I know, I know, AWD has been hard on Greg Gutfeld and The Five in the past. Maybe I was being unfair. I mean, how could any show be worth watching when it has Bob “No-Neck” Beckel belching his libtarded hack stupidity day after day? Bob Beckel has the personality of a ten-day old turd and could easily be replaced on the show with a ten-day old turd. I would prefer to watch the “Shopping Fun With Metrosexuals” channel any day than ever watch anything with Bob Beckel.

That being said, Greg Gutfeld layeth the smacketh down on the lowly Jim Carrey and points Carrey out for the weak, frightened little loser he is. Watch this:

Now that is a rant worthy of AWD! One thing AWD hates, hates, hates. I hate it when someone is going off on something they feel strongly about only to have some tool (in this case, a ten-day old turd) say “tell us how you really feel.” It’s as stupid as middle-age white women high-fiving each other and saying “you go, girl!”

If you haven’t seen Carrey’s anti-gun piece, get a bag ready:

Man, that was harder to watch than Robin Williams on a talk show! “Charlteton Heston’s movies are no longer in demand?” Have you seen the numbers of your latest piece of sh*t, Ace Douche Bag? On YouTube, the most views AWD could find of Carrey’s anti-gun video was 301, which oddly was about the number of viewers who have seen Carrey’s “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.”

Gutfeld is right on everything he hurls the way of the cowardly Jim Carrey. It’s sooooo safe and easy to go after law-abiding taxpayers in America. Especially the crackas! But Carrey is parroting nothing more than the tactics of every liberal in America! They go after the good guys but, through their poison doctrines of PC, protect the very people who cause the trouble!

How many liberals would cry “Islamaphobia!” if a musical ridiculing Muslims called “The Koran” were to open on Broadway? The show would be closed down (if not exploded) after opening night and the producers, actors and everyone involved would have their careers ruined by the savages of the PC left! Every left-winger who could get their mug in front of a camera or keyboard would immediately express outrage and hatred for those involved while calling for tolerance. Incidentally, the hottest show on Broadway is “The Book of Mormon” which ridicules the LDS faith. But Mormons are a safe target for ridicule. Mormons don’t decapitate non-believers and blow up Catholic chapels. Suburbanites paying taxes, keeping laws and raising their children to be productive citizens are a safe target for Jim Carrey and his leftist ilk. We won’t double-tap Carrey and his family for his opinions.

AWD has never understood why conservatives, armed with facts, reason and logic, allow themselves to be muzzled by the politically correct bullies on the left? Is it so they’ll get that interview on CNN? Who gives a rat? I refuse to give my ideological enemy the weapon to kill me! I don’t care if liberals call me names because that is all they have! Never once has AWD sought the approval and sanction of Al Sharpton, Chris Matthews or any of the other libtarded propagandists in the media. Same with PC politicians. Nor will I.

Want to know the real difference between conservatives and liberals? Conservatives want to be left alone with our Constitutionally-guaranteed liberties to live our lives. Liberals want to control every aspect of your life. Look, AWD doesn’t care if you sleep with collies, don’t bathe, are a metrosexual (homosexual in a metro), are a lebanese womern, moisturize, etc. In short, I don’t care if you’re involved in the Occupy and Poop movement (you’ll find each of those elements at every Occupy and Poop event).

Gutfeld did today what Ben Shapiro did to that big-toothed Englishter Piers Morgan a few weeks ago. Both exposed the libs as hypocrites. Gutfeld rightly pointed out that Carrey doesn’t have the guts to go after the massive gun crimes committed by black gangs. Shapiro exposed that Morgan didn’t have the guts to call for the banning of handguns, the preferred weapon of murderous gangs. Why, pinning the blame on those who actually commit the crimes would be racist!

As AWD has continually said since the murders at Sandy Hook, this gun control madness from the left has nothing to do with safety. It has everything to do with tyranny. The statists know they will never control the American people as long as we have the ability to shoot back.

The government has been busy buying billions of rounds for reasons they refuse to answer? Well, hell. AWD has friends here in Texas that own billions of rounds! And I will give one important piece of advice to the gun-banning statists who want to shred the 2nd Amendment. We will NEVER surrender our firearms or rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Statists should ask themselves this one question, “am I willing to die trying to take the liberties of my countrymen?” Because AWD guaran-damn-tees you American patriots are prepared to die, and kill, to protect them.

