This week, AWD met with a Texas sheriff. I asked him if he would ever enforce any federal gun bans. His response, “never.” I told him AWD would never, ever register any of my firearms. His response, “nor should you.” Nor will I. Ever. Love me some Texas.

Things aren’t so clear in blue states. Colorado has slipped further into tyranny as the Dims who control the state are now seeking to ban pump and auto shotguns! I crap you negative. Shotguns! Several other blue state hellholes have passed or are seeking legislation to ban certain firearms from honest, law-abiding taxpayers. It’s come to this. Is it not completely obvious that Democrats are now openly seeking to disarm the American people?

Colorado Dims are seeking to ban shotguns that can hold up to 8 rounds. People, this is just the beginning of the tyrannists plans to chip away at the Second Amendment until Hussein can stack the Supreme Court with leftist statists who will overthrow the right for Americans to own firearms.

Gun registration and gun control laws are not intended to protect the public. They are intended to enslave the American people. We have a growing federal government controlled by anti-American thugs that purchase billions of rounds for governmental agencies. They cannot be trusted. Nor should they.

We’ve seen this all before throughout history. Gun registration leads to gun confiscation which leads to mass extermination of those in opposition to government. What we are seeing in blue states is nothing more than the opening salvo of efforts to disarm law-abiding Americans in an effort to totally control us. This will not go away as long as tyrannists are in control in Washington. And there are tyrannists in both political parties!

AWD has danced around this topic in the past but I’m going to lay it on the line today. I was a Dagny Taggart a few years ago when the Tea Party movement began. I believed the common-sense taxpayers in America could replace the socialist Democrats and worthless RINO Republicans in Washington and save the country. I have fought hard in a lot of ways outside of this blog. I tried. I really did. All that changed the day of the ObamaCare ruling when John Roberts sided with the statists to legalizes the unConstitutional ObamaCare. That was the day I went full John Galt. From that day on, I realized America in its present form was dead. It’s only a matter of time.

I truly believe America in its present form cannot be saved. Too much debt and nothing changing to save the Republic. Moreover, I no longer care to be countrymen with communists in New York, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, California, Colorado, etc. I certainly don’t want their communist elected officials to have control over my money and life. Screw them all! I realize there are patriots in those states and I hope they can escape what is coming.

I believe the United States will self-destruct within 8 years. ObamaCare will destroy what’s left of the economy. Unemployment will skyrocket to third world numbers. Our decimated military will not be able to protect our allies, perhaps not even our homeland. I believe there will be an massive uprising in red states to secede from the United States and form the Constitutional States of America. A country that will live by Constitutional principles and limitations. This is not easy for me to write. But can anyone really see anything else happening to keep the USA together? And should a country as stupid and corrupt as the United States continue as a republic?

Better to die on my feet than live as a slave on my knees. I made that decision a long time ago. Maybe I’m wrong that all this will come to fruition. I don’t think I am. America has too many moochers foreign and domestic to survive. Too many takers and not enough makers. And NO ONE in Washington appears prepared to do what is necessary to preserve the economy, the dollar, or the limited-government principles set forth in the Constitution. Plus, America has too many enemies plotting our demise. And they are not governed by idiots.

The gun control laws taking place in blue states is just the beginning. Statists know they can never fully control the American people until we have no means of fighting back. I will fight the every step of the way.

The question is what will patriots in blue states do to fight the onslaught of tyranny taking place? Will they fight back or will they simply allow themselves to be disarmed by tyrannists? That is the question!

Patriots of Colorado? We will be watching to see how you respond (or not) to the statists who seek to destroy your liberties.

Molon labe!

Angry White Dude

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  1. Winston Smithereens says:

    Watch this happen right before our eyes. In Colorado no less.

    Colorado, while considered a conservative state is in fact liberal. Despite majority conservative regions such as Colorado Springs, farm and ranch communities to the east, the remained of the state (its majority population density which is where it’s at vote wise) is overtly liberal.
    Observe, right before our eyes the outlawing of shotguns – pump and auto. This is just a first step to prove it can be done – and it will, and with shotguns which heretofore have not been demonized by the Marxist Totalitarians unlike rifles or handguns. After that, it will be nearly everything. And Colorado, just like overtly liberal New York will lead the way toward ultimate firearm confiscations, state by state. Certain states – the usual suspects – will not go this route. But a good 39 to 41 will.

