in the world with which to wreak their havoc.

And, as the traditional wisdom goes, an idle mind is the devil’s playground.

All things considered, we’ve been spared the wrath of the trolls here at AWD.com. I chalk this up to a lack of MSM publicity. It will be interesting to see how they handle the onslaught over at TPC, because, should that fate ever befall us here, we may need to borrow a tactic or two from them.

It would be merely sad were it not also so damn annoying.

I leave you with Nietzsche.

Because thou art gentle and of upright character, thou sayest: “Blameless are they for their small existence.” But their circumscribed souls think: “Blamable is all great existence.”

Even when thou art gentle towards them, they still feel themselves despised by thee; and they repay thy beneficence with secret maleficence.

Thy silent pride is always counter to their taste; they rejoice if once thou be humble enough to be frivolous.

What we recognise in a man, we also irritate in him. Therefore be on your guard against the small ones!

In thy presence they feel themselves small, and their baseness gleameth and gloweth against thee in invisible vengeance.

Sawest thou not how often they became dumb when thou approachedst them, and how their energy left them like the smoke of an extinguishing fire?

Yea, my friend, the bad conscience art thou of thy neighbours; for they are unworthy of thee. Therefore they hate thee, and would fain suck thy blood.

Thy neighbours will always be poisonous flies; what is great in thee–that itself must make them more poisonous, and always more fly-like.

Flee, my friend, into thy solitude–and thither, where a rough strong breeze bloweth. It is not thy lot to be a fly-flap.

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  1. “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.”Proverbs 13:20

    Well written Red. It is almost like we are two different species, conservative and libs.

    Been real busy, good thing though, need to get out the hole from last year.

    You stay safe up there and hug that little boy alot.

  2. RedState
    Read where so called cyber warriors have been hired by the ptb to check out conservative sites and make life hell, I will dig up the story and post it,

    • Flys can be Swatted.

    • Compliments of George Soros(real name Gregory Swartz). I think they’ve been doing that for a long time, imagine a “Call Center” set up with anywhere from a hundred to a few hundred getting paid to cut-n-paste pre written responses, started with Digg. The dedicated brownshirts get to write their on replies. I postulated this back in ’04, there’s just no way that many people can have the time to do it without getting paid. At least I think so, I have to work to eat.

      • Certainly something Soros would fund. He does run with Scum, rich though they may be and just uses others to do his work. He learned it selling Jews to Nazis as a Teen.

  3. ThisObamaNation says:

    Video:STUNNING:Obama’s Pick For CIA Is A Converted MUSLIM!


  4. The line at the top of the page here:


    says it all. Great site. And the proprietor is right – absolutely no point in trying to reason with these people or allow them to get their foot in the door.

  5. NRA used to require other members to vouch for you before you were allowed to join…


    Arrogant liberals are a bunch of leftists idiots to them the U.S CONSTITUTION is OUTDATED and needs to be rewritten to meet the demands of the wussietard community from PETA,NAMBLA,GLAAD, and the demands of the UNITED NATIONS and the leftists worms in WASHINGTON D.C.(Dstrict of Crinimals)and illegal aliens and their supporters. The old ones just fine It just needa amendment prophibiting foregn intervention and bans the UNITED NATIONS

  7. RidinShotgun says:

    I hate to say this, but the libtards have always been engaged in guerilla warfare, whereas we generally want to play by the Queensberry rules.
    I forgot who said it back after the ’04 elections, but it went kind of like, “For God’s sake, stop whining about how the other side doesn’t play fair! They want to win and that’s all that counts for them and yes, that means they will lie, cheat and steal in order to bury us. Instead of whining about it, copy a page out of their playbook and visit their own behavior back on them ten-fold.”
    Quite right. I don’t know how to hack, otherwise I’d be busy crashing their sites day and night.

  8. RidinShotgun says:

    Oh, and another thing; It’s much more fun to hit a fly with a small spray tube of binaca & a lighter, than it is with a swatter. But that’s just one fellows opinion.

  9. Unfortunately the disgusting nature of the leftist is only spreading. With the complete lack of respect for others that flourishes without the fear of God, or advocation of a civil and (properly) educated public, also comes a near sociopathic and useless public that can only be described as degenerate. Jefferson knew that democracy couldn’t last unless the populace was both educated at large (and this doesn’t simply mean liberal indoctrination that results in a 55% highschool dropout rate like in Los Angeles), and genuinely moral, for whatever reason…mostly because of religion which is why we all have to give that up too. At this point I doubt the nation can be peaceably fixed because the nature of democracy is that these pieces of crap are popular among the masses of the weak minded and they will all vote because it ensures their continued lifestyles of irresponsibility. America was a great idea in the 18th century, but unfortunately everyone just sat back during the socialist revolutions in the 1930’s 1960’s and favored civility and good feelings over responsibility, the latter of which being provided as a duty of the American people in the constitution.

    That all being said, I’ve always been pleasantly surprised that AWD has escaped being swamped by hackers and other slogan touting, soulless, pedophile, degenerate, illiterate, and (often times) criminal left wing activists.

  10. Red, I opened a Twitter account a while back, and have found it really doesn’t suit me, so I deactivated it, TWICE! They keep reactivating it. Any ideas?

  11. The Left will never stop. They will only get bolder. They want us out of the picture. The cyber antics is small stuff compared to what they will do when they feel they can act with impunity. We’ve already been exposed to calls for NRA members to be killed. The MSM have had people on camera calling for the murder of prominent gun rights advocates. They joke about it.

    The day will come when the government has secret police like Castro does, who roam the streets looking for those who would speak out against the Regime. The new ‘white paper’ discussing drone strikes on ‘terrorists’ is vague and misleading. I’m sure everyone has seen it by now so I won’t go into specifics.

    The sense of fear and paranoia that has been created in this country in the last four years is building with every passing week. This is no longer an abstraction, or a theory proposed in a popular novel, these things are happening now!

    • It is sure one sided. If we called for the killing of some left wing nut job like Ed Sh8its we would be before a judge before end of the day, or even a Dung Beatle like Bill Mahair.