White Supremacist

A sure sign of good judgment.

I was called a white supremacist once. By my Jewish girlfriend. I asked her if she knew what a white supremacist was.

As many of you are all too painfully aware, I espouse some unsavory views on race (and religion). I would prefer to hold different views, but the seeking of truth has led me to where I’m currently at. It’s not pretty, but so be it.

That being said, I am adamant that individuals be judged as individuals and not by their group characteristics. To do otherwise would be both mean and stupid.

A few days ago I posted about the abuse of the term “white supremacist,” and that we should be wary of labeling anyone as such. I stand by that post. But I do want to make one other point very clear:

Yes, there are such things as white supremacists.

They do exist. And they’re nutty. They are not reasonable people. They are convinced—convinced—that they have it all figured out, and anyone who disagrees with them in the slightest is a “race traitor” or worse.

And what do they have figured out? Well, they’re Aryans. That is The Master Race. And joos are evil little manipulative parasites that need to be cordoned off (if not exterminated). And Hitler was a great guy. And every single black person is a stupid monkey. And no white should ever marry a non-white (this includes joos).

Etcetera, ad nauseum.

Needless to say, I don’t embrace these positions in the least, and neither does any other regular on this site.

Now I don’t care if you generally don’t like Jews or you use the n-word to describe certain categories of blacks or you believe Northern Europeans are, all things considered, the best of all breeds. Your opinions, not mine. But if you come here expecting us to be told that these opinions are, in fact, impenetrable fact—and you will countenance no disagreement on these contentions whatsoever—well then, I suggest you move along to Stormfront or Vanguard News Network or something like that, for this is not the place for you.

I am all for the defense of the white race. I am not for the defense of evil or stupidity.

The Jewish Conspiracy

So that's why!

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  1. Red…

    Your clarifications and summation put it in a nutshell for me.

    …’nuff said.

  2. Bingo, You can love Western Culture and love the extended family known as your race without being a White Supremacist.

  3. Red,

    Great Post, thanks.


    How come we dont hear anything about the so called MILITIAS like we heard about when KING WILLIAM thw RAT was our ruler?

  5. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I’m with ya Red. We don’t much like those cats even down here in MS. No different than Razas or Panthers. We just want left alone, it’s that simple.

  6. RedState
    Looks like you found the cream of the crop from those two pictures.

    • Two real cuties in those pictures. I’ll bet the marked man does great in job interviews. I’ve always wondered why people go to so much trouble to look repulsive. He took it to a new level. Doesn’t the Jewish religion prohibit all tattooing ? To me all religions should do so. You can look at a basketball film from twenty years back and not see a tattoo.

  7. AWD:
    Do you spend any time at Occidental Observer?

  8. I am all for the defense of the white race. I am not for the defense of evil or stupidity.

    I think 98%+ of all race realist would fall into this category. The problem is definition and also the fact that a ‘white supremacist’ and a ‘race realist’ would agree on many things. There is overlap.

    White Supremacist is a very loaded term. It is used as a weapon by those who seek to destroy our culture, our history and our race. We must not be kowtowed by this and allow those who seek to destroy us to define who we are or what we are.

  9. LonelyInBaltimore says:

    I guess my comments every now and then are pretty damn ignorant. But I should mention that I live in Baltimore.

    The white guys even dress like thugs. Even the WHITE GIRLS (lesbians) dress like effing thugs!

    I get so tired of it that my crappy -isms come out, and I’m always using shitty language like “monkeys” and the N-word and shit like that.

    No, I’m very aware that a small percentage of said populations are not bad people. However, I’m in a quagmire and crap-hole of shitty people down here. Thank god we’re moving back to Central PA in June!!!

  10. To me a skinhead or a specimen like the one pictured is a piece of shit that breathes. They are no better than the ghetto ape who robs and sells drugs…or no better than a liberal. Morons exist in all groups and ethnic backgrounds…but liberalism knows no ethnic bounds. Sadly, people of all colors fall into the trap of the welfare party….demo-rats.

  11. For myself the defining line between Race Realism or Primordial Nationalism, and White Supremacy is it’s application.

    If Race Realism is used as a shield to protect our interest, our persons, and effects, then it is beneficial to overall society and our part in it.

    If it is used as a sword to harm the interest of others then it is authoritarian nationalism.

    But according to popular propaganda just the color of my skin makes me a racist because of slavery practiced in America by white people 150 years ago.

    While the slavery practiced by Islamic Arab Africans against the Black Indigenous Africans from 650 AD right up to present time is completely ignored.

    And Islamic Arab Africans are somehow excused for their behavior, and their Modern Slavery is purposely overlooked, and Islamist in general are treated as victims of oppression, whilst they themselves oppress.

    And to top it all off the most militant political Black organisation in America calls itself the Nation of Islam, I guess Brown on Black slavery is O.K.

    Here is a Black Kid who gets it, and is walking the walk, not just blaming Whitey.


    Blaming Whitey is just the easy way out

  12. these people are wackos

  13. Hey, She looks like the Hildabeast after hours of lying about Benghazi

  14. Red, if you’re around later and read this…something’s wrong with getting things on the FEMA CAMP column, I have one I’ve tried four times…some pink box comes on at the end and says a bunch of alphabetical order BS, another came on and said value error. I had a couple other items I was going to put in the column this morning…but I give up. – Grrr…Irritating.

  15. Yes Red, it is the mind, not the meat.

    Satan has been cast down to earth and is rampaging through every hater today, with one goal in mind, the destruction of the human race. He knows his time is short, so blame that king of evil who’s throne is here on earth. It is he, who is using people to get to those who are his enemy. With the USA being the last God fearing nation around, do you understand why the attacks have been intensifying? The war never ended.

  16. David in SC says:

    Well put Red. Keep ‘me coming!

  17. I’m not much into symbolism. I consider myself a tad more intelligent than your average Klansman, or Skin Head. But maybe I’m just being arrogant. I do however, understand the frustration. I also don’t believe any of the crap MLK spewed in his short career is attainable. I cringe when white people quote him, he was not the hero of the white race.

    I guess you can put any name on what you believe in if that gets you through the night, but I have chosen sides. I won’t stand in anyone’s way when it comes to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. But don’t expect anything from me if you think you have some special dispensation because of your race.

    I have a dream too.

  18. Maybe someone should tell this poor bastard that not all blacks are bad.


    Uh huh.

  19. Why single out ‘White’?
    There are Chinese and Black supremacists. Its in the DNA.

    • Of course this kind of stupidity doesn’t only apply to whites. No one said it does. There are a few reasons for this post focusing on white supremacists, one of which was my previous post defending whites against spurious charges of white supremacism.

      I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here, 9.

  20. OpenTheDoor says:

    NBPP = Black Pride
    KKK = White Supremacists

    • The KKK ARE White Supremacists. I understand the frustration of these groups like I said above, I just don’t agree with their tactics. Most of the white folks in these groups I would rather not hang with. I knew one person who was in the KKK, and all he ever did was rant about Jews. It got tiresome after a while.

      I would rather see groups that promote white heritage, and let the name callers do as they will. To fight against the flood of illegal savages that are coming into our country is futile. The people with the bully pulpit will blame whites for the ills of the world from now on into eternity.

      We will be rendered a sub culture in the near future.

  21. Red,

    Don’t think I gave you permission to use my photo at the top… in a PC world I’m a tad offended.

    Btw… I’m having a little trouble finding employment.

    Btw #2… getting any snow your way Red???