Would you be surprised to learn that NASA had given a Chinese national access to top-secret technology that could be used by the Chinese military against the United States? Me neither. Welcome to the current United States of Stupid America!

Why would any enemy of America use clandestine spy services against us when they can only apply for government jobs that allow unlimited access to top secret military technology and information? Steal top-secret technology and get paid for it by taxpayers? Where do the Wangs sign up? Getting paid by the enemy to steal their secrets? Look how great this technique has worked for the Communists and Muslim Brotherhood with the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania!

It is reported:

Bo Jiang, who worked for a NASA contractor at its Langley Research Facility in Hampton, Virginia, was leaving the country ‘abruptly’ to return to China, according to an FBI affidavit.

Agents arrested him as the plane pulled away from the gate on Saturday night after whistleblowers suggested he had previously taken confidential material out of the country.

He was questioned over the electronic devices he was carrying, and said he had a cell phone, a memory stick, an external hard drive and a new computer, the affidavit said.

But agents also found other items, including another laptop, an old hard drive and a SIM card, leading to charges that he lied to federal investigators.

In-f***ing-credible! Didn’t a Chink from Chink-land working at NASA with unfettered access to top-secret material raise a question in the mind of at least one person that works for the government? That’s assuming anyone who works for the federal government has a mind.

More than this, Representative Frank Wolf, R-VA, reported that Jiang went to China in 2012 with a load of secret info! Wolf also reported that the Obama administration allowed hundreds of Chinese nationals to work at NASA with access to secret material!

Why is Obama still in office? Why do the Republicans do NOTHING about the fact that Democrats have a propensity to give the Chinese secret military information? Obama isn’t the first. Bubba Clintoon also gave secret technology to

Are there no patriots who work at NASA? Not one person who might have raised a stink that Chinese nationals were working with secret material? AWD gives the 20 questions to the Chinese guy who delivers the sweet and sour cat to my house! I’d be damned if I’d let any foreign national from China, Russia, the Middle East, Venezuela or other enemies work in ANY government building….even as a janitor! For that matter, why do we allow citizens from enemy states to enter the United States? Answer? Because we are stupid!

You’ll be pleased to know that NASA has now locked out all the fuzzy little foreigner spies. According to Fox News:

NASA has locked its facilities to foreigners, disabled online research databases and ordered a complete review of access by foreign nationals to its facilities, as allegations swirled of foreign spies within the space agency.

The reports came to a head this weekend with the arrest of former contract worker Bo Jiang as he was leaving the country with a one-way ticket to China — carrying several data storage devices, including hard drives, flash drives and computers that likely contained sensitive information.

Hey, now that the burglars have stolen everything in my house, I’m going to start locking the doors! Brilliant! Everybody in security at NASA should be fired and put in prison for stupidity! I expect this sh*t from Democrats in office but SOMEONE has to not be stupid!

America is too stupid to survive! How many American citizens are allowed to work in top secret Chinese military facilities? I bet you could count them on zero fingers! Same with the Russians but I bet there are hundreds or thousands of those bastids getting paid by American taxpayers to steal our secrets so they can one day use them to kill us!

I’m so sick of the government! I wish it would just hurry up and collapse! It’s going to. Sad thing is a lot of people will unnecessarily die because of the corruption and stupidity of those whom we trust to keep us safe! Grrrrrrr!

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  1. Spurwing Plover says:

    Theres evedence that FDR knew in advance that Japan was going to bomb PEARL HARBOR and he was also aware of japanese spies at Pearl Harbor but let it happen becuase he wanted to go to war

    • He also kept patrols out of the northwest segment from the island, that is were the act came from. In addition, he moved the fleet from California to Hawaii a few month before the attack. Then he fired the admiral over the Pacific because he told him that his actions were setting up the US for an attack and replaced him with an admiral of far less ability. The only thing the FDR did not do was to fly a plane and drop a bomb himself.

    • Actually it is probably more logical that J. Edgar Hoover knew that Pearl harbor was going to be bombed and Did not report it to FDR !.. just as J Edgar knew that the Mafia put out a hit on JFK ! Ol J Edgar was an evil man – gay- a gambler thus he was blackmailed by the Mob – as it was years before he even admitted that Organized Crime even existed..

  2. AWD, shocking story,…or maybe I should say, I’m not surprised as this sh!!t happened before with the KlinTong admin and no telling who else allowed it to happen!…
    Simply outrageous, the asylum is being run by the inmates!
    Our enemies from within are more dangerous than the ones from the outside.
    Meanwhile, the congress sits on its’ worthless ass and does nothing but bitch,…hell, they’re too cowardly to even subpoena anyone!

