AWD isn’t quite sure what the hell this commercial is trying to do except make damn sure no man ever buys a Volkswagen! Maybe if they put a few teleprompters off-screen they could have had Obama teaching the kid to throw in this commercial!

I think they should re-name the Passat to the Pussat! Great googly moogly, is that dad a homo or what! At that age, AWD’s dad was teaching him to throw a knuckle-ball that would knock your teeth out! That’s the damn truth, too!

One thing I know for certain after watching that is NO MAN should ever have his ass sitting in a @#&* Volkswagen! I guess Volkswagen is trying to increase sales in the California and New York markets with this poofter-ish insult to men!

I keep waiting for the mom to come out and beat the gay dad to death with a baseball bat for turning her son into a half-a-sissy who is destined to a lifetime of biting pillows! Sheee-ut!

Maybe fuzzy little gay foreigners over in Germany think this is amusing since most of them moisturize on a regular basis! AWD finds it completely insulting to portray the time honored experience of a dad teaching his son how to bring the heat with a fastball that stings the hand! Hell, at that age, AWD was throwing curves that would smack you in the ear! With a poofter dad like that, the kid in the commercial will end up making candles or some girly sh* like that!

AWD will confess. I once owned a VW. In high school, the Big Sexy owned a ’73 VW Thing. It looked like this:

Among my compadres, it was known as the “Hellmobile!” And you better believe that yellow sumbitch was a babe magnet! Driving with the top down, doors off down Ocean Boulevard at Myrtle Beach with P-Funk and Led Zep blasting, I had to restrict entrance from curvy babes ready to bear AWD’s chirren! Even if they weren’t successful, we gave it our best shot, baybah!

Here’s the difference between a Texan who drives a pickup and a community organizer who gets ridden by Reggie Love:

AWD doesn’t agree with a lot of things W did during his 8 years, but damn if that sumbitch didn’t throw a strike when it counted! That was right after 9/11 when American needed to know an American man was in charge! Today, we have a mommy-pants wearing turd who can’t get the ball in the same time zone as the plate! Oh, how America has fallen!

I understand that commercials are written by half-a-sissy libtards who have never held a baseball but have vast experience holding other types of balls. But still, teaching a son to throw a baseball is a time-honored American tradition that no one should ridicule! Especially a bunch of Eurotrash from Germany with gay little cars tailor-made to be squashed by F-150’s in ‘merica!

The mom should slap that homo dad and send the kid to military school!

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  1. Yep, wrong place again. Best movie line ever IS NOT “we need a bigger boat”. IS: “there is no crying in baseball”.

  2. And the presidency has been off target ever since

  3. I don’t get the car commercial. Why is the dad deliberately stupid? Obama is an embarrassment. The wind up was stupid. If he had gotten the ball any where near the plate I could see it. But the pitch was wild.

    America is over I’m convinced. I don’t think it will ever be the the way we remember it.

    • Snake Oiler says:

      The Titanic had to fall quite a ways just to reach terminal velocity, much less hit bottom. It had to end sometime. The most spectacular crashes seem to come about due to out-of-touch political leadership. Think France in 1789 or Russia in 1917, then consider the aftermath of those dustups. They did have big fun slaughtering their tormentors, though. Picture the U.S. as South Africa. Or Brazil. Or maybe Yugoslavia. I like the last one best, because, at least we get to shoot back.

    • what the f**k does Obama have to do with a f**king advertisement? i’m sensing you have problems lol

  4. Dave in Texas says:

    Once again AWD, great post. LMAO dude.

    The sorry thing is, while at my 11 y.o. daughter’s softball practice where I am an assistant coach, I saw a father throwing a ball to his son. As God is my witness he threw the ball exactly like that wussy in the commercial. Myself and two other fathers liked to fell on our asses laughing so hard. I almost peed my pants. Then, to top that off his kid threw the ball back just like dad. Through the tears of laughter I asked “Where’s the damn camera?”

    Sometimes life is just too sweet. One of the guys said real loud “The Volkswagen commercial!!!” Then we laughted even harder.

  5. Rockets red glare says:

    Agree, that V.W. Commercial turned the “V” in Volkswagen into “V” the Vagewagen!

    But I had not seen that copy of the VPOTUS opening pitch, thou I had
    Seen the Bush opener, looked like apple pie to me!

    But in retrospect its hard to blame VPOTUS, given the fact he never
    Knew who his daddy was and his mother was a commie mud shark whore.

    VPOTUS? Vaginated President of The United States.

    Community organizing racist pussy.

  6. AWD,

    Never got to see the video of Obummer throwing out the first pitch… what an absolute puss. No wonder he rides that sissy bike with his little helmet… someone needs to flush this piece of shit socialist sissy down the toilet and get a man in the White House.

    Now I really question the relationship between Reggie Love and Obummer after seeing him throw a baseball.

  7. awd I am so glad you have pointed out the sexist agenda of the advertising industry in this country being displayed in this commercial. The very first time I saw it I could not believe VW would stoop so low with that blatant anti male commercial. after seeing that commercial, I will NEVER buy another volkswagen.