    Astute observers clearly stated four, three, two and one year ago that following “Obama’s” “re-election” that firearm confiscation would be topic numero uno. Too many paid no attention although, of course, firearm and ammunition sales are beyond out of sight.
    But how did this happen…….? You know how. Aurora, Colorado last July which was BEFORE the “election”. Then Newtown (what REALLY happened there, by the way and remember the United Way’s published condolences THREE DAYS BEFORE……..?) just AFTER the “election”. Think both occurances were random and not in the least coincidental? Guess again. Think that both were not full government psyops. Really……. Guess. Again.

    In a real country the citizens would not allow all this $hit, all this monumentally Totalitarian and Marxist $hit to remotely happen. Yet it is happening in this country.

    Right. Before. Our. Eyes. (ps: Voting no longer matters)

    • captainmike says:


      Did not hear about the United Way thing but I agree with you that there are way too many dots that just don’t connect at Newtown. The whole incident looks way too similar to the Dunblane, Scotland school massacre in 1996. Britain finished disarming its population within about a year after that. A large amount of the records of the ensuing
      investigation were sealed for 100 years.

      • Winston Smithereens says:


        You and everyone else need to consider the following……….

        James Holmes (Aurora – Centennial, Colorado) apartment was rigged to explode with explosive combined with military grade detonators and trip sensors/activators. A simple question………… Where does ANYONE procure this, as well, obtain the training/means to do so? Take a wild guess how this happpened. Certainly it would never be a government operation. No, never that.

        In Newtown, CT, state police were witnessed several miles away from the school assembled and WAITING before whatever really happened that has been fully supressed by court sequester. Additionally, not just state police nearly immmediately present “after”, but the FBI. Curious that. Curious that the media repeatedly claimed an “assault rifle” was employed when in fact the examiner (per his remarks) has said such was never the case. Other reports of a supposed second shooter. All video footage has been eliminated. The aforementioned United Way condolences three days prior. Obviously, just a clairvoyent typo. Who knew?

        And, as always, what does this lead to? Look at the cause that creates the effect.
        So many warned of firearm confiscation by the Obama junta and theirs as of three years ago. Curiously same is now happening.
        Cause…………… effect. Cause…………. effect.

        And really, what really did happen in NYC and Arlington, VA on September the 11th, 2001? One thing is for sure, the twin towers magically and oh so perfectly fell in on themselves as did building 7. Amazing. And all by what fire? Even more amazing. This, of course carried out with beyond military precision by a bunch of rag tag Middle Eastern street folk with no military training/background whatsoever or a minimum of 4,000 – 5,000 hours of operating long-haul, long-bodied 250,000 pound plus commercial aircraft and specifically Boeing equipment. Magically afterward, a face (Osama bin Laden) was made responsible (always assign a villain), a war was created and the military industrial complex machine (as Eisenhower sternly warned about in 1961) marched forward against a country that even by the Bush-NWO-Israel narrative had nothing to do with the “attacks” (inside job) of September the 11th other than “WMD” which never existed.

        Patriot Act, NDAA anyone…………?

        Cause………… effect.

        • I don’t discount anything anymore. Take a look at this vid by Tina Charby.

          There are powerful people behind the scenes that will not let go of this New World Order agenda. The one obstacle that has always been there is us. We cannot be controlled unless we are disarmed. They have to take away our guns before they can really move ahead.

  2. aceydoozy says:

    AWD, your analysis is right on, I agree, see no “hope and change” for the course US is on, it’s a matter of time.



  4. Most wood is rotten a long time prior to breaking. Fascist termites have eaten into the blue states so bad they are for all purposes Socialist entities that have nothing really in common with red states where people actually work for a living and end up with a sizable chunk of our pay supporting moochers in blue states. Red states have a lot of rotten wood and need to get rid of it and band together with other red states, economically, politically and militarily. The blue states can wither on the vine or man up and get rid of their little petty dictators. I envision a Red State Nation, separate from the blues. Red States had everything on our side and the blues got the blues.
    States rights need to be asserted and 10th amendment strictly obeyed by Washington and the Red States have the power to do it. They need to start right now, Washington is totally dysfunctional and out of touch with Red States in every conceivable way. Living next to California makes me sick. They continually migrate to Arizona when things get tough, and then try to turn it into California. I would feel happier building a fence on Arizona’s border with California. They would need visas to get in. They are a greater threat to my state than the illegals.

  5. Snake Oiler says:

    1. William Z. Foster, founder of the Communist Party USA, in Toward Soviet America, on pgs. 321-322, explains, “Capitalism blames crime upon the individual, instead of upon the bad social conditions which produce it. Hence its treatment of crime is essentially one of punishment. … Socialist criminology on the other hand, attacks the bad social conditions [that is, the capitalist system, to include: the ‘greedy’ private corporation, the ‘divisive’ Church, the ‘ignorant’ home and private school, etc., each of whom are truly the guilty parties, being instruments of the guilty system).” The answer to all this, he says, especially in more advanced Capitalist countries like the United States, is “establishing government control” over everything, in a step by step, systematic persecution and prosecution of everything private, along with other methods – not to exclude agitation and violence.