  3. This is a good follow-up to what I posted about this subject not that long ago as well.


  4. Joe McCarthy was right. Remember – every Demoleft U.S. Senator voted for the censure of Senator McCarthy, even the supposedly “conservative” Southern Demos who were too gutless to do the right thing, a very good history lesson to keep in mind. McCarthy got NO Demo support. He was one of the most lied-about men in American history. His attackers and their hangers-on were covering their worthless posteriors.

  5. So what did the gook steal? Muslim outreach material?

  6. Doesn’t the buck stop with Ovomit, I mean Obummer… Ahhhhh, you know, the piece of shit socialist guy occupying the White House.

  7. Snake Oiler says:

    DHS Plans To Speed Saudis Through US Customs

    Special Travel Benefit for Saudis a “Slap in the Face”

    March 20, 2013

    Saudi Arabia, the nation which produced 15 of the 19 hijackers in the 9/11 attacks, is about to become one of a handful of countries whose travelers can bypass normal passport controls at major U.S. airports. Sources tell the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) that this will mark the first time that the Saudi government will have a direct role in vetting who is eligible for getting fast-tracked for entry into the United States.

    Because nothing increases our security from terrorist threats more than whisking people through customs who are flying in from a terrorist hotbed.

    The Global Entry deal comes three years after U.S. officials briefly placed Saudi Arabia on a list of 14 countries whose travelers would face enhanced scrutiny when entering the United States. It followed Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s failed attempt to bomb a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas Day 2009.

    Meanwhile, Janet Napolitano is warning us that the sequester is going to increase our risk of terrorist attacks.


  8. Consider Obamas real Father Frank was a Communist with a big”C” what the hell does anyone think Obama is doing. He is the Enemy within. He gives jets to The Brotherhood, tries to undermine Israel every chance he can, stocks up on ammo to be only used on citizens of the Govt he is supposed to be leading, cuts the fu*k out of our military letting more troops die and suppressing moral among them so bad MORE commit suicide than die in battle. The Chinese have been let into more of our secret installations than all other Presidents combined have done. Obamas spending us into Oblivion and Congress diddles. There has never been a more dishonest, amoral person to occupy the WH in our countries history and because he is half Black that seems to exempt him from being called what he really is, a Communist Thug with all the makings and trappings of others just exactly like him. Mao, Stalin, Lenin, Hitler, and every other Dictatorial Thug that has every occupied public office in the history of the world. He will continue to destroy the country till the day he is out of office. He is a sock puppet for Evil and the Republican Party has let him do all this, and “BONER” likes him and trusts him. Who’s side is “BONER” really on?

  9. http://www.nbcnews.com/technol.....-1C9001922

    …and now “O” wants to scan your emails so he will know who to shut down when time comes to…

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?f.....bfjxjpKoR8

    DHS Refuses to Answer Congress on 1.6 Billion Bullet Purchase. You will know when all the Storm Troopers are in place. Secrecy is the beginning of Tyranny, always has been always will be. Congress Does Not Have To Fund This Purchase, they hold the purse strings.

  11. bluffcreek1967 says:

    If anyone wants a practical example of where multiculturalism and political-correctness goes wrong, this is one very clear instance.

    I don’t care what anyone thinks, but when I see someone who looks like a foreigner (especially when they’re dressed in their cultural foreign garb) working in high or secretive positions within the U.S. government, I automatically see them as a potential spy who will eventually give away our most vital military secrets. Personally, I want to see patriotic white, heterosexual, and non-liberal persons in those kinds of positions. Say what you will, but I think these types are more inclined to protect our secrets and not bow to foreign influences.

    • Hate to say it but your right. One job I had was on an a campus that had many NASA people there for research. A high percent of the research students were from Asian countries, with China leading the list. One WASP grad student remarked laughingly they were probably spies as they seemed to live in the Labs. He probably didn’t know how true it was. Its now a Major NASA center. I worked there during its infancy and left for another job as it took off, so to speak. Sad commentary on our country today.

      • oliversquid says:

        I work at a university and most of the researchers in my department, we call them lab weasels, are Chinese. They talk amongst themselves mostly in Chinese and usually have Chinese language websites open on their computers. I’ve told people that if we do find a cure for cancer the Chinese government will put a patent on it first.

