Black Power

I’m sure you saw functional retard Jamie Foxx claim that “black people are the most talented people in the world!” I’ve said this numerous time before, but it still boggles my mind: What is it with black folks? It seems to be something peculiar to their race that there is an inverse relationship between IQ and ego. I.e., those blacks who actually have a head on their shoulders are humble, while those who are so stupid they should hang their heads in shame are the most arrogant bastards on God’s green earth. What gives?

Anyway…contra Jamie Foxx, it may be worth reminding the black supremacists our there: you’ve earned nothing. It’s all been given to you—by whites. Remove the white infrastructure and charity and diversity mandates and all that other white-financed black-uplift crap and what do you get? You get sub-Saharan Africa. Or Detroit.

Behold the talent!

Black Power!

Black Power!

Albany Second Amendment Rally Day—Tomorrow!

Last reminder for your New York-based Dudes and Dudettes—get your butts to Albany tomorrow and drive a boot up the asses (politely!) of your local state reps to let them know just how you feel about that retarded and unconstitutional “gun control” bill they pushed through the Assembly in the dead of night. Again, feel free to reach out to me if you’re looking for a car pool or bus or something and I’ll check with my contacts to see what’s in your area. Also, I have instructions for how to get in to see your rep and some talking points for the discussion if needed. (Just, please, know if your rep signed onto the bill or not before lambasting them! Lol)

Day of Resistance

On a related note, as noted awhile back by AWD mainstay Michael T., Saturday, February 23rd is national “day of resistance.” Sign up here ( to get your updates, find rides, join groups, etc.

My advice is to manage expectations about this event. Will the Powers That Be fold when they see us patriots gather en masse out there in the streets? Of course not; they’ll just mock us like they always do. But that’s not the point. The point is to begin to coordinate, to gather mass and thus momentum. I think everyone realizes by now that the political process is rigged and is a fool’s game. Day of resistance is about extra political means of persuasion.

Now is not the time for apathy. Unite or die.

Amnesty Push

For those not tuned into the endless stream of propaganda pushed out from the White House via their Facebook page, you’ll likely have missed this kind of crap:

Amnesty Propaganda


Again, folks, the Liberal Establishment is dead set on two big-ticket agenda items: deluging us with third-world hordes who will keep the kleptocrats in permanent positions of power (by buying their votes with our money), and taking away our means of doing something about their abuses of power.

To repeat from above: Now is not the time for apathy.

Resistance to Tyranny

Speaking of which…I’ve read it; have you? For those who have (or at least have read some of it), I’m interested to hear your take. (Book reports, please!) Frankly, I’m of the opinion that this is a book every patriot should have at their ready. Agree, disagree, not sure?

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  1. Black arrogance is so high because of The Dunning-Kruger affect.

    • Thanks John–I was unaware of that study. Though that said, it’s been my experience that this is a uniquely black thing (on the whole)–i.e., whites and Asians that I know who aren’t that smart seem to know it, whereas the dumbass blacks I know are the most arrogant POS imaginable. Reading the Wikipedia entry on Dunning-Kruger does seem to justify my suspicion that there may be a racial aspect to it. (Note the closing lines about East Asians exhibiting the opposite effect.)

  2. Everyone should read the book, keep it close by and re read it as time permits. It should be an audio book for those that can’t read. Its more than a primer, its a warning to all Americans who really give a crap about the country. It will wake some up and those it doesn’t… well you will just march slowly into internment camps from there who knows. I’m sure Bill Ayers has an idea! Andrew C. sure has.

  3. As long as Obama is in the White House ,these low lifes will be emboldened to shoot their mouths off.Ill mannered jackasses need their own discrimination shit thrown right back at them and pushed to the hilt…Sue the bastards and maybe they;ll shut up… Talk back and speak up ,,silence only encourages these stupid f*&cks.

    • bluffcreek1967 says:

      I agree ARmaker, but the problem is that our courts are filled with soft-minded liberal judges who aren’t guaranteed to view things objectively – especially if it’s before a judge whose sympathies lie with our Dear Leader. Whites and gun owners are not generally given the sort of fairness that liberals and minorities are.

