AWD isn’t much of a tin-foil hat type. I’m not a truther, don’t listen to Alex Jones, and didn’t support Ron Paul. Settle down, you Ron Paulbots….it was a joke! Mostly.

AWDs spidey-sense is tingling lately over gun control. A lot has happened since the theater shooting in Aurora by a white nutjob and the shooting at Sandy Hook by a white nutjob a few months later. Obama’s been having a “national conversation” on guns…or coming close. Leftist wacko Dianne Feinstein has unrolled her latest gun ban bill, several state legislatures have submitted or passed radical anti-gun legislation, and the mainstream propaganda is in high gear talking about those evil assault rifles with high capacity clips (grrrr…magazines, dammit!) and bayonet holders. Had anyone ever really heard of Piers Morgan before the shooting at Sandy Hook? Me neither.

The problem is, all that hype and hysterics calling for gun control has not resonated well with the American people. Or, AWD should say, the right American people! Leftist need the most protected group of people in America to go ballistic demanding immediate gun control. Of course, I’m talking about black people.

The cracka-hating moron on MSNBC, Toure, said last week in an anti-gun rant:

“Now, if Adam Lanza had walked into a black public school in this mythical South Brooklyn, or in the South Side of Chicago, we would probably not be having a sustained, national conversation about guns.”

As usual, Toure (whose name sounds like a Buick sedan) is wrong. A white person murdering a black person with a gun in America these days is such an anomaly that even Latinos are declared white when they shoot a black person like the case of little sweet angel cum violent thug Trayvon Martin. What the anti-gun, politically correct socialists in America need right now to gin up support for gun control is exactly that! They need a white gunman to shoot a bunch of black people. The following crocodile tears and riots in the street from the usual black rent-a-mobs would be too much for any spaghetti-spined, wussypants Republican! Resisting calls for strict gun controls and registration would result in accusations of racism. And that is something NO Republican can survive.

A black shooter won’t work. Black people shoot black people in black communities every day that white communities won’t experience in a decade. Think Chicago Barackistan or Detroilet. What Obama and his fellow socialists need to drastically further their one-sided “national conversation” on gun control is for a cracka to shoot up some black people. The shooter will be accused of being a right-wing extremist in the Tea Party to really heat things up. Of course, he won’t be. Tea Party patriots aren’t criminals. They are the honest, hard-working, responsible people of America who don’t commit crime. But they are the very targets of gun control.

Like I said, I’m not a conspiracy guy. But the table is set. The media, liberals in the various state legislatures, Congressional Democrats, labor unions, race-baiting black reverends, etc are all set up and ready to go. All they need is a catalyst. What better catalyst than a white guy shooting up a bunch of black kids? The entire politically correct machinery would be running on all eight cylinders with demands for the destruction of the Second Amendment.

Massive gun control and confiscation is a necessity for liberals to fully destroy America. They have the country sharply divided between moochers and producers. They have succeeded in destroying the economy, value of the dollar, raising the prices of gasoline and food, flooding the country with illegals while saddling the overburdened taxpayer with more and more weight. The country is ripe for riots and violence in the streets. All it needs is a spark. A white gunman killing multiple black people would provide that spark.

Let me ask this question, would you be more surprised with a shooting like I have described occurring in the next month or not happening?

Maybe my spidey-sense is off. I hope so. Otherwise, this gun control madness is just getting heated up. Molon labe.

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    Seems to me that tjeir delberatly leting this happen so they can get america to sign the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY Just a MANCHURIAN CANADATE

  2. DUDE, you could be right,a lot of wierd ass kids out there think their getting screwed at school by teachers and other kids.I think we are going to see another 9-11 due the ignorance of the great leader dismantling our military. Congress just has no balls tostand up to this guy.This guy brennan will be confirmed , just watch. I beleive he wants to render this country helpless, and after hearing him say that shit to the russian pres. when he thought he was off the air,makes one think.

  3. AWD
    As sure as the NAZI’s burned the Reichstag and just so happened to arrest a know anti capitalist arsonist named Marinus Van de Lubbe to blame it on obama will do the same on gun control, whats the life of a few people when the ends justify the means.

    • Van der Lubbe, the mentally ill firebug…

      If the big-picture outcome of the Reichstag fire is pretty clear-cut, its real origin and the corresponding rightness of the judicial verdicts have remained murky ever since. The fact that the scene of the crime became Nazi ground zero for the next decade sort of obscures the evidence.

      Van der Lubbe confessed, so his participation is generally taken as a given.

      Whether he was really able to start the blaze acting alone, as he insisted, and the Nazis “only” exploited this fortuitous calamity; whether he was part of a larger leftist plot, as his prosecutors claimed; or whether, as Shirer and many others since have viewed him, he was a patsy in a false flag operation set up by the Nazis with an eye towards creating a politically advantageous national emergency — these possibilities remain very much up for debate.

      Next up – Barack Hugochavez Obutthole institutes his own version of the Enabling Act.

  4. Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Franklin vs. The Joker, Skeletor, and Uncle Fester.


