As usual, the mainstream media has been mum about the latest news when it comes to the EPA and their destructive ways, hand in glove with Dear Leader. This well-planned agenda from the left will cost not only all of us in many ways, it may end up shutting down more businesses in the long run. Of course, that’s exactly what Dear Leader and ilk want, it hasn’t been any secret when it comes to Barack Hussein Obama and his goals to get us all on ‘green energy’, as well as back to the ‘Horse and Buggy‘ days if he had his way. Well, that is…everybody but the people like him. Another ‘do as I say, not as I do‘ example!

Here’s what happened Friday, see what you think…this is via The Hill:

An oil-and-gas industry official on Friday urged Congress to repeal new renewable fuel standards (RFS) set forth by The Environmental Protection Agency, warning that the regulations could lead to a national gas supply problems and damage to millions of cars.

In testimony at an EPA hearing in Ann Arbor, American Petroleum Institute (API) Vice President of Regulatory and Economic Policy Kyle Isakower called the RFS mandate “unworkable.”

Under the standard, refiners are required to blend 36 billion gallons of ethanol into traditional transportation fuel by 2022. In order to meet accelerating targets along the way, refiners will need to start producing fuels with higher ethanol concentrations.

That would require greater reliance on E15 –gasoline with 15 percent ethanol, rather than the standard 10–percent blend. On Friday, Isakower repeated the oil-and-gas industry’s admonition against breaking through the so-called “E10 blendwall.”

He pointed to the rising cost of renewable fuel credits (RINs) for corn ethanol as evidence that it is already occurring.

“The increasing price of renewable fuel credits indicates that refiners have breached the E10 blendwall,” he testified. “This sudden, added cost of producing gasoline and diesel fuel could have profound impacts on the marketplace.”

API has commissioned research that suggests E15 fuel is harmful to all but the newest models on the road. And automakers have said they would void warranties on their vehicles, if they are made to run on E15.

Anyone think anything will be done about this via congress or elsewhere? – What may happen in the near future may be more disaster coming our way. A disaster some of us may not be able to afford!

Throw in your two-cents…Fire Away – Inquiring Minds Want to Know!

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  1. This crap started with Bush, Harkin from Iowa, and ADM. I can’t stand this regime but Bush started a lot of this idiocy. Damn all the eltists bastids!

    • Yep…it’s all Bush’s fault!

      • Not all. But this is and so is all the drone crap. Don’t believe me?…look it up yourself.(

        • Snake Oiler says:

          The stupid congressional mandate to blend ethanol with gasoline will increase the price of gasoline by $8.4 billion each year for five years during which time the ethanol and corn industry will rake in about $26 billion in farm subsidies. An additional 5.3 cent-per-gallon tax break for ethanol adds $122 million to the booty pile in the first year alone.

          Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist co-sponsored this lardfest with then-Minority Leader Tom Daschel. Why? Studies demonstrate that oxygenates such as ethanol have little impact on air quality and require enormous amounts of fossil to produce. The comparatively tiny amount of ethanol to be produced will have little effect on America’s fuel dependency. This boondoggle was just an offering to the Corn Gods of Iowa. In an election year every candidate wants to do well in the Iowa caucuses. George Bush caved in to the corn lobby when he was running against Steve Forbes who had the integrity to just say “No.”

          Any law mandating the addition of ethanol to gasoline may drive up the cost of food, thereby diminishing everyone’s standard of living. It may also increase hunger in faraway places. How can an ethanol fad affect food prices? Here’s how: Increasing oil prices tend to pull up corn prices as the value of ethanol is increased by the increasing cost of the fuel it replaces. Ethanol was up to $1.75 per gallon last year, which was a sharp increase from just over a dollar the year before. This trend worries food planners.

