AWD remembers the instant when I leared Andrew has passed. I was in Atlanta last year with some fellow right-wing extremists in a meeting when my Mother, Angry White Dudette, texted me with this simple line: “Andrew Breitbart has died of a heart attack.” This message was just as unbelievable as if she had texted “Martians have landed on Michael Moore’s stomach.” Actually, that would have been more believable.

Andrew Breitbart was the tip of the spear. AWD knew Andrew. What I admired about him most was his unflinching backbone in standing up to the vicious attacks of leftists. He never showed any fear nor let doubts stop him from doing what he knew was right. I think it was because Andrew knew in his mind that he was right. He didn’t look for sanction and approval from his political and ideological enemies. He went directly after them showing no quarter and asking none in return. Ask Anthony “The Peter Tweeter” Weiner about Breitbart! Andrew expertly took down that little weaselly bastid and made him look like the lying fool he is. How? By telling the truth and masterfully using the left’s tricks against them!

So many of our current political and blogging “conservatives” could learn so much from Andrew. But they’re afraid Chris Matthews or Al Sharpton will call them a name. Well, guess what? Liberals will always call you names! That’s what they do! That’s all they have. But too many conservative TV, radio, print journalists and bloggers dance to the tune of those whose entire purpose is to destroy the conservative movement. Why give our political enemies the ammunition with which to kill us with the strict adherence to political correctness doctrine? It’s ridiculous! Names don’t hurt. Results of leftist politics do! Of sure, you might not get invited on Fox News or be insulted on CNN but WHO GIVES A RAT?! If any guilty parties are reading this, shame on you for your weakness and cowardliness! Shame on you for not speaking the whole truth because you’d rather get your mug on TV. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

One of AWD’s mottos is “if you’re gonna be a bear, be a grizzly.” Andrew was the biggest, baddest bear in the forest because he had no fear. At least none was shown. He was also generous and would give his time to help other conservatives. He spoke at hundreds, if not thousands, of events without pay. He would graciously pose for photos and talk to his fans. I think Andrew loved the attention and it fueled his inexhaustible drive.

Tea Party conservatives have found that voice to replace Andrew. It’s been interesting to watch the early players in the Tea Party movement and how they have changed once money and TV time entered the equation. Every single leader in the movement joined (started) the movement for the right reason. None had any idea the Tea Party would become what it has. They were the law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who had enough of big government insanity. The real movement started on February 27th, 2009 (although some glory hounds claim credit because they and their friend protested at a a State Capitol…or something in 200?) when events protesting the Stimulus Bill were held in 41 American cities. There was a lot of camaraderie between leaders in the emerging new movement. People with little or no political experience worked together. That began to change when certain people were selected for TV and radio interviews and national “Tea Party” groups formed. Backstabbing and cat fights became common when wannabe leaders thought they should become the face and voice of the movement. This leader hated that leader. This group hated that group. Egos came into play once the movement showed it was viable and capable of bringing national attention and money. But the spirit instilled in the American conservative still burns bright even with the static of personal egos of those looking to personally capitalize on the Tea Party movement.

Back to Breitbart. I don’t know if there will ever be another anytime soon. He had the political chops and understood the power of the new media. Breitbart focused on the internet because his goal was to destroy the mainstream media because he realized it was nothing more than a propaganda machine for leftists. He knew them and had worked with them. He lived among them in California. And he knew how bad they hate us and was unafraid to publicly say it. And again, he was fearless in the face of hateful vitriol from leftists. Even after his death, leftists said vile things about Andrew’s wife and children. No surprise there.

Conservatives followed Breitbart’s lead and embraced social media and blogging. Many conservatives never watch any of the mainstream media networks and hardly even watch Fox anymore. AWD counts himself in that number. Who knows what great things Breitbart would have done in destroying the left had he lived? I just know that I miss him and remember some of the conversations we had. We believed the same things. We liked the same kinds of music. And we both didn’t mind being called names by our enemies. I know he enjoyed the Angry White Imam posts a lot and that always made me smile.

I know this post has gone all over the place and I apologize. I miss Andrew. He had a lot of people wanting his time. He had a lot of ass-kissers trying to further their career by getting something from him. I’ve never been an ass-kisser and I never really wanted anything from Andrew. I just liked him and enjoyed the times we hung out. I’ll never forget them and I’ll never forget Breitbart.

Here’s a beautiful tribute to Andrew written by the great songwriter Chris Cassone and created and edited by he equally great Big Fur Hat of I Own The World. You might even see the Big Sexy in the video if you look hard!

If you’d like to own a Breitbart Is Here t shirt, they are available at Anthem Studios for $15. Anthem also sells t shirts for Angry White Dude and other conservative bloggers. Support them.

Here’s the link.

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  1. AWD,

    Thanks for remembering Breitbart… I wouldn’t expect anything less from you.

    The video was outstanding.

  2. Can’t believe it’s been a year already. I don’t see anybody having replaced him yet. I had hoped his death would cause 10 more of him to spring forward, but a year later there is a void.

  3. like Reagan was a once in a lifetime President, Andrew was a once in a life time Person. I still get a lump in my throat when I watch his videos.

  4. Spurwing Plover says:

    Californias stuck with caring for that worthless CHARLES MANSON for the rest of his life all becuase of our worthless governor MOONBEAM BROWN is still a stupid liberal demacratic bleedingheart little jerk

  5. Was Breibart murdered?

    • Hard to figure that. In the videos you see of him during the last year, he looks kind of puffy – a look that would lead one to not be surprised by a heart attack. At the same time, I would not be the slightest bit surprised if he was killed by marxists. Maybe someone will come forward in our lifetime with answers to questions like this one.

  6. At least it wasn’t arsenic poisoning as the LA Coroner died from, arsenic is Natural?

    Something is a little screwy with all this. Maybe it was LHO?
    Nah, I take it back, it was aliens from space.

  7. AmericaBeautiful says:

    Thank you for writing about Andreww, Mr. AWD. It must be difficult to try to condense the Big Him into a few sentences. I wish I’d have known him. An independent thinker, Irish warrior, generous man, multi-tasker extraordinare. I don’t believe you about not being assassinated. I think he was given a warning “shot” a year before, and when he refused to give up the only fight in town, it was seconded. We’re dealing with ruthless people who have a lot of cash invested in the NWO game. They do the threatening (Woodward,etc.).. and don’t allow threats from anyone else.
    Anyway, he was a great man, and much needed today.