    • You are correct bluffcreek. The problem is cultural. Our elected leaders (I’m English and the situation is the same here) no longer recognise our countries as coherent, valuable nation states with recognisable national interests. They just view us as interchangeable individual economic units with no greater value as a people.

      The rest of the world is not so stupid. Whatever their faults, Putin and the Chinese Politburo are patriots who put the interests of their people first and foremost. Ours are deluded lunatics who think the eternal laws of human nature and kinship can be wiped away by feelgood, happy-clappy one-world BS.

      Sorry for rant :)

    • Not only right but dead on target. All this multiculturalism is destroying America because these shit stains who come here are only here for what they can get or steal…not for the love of our country or traditions and history.

  12. Louisiana Steve says:

    The problem with China is they need to get off their asses and invent something themselves without copying everyone else’s technology.

  13. Louisiana Steve says:

    One more thing. This clown says Americans are stupid. Well if we are so stupid why the hell do you imitate us and our technology you stupid bastard!

    • The last thing those slant eyed pricks invented on their own was gun powder. Seems like from then on they just stole everyone elses ideas and technology because they were too stupid or lazy to invent anything else on their own. And if Americans are so stupid, why do we fight communism while those jackasses embrace it and enjoy being controlled like mindless sheep? The only thing we are stupid about is being too f’ing PC for our own good! The only thing they seem to beat us at is breeding. The wetbacks we have here will give them a run for the money though. If they kept their shit in their pants more often they wouldnt have to live like rats in a sewer.

  14. I remember back in the 60’s when I was in the US Army I had a Sgt who was turned down for a top secret clearance because he was married to a South Korean national.Times have changed !

  15. Okinawa Marine says:

    We got Gooks in the wire….Gooks in the wire….Fire for Effect!
    This is our fault for being “politically Correct”.

    Obama’s plan to ruin America is working well and is right on schedule.

    Gooks in the White House….

  16. The free trade agreement in action, Chinese style.

  17. Meanwhile, while this gook bastard is spying on NASA, I just read an article in todays local news that says NASA will now have a new Angry Birds exhibit….this is what our once great space exploration agency is reduced to under the Obummer administration….sickening. Will someone tell me what the f##k angry birds games have to do with space exploration??? Apparently you have to aim for the mentality of a f’ing moron to appeal to the general public anymore. After all, millions of the assholes voted this camel jockey socialist prick in…twice!

    Since the shithead in chief killed the shuttle program at least 10,000 people at the Cape lost their jobs. And this moronic shit is the best NASA can come up with to attract interest in space….angry friggin birds???? Im an angry white taxpayer who is sick of seeing my country turn to shit! Under the muslim asshole in chief NASA is now going to become just like a Disney theme park to attract visitors to see what NASA used to be before democrat stupidity destroyed it.

  18. The people in the US are stupid and dumbed down. It is time to secede.

  19. Winston Smithereens says:

    Then there’s this……………


  20. Blue Ridge Patriot says:

    Dear God in Heaven, Please give we concerned citizens of The United States Of America, a nation that was founded under your holy name, the strength and fortitude to do all that we can possibly do to assail these evils being perpetrated upon this last great bastion of freedom the world knows. I pray for those among us with the sense of responsibility to realize that an opposing force of warriors, strong enough and also determined enough has to be assembled and organized to confront and defeat this threat by whatever means necessary. As blood had to be spilled in attaining and maintaining our entity, will it be so in our plight to preserve it. Please God, give us the wisdom and willpower to persevere!

  21. Blue Ridge Patriot says:


  22. Just another fine example of PC and diversity that is supposed to strengthen us LOL yeah right.. the marxist in the white house are smiling

  23. We are doomed!

    What a great Saturday morning.
    Relaxing in my AWD T-Shirt, reading some AWD wit.

    I still get comments ever time I where your shirts!
    As I have said, if you keep designing new ones, I’ll buyem!

  24. Muslim Outreach Comrade says:

    NASA be rayciss n sheeit. All this money for moon travel and high technology developments could go to welfare checks and EBT cards. Reeding and edumacaishun is for whitey crackas and that shit ain’t kool, ya dig?

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  26. That’s KARMA for u RACIST, retarded, backwards, pale, obese, sad, pale, poor, jobless, friendless, lonely, pathetic silly NON-NATIVE ‘murican loser who lives in his pitiful mother’s basement !!! HAHA!
    Really feel sorry for the poor lady that gave birth to this lonely, silly, good for nothing, loser in life! LOL