          “We’re putting the supermarket in competition with the corner filling station for the output of the farm,” says Lester R. Brown, president of the Earth Policy Institute. Mr. Brown believes that farms cannot feed all the world’s people and all of its motor vehicles as well. Iowa has 19 ethanol plants now and will have 27 by the end of 2006. Computer modeling by the International Food Policy Research Institute indicates the sensitivity of food prices to ethanol production. The institute’s director, Joachim von Braun remarked: “I do not just expect somewhat higher food prices, but new instability as well. In the future, instability of energy prices will be translated into instability in food prices.” The Corn Gods of Iowa thank you, George Bush.

        • Wes…

          I was referring to what this administration and the EPA are doing, and have done since O’s been in. I know about the past with the drones and such. – Been busy today, so trying to catch up when I can here and there.

          My gosh…we’ve all heard Obama saying he wants gas and electricity prices sky-high…and he’s doing that…along with tons of coal plants closing as well.

          At least Bush made and EO for drilling in some place in AK, can’t remember the exact place now. He did that after McRINO and a few other RINOs sided with the dems and fought against oil independence in this country. We lost that vote by 1 back in ’05…I’m still furious about all that.

        • Hey Wes,

          When does the buck stop with Obummer?????????????????????????????????????????????????

          • TY…that was point about this blog post. Heck, if we want to go back, we can blame Nixon. His administration created the EPA…another big mistake!

      • TSA, Patriot Act, DHS, what else? Wes is right.

        • You are right Wes. Most of both parties elected are the problem. If people would stop listening to what the B.S. candidates Say and start paying attention to what they actually Do we wouldn’t be a nation in rapid decline.

  2. This is another infuriating case. I truly hope someone takes the time to read this. I’d like to say it’s simply unbelievable….but it isn’t!

    • Just read the article. WTF Idiots!! madness

      • Madness indeed Joy…and it never ends! The feds also know most people don’t have the money to fight back against their power-grabbing insanity!

      • Joy…one other thing, the owners not even allowed to pick up the trash and dispose of it on their property they’ve owned is outrages! – These wackos are nuts!

    • They are 25 miles from the Rio Grande. Thats nowhere near the Bosque. The feds need to understand that New Mexico is considered semi arid, in laymans terms that means desert. New Mexico is in a severe drought, has been for years now, I know, I live here.

    • majorityofone says:

      This kind of thing has been going on for a long time. Here in Alaska, permafrost is classified as wetland. It may not have anymore water in it than the soil under your lawn but it is there permanently as ice crystals, so it must be wetland.

      I completely ignore their regulations along with their permits whenever possible.

  3. IIRC…ethanol was suppose to be a stepping stone to second and third generation fuels that were on the drawing board, but not yet market ready…..
    like every other government program, once begun, the ethanol subsidy
    has become impossable to end. that and the next gen fuels have all failed to pan out….so we are stuck with an albatross hung around out neck.
    while we are commiserating…why has the obumbles administration reversed the bush administration’s blocking CHINA’S buying of huge blocks of oil and gas leases HERE IN THE GOOD OLD U.S. of A.?????
    if, as rush says, you live in rio linda, that means we are selling our oil wells to china…W…T…F..???

  4. Snake Oiler says:

    There’s another more nefarious reason for the ethanol mandate – it works as a stealth fuel tax. My personal experience is that gasoline containing ethanol drops the mpg’s on any vehicle I have driven by around 10%, thereby necessitating the purchase of 10% more fuel to go the same distance. And, in the end, burning the same amount of fossil fuel to do so. Follow the money.


    If there was any one goverment buracracy that needs to be totaly abolished its the ENVIROMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY their nothing but GREEN NAZIS under the GREEN SWASTIKA and following the same as HITLER who was a big time eco-radical and worshipper of GAIA like the eco-wackos do on their silly EARTH DAY celebrations next month

    • Bulls-Eye Spur! – The EPA has become completely out of control! They’re everywhere in all our lives one way or the other. They’re the biggest destruction to businesses and freedom. I want them gone…will we ever see the repubs do this once and for all if they ever retain power in all three branches? It needs to go to the states if they want…we don’t need the fed. govt. in control…period!

      Oh well, I think it may be far too late at this stage of he game. – Hope springs eternal…or something like that.

