Dudes and dudettes, a quick reminder that ye olde Big Sexy is still around. Angry White Dudette has been visiting AWD and the filly this week and we’ve been running around honky tonkin’, throwing the ol’ houlihan, getting tattoos, robbing banks, starting fights in biker bars, and going to church.

AWD hasn’t had much time to write so I’m posting this oldie because it entered into my mind tonight out of nowhere how bad I hate California and PC-tards like these poofters. I think it was a vision sent from the new Pope. The old woman heads home tomorrow so I can get back to my old routine of writing every day and pissing off libtards. Or, in other terms, fulfilling my life mission.

Watch this video if you can. Have a wastebasket nearby.

Did you get a good look at those cats? My guess is most of those tools in the video have never actually been with a womern. If they have, THEN they would have a reason to apologize! The first two tards that appear on this pathetic piece of testosterone-barren garbage leave much to be desired for the male species. The first is an Englishter who appears to have AIDS and the other is some California-looking old dude who resembles that guy who committed suicide with all those Nike wearing nerds in San Diego. They might have found some better apologists!

It starts out with Nigel and Moonbeam saying:

“Dear Woman, we stand before you today as men (that’s debatable) committed to becoming more conscious (more like womerns) in every way. We feel deep love, respect and a growing sense of worship of the feminine.”

Now AWD appreciates the gift of the feminine! Yeah, baby! Especially if that feminine has the gift of a big ol’ butt I can whoop with a car antenna. Now, that’s something AWD can worship! The video goes on to say:

“We also feel deep sorrow for the destructive actions of the unconscious masculine in the past and present.”

Hey, Moonbeam! What the hell are you babbling about? Destructive actions of the unconscious masculine? Nothing points out a poofter faster than talking homo-babble about unconscious masculine and crap like that! Unconscious masculine? You mean some dude got knocked out? Was this during the last cage fight match on MMA? I must have missed that! I thought they were all pretty much fighting like girls! Or apologists!

Then Englishter AIDS Boy offers up:

“We want to apologize and make amends for those actions today.”

OK cutting your throat might be a good start, Nigel! You’ve got a long of amending to do! Especially trying to be the voice of masculinity while looking like an AIDS victim! The video goes all downhill from there with tool after strange looking tool talking about “relationships” and “conscious this and that” and they even try to roll all this up into loving Mother Earth and the damage we’ve done to her with wars and such. Well, we didn’t start ’em, pillow biters! At least, not most of them! And I think Mother Earth probably likes a good dust up every now and then to keep things interesting! My guess is Mother Earth thinks these guys are a bunch of whiny homos as much as AWD does!

The sorry males go on to apologize about this and that and oppression and what not! Well, boo freaking hoo! I ain’t never oppressed any little filly! Well, at least not for ten minutes or so! But hell, they all seemed to like it so who cares?

There is no doubt every one of these morons is from California. Except the AIDS boy Englishter. Who else talks that much new age nonsense except some left coaster? That’s what they get for California colleges teaching Sea Shells 101. And check out some of the ‘dos and duds on those apologizers! What do you think the over/under is for any of them actually ever having a date with a woman? One thing I’m sure of! None of those sumbitches in the video has been through a divorce with a womern or they wouldn’t be apologizing so much! They’d remember living in a cardboard box in a back alley after that Hell Bitch took everything they owned and ever hoped to own! Hell, I bet none of those pathetic apologizer poofters even owns a firearm!

Let me set you womern apologizers, conscious and unconscious, straight! Little fillies like strong, masculine, regular men. Not these artsy, fartsy, apologizing, psycho babble talking, non-firearm owning wimps! Real men can never be women. Oh sure, they can pretend to be all sensitive and such but it’s usually part of a well-oiled scheme to lure some lovely into the chamber of love. Some males have tried for decades now to be “friends of women.” They’ve all failed. Sensitive, caring, undertanding, apologizing for the male species……gay! When men are running on all 8 cylinders they are strong, masculine, responsible, courteous, witty and sexy. In other words, a lot like AWD. What they are not is dippy, new age poofters crying in their soy lattes over terrible sh*t that has been done to women by savages like Muslims and Democrats. You better believe any womern ever interested in the dippy cats in that video would have hairy legs and armpits, drive a rusty ’72 Toyota with ‘Visualize World Peace’ bumper stickers and be a lebanese!

But since the Big Sexy is a warm, caring masculine individual, I would like to offer my heartfelt and sincerest apologies to any curvy babe I have consciously and/or unconsciously (whatever the hell that means) offended. Now get in the kitchen and bake me a pie!

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  1. Laura Wesselmann says:

    This HAS to be a joke! C’mon! Hilarious commentary, AWD. I was laughing out loud after a long hard day at the hospital.

  2. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I got through about two minutes of that (only cuz I wasn’t paying attention for about a minute) and then I had to turn it off. Now, not only do I have to apologize for being white, I must apologize for being male too? WTF? What’s next? Oh yeah, being an American. Can’t wait for that video. This video should be burned at the stake.



  4. bluffcreek1967 says:

    I love women. I’m no woman basher, and I don’t see them as the source of all the problems in the world. But all these guys in the video make it sound as if only men are the real problem, that all or most women are as pure as the driven snow. Everything would just be so perfect if men weren’t around to screw it up.