  5. I hope you’re wrong. I can only carry so many guns. I guess I’ll start carrying the 30-30 in the truck.

  6. I notice they are still prescribing the very drugs that every shooter since the early 80’s was on. They are all FDA approved and guaranteed to create another monster sometime. Sometimes I think the Govt wants this as it will give them license to get your guns. Odds favor them.

  7. 66 school shootings have been linked to antidepressants

    The Antidepressant Epidemic – Bruce Levine


    Off topic but our current Govt can’t even take time to help a Seal Team member, they sure as hell ain’t gonna worry about some drug addled person shooting a few kids. They are not concerned about the kids or Seal, just your guns, their trip to total control.

    • michael
      Haven’t checked the link but I think I read last week that the Seal story was not true, has anyone else heard that? we are constantly being baffled with bullshit it’s hard to tell what is and what’s not.

  9. “I will take off my uniform and stand with freedom before I stand with the tyrannical thugs”

    Hadn’t heard about this one.

    • That PA borough chief is setting the example that I hope many other local and state LEOs will follow, it could be the major source of resistance.

  10. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Dude, I think you’re right. It’s going to happen and it’s just a matter of tim(ing).

  11. Yeah Dude, I’m pretty sure that you’re dead on the money with that prognostication. It’s gonna have to be some heavily doped up kid with a “what do I got to lose” mindset. I just don’t see any other way, I mean, try to find a few instances of whites going 187 on the brotha’s. It just doesn’t happen folks. If it did happen, you would damn sure have heard about it.

    • I’m sure that there are hundreds of white democraps who are probably lining up right now to pay homage to the messiah Obama and sacrifice their lives and get all loaded up on drugs and guns and go and mow down some black folk.

      Hey Black on Black crime is not news and Toure (sounds like a new electric crossover progressive vehicle)won’t see the plank before his eyes – blacks kill blacks with impunity the stats don’t lie…



    If some political hack tries to pass a bill making Doiners birthday a NATIONAL HOLIDAY deserves to be run clean out of america

  13. Has anyone noticed the sickening downward spiral of innocent victims? What’s next? The neonatal unit or a Ronald McDonald House? St. Jude’s? And no, I’m not joking.

    Sure another massacre is coming, and the media will use it to push their anti-gun agenda again. They are both the benefactor of the killings and the main reason it continues – the murderers are willing to die as long as the media gives sympathetic coverage to their motivations and how they’ve been mistreated by society. Dr. Phil would call them “enablers”.

  14. It might have been the plan before the larda$$ ex-LAPD reject idiot with a chip on his chubby shoulder went rogue. One friggin idiot had ten thousand LEOS wetting there form fitting under armor panties. Game changed. When do we switch the conversation to drug addled lunatics with grudges, and bangers with gats trying to make up for no daddies? If we had one representative with a pair we could change this whole national conversation.

  15. How Many twists of the screw does it take to make somebody snap. Consider how they find these people, How they wind them up. how they give them a target. if this only happened every ten years or so, just a nut..every few months I call Bullshit on that.

  16. Dude, your prediction may be right. I hope it isnt but knowing the depths the democrats will stoop to to force their agenda up everyones wouldnt surprise me a bit.

  17. Dems DOJ and Obama are just setting up the next mass shooting as we speak. Its no surprise that mass shooters are all card carrying Democraps ….all part of obummer’s plan to disar america and usher in totalitarian rule

  18. god guts and guns says:

    They murdered the kids in Conn. why would we believe for a minute that in order to push their disarming of Americans that they will kill more kids or whomever it takes to get their agenda passed. I heard it may be a setup coming that a supposed white supremacist group will be involved in an attack on D.C. They will stop at nothing until they are in complete control of the masses until they eventually murder every one that’s a god loving hard working Patriotic American. Makes me sick just thinking about how they will get away with it, just as they have on all their treasonous acts and false flags ops.

  19. god guts and guns says:

    DHS Insider…..tells it like it is….and its nothing good!

  20. Here’s my question. Let’s say all this is true. Does anyone think a paid government agent with a spouse and 2.3 kids at home is going to risk his/her life for the likes of Soros, Bill “the runt” Ayers, thel little doofus, Pelosi, Reid, ad infinitum of progressive tweakers and twits? Not gonna happen. We need lawyers, guns, and money, and lots of patience and restraint. Keep your poise.

  21. I guess it sound uber-conspiratorial;….but how long would it take for this government to pick up a ‘Lanza’ (or someone like him) off the streets for a few hours and brainwash him into killing innocent people and then killing himself. People like him are crazy and drug dependent (legal drugs)in the first place. How much hypnosis would it take? How many times would it take? Not many …I would wager. I think that is what may have taken place and also some back-up shooters can be used if this particular ‘crazy-man’ is so drugged he botches the job. I know it sound nuts but obama and the UN were talking gun control and suddenly these killers come out of the woodwork to commit terrible crimes. Their shooting sprees were to……convenient. Obama is involved. Do not think obama would not kill childrent to get what he wants.

  22. That lanza freak totally creeps me out. He is by far the weirdest looking shooter of them all. They all have crazy eyes, but he’s barely human looking.

  23. George J Zeiter says:

    You called it….see the news about Vegas?