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  7. Obongo’s plan to destroy the country’s economy by putting Americans out of work, place Americans on unemployment and increase the disability roles is working at 110% of expectations……….

    Obongo’s plan to drive the coal industry out of business has been successful beyond any expectations that Obongo’s regulators dreamed of……….the killing of the coal industry has paved the way for Obongo and his horde of regulators to believe they can dismantle the entire economy and put us all on seaweed rations and soybeans………

    Soon our automobiles will be regulated right out of existence….and the only piece of crap that will be left is what Obongo has decided that we can drive……..

    Another example is going after our guns by regualting the bullets……..

    Obongo’s idea of a new car is so ridiculous that we must stop Obongo and his horde of regulators at all costs……….

    • Nail on head Bluto…hells bells, Dear Leader has stated this is his desire himself in every aspect. And it’s working to the max.

      The picture of the car you have he’s riding in is exactly what the greenie-weenies want for everyone…but themselves!

  8. Mr. Grumpus says:

    I have a hard time buying that Bush did any intentional damage to our country. I’m thinking that his attempts at compassion and fairness played right into the statists’ hands, who knew they would have their turn at the controls coming up soon.

    • Yep…what’s taking place here is more rules and regulations the EPA has imposed via their Dear Leader’s wishes.

      Btw…The Hill, for the most part is left-leaning. They managed to omit some of those silly little facts out…know what I mean?

  9. EPA, forcing laws on the people that were not passed by Congress which is where all laws are supposed to be created.

    • Bulls-Eye ga steve…right on target! – It’s been maddening the last few years with this administration in more ways than way. Dear Leader and Crew do anything, anyway to achieve their goals for the agenda they have in mind…which is the destruction of America.


    Remember back in the 90s when they were telling us that the RAINFORESTS were disappearing or that they were the LUNGS OF THE EARTH all this poppycock about pesisides and in the 70s when they were blabbering about GLOBAL COOLING and a NEW ICE AGE now its GLOBAL WARMING and a flooded earth like from KEVIN KOSNERS crappy movie WATERWORLD The facts is the entire enviromental movment cinsists of LIES,JUNK SCIENCE and FABRICATIONS.

  11. Here’s one more that fits in this category…just for the heck of it. ~

    Yeppers…that transformation is working out really good for many.

  12. Anyone hear of Superfund? This is another little gem from the EPA. The idea behind it is to “let the polluter pay” for any cleanup costs, medical bills, and restoration of land and property caused by pollution in the area.

    However, most of the time the entity who pays is NOT the polluter. It’s whoever happens to be there at the time the pollution is discovered. Say for example, there is an oil refinery located on a patch of land, not too far from a residential area. And say that this refinery has been… careless in the disposal of waste from the site. So pollutants seep into the soil and the groundwater, contaminating both. Then say the oil refinery owners sell the property, and a teddy bear factory buys the land and builds their factory over where the refinery used to be. Then say, shortly after the teddy bear factory opens, it is discovered that the nearby residents are developing health problems. And the cause is linked to the oil pollutants from the oil refinery that seeped into the soil and groundwater. And let’s say that the EPA decides that cleanup is necessary, and that the “polluter” should pay for the cost of the residents’ medical bills.

    So who pays said costs? The oil company, the “polluter”? No, they CAN’T pay. They’re no longer in business. The teddy bear factory owners, who just HAPPENED to be there when the pollutants were discovered. Yep, you guessed it! And they can end up paying in the millions, if not billions. Or face both criminal prosecution and civil litigation. All for just simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    And that is how the Superfund works, again another gem of the EPA. It basically amounts to extortion. And them wanting punish somebody, ANYbody, to placate angry mobs (and their lawyers). And to keep themselves in power. If I were a business owner, this kind of thing would scare the s**t out of me.

  13. Snake Oiler says:

    Obama Pardons The Sequester

    You know, sane people around the world scratched their head when Obama was re-elected POTUS. I mean, just how the heck had that happened?

    He had the worse economic record, had managed to impose socialised health against the wishes of most of the people, and had added nearly $6 trillion to the debt. And yet he got re-elected.