      If you care to read my own perspective of this as a police officer, I would refer you to my blog, Ambrose Kane (

  4. Anyone know how I can get rid of this annoying ad that pops up on the top third of the screen here lately?


    He is beging to sound likke AL SHARPTON and his egotistical bragging about black folk building civilization why white were still living in cave and all this poppycock about Cleopatra and Moses were blacks LOAD OF BULL POO

  6. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Part of the problem has been the ‘self-esteem’ movement that has plagued our U.S. school districts for the past 30 years. Among inner city schools, particularly, black students have been fed from the time they’ve entered elementary school that they’re ‘special’ and they ‘can do anything’ – and on the nonsense goes! These black kids (white kids too!) believe it all until they have to actually perform in the real world. Some blacks eventually realize they’ve been fed a bunch of nonsense all their lives, but most do not.

    Blacks try to make up for what they naturally lack – namely, morals and high intelligence – by exaggerating their accomplishments (if any!) and their abilities. These people live in complete denial about who they are. The MSM also fawns all over them as if there’s some genuine substance to these folks, but there isn’t. Blacks also know there’s enough stupid and guilt-ridden whites out there who will look up to them no matter what they say and do.

    This is what happens when you take a race of people – who already have low IQs, who are prone to crime, who are naturally impulsive and lacking in self-discipline – and feed them continual lies about themselves and their accomplishments in human history. I would be tempted to think it’s all a cruel joke but, in reality, it’s merely another symptom of liberalism’s insanity!

  7. Spurwing Plover says:

    He is a perfect example of who not to be like A TOTAL DWEEB

    • ‘sure you saw functional retard Jamie Foxx …’

      jay-mee is a media creation, or I will say creature..
      Kill all Whites? did he say that?

      Boycott TV, Cable, Movies..
      and check ‘Anti White media’ blog from time 2 time.

      if you use a product w anti White ads, email the company..speak up.

  8. More like someone that needs to be told STFU!! We don;t need your bullshit. Friggin hollywood types make me sick…Figures why I don;t watch their crappy movies….

  9. I just got the .223 thing. D’Oh! Same as 5.56, I’m kind of slow. About Resistance to Tyranny, I am half way through it. Some of the info I already knew, but some I did not. Great book so far. Way better than Atlas Shrugs.

    • The .223 ain’t slow, don’t worry. Personally I would like to stand off with a .338 Lupua, it books and I see Savage has got one that is accurate and reasonable even if the cheapest ammo is $3 and change /shot. Savage’s new One Mile Rifle: Savage 110BA Tactical .338 Lapua …
      I hope Santas nice this year.

  10. I was on a job today and ran into one very large black woman with a picture of Obama on her office wall, she was playing on her phone the whole time I saw her and when I had to get into her bosses office, a black female attorney, I could feel the contempt for me coming off her, upon opening the office she sat down at her bosses desk while I was in there, maybe two minutes, as if I would steal or look at something. I go into banks, weapons vaults on military installations, and all kinds of other sensitive places and never do anything but my job but this woman acted like I was a disease. Like I said, I could feel the contempt coming from her. Obese, stinking of 10 different perfumes, lotions and whatever and hateful are te only words I could think of at the time. Go down the hall and the black lady down there was as nice as could be. Like Maxine waters said, they better get all they can before Obama leaves cause the dream will be dead then. Let them just wait and see how the Hispanics treat them. Everything they gained in the last few years is meaningless without respect, and they’ll blow it all and be right back where they were. Can’t wait till this nightmare is over.

    • Yes, they are looking for an excuse to cry racism. I’ve had the same experience. At the Circle-K where I get my morning coffee on the way to work. Big fat disgusting black woman in house slippers, just giving me the look. It’s good practice for me, because I’m not really a morning person.

  11. DavidSC, I agree, been there and have experienced the same!
    Change has got to come soon and wipe all of this out.

  12. Ego…and self esteem.
    Self esteem is SUBJECTIVE.
    It does not necessarily have any objective Reality.
    A child banging on pots thinking he is a great drummer has self esteem.
    He is also out of touch with the reality of great drummers.

    Things to ponder! The Left always moves fast, little steps taken hurriedly on many different fronts to overwhelm systems. Cloward–Piven strategy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    It takes many eyes on all fronts to keep up. They ain’t stopping this time they are going for the Whole Enchilada.


    Dunning-Krueger Effect is going to come down hard on them. Economic realism trumps illusions every time. Mr. Foxx git on your horse and bring it on.