    I liked this Whittaker Chambers quote so much, I’ll post it again…

    “While Communists make full use of liberals and their solicitudes, and sometimes flatter them to their faces, in private,” wrote Chambers, “they treat them with that sneering contempt that the strong and predatory almost invariably feel for victims who volunteer to help in their own victimization.”

  6. I reached my Galt moment when O was elected President of the United States without proper credentialing and the sealing of all records pertaining to his background. How could we? The fix was and is in.

  7. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    Snake, lets not forget what “they” really want. It’s total disarmament. If they get this today they’ll ask for more tomorrow, all the while saying how much they believe in the 2nd amendment.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      You’ve got it right, man! I think that’s referred to as ‘incrementalism’. And then, there are the garage tinkerers and basement scientists – awesome!

      • Quartier LeBlanc says:

        I’d like to use that thing over a low slow gaggle of snow’s coming in over decoys.

        • Snake Oiler says:

          I can remember back in the day when we could get all sorts of informative publications that taught you how to do and build many useful things. There was the time we went to the hardware store and approached the register with a load of items that included muffler pipe, rubber gasket material, steel wool, etc., and the counterman said ‘That’s quite a collection of materials you’ve got their boys. What do you plan to do with all of it?’ ‘Uh – we’re going to build a better mousetrap’. That was long ago and far away. Life seems much more complicated these days.

    • You are so right on this and it needs to be pounded into peoples heads so they really understand. These people are Hard Core Marxists, Socialists, Fascists, Communists or whatever category one wants to apply to them and they are not playing games, its for keeps. With history no longer being taught in school (really) most younger people have no perspective from which to stand on. I find many don’t even understand the terminology. Low info voter? Schools no longer teach this stuff as they are run by the above titles.With the exception of a few schools education is dead in the USA, its more rightly called indoctrination.

  8. Yes the party is over. IMO the US has been done for years and is about to show that fact to many people that were asleep thinking the US could never fall. The plan has been going on many years and the guns is the last thing standing in the way. I don’t want a war but these bastards are not going to let up and I think they want the war. Things are going to get very interesting to say the least.


    The President does NOT want to hear anything that contradicts his beliefs and has a group of political Flunkies around to make sure he doesn’t. I was shocked when I saw this. Combine it with the Woodward, Lanny Davis, Ron Fournier statements they
    (Liberals all) wer threatened also we are witnessing up and coming Tyranny. “O” is a sick person!

  10. AWD,

    Most of my brothers who served in the military have solid backbones, and I would bet my balls that 90% would tell the government to go screw themselves if they called for our guns. I also believe those who did not serve would do the same… I’m talking men.

    Don’t know about all of you, but I have very little use for the government these days.

  11. “Stand your ground. Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war let it begin here.” Captain John Parker


    The demacRATS hate the U.S. CONSTITUTION they want to replace it with various UN treaties their all for BIG GOVERMENT and more REGULATIONS their supported by convicts,radicals and terrorists as well as traitors and the demacrats need to go the way of the dinasour and dodo EXTINCT



  14. Kansas Gun Girl says:

    The number of people/states that seem willing to roll over and give up a person freedom is mind boggling to me. I was proud to see the number of citizens in New York who stood up last week to say they will not register their guns. We are to the point now that we must refuse to comply or we will lose our liberty. As AWD said, “Patriots of Colorado? We will be watching to see how you respond (or not) to the statists who seek to destroy your liberties.”

    Well Colorado? We are waiting.

    Locked and Loaded. Molon Labe!

    • “We are to the point now that we must refuse to comply or we will lose our liberty.” Kansas Gun Girl

      That, is the heart of the matter. There will come a day when they will want to ban black powder arms as well. Not just shotguns and lever action rifles.

    • charles w says:

      Being here in Colorado, people are speaking out. All the town hall meetings are standing room only and overflowing. The democrats that were voting against these bills were pressured by old slow Joe himself. The woman that sponsored two of the bills was threatened via email and that’s all you hear about on the news. You do not hear about the opposition hardly at all. That is why you need to secure the borders of your state. You let one person from California in and they bring their politics with them. If these pass Colorado will go from one of the most gun friendly states to one of the worst.



  16. Here’s something that should make one smile. ~

  17. I was always somewhat dubious about the country splitting up, but after seeing this I wonder if AWD might be right.

    No more hunting, just processed food from the collective.