    Well, wonder no more! Watch as the clueless, dumb-asses in America don’t even know what the sequester was all about. They were asked what they thought of the sequester being sent to Portugal. Most thought it was a good idea!

    The best line of the video? “I don’t know, I just voted for him cause he’s Black”.

    Says it all really, doesn’t it?

    • Snake…I’ve had that saved too since this morning. I heard it on Chris Plante radio. If I have time later, I planned on posting about it too. Either way, glad you have it for others to check out. 😉

  14. Snake Oiler says:

    Jesse Jackson Jr., wife scrambling to make ends meet

    Gee, it seems as if Rep Jesse Jackson Jr and his wife are struggling to make ends meet before their sentencing in June.

    Jackson Jr, son of race baiter Jesse Jackson, and his wife Sandi were found guilty of misusing $750 000 campaign cash. They both face jail sentences. I wonder why daddy-dearest isn’t helping out??

    In any case, just drove by the Sympathy Cupboard and sorry to say, it was bare as a bone.

    Then I got to thinking. Instead of waiting until June, why don’t the Jackson’s just ask for earlier sentencing – that way the ever-burdened tax payers can start looking after them for real! Problem solved.

    The wheel turns……..sometimes it turns slowly, but it does turn. The Jackson family have finally figured that out.

    ◆Although writing a memoir is on the table if Jackson Jr. can find a publisher (or publish it himself), Sneed is told their major financial support now is Triple J’s devoted brother, Yusef, a successful beer distributor and businessman. “It is Yusef who drove Jesse to Tucson when he was falling apart mentally due to the federal investigation,” said a Sneed source. “It is Yusef who has been there to calmly help his brother navigate through his emotional nightmare.”

    • Yep…boo-hoo and cry me a river. – I said that yesterday with a link I had too. They get no pity from me…and why should they?

    • Joe Stalin says:

      Illinois Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. salary: $174,000.

      Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson: $114,900

      Total salary courtesy of TAX PAYERS: $288,900 a year.

      And don’t forget the savings plan.

      No wonder Blacks want GOVERNMENT jobs!

  15. Snake Oiler says:

    Islamist Mob Torches 160 Christian Homes and 80 Businesses in Lahore

    Doesn’t take much to set these backward retards off, does it?

    Around 160 houses and 80 shops of Christians in Lahore, Pakistan, were burned to the ground after allegations of blasphemy were leveled against a Christian man in the area. Yeah, I’d love to know exactly what he said while he and his Muslim friend got drunk together! Hmmm….thought Muslims weren’t allowed to drink! And a drunk man can remember everything said with clarity???? Yeah, apparently only when it comes to insulting the prophet!

    The mob didn’t burn the buildings down until they’d remembered to loot them first! They were that incensed that they first stole the possessions of the very people they accused of hating their religion, before torching the buildings. How kind of them.

    Reminds me of the Blacks in South Africa during Apartheid. Any incident was blown out of proportion and then the Black mobs would start rioting, looting and killing. Most wouldn’t even know what they were killing for, but they’d still join in the fun. Black with Black against the White pigs! Worked out so well for them, hey!

    Same mentality here with these inbred barbarians. Perceived anti-Islamic offenses are not dealt with by the law in Muslim countries, but rather by mob law. Any trigger will do. Any chance they can get to show their displeasure and repulsion of those who don’t follow their religion is to be embraced. It’s happening in Egypt as well. And pretty soon all Christians in Muslim countries will be either killed off, forced to convert, or run out of the country.

    That’s the way of these barbarians. They are too dumb to have any self-control, and most are slow-witted at the best of times. Their cult is their conscience. No further questioning is required or demanded. And anyone who does dare question is to be killed. It’s the only way to control fools.

  16. How stupid we are in this country. We over regulate all the smog standards and impose nearly impossible standards of air quality on our own industry, which costs them billions to be able to manufacture their goods here….and yet China and other countrys pollute like a mofo the very same air we all breathe!


    Birds and people have died becuase Racheal Carson lied