If you’re a conservative wanting to enroll at Harvard…don’t bother, you are not wanted! That’s right friends, that’s what the president of Harvard Crimson has had to say. Of course, this has caused a big brouhaha with many on the right side of life, as well it should!

Here’s one report about this issue. – This is via DC:

On CNBC’s “The Kudlow Report,” host Larry Kudlow criticized Harvard Crimson president Bobby Samuels for an editorial the paper published urging some conservatives not to apply to the university, but Samuels stuck to his guns.

“You know, I think the main point of the editorial was not that we’re trying to limit free speech at all,” Samuels said. “In fact, I think one of the tenets of any journalist organization — and certainly of the Crimson — is to foster free speech and foster debate. The main point we were making though is that there’s a certain dissonance or a certain hypocrisy,almost, in coming to a school and utilizing its educational resources and then turning around a few years later and criticizing the school in sort of a blanket way.”

Samuels specifically called out Harvard alumnus Mitt Romney for his criticizing President Barack Obama during the 2012 presidential campaign for spending too much time at Harvard — even though Romney had actually been enrolled at the Ivy League institution for even longer than the president.

“The position is more that there’s an inconsistency with using sort of these hypocritical arguments for political gain,” Samuels said. “I think that’s the important point. I think the Mitt Romney point is an important one, and an interesting one, that he said Obama spent too much time at Harvard, when he himself spent more time. So he was leveraging Harvard in a political way.”

You can read what started this all in the first place here. – Harvard Crimson to scheming conservatives: ‘Don’t apply to Harvard

Watch the interview below:

Plus, friends…please recall what Senator ‘Ted Cruz had to say about Harvard here‘ and here!

Personally, I could give a flying fig less about Harvard…but I do take great offense to those on the left espousing their self-appointed, elitist, superiority over those on right side of life. – What say you?

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. bigtimer
    I’m almost sure Samuels has no problem with taking the tax dollars of conservative people, the tax dollars we are forced to pay, if we had a congress that had spines they would cut all fed money from these types of institutions.

    • ga steve…

      I’m with ya my friend. Every single word you posted is spot-on and exactly how I feel about this leftist-loon, Samuels myself.

      As to the congress-critters, I’m not holding my breath for our leaders to grow a real spine and keep it anytime soon!


    Time has come to totaly cut off all public support of these collages and especialy for a certian idiot named BOBBY SAMUELS who needs to be picking up trash along some highway wearing stripes and a number and in a CHAIN GANG

  3. Who gives a rats ass about Harvard? Nothing but a bunch of over educated/under smart marxist with no job skills that could actually be used in the real world…well, they have a decent medical school.. but, has ANYONE here ever had a doctor with a Harvard Diploma hanging on the wall? hmmmmmm…..wonder were they are all at?

    I still wonder why Obama wont post his grades from Harvard? LOL probably because they are worse than Bush’s who spent most of his time in school drunk…

    Harvard LMAO what a bunch of pontificating clowns with an overdeveloped sense of importance

    • One thing we can all count on…Dear Leader is never going to post his grades…nor is the msm ever going to push him on it either, as they would a repub of any kind. – Hypocrisy runs deep!

    • it produces/ trains marxist monsters like BHO. yes?
      did the clintons go there or yale or both?

  4. majorityofone says:

    Start life as a bright ambitious conservative, go to Havard and end up a brain dead liberal.

  5. Its a Rich Liberal/Progressive Diploma Mill, why waste time. Go to Hillsdale College, get a REAL education from real educators. They take NO Govt funds so they run the curriculum, not the Govt. They were also the first College to take Black Students in the US. Its a real school not an indoctrination center.


    Mr Hoewells old Alama Matter controled by those uncivilized uncouth Yalemen

  7. Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney and Geo. W. Bush could go to Harvard (and all three did), and it won’t mean a damned thing to them.