Molon labe, a**holes!

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  1. Quartier LeBlanc says:

    I”ve always liked Gutfield especially on Redeye. He has hot chicks as guest especially like Imogene Lloyd Weber. I watched her one time and wondered just how high she would hike up that skirt and knew that what she really needed was several hours with a hot blooded Cajun who knows what he’s doing.

  2. Totally summed it up in the last paragraph… we are willing to die for our rights.

    • pointy end out says:

      Not only die, but to kill as many of our enemy as possible. From MY cold dead hands amid a pile of empty brass.

      • That concept just doesn’t soak in with the left. I do believe most if not almost all believe that it will be someone else paying the price for their attempt to make slaves of us and they can keep sipping their Latte.Ain’t happening that-a-way punks.
        Yeah, I know, more than a few who talk the talk about standing for their freedom are just going to turn and volunteer names as fast as they can to try to curry favor and perks. It has always been so throughout history.I don’t believe they realize how many are still around who are arrogant Americans and not bred to slavery.Someone here once quoted the poem ‘ When the Saxon Learns to Hate’.
        The most disgusting thing from the bucket of horror that may be about to get kicked over is that the people really calling the shots from behind the scenes will not only probably get away and get richer but will probably find great sport in the chaos and bloodshed. Just like their bloodline precursers have for about 300 years. Follow the money/power and the same names keep popping up .

  3. Spurwing Plover says:

    I see Carrey latist movie has beena total flop in the box office he cant hold a candle to THE CROODS and beside Heston played Moses in THE TEN COMANDMENTS a astronuat in PLANET OF THE APES so in at least the latter movie he knew how to deal with monkeys TAKE YOUR STINKIN PAWS OFF ME YOU DAMN DIRTY APE

  4. I think the only thing good Beckel has done lately is force CBS to apologize…as they should have.


    Btw…I saw this about Gutfeld, didn’t post about it because of your dislike for The Five. – Just kidding, I saw it awhile ago and was going to get to it later when I got back to the computer.

  5. Greg Gutfeld is intelligent and an extremely witty individual….got a lot of respect for the little guy…..he’s got some balls and he shows it……seen a lot of Redeye and have to admit that Gutfeld really makes that show click……….

    It was Gutfeld that uncovered the CBS Amazing Race story and there communist leanings….Beckel just picked up on it and then ran with it…..

    Gutfeld is definitely “ok” in my book……..

  6. I caught the latest movie that Carrey plays a bit part in, he is terrible and really should be edited out of it.

    His career is ending and this is a sad attempt at pushing up his numbers…he is a sad little Canadian.

    Don’t get me wrong, some of my favorite people are Canadians; Canadian Mist, Canadian Club and a few others…for what it is worth, they have some good things…but insight into American politics and out ethos as Americans is not one of them. To be frank, almost every Canadian I have ever met gets really pissy about the American term…they note, correctly, that they are North American. They seem to like all the flavor but none of the taste of being an international power. They, as a nation, are only a couple of steps above the French…as the Canadians haven’t attacked to the rear or surrendered to any nation state or terrorist pissant entity this century…but it is early.

    In summary, I don’t like Carrey or his attempt to push into Americna politics…and I haven’t even started with his disparaging a great actor and true American hero like Charelton Heston!

    Blistered, out!

    • Canadian Mist was one of my favorite pals now and then too. ~ Cheers!

    • Watered down Canadian whiskey is for metrosexuals (homosexuals in a metro). Get you some barrel proof George T Stagg, 142.8 proof of pure intense American Bourbon which is a flavor explosion, delivering flavor moments before it hits your mouth without stopping until long after it’s finished…..just like Kimberly Guilfoyle making a bad decision with Quartier LeBlanc :)

  7. Cinnamon Girl says:

    Carrey erred in making this video, of course, but he probably thought it was not only safe to do so but compulsory, given today’s political climate. He took the risk (assuming any part of him would have seen it as a risk) of creating these characters and mocking real people, and it could either help him or ruin him.

    Something tells me it will not ruin him. Any press is good press and he’s certainly getting a lot of attention. But, like I am with Michael Moore, Cher, The Dixie Chicks, and so many other leftist blowhards, it won’t be hard for me to ignore Carrey. The last time I thought he was truly good was when he did “Man on the Moon” and that was quite a while back.

