Rarely a day goes by that we don’t see another case regarding someone, somewhere, that has used one of those ‘evil‘ guns for self-defense when protecting their property, their homes, their lives and their families lives as well. We’ve seen example after example of this…yet the mainstream media looks the other way, as usual! Gee, I wonder why that would be…hmmm?

Here are two recent reports I read about earlier today…see what you think. – You can read both in full here and here.

First up we have this story:

One suspect is dead after a quick-thinking 21-year-old man sprang into action and grabbed his father’s gun to fend off three armed intruders and protect his parents in Texas.

The Houston-area young man and his parents were at home baking a cake Thursday night when there was a knock on the door, KHOU-TV reported.

“I see a young boy and I think it is a friend of my son so I open it a little bit,” the father, who didn’t want to show his face or give his name on camera, told KHOU. “These guys push and out comes two more, they push me on the ground.”

With the father down, the suspects went after the mother, telling her to get on the ground. She ran to her bedroom, where her son was already grabbing the gun from under the bed.

“I just hear a couple of times, boom, boom, boom,” the father said.

The son opened fire and struck one of the suspects, who died in one of the back bedrooms. The other two fled the scene, but deputies responding to the call picked up two men matching their description and took them in for questioning.

The entire attack lasted less than a minute, the family said. No charges are expected to be filed against the son, but they’re not taking any joy in the outcome.

“One young life is lost,” the father said.

Friends…you can watch the news report about all of this in the first highlighted link at the top of this blog post, it’s worth the time. For some reason the video and this site turns a shade of gray when I insert it…really weird.

Here’s the second report:

An alleged robber is dead after breaking in to a house in Hickory, North Carolina.

Police received a call Saturday morning from a homeowner who said he’d shot an intruder, and arrived to find both men still at the house. The homeowner is alive and lightly injured; the intruder was pronounced dead at the scene.

The survivor, identified as Paul Ohla, explained his side of the story to WBTV3: “Guy kicked in the door, he came in and, ah, grabbed me and threw me down…He kept beating me and I finally got a hold of my .38, and I shot him.”

52-year-old Carl Perry, a neighbor, said he heard two or three shots, according to the Hickory Record.

“I think it’s a bad deal went wrong,” he remarked.

Ohla was taken to the hospital for light injuries sustained during the altercation, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Investigators are still piecing together exactly what happened, but did find evidence of a break-in. Ohla is reportedly cooperating with police, and says he was acting in self-defense against a man he did not know.

WBTV3 has more on the story:
WBTV 3 News, Weather, Sports, and Traffic for Charlotte, NC

And big brother wants to do something about guns…how about leaving us the heck alone. These reports are two examples of just why we need the nanny state to get our of our lives!

By the way, in both cases above, the cops couldn’t have gotten there in time to help any of the home owners…and we all know that!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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    The kind of inspiring news you,ll never hear about from the talking heads or see in the liberal birdcage linners or liberal rags like TIME one of the reasons for the 2nd AMENDMENT and PHOOIE on OBAMA,BLOOMBERG,BIDEN, and gun control demacRATS more reasons we should tell the UNITED NATIONS what it can do with its SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY and GEORGE SOROS who should pack his bags and LEAVE AMERICA NOW and take his money and his leftists groups with him

  2. Why did the neighbor say it was a ‘deal’ gone wrong in the second case? Does he know something about his neighbor that the cops don’t? Would be nice to have follow up on that story. Maybe the second guy is not so innocent.

    • Who knows why the neighbor said what he said the way he said it. – Ohla said it was a man he did not know. – Guess time will tell. Either way, it seems to be self-defense…especially since there was evidence of his home being broken into.


    How many crimes and mass shootings have been prevented by armed citizen? The leftists news media will never tell you nor with the goverment run by a communists dictator BARACK OBAMA

    • Spur…you got that right. – Dear Leader and ilk are intentionally looking the other way…it doesn’t fit their agenda for gun confiscation.

  4. I only wish they had shot the bad guys with assault weapons. A good .556 or 7.62 lebotomy seems to be the cure-all for thugism.

  5. Dam… I nearly got arrested today by the local Game Warden (a decent guy by the way). I had put out some of those ‘Gun Free Zone’ signs and the officer drove by and stopped to have a chat…something about hunting over a baited field being illegal. Who knew?

  6. You could have these by the hundreds every day and “O” could care less. He sounds just like a Nazi at the Nuremberg Trials except he is half black so thats his excuse. He is an “Amateur” Politician to quote Slick Wiley, but a highly trained or indoctrinated
    Socialist/Communist stooge and is showing us just how dangerous he is. If our nation survives him our Congress needs to be almost cleaned out to the person and start again, and shoot all the lobbyists. They don’t lobby for us but their own self interests which is mostly sticking their hands in our wallets, and then yelling there is no enough! If some manufacturer was smart he/she would designed an inexpensive kick proof door with a small visual port and a gun port lower down. They start kicking,
    start shooting. A small wireless video cam with a speaker would help also. If I don’t know who is knocking I don’t open the door.

