Whether you liked Pat Boone’s music or any of his old flicks…you certainly should appreciate what he had to say about Dear Leader and what he thinks of him! Pat had no problem expressing himself whatsoever, even though at one point during the conversation Cavuto had to distance himself from Boone’s opinion, which says a lot about Cavuto…that, or else he’s been instructed to protect Fox network somehow. Either way…I disagree with Cavuto, but that’s just me.

Here’s the report…see that you think. – This is via IBT:

President Obama has many supporters in Hollywood, but Pat Boone is definitely not one of them.

The 78-year-old actor and singer went on Fox Business News on Wednesday bashing Obama’s politics, calling him a “Marxist” and “socialist.”

Boone was originally brought on the news program to discuss his opinions on the deficit and sequestration but ended up comparing the president’s ideals to that of Saul Alinsky.

“He is following his playbook, which is Saul Alinksy’s ‘Rules for Radicals.’ This is the guy that trained him to be a community organizer, a Marxist, a socialist, a progressive, who wrote the rules for doing what Mr. Obama is doing now as president,” said Boone, who was cut off by Fox News Anchor Neil Cavuto, who told viewers that their views differ dramatically.

“I will assign many motives to him. Not being the sharpest economical tool in the shed is probably the worst I could say,” said Cavuto. “You don’t even need to assign those motives to him to assign some very big question marks to his economic stewardship. … He’s not too bright economically. I think he’s a smart guy. This is a weak area,” he continued.

Boone went on to say that he thinks Obama is brilliant but believes that he is leading the country down the wrong path.

“I think he knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it by design because he has a plan which he thinks is good for America; a virtually socialist nation in which people don’t get very rich, everybody has everything, the government is in charge of everything because the government can do everything better,” said Boone, who admitted to Cavuto that he was placed on Obama’s enemies list in 2009.

Boone has a history of attacking Obama. In 2011 Boone was caught on video telling a fan that he believes the president’s birth certificate is fraudulent.

“I was in Kenya about a year and a half ago and everybody there says, ‘’you know your president was born here,’” said Boone who also claimed that Obama is spending millions to secure his personal records.

“The media ignores it. They just don’t want to believe it,” he said.

Hope you take a few minutes to watch this video, it’s well worth it from beginning to end. – It also starts with some quotes from Dear Leader himself. Worry not…they’re breif, but right to the point!

Let’s see, Boone thinks ‘O’ is a Marxist and socialist…and Cavuto has a problem with this because?

Newsflash to Cavuto: Barack Hussein Obama is a Marxist, a socialist as well as a Black Nationalist…do some research! And ‘O’ does know exactly what he’s doing, and he’s doing so intentionally! – Wake up and smell the coffee…Boone is spot-on!

That’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it…what say you?

Any opinions about all of this? If so…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. not2latenow says:

    Pat Boone is one of the few that have been associated with Hollyweird that was and is still clean. Married to the same woman for 60 years? Despicable, by the mores of the left coast. Way to go Mr. Boone.

  2. Love to hear more from this patriot…..Incidentally Pat Boone is one of the explorers that journeyed to the center of the earth………..wish I could have gone on the trip with him……

    Mr. Boone is right on the money when he says Obongo is a Marxist and a Black Liberationist, the most Alinskyite of all the left wing demogogues……….. from what I can see this “the most dangerous president” in the history of the country and is nothing but a god damn communist…….

    No president in our nation’s history has usurped the constitution like this bastard has…..his executive orders are absolutely in direct violation of the very function and laws of this republic and should be considered grounds for charging this president with treason…………

    Death by hanging is to good for this traitorous bastard……………

    We should boil this son-of-a-bitch in oil……….

    We need more like this Pat Boone and other patriots sounding the alarm about the communist occupying the white house………


    • Howdy Bluto…

      You know I agree with your sentiments. – Just wanted to say one thing real quick, Boone didn’t say that O was a black nationalist, I inserted that…but he did say he was a marxist and a socialist. And I do bet Boone’s done enough research on BHO to know he’s a black nationalist too.

  3. I’m wondering what BO’s Media will have to say about Mr. Boone’s comments. They certainly can’t disparage his character!

    • Howdy Louis…

      As far as I know there’s been nothing but silence about this. – Maybe someone knows different, I don’t watch much television during the week-days.

    • angrywhitewoman says:

      Maybe not, but they can say he has dementia ….

      • …that won’t get them very far in the real world…then again, they don’t live in the real world!

  4. Snake Oiler says:

    Cavuto, you’re a vile little coward. You don’t rank on the level with Geraldo Potato Nose Rivera or Shepard Sucko Smith (yet), but your ‘stock’ is falling rapidly, in my estimation.

    • He’s really disappointed me here and there over the last year or more too Snake. I just don’t get what happens to some of these talking-heads over time that have been on Fox. It’s a real disappointment to me, yet maddening at the same time.

    • Fox has been slowly changing its programing to get more back to the middle, or PC is a better term ever since the Arabs bought a portion of Murdocks empire.

  5. Obongo AKA obama ,barry, is nothing but a marxist socialist jerkoff that has no buisness being the president of this country.We fought wars against these people {COMMIES} even if they were cold ones.He is taking this country down the wrong path along with radical left wing democraps. The country is waking up though, and we’re not going to take it anymore.Congress must stop catering to this abomination and stop him at every turn.

    • Right you are. But, when it comes to our leaders in the House…I don’t see much hope that way. – I hope I’m proven wrong!



  7. Snake Oiler says:

    The only thing Mr. Boone said that I would disagree with is when he referred to Barack Hugochavez Obutthole – Supreme Deity of Radical Socialists, as ‘brilliant’. ??? He plays golf and reads from a teleprompter. Also is apparently so proud of his grades that he won’t release his college records. As the story goes, he must have been pursuing an advanced degree in ‘Queer Studies’ when he got to Chicago. Where is this brilliance? He’s nothing but a world-class turd, the front man for a shadowy cabal of evil men and women, whose nefarious plans are being revealed in a piecemeal fashion.