    Also, we need to remember that Carrey is a bit off. Any dazzlingly successful comedian, especially one whose brand of humor is more whacky than astute, has issues they bury with laughs. Carrey’s a sad has-been who’s been showing signs of his instability for most of his adult life. It’s not difficult saying goodbye to him, for me.

  8. Amen Bigtimer, i made that very statement today, “we the ppl have been prepping for a whole lot longer then this imposter pResident has been in office”. i really think they may need a few more billion rounds if they really want to piss off “WE THE PPL”. And that is coming from an Ohioan. I say bring it bitches, we’ll see who turns tail and runs first, and it wont be “WE THE PPL”…………..

  9. It wasn’t lost on me that Jim Carrey hd theat haunted hollow “gay look” in the video. Since he likes to make fun of the dead- who aren’t here to defend themselves- I just wonder, is he one of the walking dead (an aids carrier)?
    Liberals don’t seem to notice that the exploding welfare underclass and the gang spawn from this out of control monster system, are behind 70% of the shootings in “what’s left of Amerika” (post liberalism).
    The Federal Government is still releasing illegal alien criminals into the streets of America, even withn the negative publicity and media exposure, the public safety be damned!
    Tens of thousands of Amereican citizens have been hit head on by drunk illegal aliens. They have been assaulted, robbed, raped and murdered by the criminal element mixed in with the peasnats and worker bees.
    They want background checks on every gun owner, but millions of illegals can be in this country with no psych evaluations or criminal background checks (we’ll get the check after an arrest and americans have been victimized).

  10. This link still works for the Jim Carrey video:


    • I encourage everyone else here to visit the link and hit the “Die” button like I did yesterday. A pathetic piece of foolishness– just like Carrey himself.

  11. The only so called talent Carrey ever had was making stupid faces. Any 5 yr old can do this as well or better so that should give one an idea just how pathetic this assclown is as an actor…and a person.


    Dope and booze can turn a dumb man into a stupid man in just a few short years and carrey is a perfect example of what im squawking about

  13. Just read his book.The man is witty,sarcastic,and right !..Team him up with Ann Coulter as they do on Redeye and THAT would make a great show.

  14. Watched the video. Of course Mr. Heston has more class than our Canadian friend Carrey will ever have. I also suppose that fifty years from now we’ll still see Heston’s movies, but won’t find Carrey’s worthless “comedies” anywhere. Fart jokes will only take you so far. He can make some funny faces, which is a great talent at slow parties, but his comedy movies are throwaways. His mockery of Marty Robbins’ singing style was insulting and lame as well. There’s no limit to what people like him will sink to for liberal acceptance (and Hollywood cocktail party invitations).

    • Jim Carrey never had any talent and never will have any talent..beyond running his liberal pie hole. I wouldnt piss on him if he were on fire.

  15. I never could stand that ridiculous moron with his stupid face making!
    He’s a nothing imo.

  16. Way to go Gutfeld.


    Good dog, now go for a swim and get eaten by a Great White Shark.

  17. The guys career has been dead for a long time now.
    Unfortunately, he has now released this unfunny video in the hopes that it revives his career.
    Since his opinions mean nothing to me or anyone with a brain, I ignore him and ridicule him when possible. The star of a movie called “Dumb and Dumber” is preaching to us? An actor who makes a living playing make believe and telling dick and fart jokes is dictating what I should or should not do?
    Yup, I’m listening.
    I sincerely hope Mr Carrey gets hit by a bus. That or Astronaut Mark’s dog mistakes him for a baby seal.
    Go back to Canada you has-been.

  18. The Hessian says:

    Most gun crimes are committed by black ghetto trash. If he was trying to make a point, why didn’t he do a parody of Soul Train and do a rap song? I guess that would not be P.C. For the Hollywood clowns.

  19. Jack daniels says:

    well well well

    I see Jim ‘I haven’t made a decent movie in years’ Carrey is having a tantrum and trying to act all tough and manly…is that even possible?


    I am anxious to see how Greg Gutfeld will answer little Jimmy!…or better yet…how AWD will respond to this sissy’s latest pant wetting.

  20. Loving White Dude says:

    oh my goodness… so much HATE.

    So much EVIL.

    Look into your hearts my fellow humans…

    All you need is love.