  7. http://abclocal.go.com/ktrk/st.....id=9004467

    Lets ban all the knives and all other sharp things.

    • This country is upside down! – It’s a miracle ‘junk food’ didn’t get the blame for all of this…if it was up to Mooch or Nanny Bloomberg…it would be!

  8. Wake me up when we hit rock bottom. At what point do we hit it, and then start back to recovery? If ever…

  9. Since I’m not known for being PC… wonder what race the intruders were??? How racist of me to inquire.

    • Paul…

      That crossed my mind too. Usually if race or political party is omitted in a story, we all know who the culprits usually turn out to be…know what I mean?

      • The folks in the comments section gave him near 100% support. Here are just a few:

        Joaquin Rodriguez · Top Commenter · New Mexico State University
        If Obama and his liberals had been able to get their way, he wouldn’t have had a gun to protect himself and his family. Good going young man. One more thug off the streets. We’ll get the others when they try again.

        Warren Kelley · Top Commenter · Houston, Texas
        So sad that law abiding people are put in a situation to where they have to take someones life because of these parasites. Criminals beware…. you never know what on the otherside of the door you try to kick down. Unfortunately this will probably affect this young man all his life. Glad the family is OK.

        Sylvia A. Torres · The Woodlands, Texas
        Homeowner – 1
        Thugs – minus 1

        Hector Martinez Jr. · Works at U.S. Postal Service
        Damn, he didn’t get the other 2!At least that’s one criminal off the streets.

        (3 folks with Hispanic surnames, and, judging by accompanying picture, Mr. Kelley is Afro-American. Viva Tejas!)

  10. Isn’t this special!


    Two peas in a pod!

  11. Since this great piece includes gun control…I thought post it here. Plus, John Lott is one of the best when it comes to gun control information, he has been for a very long time.

    Check out his great piece here…it speaks volumes about Dear Leader. He hits the target on many issues.


  12. Berretta may be added to one of the links I posted earlier today at the top of the thread somewhere.


  13. bigtimer
    Obama should try his gun ban on his muslim friends to see if it will stop the violence there before he try’s it on us.

  14. Rides A Pale Horse says:

    Considering the fact that legally armed citizens defend themselves and others more than 2 million times a year, doesn’t it seem odd that the dominant, liberal, establishment mass media DOESN’T view this statistic as news?

    I’m pretty sure I’ve posted this link before but it bears a re-post in my opinion. Just a VERY small sampling of the aforementioned 2 million examples of self defense.

    From the NRA magazines, “Americas First Freedom” and “American Rifleman”:


    • I hadn’t seen that link before, must have missed it. – It’s a winner indeed! – Thanks for sharing this…I’m going to be passing that around here and there tomorrow.

  15. Speaking of guns and second amendment….check this guy out, and all that’s mentioned here.



    This happened a few weeks ago a woman coach was with two of her girls in her team a couple of thugs tried to rob them even grabbing the gold chain around her neck she had a gun and sent the miserble punk to the pearly gates and left his partner in crime in the hospital


    Thousands of americans gathered saturday to show their support for the 2nd AMENDMENT media too busy covering those phonie oscars to be bothered with it all

  18. Since our weather problems continue I find myself with more spare time than I can waste. Contemplating our current situation on gun control, loss of privacy, and trashing of our most sacred document, the Constitution, my mind returns the earlier days of my long life. If you are old enough to remember the Burma-Shave signs along the highways of the country you know the greatness of this land. The benefits for every citizen who was willing to get up every morning and show effort to make this republic work. However, if one of your first memories collected is that of a Volkswagen Micro Bus with Peace spray painted on the side occupied by creatures whose choice of footwear was sandals then you are well in line with what Washington DC has wrought. No need to confiscate the guns, just buy up all the ammo so they become expensive clubs. Hey Jethro, dat fairarm ain’t worth nuttin witout sumpin to make it go bang.

    Little Johnny
    Got his gun
    Went for ammo
    Found none

    • I can recall the Burma Shave billboards…one among others as well. – You succinctly nailed everything down in your post from the to now…and what we’re dealing with, what this nation has become.

      Never thought I’d see what’s happened in my lifetime…never.

      Btw…where are you located, I know you’ve mentioned it before…but I can’t always keep up with that from so many here past and present.

    • The Illinois gun rights group gunssavelife.com actually uses “Burma Shave” signs for pro-gun messages!


      “The media has also noticed — to the point that The Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette wrote the first feature article about the signs on February 19, 1999. The story also included color photographs on the front page. A few months later, the Monticello newspaper had a front page story about the signs as well. The Oliver North radio show even discussed our Burma-Shave signs one day in the Spring of 1999. Since that time, we have received additional newspaper articles about the signs and our group’s activities.”

  19. South West Georgia in a little town named after a cartoon Pussy Cat. Suffering Succotash

    Darn, missed the reply button

    • Lol…thanks n2ln. You put the together well. 😉

      Yeah, I see where some that post here are really getting the snow, blizzards etc. Right at the moment we are as well in my neck of the woods. Dontcha love algore’s global warming weather?