    • Snake…

      I think what he meant by ‘brilliant’ was in the context he was referring to when he was mentioning the Dear Leader’s agenda is/has materialized via congress etc…Alinsky style.

      Btw…I’m probably not explaining that clearly, just hope you’re following what I mean. 😉

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Yes, yes, quite clear, and please do not take offense. This was my line of reasoning. Cavuto started with ‘I think he’s a smart guy, this is a weak area’ then went on babbling. Boone then replied, ‘I think he’s a brilliant guy, and I think he knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it by design because he has a plan…’. Which, in my mind, seemed to reinforce Cavuto’s assertion that skidmark, generally speaking, is ‘smart’, ‘brilliant’, ‘super-intelligent’ or any other superlative that has been bestowed upon him from the beginning by the leftist media. If anyone suggests that he might not be up to scratch with the most intelligent statesmen in history, they would quickly be written off as a ‘racist’, and this may have just been a defensive measure on Boone’s part. I don’t mean to seem argumentative, I’m just tired of hearing what an incredible mastermind this tool is.
        Which reminds me of a story, a funny story about another guy from Chicago, Al Capone.

        On his reputation: “Today I got a letter from a woman in England. Even over there I’m known as a gorilla. She offered to pay my passage to London if I’d kill some neighbors she’s been having a quarrel with.”

        But this, especially…

        On corruption: “A crook is a crook, and there’s something healthy about his frankness in the matter. But any guy who pretends he is enforcing the law and steals on his authority is a swell snake. The worst type of these punks is the big politician. You can only get a little of his time because he spends so much time covering up that no one will know that he is a thief…”

    • Snake, I agree 100%!..ObungHole is a fraud, a felon and an illegal alien communist who is marching in lockstep to a sinister nation destroying cabal and likely includes the likes of George SorAss, and was groomed for years by those bastards!

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Right on, tazz! What will define the slow-motion train wreck that some might call his presidency? The ‘Beer Summit’ (the police acted stupidly)? Gays in the military? Benghazi? The astronomical national debt? ACORN? The shotgun-wielding genius Joe Biden? Free sail fawns? Merde!

  8. Didn’t see the interview, but Cavuto’s handling of it as reported is a big disappointment. Neil, baby, what’s happened to you, are they not inviting you to the parties?

  9. “The media ignores it. They just don’t want to believe it,” he said.

    Hell, Pat, the media knows it and believes it, they’re just complicit in the coverup.

  10. Ann Coulter Speaks Her Mind

    CPAC 2013


  11. Edtudo…

    Watched that live…plus Cruz. I was by my lonesome on the CPAC thread hoping someone else was watching…but no such luck.

  12. ObungHole is a dumb SOB,…who with any brains at all would say “57” states, hold a phone upside down or say “Cinco de Quatro”?….And he’s a damn liar too!

    Cavuto must be afraid of his job,…just remember that Glen Beck lost his job at FAUX because he refused to cater to their PC BS.

  13. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Here Pat Boone points out that Obama is a Marxist and a Socialist (no duh), and yet Neil Cavuto can’t bring himself to agree with the obvious. He instead replies: “Not being the sharpest economical tool in the shed is probably the worst I could say.” Excuse me?! Obama is blatantly trying to destroy our economy and is undermining every American institution; he’s been embroiled in one scandal after another; he’s released thousands of illegal aliens within our nation and he refuses to secure our borders; and he’s appointed every American-hating nutcase to his cabinet and promoted the most incompetent people to high positions within his administration – and yet the worst Cavuto can say about Obama is that he’s not “the sharpest economical tool in the shed”!?

    This is one of many reasons why I essentially ignore Fox News. Cavuto thinks it’s crass and unsophisticated to state what anyone with even half a brain can clearly discern about Dear Leader. He’s too refined and too educated to say such simple, but truthful things. So, while Obama continues on his path of destroying the U.S., media hacks like Cavuto continue to smile and ‘play nice’ all the way. People like Cavuto will only wake up when it’s too late.

    • Bingo! – When I read that yesterday…I had my fill of Cavuto. I was already getting to that point with him the previous six months…that cinched it for me!

      …he’s really changed.

  14. Jumpin Joe says:

    Old school, gotta love it.

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    Barack’s Barf Offensive & The Republican Red-Carpet Event

    The Big Dog’s lapdogs (media) tell us that Barack Obama has embarked on a charm offensives, defined as a “publicity campaign, usually by politicians, that attempts to attract supporters by emphasizing their charisma or trustworthiness.”

    Yes, “American public life is full of prolix self-promoters.”

    But why was this “offensive” necessary? Aren’t the lapdog media sufficiently charmed? I’d say they’re positively mesmerized by The POTUS and the FLOTUS.

    Here is Mrs. Obama, beautifully accoutred and nicely airbrushed on the cover of Vogue Magazine, for the second time. (She looks lovely, if I say so myself.)

    A week of fawning climaxed with a red-carpet event hosted by House Republicans, who gave the Celestial One “a standing ovation,” for visiting with them for a discussion.

    The retarded U.S. Sen. Susan Collins has been regaling media with chummy inside stories about the presidential food taster. He was a no-show. So, although others around him were feasting, Obama fasted.

    Are we Rome? Yeah we’re Rome.

    In his weakened state, the president took only questions that had been screened in advance.

    Food that is tasted, questioned that are screened…


    • That description of the dimwit RINO…Susan Collins works for me. – I can’t stand her, plus…it hurts to try to listen to her talk. Truly pathetic.