  18. I hit mine when Bob “the moron” (apologies to morons) Casey was annonced as winning his second term in the Senate. I knew right at that moment it would be a horribly long night. I am not joking when I say I wouldn’t hire Bob Casey to wind the Senate clocks. We are in deep doodoo! I don’t know what step I’m in on the grief-o- meter but I’m past denial and leaving anger…what’s the next step… intense vomiting?


    They ned a DEMACRATIC DONKEY SEASON in COLORADO a open season on these stupid dim-witted brainless jackasses

  20. Yep, yer right AWD. The whole thing’s going to explode in few years. The economy’s going to collapse and that’s when we’ll really need our guns.

    I’ve written lengthy and boring diatribes on this, so I’ll be brief here. The long and the short of it is that there won’t be a federal weapons regulation or ban anytime soon because Barry knows it would cause an uprising. The feds are instead working behind the scenes to persuade states to pass their own gun control laws, and assuring them that Constitutionality won’t be an issue. After they’ve gotten the blue states on board and the police are actively enforcing the bans, DHS will go after the red states.

    I’ve considered the CSA or whatever you want to call it, and it won’t happen, at least not for long. The liberals will never allow anything to divide their coasts. There’s only a dozen or so deep red states and they can’t win a fight against the feds.

    I listen to the Russians because they’ve been through this. They’re laughing at us but crying a little too because they know it will take at least 3 generations to regain a free society, and they remember what life was like under the Soviets and how many were killed in the purges.

    We’re f##ked, well and truly.

  21. Snake Oiler says:

    And all the while we have Joe ‘Double Barrel’ Biden blabbering ‘get a shotgun – get a shotgun! Fire it off the balcony! Fire it through the door! Oh, crap! It was just the mailman. Sorry, dude, you can’t be too vigilant these days.

  22. tricknologist says:

    That’s what happens when you become colonized by California refugees. They immediately try to recreate the conditions that caused them to flee to begin with.

    • Quartier LeBlanc says:

      We have the same thing here in central Texas. They leave the craphole Blue states, bring their looney tune ideas with them and wonder why.

      • Snake Oiler says:

        Sounds like the same ideas the Mexicans have, wanting to recreate Mexico wherever they happen to be. That’s one serious mental disorder.

  23. I live in Colorado. All my life, it’s been ‘cool’. It seems, all of a sudden, it just ‘changed’. I voted for Romney, against dope. I get Obama, and dope. I couldn’t believe either. I have mexican drug dealers living and growing the shit right on the property behind mine.
    I’ll just have to MOVE, I guess. I’m looking at Cheyenne, probably. Maybe off to Idaho, or Montana if that don’t work. I know in 2009 I got a ticket on I-80 (driving a semi) by some bitch snake Wyoming state patrol coiled in the grass in the median just atop a hill. ‘No seat belt’. So, Wyoming has some snake cops, I know for a fact.
    Colo is trying to ban (or maybe has: I can’t find info about it at all when I try to Google it) magazines that hold more than 15 rounds…..What the F good is an AK, for instance, then? Do they even MAKE magazines smaller than 20 rounds for them? Maybe, but certainly not very many……the whole idea is to make the guns useless, because you won’t be able to obtain legal magazines. Now the shotgun deal…f*** this state, I WILL MOVE and I’ve lived here all my life but I will do everything in my power to obey the law. I can only be backed so far.
    When I was 18 years old the U.S. put an M-16 in my hands and trained me to go to foreign lands, meet interesting people, and KILL THEM! Semper Fi! Now, I can’t have a MF’n shotgun to protect my home from druggy home invaders? Boy, am I pissed!

  24. I always thought I’d die of old age, now I’m not so sure.

    Western Rifle Shooters Association

  25. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I can’t hardly fathom the frustrations of all you good people that live in states like Colorado. People are all so friendly and liberated there, but it seems like there’s a hidden liberal majority that just wants to ruin the place. I really hate it.

  26. These marxist sons of bitches have an agenda… the actions they take against us can only be described as adversarial…


    You can get arrested for hunting and fishing illegally but not for being in the country ilegally..

    You kids have to get parental permission for a field trip or an aspirin in school but not to get an abortion..

    The only school curriculum allowed to explain how we got here is evolution but the government stops a $15 million construction project to keep a rare spider from evolving to extinction..

    You have to show ID to board a plane, cash a check, buy liquor or even check out a library book but no ID required to vote for who runs this country..

    Our government wants to ban stable, law abiding citizens from owning guns and magazines with more than 10 rounds but they give 20 F-16 fighter jets to crazy new leaders in Egypt..

    well, you get my point.. were is the common sense? Our nation is run by idiots