Senator Jeff Sessions speaks volumes for millions of us much of the time, especially when the subject is about illegal immigrants and illegal immigration. He’s fought the good fight against McAmnesty on our side of the aisle and the now deceased Ted Kennedy, the lyin‘ of the senate regarding this issue when their amnesty for illegals bill tried to pass in the senate years back…and they lost!

Well folks, Sen. Sessions spoke out again about this issue recently on the Fox Network…see what you think about what he had do say. – This is via FN:

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions is accusing the Obama administration of failing to enforce a century-old law meant to prevent immigrants from taking root in the U.S. only to live on the government dole — after the administration reported it did not cite anyone for this last year.

“Virtually no one one is being examined before they enter the country on whether or not they’ll … immediately begin to depend on government welfare,” Sessions, R-Ala., top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, told Fox News.

As Congress weighs new immigration legislation, Sessions said any reform package “has got to end that.”

Sessions turned up new statistics from the Department of Homeland Security last week showing what he describes as a startling trend. DHS reported how relatively few immigrants are being turned away on the grounds that they are likely to become a “public charge” — or individuals who depend on welfare programs — despite a 100-year-old law that’s supposed to prevent this.

The department, blaming “data entry quality,” said it did not have complete information on how many immigrants became public charges. But the department did a case-by-case review for the bulk of fiscal 2012, and found just one where that claim was leveled at an immigrant. “However, the charge was later withdrawn,” DHS reported.

Further, the department reported that just a tiny fraction of people are rejected on these grounds when seeking entry under a program that allows admission for 90 days for travelers from certain countries. Between fiscal 2005 and most of fiscal 2012, a total of 9,796 were denied — a fraction of a percent of those admitted. State Department figures for visa applications showed a similar trend, with just .068 percent of visa applications denied on those grounds in fiscal 2011.

Sessions has been hammering this issue for months. He and other Republican senators earlier wrote to the departments of Homeland Security and State arguing that a bedrock principle of immigration law is that “those who seek citizenship in this country ought to be financially self-sufficient.”

The senator suggests the immigration system has produced a lopsided result in which high-skill immigrants are turned away while those who end up absorbing more taxpayer dollars than they contribute stay.

Recent studies show welfare spending on immigrant-headed households is relatively high. A Center for Immigration Studies report found that 36 percent of these households were using “at least one major welfare program” in 2010 — compared with 23 percent of other households.

Sessions’ office says the number of non-citizens on food stamps has skyrocketed in recent years. And the conservative Heritage Foundation claims low-skill immigrant households take in roughly $20,000 more in government benefits every year than they pay in taxes.

Sessions suggests the government is fueling this trend. He earlier made a stink over long-running U.S. Department of Agriculture radio “novelas” that depicted people being pressured into going on food stamps. The ads were later discontinued. The senator also is drawing attention to the site that provides information on a host of taxpayer assistance programs for immigrants, including Medicare, food stamps, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and others.

I’m going to throw in this information too…it has to do with Dear Leader’s latest illegal immigration reform bill he’s created and intentionally leaked to the media a day or so ago…remember, agenda matters! This is what Rubio thinks: Rubio: ‘Reported Obama Immigration Plan ‘Dead On Arrival

So folks…what say you? Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. Cinnamon Girl says:

    There is very little else that gets my panties in a wad more than mooching illegals. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND, unless it’s for the purpose of buying votes, HOW ILLEGAL OCCUPIERS IN THIS COUNTRY CAN QUALIFY FOR ANYTHING, LET ALONE HANDOUTS!!!

    Okay, I’m fine. Just needed that rant. AAAAArrrughghghghgh.


    • CG…

      This frosts my flakes too! – This subject should be a major priority to all across this land…lately I fear too many on the right side of the aisle are playing the go along to get along game regarding illegal immigration. – It disgusts me to the enth degree!

  2. Color me beet red!

    Will this ever end?


    Obama cuts back on our national defenses Obama wants to disarm all law abiding americans Obama wants to open our borders to illegal aliens, OBAMA IS A TRAITOR

    • Spur…

      You can throw in Mexico as well. ~

      • Registry of US gun owners? Where did that come from?
        Title 16-11-129 Of the Georgia Code concerning application for a weapons license.