  8. BOYCOTT VW!!!

    • Rockets red glare says:

      Hey “bareback”, in context to this thread do you know what bareback
      No offense, but did you mean “Brokeback”.

      Just askin…….!

    • Boycott advertising.

      The tired emasculating schtick in ad-babble has been going on as long as I can remember. I finally shut off the TV a couple years ago and don’t miss it a damn bit.

  9. bluffcreek1967 says:

    Aawww, isn’t that cute – another feminized white man who doesn’t know how to throw a baseball! How come it’s always white males and not black males who are shown in this way? It’s because the MSM and these various corporations know that if they consistently portray blacks males as they do white males, everyone would be jumping down their throats. So, they heap their politically-correct nonsense on white males because they know whites lacks the collective will to stand up and do anything about it.

    • Rockets red glare says:

      Ok, you better back it up.
      The polar 180 is the truth to what you
      Posted. History provides the truth.

      Not to be disrespectful to you bluffcreek, but go F yourself.

  10. I can’t throw a baseball either, course the right side of my body has been crushed I have to do the grenade toss style.

  11. I’m sure this Volkswagen dude is the same dude that vacations weekends on “”Brokeback Mountain””………

  12. Rockets red glare says:

    I clicked on that link, thank you sooo much.
    Im going inside and kissing each one of my three dogs
    On their noses, and I will say a prayer that I will never
    Encounter a fag infested situation like that.

    And I will roll the wife over just to make sure she aint
    Got no extra junk, to be safe.



    Back when CAMPBELLS SOUP put out those soups they called MAN HANDLERS those AQUA VELVA ads A MAN WANT TO FEEL LIKE A MAN, and the ads for FIRESTONE with WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD

  14. A yellow VW thang good god man, what the hell is wrong with you?

  15. pointy end out says:

    Lil O’Bambi throws lefty – imagine that !
    Bet he’s a “switch hitter” too….

  16. The first time I saw this commercial, I swear I felt like walking up to that “dad” and punching him right square in the face as hard as I possibly could. But sadly, he is probably a typical example of an Obama supporter liberal piece of shit trying to teach his kid to play ball. Back in the day a man would be an embarrassment to even himself if he threw a baseball like that. Is their no pride in being manly on the liberal left? Do they all like to be pole smokers and limp wristed fags or what? I guess so since they all seem to back the gay marriage shit and gays having more rights than normal people. Sick bastards.

  17. AWD,
    My sister’s first go cart was a ’76 Chevy Chevette 4-door, that could get airborn off the old city RR tracks. She had loads of fun with that one. My first motor vehicle is in my Gravitar, up top-right. I was hell on wheels, but back to Barry and his whimpy arm.

    One day my baby sister asked me to help her learn to throw and catch a baseball. This was back when our dad was into tossing balls to my brother and I in our home’s back yard. My favorite ones were when they fell out of the sun’s brightness. We had a large back yard with farm fields out back. At times the bat came out too. With baby sister being five years old, it should have been fairly painless, right?

    After getting the fundamentals of playing catch with the ball close together down, we started to move to where Barry fails, the over hand with speed and control. Young sister was starting to doubt herself when this became a problem. With some encouragement and practice she tried “one more time”.

    That hard league ball left her baby hand, flew the ten-or-so feet strait into my forehead, delivering a knock down blow. I wasn’t expecting sush a hard throw. Danger and fun at the same time, back in those childhood days.



  19. Jack daniels says:

    Gee and to think, my son was using a chainsaw at 13 to help me cut a tandem load of wood, then splitting the wood with a 6 lb mauling axe….strong kid

    Now at 17, he insists doing the entire load each year himself…the girls love it!

  20. typical wussification of America… of course its always a white men they show in this negative context.. typical marxist plot to marginalize the backbone of the country… cant imagine any man I know driving that poofter wagon anyway.. just another target indentifier ( along with the prius ) when the SHTF.

    My daughter brought to my attention a few days ago that a new McDonalds comercial has everyone/ in it BUT a white male.. and of course the white female in it was obviously “close” with a black male sitting next to her. I guess white males are not invited to McDonalds.. not that I eat that shite anyway but If you do I ask that you choose something else

  21. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I doubt the commericial originated in Germany, most likely in the VW USA corporate HQ here. Money says a NYC ad agency came up with this abomination. I find this funny, especially since the US VW manufacturing plant is in Tenn. Even more money says the Germans won’t be amused and someone will be looking for a job.

  22. Rainbow Utopia Will Burn To the Ground says:

    Comrade don’t be a meanboy to our peter puffing comrades in the glorious rainbow utopia. I made a Jim J. Bullock dildo and picked up some raspberries for you, they are fabulous.

  23. And the entire time I’m reading this article, there is an ad banner at the top of my screen advertising….you gussed it, Volkswagen. I thank god every day that I live in Arizona, where I can be free from hoards of flamers and metrosexoals that infest the streets and corporate offices of hollywierd.

  24. It would have been hilarious if the kid rifled back a fast ball Nolan Ryan would have been proud of and nailed the dad right in the nuts.

  25. f**k you, i liked this blog asswipe and i drive a vw.

    suck a fat one and piss off you insecure fagwad