    I gotta tell you, however, that in the various places I’ve worked, it’s mostly been the women who have caused a lot of the internal problems. This has been my experience at the various agencies I’ve worked for: Women are as ‘catty’ as hell; in constant competition with other women; total gossips; frequently moody and unpredictable; often call in sick for every reason under the sun; and they easily take offense to any constructive criticism. If they complain against you, the management is likely to believe them. Women are treated as soft little fragile flowers, and there’s often a double-standard. The management fears any harassment suits, so they tend to quickly side with the woman and make concessions.

    So, you know what a lot of smart and discerning guys do? We keep a distance from them. We don’t get too personal with them. We keep our mouths shut around them and keep it ‘business only.’ We don’t compliment them because you never know how that’s going to be taken – and if they’re in a bad mood that day, you might be written up for sexual harassment or suggestive remarks in the workplace if they happen to complain.

    And this pisses off a lot of women too because in spite of what they say, they really do want men to notice them and give them attention. They want to have their cake and eat it too. But they can’t, and so they get offended and resentful. I’ve noticed this in my case because I’m a good-looking guy (forgive the self-serving praise) and they actually do try to get my attention – but I act like I don’t care and I maintain a real “professional” distance. It’s my little way of getting back at the feminist mystique that so many American women have accepted.

  5. Disgusting!

  6. Jack daniels says:

    The truly pathetic thing here is that these debilitated and piss poor excuse for men believe that they are so friggin noble and au currant ( as pronounced by Pappy O’Daniel in, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?).

    They have absolutely no clue on how the radical feminists really see them.; they are hated. (think Hitler’s hatred for the Jews) You see, the radical feminists hate ALL men, including these bootlickers, and though they will be minimally tolerated, they will be only tolerated insomuch as they can provide them with fuel for their agenda, that is, the complete emasculation and eradication of all things masculine.

    If you want to know how deep their hatred for men goes, check out Paul Elam’s website; A Voice for men.

    These are not men, these wimps are the antithesis of men.

  7. point end out says:

    To go a bit “old school”…
    these girly “boys” seriously NEED a wedgie or two.
    On second thought, maybe not – they might get off on that!

  8. Is there something in the water? Why is everyone apologizing nowadays? Self-serving meaningless drivel. Did you really hate your momma that much? I made it past four minutes. This should be used at Gitmo instead of waterboarding. Put this on a loop and play it 24/7. Those throat cuttin’ goat fu#$ers would spill there guts faster than sh@t through a Christmas goose. Please make it stop! Make it stop. I tell you anything..please…

  9. Would love to take those “boys” out hog hunting with me…

  10. For starters, there’s more than one aids candidate in this video. This is a classic case study.

    Some of these guys have more than identified with their “feminine side”.
    I buy certain things in health food stores and I get vibed about half the time by man hating middle aged “new agers”. They know immediately I’m off the reservation and not even remotely interested in being one of their sensitive emasculated fairydust co-partner man-ginas.
    This video literally made my skin crawl. I’m 100% positive they all voted for Dear Laeder.

  11. 1:16, thats all I could take. We’ve all known people like this, I know I have. ‘Jack Daniels’ is correct in his assessment. The feminazis don’t respect these morons, they use them to further an agenda. I’ve also learned that real women don’t give a rip for these kind of guys, real women, (read) conservative women, want a man to be a man. Not the liberal leftist version of what they think a traditional man is.

    Heck of a way to start my weekend Dude.

    I make no apologies.

  12. ‘Visualize World Peace’ LOL

    Visualize Whirled Peas.

  13. I thank God for my Filipina Filly.

    Nice spoof to the posted video:

    • Thank-you. I’ve been unable to concentrate since AWD dropped that homage to the peter puffers on my unsuspecting bitterly clinging a$$. That sh*t ain’t right.

  14. These “losers” haven’t seen any “punami” in a long time……..

    Were these “losers” going a “mercy” lei?


  15. Manberries says:

    I had to stop the video 2 minues in to it. Remember their faces. When you see something like this, chances are, one of them is about to appear on the evening news. You guessed it. For some unspeakable crime committed upon the fairer sex.



    Open mouth.
    Insert finger.


  17. oliversquid says:

    I love the how the one cat says, “we’ve devalued feeling and intuition in favor of a view dominated by data and logic”. Excuse me, but I thought that it was the “violent racist gun clinging tea bagging climate change denying right wing extremist” among us who didn’t believe in science and by extension “data and logic”. Am I somehow wrong here? I guess, sorry I should write hypothesize, that only a have it both ways liberals can see this type of “logic”.

  18. Oh just give these guys a nice cup of yogurt , and a bullet.

  19. Who appointed these homos as spokesmen for 50% of the human population?

  20. TexasTerri says:

    Y’all are stronger than me. I barely made a minute. Where did they find all these pansy ass, limp wrist, pathetic excuses of human flotsam? No way would I refer to these…persons, as men. Hermaphrodites, possibly, but my vote goes to Eunuchs. That is the only logical explanation. Men I know and want to associate with are first and foremost men. I personally prefer the Neanderthal, knuckle dragging, barely housebroken, God-Country-Family loving real man.

  21. GritsofWrath says:

    Spot on analysis. Southern woman here, raised to recognize and respect real men. These two … well, my gag reflex kicked in about the :35 mark, although I could tell by :03 from the creepy music this was not gonna go like a John Wayne video. Here’s the thing: strong, truly feminine women (who know they are feminine and there’s a difference between being a woman and a tantrum-throwing child) want men who think for themselves and possess the testicular fortitude to be the men and lead. Not more kids to have to think for and give instructions to. Such as these two … eunichs. Really trying to avoid the word “gay,” but is very difficult. Truly repellent video. These guys are so pathetically earnest that I wondered for a second if this were a spoof.