        “Forms shall be designed to elicit information from the applicant pertinent to his or her eligibility under this Code section, including citizenship, but shall not require data which is nonpertinent or irrelevant such as serial numbers or other identification capable of being used as a de facto registration of firearms owned by the applicant.”

        What am I missing?

  4. How typical of this administration. ~

    Yet they declare they didn’t leak this….oh puhleeze!

  5. More Beatings!

  6. Its all about creating future democrats. The problems is this….on one side the democrats want the wetbacks in for votes…and on the flip side the republican pricks want them here for cheap labor for their big money lobbyists. We are being sold out by both parties for money and power. We should demand they close the borders and send any still here back screaming. Its sad to say that the republican party isnt a party of conservatives but a party of f’ing democrats in disguise. Pandering pricks suck no matter what party they belong to.

  7. The 36% figure cited by Sessions is way too low. It is a certainty that virtually 100% of low skilled illegal Mexican immigrants who come into this country will end up receiving some type of public assistance and it is usually everything and anything they can get.

    We have to look at the history of the country of Mexico and its multi-generational long history of corruption that is steeped in every corner of society from the corrupt traffic cop on the street to the office of president. Corruption is steeped in the mindset and culture to the point where it is not given a second thought. That corrupt mindset and “take as much as I can get” thought process does not change when the cross the border; they bring it with them and apply it in everyday life.

    How in the hell does anybody with a micro-gram of intelligence and common sense believe that most immigrants from Mexico come here to seek a better life. They seek a better life through government handouts, fraud, crime, narcotic trafficking, human trafficking, and identity theft. Very few actually play by the rules and want to assimilate into American culture.

    In the late 80’s or early 90’s the Rand Corporation conducted an in depth study that estimated that for each and every illegal immigrant in this country; they take away 26 times more away from the economy than they put into it. That $20,000 estimate does not include schools, health care, and criminal justice costs. Judicial Watch revealed through Freedom of Information Act requests that in just the federal correction system, the U.S. spends over two million a year for interpreters; that is after conviction, imagine what it is before.

    Large parts of California already look like Mexico, and many predominate Hispanic municipalities are wrought with corruption at an unprecedented scale. Investigative units designed to investigate corruption can’t keep up. Try getting emergency medical care in any E.R. room, even the ones not in minority communities.

    Drive around L.A. and the surrounding communities for a day and make up your own mind. This is something the politicians don’t do. They don’t get out of their lavishly appointed offices and they don’t listen to the folks who are footing the bill. Immigration reform means different things to different groups. To the Democrats (Communists) reform means amnesty, because amnesty means votes that keep them in office. Immigration reform to tax payers and conservatives means temporarily stopping all legal immigration right now, securing the border, stop immediately the handouts, and evicting the law breakers; period, it does not get any more simple than that.

    I have and I urge everyone to call, write, fax, and email their representatives to stop this madness. Most will be ignored, but there are a few ethical politicians out there who are still fighting the good fight.

    Wake up America; the vast majority of immigrants today from Mexico DO NOT want to assimilate in American culture, they DO NOT want to contribute; they only want to take, and take they do.

    • I’m worried America as a whole won’t wake up!

      Btw…I agree that number Sessions cited it to low myself. – Still, I’m glad he’s fighting the good fight, unlike the majority of others in the Senate.

  8. Larry Miller says:

    Ann Coulter had it right. Brain dead liberals destroyed California by making life miserable for the whites who built it. Now the whites are fleeing in droves. There goes you tax base California. Pass the hat to Uncle Sam to “pick up the slack” so you can reward the underachieving, nonachieving losers with freebies galore., a la., section 8, food stamps, free medical, free this, free that. You won’t have any problem paying for these freebies because Uncle Sam will print all the free money you need to reward the invaders from Mexico whom you love so much. Pretty soon, the official unit of exchange will be the Peso. Dollars that matter are leaving this once golden state never to return again.